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  1. EternoCuervo: waitting on your daughter.
  2. EternoCuervo: how are you two?
  3. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Ok
  4. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Hm we are good
  5. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: hiiii
  6. EternoCuervo: Good to hear. yes Your daughter asked if she could join the Empire, but at the time I said no cuz I needed to speak with you due to you are her father.
  7. EternoCuervo: so here we are.
  8. EternoCuervo: and Umbral is dead.. I went back to my own family name
  9. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Oh
  10. EternoCuervo: You know Id take care of her.
  11. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Ik
  12. EternoCuervo: if you was to say Yes. but the Question still remains.. is to what she would wish to be in the Empire.
  13. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i am not sure of the positions still availble ma'am
  14. EternoCuervo: well I know we couldnt do daughter.. that one is out
  15. EternoCuervo: lol
  16. EternoCuervo: but everything else is up for grabs
  17. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: I have no issue with it but I’m speaking with my wife about it
  18. EternoCuervo: thank you hun.
  19. EternoCuervo: I already think of ur father as a family friend. he knows this
  20. EternoCuervo: what are you good at Neko?
  21. EternoCuervo: rp wise?
  22. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: im sorry
  23. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i am back
  24. EternoCuervo: wb hun
  25. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Wb
  26. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i had to do somthing
  27. EternoCuervo: thats okay. xD
  28. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i was checking my grades
  29. EternoCuervo: Good I hope/.
  30. EternoCuervo: xD
  31. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: all expect 1
  32. EternoCuervo: which/
  33. EternoCuervo: ?*
  34. EternoCuervo: Glances at "Jake" Gun now eh?
  35. EternoCuervo: ( keeps wanting to call him joker)
  36. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Lol
  37. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: mr. deci was a bit flirty with me but said that it was just compliments, maybe i read it wrong
  38. EternoCuervo: oh? when was this?
  39. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Invite me back ok
  40. EternoCuervo: kk
  41. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i few weeks ago
  42. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: thats why i acted the way i did
  43. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i was in shock
  44. EternoCuervo: hmm.. I dont know hun.. nd what do you mean acted in shock.. sorry I must of had alot go on
  45. EternoCuervo: going*
  46. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: it was alot going on
  47. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: it was some issues with your mother in rp i think
  48. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: A different room?
  49. EternoCuervo: well I killed off the Umbral due to all the drama.. this Empire thou isnt going anywhere.
  50. EternoCuervo: yes
  51. EternoCuervo: one I just placed out in catty..
  52. EternoCuervo: lol
  53. EternoCuervo: wb
  54. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: just watch kim carefully, if you want i can get him caught in the act and report back to you ma'am
  55. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: him*
  56. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: umm can i be a healer?
  57. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i am no good as a fighter
  58. EternoCuervo: yes. that works hun
  59. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: yay
  60. EternoCuervo: I want you to know I will speak to him on this matter at hand.. but Im hoping we wont have any issues.. me and him talked couple days ago.. and all I want is honesty.. but if it happens again yes you can come tell me.. you dont need to trick him into anything.. that wouldnt sit well with me
  61. EternoCuervo: Jake are you good with that?
  62. EternoCuervo: well*
  63. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: It’s no problem with me
  64. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: alright ma'am, and i did ask him about it and he did say it was complients and didnt mean for it to be more then that i just thought that you would want to know that
  65. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i just found it a bit more flirty then compliments
  66. EternoCuervo: okay Ill ask.. what as said or happen, if you dont mind?
  67. EternoCuervo: thank you Jake
  68. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i would have brought it to your attenion sooner but you seem busy
  69. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Yw
  70. EternoCuervo: I understand.. but I guess what Im really asking.. was there touching .. words are just words if we all thank about it.. even thou they can hurt someone
  71. EternoCuervo: redoing a room is a pain in the damn ass
  72. EternoCuervo: x.x
  73. Guest_NekoHinataHyuga: i have really bad memory from a accient years back so i dont remember what was said but i do remember it feeling more then just innocent compliments
  74. EternoCuervo: ok
  75. EternoCuervo: you have been invited to th group hun, please fill out all that is there.
  76. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: I’ll see you both later
  77. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Ok
  78. EternoCuervo: see yeah hun, hugs
  79. KgJakeIceAngelWolf: Hugs
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