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  2. Jul29[19:07:49] <~Awry> The trailing carts left the station adjoined to an entirely different maglev, strangely silent compared to the hail of gunfire they had just weathered. The lights overhead glimmered and in some places guttered and sparked, much of the train eaten up by the salvo from the PDF at the station. Luckily, they're fine, and they find themselves for the moment with a breath to spare.
  3. Jul29[19:09:49] <Kellus> 12Kellus is still incapacitated on the floor of car. She supposed, through the pain, that it was better than the alternative, and quietly resolves to find the mercenary's boss someday and return the favour.
  4. Jul29[19:11:17] <~Awry> 6The floor is has a second carpet of glass dotted here and there with flattened slugs. Several corpses lie around, sliding and rolling back against walls and chairs as the maglev angles, sliding along an incline and rising in elevation.
  5. 03Jul29[19:12:15] * Kael ( has joined #trainingwheels
  6. Jul29[19:14:32] <~Awry> well
  7. 06Jul29[19:14:45] * Franco Looks around the car, trying to remember how he got here and where everyone went too. Not being able to recall these details, he begins to seach for clues, and for treasures.
  8. 14Jul29[19:16:14] <Fenria> Fenria, recovered someone from her wounds, rushes to the front of this car and carefully makes her way into the engine.
  9. Jul29[19:17:24] <CaptainCrunch>  "What should we do?" 6Crunch yelled into Fenria's ear, barely a step behind her.
  10. Jul29[19:17:55] <~Awry> 6There are a few lasguns lying around the cabin in addition to the longlas at the end of the way. Other than that, a frag grenade, and a few clips of standard caliber ammunition.
  11. 14Jul29[19:17:58] <Fenria> "We're going to get this stopped, and Emperor willing, in reverse, back over the ocean, before the bombs detonate.
  12. 14Jul29[19:18:05] <Fenria> "
  13. 06Jul29[19:19:32] * Franco considers the lot of items he found and debates which he should take and which he should leave for junk. He decides the amunition will always be handy and the gernades have also been helpful. he takes the longlas and one lasgun and leaves the rest
  14. Jul29[19:20:47] <CaptainCrunch> "Yeah, but what if the bombs detonate while we're still on it?" 6Crunch clenched his teeth under his mask and began frantically looking back and forth for a window to escape through. Just how fast was this training going anyway? Probably too fast to jump out to safety...
  15. 14Jul29[19:21:04] <Fenria> "Today is a good day to meet the Emperor."
  16. 06Jul29[19:21:21] * Franco notes an open door to the next compartment, and rushes thru it looking for his friends
  17. 06Jul29[19:21:27] * Kael wanders to the grenade and pockets it, considering how fenria just used the ones he lent her.
  18. Jul29[19:21:58] <CaptainCrunch> "No!" 6Crunch smacked the side of a guard rail, 1"None of that! I want to live! And I want to live without severe 3rd degree burns!"
  19. Jul29[19:23:19] <~Awry> 6The problem with the train at this point was not the fact that it was going fast (which is was, upwards of at least sixty miles per hour or so), but the fact that the track was suspended in midair - when Crunch looked out the window, he saw the expanse of Hive Autumn stretching out before him into the distance --
  20. Jul29[19:24:18] <~Awry> 6and also below - far, far below. Running only on the electrified rail, the train was somewhere around fifty storeys in the air and still climbing in a circular spiral around several clusters of commercial hive towers.
  21. Jul29[19:24:33] <CaptainCrunch> 6If he survived this, Crunch was going to buy a parachute backpack and add it to his bulk of inventory. And where it everywhere. From now on.
  22. 06Jul29[19:29:29] * Franco navigates the damaged carts, noting the extend of the destrucion and speeds thru to the next one until he finds Kellus laying on the floor of the 4th car.
  23. 06Jul29[19:30:42] * Kael walks into car #5, and takes a seat, glancing at kellus's presumably dead body
  24. 06Jul29[19:31:17] * Franco swears loudly when he notices that Kellus isn't moving much. He hustles close to her, but takes the last few steps cautiously, almost afraid to get any closer to her.
  25. Jul29[19:31:23] <Kael> #4*
  26. Jul29[19:31:29] <~Awry> 6Sixty storeys now? Seventy? It was difficult to tell, but the train kept rising. People simply werent visible on the streets anymore, the streets drowned in the black shadows of the massive buildings overhead, cast by the burning, setting sun.
  27. Jul29[19:31:38] <Franco> "Kellus!" He cried. "Are you alive?"
  28. 06Jul29[19:31:53] * Franco pokes her timidly with his boot
  29. Jul29[19:32:07] <Kellus> 6Eventually, Kellus realizes that she isn't so in danger of dying. Well, not any more than normal. She groans and sits up."What terrible mercenaries. They can't even kill someone properly."
  30. 06Jul29[19:32:56] * Franco takes a few steps back as Kellus sits up. "Guess that is lucky for you then, is it not?"
  31. 06Jul29[19:33:32] * Kael is shocked at kellus even being able to move, let alone talk, but in either case, she's still fucked up.
  32. 06Jul29[19:33:58] * Franco takes a closer look at her face and shakes his head. "Maybe not. Frack, you look awful!"
  33. Jul29[19:34:31] <Kellus> "I-hadn't-noticed,"6she says through clenched teeth.
  34. 06Jul29[19:34:51] * Franco 's face looks almost concerned for a brief moment, but it doesn't last and it is replaced with a look of concentration. "Can you stand? The others are around here somewhere, we should find them!"
  35. 14Jul29[19:36:19] * Fenria tries to open the door to the engine, almost certain it will be locked, but hoping it won't be.
  36. Jul29[19:36:53] <Kellus> 12Kellus hauls herself to her feet, gingerly prodding the left side of her face. "I'm going to need to get that fixed, won't I?" 12She signs, and looks around."Where's that long-las that shot me?"
  37. 06Jul29[19:38:00] * Kael stands up and says "I think Someone took it, but i shot the guy who hit you.. in the head.. and blew it off..."
  38. Jul29[19:38:04] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch quickly assessed the door, fumbling with his tools in his attempt to be quick so they could... not blow up with the train.
  39. Jul29[19:38:17] <Franco> "this be the one?" he says as he pulls the collected longlas off his shoulder "Found it a car back. I'm not going to be using it, but I plan to sell it once we get out of here."
  40. Jul29[19:38:29] <~Awry> 6The solid slab of metal is not budged. There is a small console upon it, and Crunch busies himself, plugging a data port into a socket and entering a neural connection.
  41. Jul29[19:40:05] <Kellus> 12She takes it from Franco and looks it over."I will pay you for this later."12She scoops up a pack from the floor and sticks it in the bottom.
  42. Jul29[19:40:23] <~Awry> Crunch finds, as this console is wired directly into the engine car, it has a few new toys to play with.
  43. Jul29[19:41:03] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch liked toys...
  44. 14Jul29[19:41:11] <Fenria> "Can you control it from here?"
  45. Jul29[19:41:12] <Franco> "One way, or another. . . . " Franco says under his breath, licking his lips.
  46. Jul29[19:41:47] <~Awry> 6He finds that there was an option here for stewards aboard the train to activate escape skimmers built into the roofs of the carts, firstly.
  47. Jul29[19:42:14] <~Awry> 6Secondly, there is an option to unlock the engine room door.
  48. Jul29[19:42:38] <~Awry> 6However he saw that there was apparently some sort of malfunction with it.
  49. Jul29[19:43:08] <CaptainCrunch> "Umm... yeah?" 6The Tech Priest sounded incredibly distracted, 1"I mean, yeah... yeah. This console has a direct-connect right into the engine car." 6He immediately went after the engine locks, letting out a spastic shudder when his search hit a bizarre malfunction.
  50. Jul29[19:44:28] <~Awry> 6The third options was an interesting one. Apparently the maglev design allows for its walls and roof to "fold outwards", obviously creating much more open space for trained tech-priests and other personnel to maintain and repair the faithful maglev.
  51. Jul29[19:45:32] <~Awry> 6There was a cluttered noise from the doorlock. <WARNING: OBSTRUCTION DETECTED. IGNORE, RETRY, ABORT?>
  52. 06Jul29[19:46:06] * Franco moves up to the front of the car, turning back and waiting for Kellus to follow. "Come, they must be this way, no one else is behind us."
  53. Jul29[19:46:19] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch quickly darted away from trying to open up the engine room and went for the third option, opening up the entire train. Because he so desperately wanted a chance to climb back and forth between train carts in open air, handling dangerous equipment, while coasting a bazillion miles an hour.
  54. Jul29[19:46:37] <Kellus> 12Kellus nods and commences staggering along behind Franco, still examining her new weapon.
  55. Jul29[19:47:12] <~Awry> <INITIATING UNFOLD SEQUENCE... ... ... COMMENCING. THREE. TWO. ONE.>
  56. Jul29[19:47:37] <CaptainCrunch> "You should probably duck your head!" 6Crunch yelled to Feneria over the sudden roar of equipment.
  57. Jul29[19:47:39] <~Awry> 6Green-colored, flowing power lines light up the sophisticated cornerpieces of the cart...
  58. 14Jul29[19:47:47] * Fenria ducks.
  59. Jul29[19:51:55] <~Awry> The door explodes outwards suddenly, a solid slab of flying metal several hundred pounds in weight.
  60. Jul29[19:53:11] <~Awry> 6Fire follows it, propelling it like the hilt of a thrown hammer. The slab impacts Crunch to some degree, crushing him for a moment against the outside of the wall, but luckily it also acts as a shield --
  61. Jul29[19:54:43] <~Awry> 6Fenria covers face with her hands as a brief gutter of fire runs over her, but she remains unfazed. --
  62. Jul29[19:55:58] <~Awry> 6But then, when the walls begin to fall downwards, slowing down the train a little bit as it adds a lot of un-aerodynamic surfaces for wind to force against, and there is a man standing at the complicated controls for the system.
  63. 06Jul29[19:56:24] * Franco attention snaps to the car infront of him as he hears an explosion. "Come on, MOVE!" He yells as he runs forward, looking for the rest of his friends.
  64. Jul29[19:56:39] <Kellus> 12Kellus grits her teeth and turns the stagger into a jog.
  65. 14Jul29[19:56:55] <Fenria> Fenria, aiming her bolter at the man, shouts "SURRENDER IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR!"
  66. Jul29[19:57:14] <~Awry> 6His armor is impressively huge, making him seem incredibly imposing and large; his face hidden behind a helmet streaked with blue slashes of camo, and a very large weapon on a tripod stood before him, pointed directly at the acolytes.
  67. Jul29[19:57:29] <CaptainCrunch> "Oh Omniessiah, MY FACE!" 6Crunch howled from the floor.
  68. 14Jul29[19:58:33] * Fenria opens fire.
  69. Jul29[19:58:38] <~Awry> 6The man tosses down a small device -- the detonator for the door -- and points grasps the handle of the mounted weapon firmly, entrenched behind a huge console cogitator.
  70. 06Jul29[19:59:04] * Kael ducked behind several seats, as far from the tripod gunner as possible without leaving the car
  71. 06Jul29[19:59:30] * Franco bursts thru the door and sees the scarey looking man. his face goes pale and he facepalms "Not another on . . . "
  72. Jul29[19:59:45] <Kellus> 12 Kellus looks through the doorway before deapanning and ducking as best she can back around the corner. Time to test this new weapon of hers.
  73. Jul29[20:01:05] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch continued to writhe on the floor in pain.
  74. Jul29[20:04:18] <~Awry> 6The bolt plinks off of the man's armor.
  75. Jul29[20:04:53] <~Awry> 6The explosion leaves a scar on the metal, but not much else.
  76. Jul29[20:05:27] <Kellus> 12Kellus leans around the corner, sights the figure through the bizzare tech-scope and fires!
  77. 06Jul29[20:06:20] * Kael climbed to the rooftop for a shot, and preped his rifle
  78. Jul29[20:06:41] <Kellus> 12...She then realizes that there's a door there, and shoots out the nearest window.
  79. Jul29[20:08:16] <Kellus> 12Kellus then sights the man (again) and fires!
  80. 08Jul29[20:08:32] * Awry changes topic to 'kael > armoured man > fenria > kellus > franco > crunch'
  81. Jul29[20:10:12] <~Awry> 6Kellus' first longlas shot from her new gun burns a deep mark into the mans armor but doesnt even penetrate. The metal glows orange for seconds. He hasn't even moved yet.
  82. Jul29[20:12:12] <~Awry> 6His vox-synthesizer burbles. <I'll give you three seconds to turn and leave before you die,> 6a deep voice rumbles, coming a little distorted through the speakers.
  83. Jul29[20:14:28] <~Awry> 6Kael's bullet response cracks into the man's helmet -- his head snaps back briefly with the kinetic force, but then he leans forward again, a smoking dent on his crown.
  84. Jul29[20:16:50] <~Awry> 6His hand tightens on the grip of his gun, and he presses down on the red trigger.
  85. 14Jul29[20:22:43] * Fenria takes cover behind her shield as he opens fire.
  86. Jul29[20:24:37] <~Awry> 6The mounted rifle emits a series of firecracker-like noises, sending several bolts of red-white at the acolytes -- as they impact shield and cover, some melt through, regardless of whether they hit the acolytes or not -- its obvious that the automatic lasweapon's bolts burn much hotter than a standard las.
  87. 14Jul29[20:26:31] <Fenria> After the barrage, Fenria shouts "FOR THE EMPEROR!" and charges him, swinging her sarissa in a deadly arc.
  88. Jul29[20:29:15] <~Awry> There is a small device on the floor which beeps as Fenria steps over it.
  89. Jul29[20:30:17] <~Awry> 6A small disc the same color of the floor that almost looked like the debris, it flies upwards and snaps out, multiple wires thwipping around in the air, a bola mine of sorts.
  90. Jul29[20:31:39] <~Awry> Fenria, perhaps miraculously, dodges this, and her sarissa cuts into the mans armor, the first blow, as she avoids the spinning, multiple barrels of the las before him and jams the blade into his chest.
  91. Jul29[20:32:47] <Kellus> 12Kellus takes her time aiming so that she won't hit Fenria.
  92. 06Jul29[20:34:33] * Kael begins aiming his rifle for one shot,
  93. Jul29[20:35:55] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch groaned and stayed under his metal shield. The moment there was a lapse in the blitzkrieg, he reached up timidly and found the console he had hacked into earlier and re-inserted his equipment into it.
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  96. Jul29[20:40:18] <~Awry> 6It bears mentioning that the cart hits another steep incline, and everything not nailed down in the engine room begins to slide off of the vast floor of folded-down walls, like some sort of ramshackle administratum-cubicle that had mostly fallen apart, just staying connected at the seams.
  97. 06Jul29[20:43:20] * Franco tries to aim at the armourned man, but can't get a clear shot with Fenria in the way. "Fuck this" he swears, holsering his gun and running to the escape Skimmers
  98. Jul29[20:44:08] <CaptainCrunch> 6Useless streams of data, time tables, shock absorber surveys, energy allocation. Crunch batted around the wealth of information the small console provided him. His brow was furrowed underneath his cracked mask, a cut on his forehead caused a small trail of blood to blind his right eye. Inventory lists, refueling schedule... power conduits. Power...
  99. Jul29[20:45:35] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch threw his head up at his discovery, banging the back of his skull solidly into the metal scrap that was lodged over him like a sheild. Letting out a long stream of curses, he began his access of the power conduit controls, overriding the energy allocation on their enemies cart.
  100. Jul29[20:49:30] <~Awry> 6The man's hand goes out, and grabs and, raising the entirety of the gun and its tripod, swings it straight at Fenria --
  101. Jul29[20:50:30] <~Awry> 6-- she cannot fully meet the force of the blow, but redirects it, causing the massive gun to smash a cogitator thoroughly.
  102. 14Jul29[20:52:13] * Fenria screams with fury, and swings her sarissa at him again.
  103. Jul29[20:53:16] <~Awry> The blade screeches on metal, but fails to puncture through.
  104. Jul29[20:53:28] <~Awry> 6He swats her aside, and they circle each other a little more.
  105. 03Jul29[20:53:50] * Oxnard_Spec is now known as Xerxes
  106. Jul29[20:54:35] <~Awry> 6The roaring wind is no match for Kael -- he's dropped down on the roof, finding the perfect shot -- the wind howls over his crown and back, sending his clothing rustling and his hair wild.
  107. 03Jul29[20:54:55] * ALT (ALT-F4@6B4115B1.8FB9B88B.A5F4D19.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
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  113. 06Jul29[20:55:33] * Franco reaches the Skimmers and hops on one, expecting it to just take off. It does not. He looks down and sees pictorial instructions of how to activate it. he unfastens the lock and enables the lauching primer, but hesistates before hitting the eject button. . . . Looking onward to the battle he left, he is unsure about leaving his friends. He holds his hand above the swich, watching the battle unfold.
  114. Jul29[20:56:03] <~Awry> 6Franco, climbing the ladder of the passenger car (from the back, as he didn't want to attract any shots from the armoured man), finds the deactivated skimmers bolted down upon the roof of the mag-lev.
  115. 06Jul29[20:57:12] * Franco his gaze scans the battlefield. No longer being in direct combat, he takes his time to look for anything that could assist them
  116. Jul29[20:57:29] <Kellus> 12The shot passes between Fenria and Armoured Man. Kellus swears.
  117. Jul29[20:58:47] <CaptainCrunch> "Fenria, jump!" 6Crunch yelled.
  118. 14Jul29[20:59:25] <Fenria> "Jump where?!"
  119. 14Jul29[20:59:44] <Fenria> She calls back as she "dances" with Goto.
  120. Jul29[21:02:40] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch twitched, 1"Off! Of that plateform!"
  121. 06Jul29[21:03:09] * Kael standing atop of the train car keeping a steady balance onto the rooftop with his feet, was spectating the battle through his reflex sight, seeing fenria and the armored man dance around eachother, and seing this all moving side to side with the spiraling of the train, finally trained it onto the armored man's head, and lead a few inches off for the rise and spiraling, and pulls the trigger. He just hopes it doesn't hit
  122. Jul29[21:06:13] <~Awry> 6The slug punches into the man's helmet, breaking the visor -- there is a yell of pain, but he most certainly does not go down - no audible sound of an exit wound either, of the bullet hitting something else behind him. And now, he's angry.
  123. Jul29[21:07:43] <~Awry> 6Again the man throws his entire weight behind a crushing blow, and again Fenria redirects it with her sarissa, her muscles aching with the exertion.
  124. 14Jul29[21:09:03] <Fenria> Thrown off from her exertion, her counter attack misses him by a sliver.
  125. Jul29[21:09:49] <CaptainCrunch> 6Well... he tried. And he already executed the program.
  126. Jul29[21:11:31] <~Awry> 6The green power conduits in the floor shimmer -- glow brightly -- the floor begins to shake --
  127. Jul29[21:12:32] <~Awry> 6Crunch has overloaded the conduits, forcefeeding energy into them until they couldn't take it anymore, and had to discharge somehow. The glass containing the lines fractures and cracks, and then breaks in places, whips of green lightning screaming out and lancing and arcing to other electrical devices and points in the car.
  128. Jul29[21:14:48] <~Awry> 6Then, with a shudder, mostly all of the floor breaks with a wild cacophony of rushing wind and shattering armaglass, both the behemoth's and Fenria's boots dropping directly into clusters of circuits and wires -- and they are *alight* with green as the electricity grid feeds itself into their fleshy, burnable bodies.
  129. Jul29[21:18:27] <Kellus> 12Kellus suddenly has an epiphany. So that's what Crunch is doing! She reaches out with her mind, injuries be damned. She hauls Fenria out of the cabling.
  130. Jul29[21:18:58] <~Awry> 6As the maglev rises here is a synthesized roar as the current blows out what remains of the man's visor. There is a flash of an baleful, angry eye staring out at them from the depths of the helmet, glowing far brighter and far redder than was warranted for any sort of normal human.
  131. Jul29[21:22:45] <Kellus> 12Kellus continues hauling Fenria towards the non-electrified car, and fires another long-las shot at the behemoth!
  132. 06Jul29[21:23:46] * Franco feels that things are not going too well, the battle's outcome is so uncertain and he knows with all certainty that he wants to live. But something prevents him from triggering the final release for the Skimmer. Hearing the loud explosion, He begins the activation and unlocking sequence of the other skimmers on the roof, hoping that there will be some survivors to use them.
  133. Jul29[21:25:21] <Kael> "Franco? where are you going.. we aint done here and neither of us are hurt!"
  134. 06Jul29[21:26:32] * Franco looks up at Kael "Exactly. And I plan to keep it that way!"
  135. Jul29[21:26:52] <~Awry> Fenria, surrounded by the light blue haze of Kellus' telepathy (which is probably a little shoddy, given her lost eye and extend of injuries), slowly is pulled over to where Kellus wants her.
  136. Jul29[21:28:01] <Kael> "just get off that thing! you'll be fine!"
  137. Jul29[21:30:02] <~Awry> 6The armoured man, still in the process of being smothered by electricity, haphazardly takes a few steps close to the edge of the "unfolded" engine room, the train shuddering with every gigantic step. It was impossible to tell how many storeys they were up now -- the noble spires were over there, and they were almost cresting them...
  138. Jul29[21:31:10] <~Awry> 6So... at least about three thousand feet in the air. They were actually beginning to get light-headed.
  139. 06Jul29[21:31:47] * Kael advances forward remebering crunch, and shoots a grapnel at the plate in attampt to pull it off
  140. 03Jul29[21:33:52] * Xerxes is now known as Karkat
  141. 03Jul29[21:34:09] * Karkat is now known as Xerxes
  142. Jul29[21:36:04] <CaptainCrunch> "Thanks, Kael!" 6Crunch slipped around the sheet and reached for the console to steady himself.
  143. Jul29[21:36:32] <Kael> kellus seems right on the whats going on
  144. Jul29[21:36:35] <Kael> (WRONG CHAT)
  145. Jul29[21:38:33] <~Awry> 6The armoured man takes another lasbolt as he steps towards the side of the train. The bolt hits him in his shoulder, and he swivels from the force of the blast, coming close to the edge of the vessel...
  146. Jul29[21:39:25] <~Awry> 6The man pulls out another small device from his belt.
  147. Jul29[21:39:42] <~Awry> 6And then... he jumps.
  148. Jul29[21:42:35] <~Awry> There is an explosion -- the track ahead of them is vaporized as some sort of incendiary melta bomb goes off, creating a twenty foot gap in the massive rail.
  149. 14Jul29[21:43:11] <Fenria> "CRUNCH, DEACTIVATE IT!"
  150. 14Jul29[21:43:18] <Fenria> "NOW!"
  151. Jul29[21:44:01] <Kellus> "Fatso jumped."12She drops Fenria on the non-electrified part, just outside the door, and runs out of the car itself.
  152. 14Jul29[21:45:58] * Fenria quickly looks ahead at the track, and then down at Crunch, estimating time.
  153. 06Jul29[21:46:25] * Franco finishes priming the last of the skimmers as he feels the explosion. Knowing that is terrible news, he hops on it and releases the lock. The skimmer slides off the track and the engine fires up. he blasts around the train, trying to get into a position where he can see what happened.
  154. Jul29[21:48:12] <CaptainCrunch> "Oh Fenria, you're alive!" 6Crunch muttered as he assessed the device.
  155. 14Jul29[21:48:53] * Fenria hurries over to Crunch. "Only through the Emperor's will. Can you activate the brakes?" She tries to lift or shove the door off him.
  156. 06Jul29[21:48:59] * Franco feels the familiar pull of G's and he tightly navigates the Skimmer wherever he wills. It brings him back to the old days, when he rolled in the Skimmer gang known as the Dirty Birds.
  157. Jul29[21:49:38] <CaptainCrunch> "Certainly not through mine," 6Crunch muttered as he worked on the breaks.
  158. Jul29[21:50:51] <Kellus> 12Kellus grins to herself. Ah, to be under-appreciated again. Felt good.  Wait, again? She shakes her head. Odd.
  159. Jul29[21:51:29] <~Awry> 6The emergency break system engages, the front of the maglev deactivates, dropping down against the rail. The underside of the mag is completely alight with sparks and flame as the horrendous weight bears down full force on the enormous rail plated with suspensors. --
  160. 06Jul29[21:51:32] * Kael yells through the winds riding on the back seat of the skimmer "franco, if you didn't notice, i grabed a ride!"
  161. 06Jul29[21:52:38] * Franco mauvers above the train and sees the blown-out track. The blood rushes from his head, knowing his friends are in danger. He spots Kael still ontop of the cart and stays close, knowing he has the grapnels and making his skimmer an easy target for them.
  162. 14Jul29[21:54:20] <Fenria> Fenria continues to struggle with the metal door pinning Crunch.
  163. 14Jul29[21:55:22] <Fenria> 3[ redacted by order of the Emprah 3]
  164. 14Jul29[21:55:43] <Fenria> She jumps across to the other car, and climbs up onto the roof.
  165. Jul29[21:55:56] <Kellus> 12Kellus notices Franco zooming past. The skimmers!"Fenria, Crunch, we don't have time for this. We need to get off this thing before the explosives time out."
  166. 14Jul29[21:56:27] <Fenria> "Then get up here, let's go!"  She leans down from the roof, and offers a hand up.
  167. 14Jul29[21:57:12] <Fenria> "HURRY!"
  168. Jul29[21:57:24] <Kellus> 12Kellus clambers onto the roof and staggers to her feet, looking at the skimmers.
  169. Jul29[21:57:38] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch grabbed his stuff and slapped his hand into Fenria's.
  170. 14Jul29[21:57:46] * Fenria pulls Crunch up.
  171. Jul29[21:58:17] <Kellus> 12Kellus is smart, she took the ladders. She carefully moves over to the nearest skimmer, attempting to figure out the controls. Oh Emperor.
  172. Jul29[21:58:29] <~Awry> 6The maglev is still skidding, and still at a great speed -- the velocity of the cars was against the friction of the engine car burning against the rail -- unfortunately, since the rail's supports were only braced on one side now, as they began nearing the gap the rail began to bend downwards slightly...
  173. 14Jul29[21:59:01] * Fenria hops into a skimmer, and does what she thinks will make it fly.
  174. 06Jul29[21:59:31] * Kael jumps onto a skimmer, and disengages following what he saw franco do, and tries to follow franco
  175. 06Jul29[21:59:34] * Franco can't see kael on the train. he wonders where he went too, until he hears him shouting in his ear. Confused, but used to not questiong strange things, he urges the skimmer closer to the engine car, giving his passanger a good shot at the others incase they need one of his classic last-minute-grapnel-saves
  176. 06Jul29[22:02:02] * Franco looks over his shoulder again, and kael is not there. the lack of air up this high must be making him hallucinate. He is used to this, he can handle this. He just hopes that he doesn't risk any daring rescues to anymore hallucinations
  177. Jul29[22:02:26] <Kellus> 12Kellus realizes that the skimmer isn't responding, However, she does hear Fenria's power up over the wind. She skinds over and jumps on."Oh Emperor I do not like flying."
  178. 06Jul29[22:03:28] * Kael grapnel jumped onto franco's skimmer, now he has one hand out for franco to grap incase they need a 'ejection seat'
  179. Jul29[22:03:31] <~Awry> 6The train's velocity has almost entirely ceased, but the rail is bending down from the weight of the train.
  180. 14Jul29[22:03:34] <Fenria> "Now...push this button, twist this knob... oh dear."  The skimmer leaps into the air.
  181. 13Jul29[22:04:20] * CaptainCrunch (edfde@9A7809A8.2487186.EDC5174F.IP) Quit (Quit: )
  182. 13Jul29[22:05:00] * Kael ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  183. 14Jul29[22:05:28] <Fenria> "Kellus.  See if you can shoot out the lock holding between the engine and car behind it."
  184. Jul29[22:05:43] <Kellus> "WHAT?"
  185. 14Jul29[22:06:04] <Fenria> "Shoot it out, the engine will fall but the cars should stay behind!"
  186. Jul29[22:07:32] <Kellus> "You want me to shoot a small target from a moving vehicle? While I'm half-BLIND?"12 Kellus deadpans."I don't have heavy enough weaponry, anyway."
  187. Jul29[22:13:27] <~Awry> 6Fenria with Kellus, Crunch, and Franco with Kael take off with their skimmers...
  188. Jul29[22:14:07] <~Awry> 6The zipping humm made by the turbines fills the air a tremendous roaring squeal fills the air, the rail finally bending under the pressure of the train.
  189. 14Jul29[22:14:24] <Fenria> As they fly away, the train crashing into the hive under them, Fenria is saddened that her faith hadn't been enough to stop the train and save the hivers.  If only she had been a little stronger.
  190. Jul29[22:14:32] <~Awry> 6The engine enters freefall...
  191. Jul29[22:15:25] <Kellus> 12Kellus, meanwhile, wonders why they're trying to save a hive in the first place. Weren't they supposed to be stopping a rogue ad-mech...?
  192. Jul29[22:16:11] <~Awry> One car... two cars... all of them follow, and the metallic noises are gone. There is only the howling of the wind, the silent gap of noise where no one speaks, as all watch the vessel as it tumbles through the wind with no further noise... a second... two seconds... one thousand feet...
  193. Jul29[22:16:21] <~Awry> Three... four... five... two thousand...
  194. Jul29[22:16:50] <~Awry> 6Six... seven... eight...
  195. 14Jul29[22:17:34] <Fenria> A tear falls from Fenria's eye, thinking about the millions of lives her failure ended.
  196. Jul29[22:18:39] <~Awry> 6The flash is brilliant, and burns out their vision temporarily -- but then the shockwave reaches them, a shuddering tide of force that tosses their skimmers around haphazardly -- and the noise! Like some primordial roar, the brief burst of light and force is gone but the noise remains...
  197. Jul29[22:19:32] <~Awry> 6... and then... when the burnt afterimage finally fades from their retinas half a minute later, there is the pouring, billowing green haze.
  198. 14Jul29[22:21:48] <Fenria> Acting quickly, Fenria grabs an emergency respirator from the skimmer's glove box, and passes it back to Kellus.  Grabbing the second one, she puts it on.
  199. 06Jul29[22:21:48] * Franco looks for his emergency resperator in the skimmer. thank the gods they were equiped with one.
  200. Jul29[22:21:57] <Kellus> 12Kellus dons the rebreather.
  201. 06Jul29[22:24:27] * Franco is realtivly unphased at the implication of global anihilation, he wasn't really enjoying his time on this planet anyway. He takes a moment to trigger his microbead. " We ought to search for a ship that can get us off this planet. Lets just get the hell out of here, I doubt there is anything left for us here."
  202. Jul29[22:25:16] <~Awry> 6The hive, actually, looks unharmed from up here.
  203. Jul29[22:25:23] <Kellus> 12She flicks her own microbead on."Would it spread that far?"
  204. Jul29[22:25:54] <Franco> "they win, we lose. At least we all escaped with our lives. Lets cut our losses and start over somewhere new."
  205. 14Jul29[22:25:57] <Fenria> Remaining silent, Fenria sets a course by the rail line, following it back to the island from whence they came.
  206. Jul29[22:26:27] <~Awry> 6Aside from the actual impact of the maglev hitting the ground. After all, all its electrical components were already fried by Crunch anyways. There was a sudden updraft of wind, and the air was filled with orange motes alongside the heavy green mist that was slowly inundating them.
  207. Jul29[22:26:36] <~Awry> 6Up, and up, and up...
  208. 06Jul29[22:28:46] * Franco begins to lower his altitude, looking from up high for a starport or somewhere that a ship may be found.
  209. Jul29[22:31:48] <Kellus> 12Kellus looks around for Franco."We're heading back to the island, Franco."
  210. Jul29[22:32:50] <~Awry> 6Some time passes before they see the island, and more passes before they begin to close in, but eventually the green and orange in the air fade some way over the ocean, and their respirators blip and beep, indicating fresh, untainted air.
  211. 14Jul29[22:34:06] <Fenria> Fenria, her face splattered with blood and stained with tears, removes her mask and drops it on the floor of the cockpit.
  212. Jul29[22:34:14] <~Awry> After a long, exhausting flight, their skimmers settle down into the flowery backyard of their villa, seemingly perfect and unchanging compared to the hell they've just been thruogh.
  213. 06Jul29[22:34:19] * Franco doesn't trust his indicator and keeps his mask on
  214. 14Jul29[22:34:49] <Fenria> "Call your Interrogator."
  215. Jul29[22:35:31] <Kellus> 12Kellus dismounts and attempts to gain her land-legs again. She backpacks her respirator and nods to Fenria."We don't have any way of contacting him."
  216. 14Jul29[22:35:56] <Fenria> "Then we will wait.  He will surely wish to contact us."
  217. 06Jul29[22:36:17] * Franco skims around for a bit, observing the city to see if survivors are still present
  218. Jul29[22:36:23] <Kellus> "...Although yes, he will probably 'drop by' soon enough."12She touches her face."I need to get this looked at.
  219. 14Jul29[22:37:11] <Fenria> Shoulders slumped, she walks inside, her body language talking volumes.  She sits on a couch.
  220. Jul29[22:38:45] <Kellus> "Look at it this way-"12Kellus walks inside and finds a chair."We brought some of those responsible to justice. They would have gotten away scot-free had we not persued them."
  221. Jul29[22:39:00] <Kellus> "...and so would have I, but that's beside the point."
  222. Jul29[22:39:08] <Kellus> so would I*)
  223. 14Jul29[22:39:36] <Fenria> "They were all on the train.  We only hastened their deaths."
  224. 14Jul29[22:39:58] <Fenria> "Let's go to the hospital."  She stands and goes to the garage.
  225. Jul29[22:40:12] <Kellus> "They would have taken the skimmers."
  226. Jul29[22:40:53] <Kellus> 12She grunts and gets up, walking after Fenria.
  227. Jul29[22:41:54] <~Awry> 6The garage is dark, and the doors are hard to get into since theres a bit of cargo on either side of the auto.
  228. Jul29[22:42:29] <~Awry> 6At the press of a rune, the garage door shoddily gatherers up into the ceiling.
  229. Jul29[22:42:35] <Kellus> 12Cargo? Kellus checks out the packages. Wierd, there wasn't cargo before.
  230. Jul29[22:43:36] <~Awry> 6Soon enough they're trundling off to the hospital.
  231. Jul29[22:43:47] <Kellus> 12Kellus assumes that Brown must have started using their apartments for storage space.
  232. 06Jul29[22:44:22] * Franco sees that life on the small island seems unchanged. He contemplates returning to the Villa, but hesitates. He has narrowly escaped death too many times, and the team has met with nothing but failure. Feeling that he has pushed his luch far enough, he points his skimmer back towards the Hive. Perhaps he will be able to find an abandoned ship if there is enough death and chaos. If not, he can lie, cheat or kill his way onto onto one.
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