Waking up in the heat (twixAnon, lewd, fluff) p1?

Dec 12th, 2017
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  1. >>grinding.webm
  3. >this estrus is the worst yet
  4. >she can't even stop herself from grinding onto you as you sleep and, at some point, even mount you
  5. >so you wake up, in the middle of the night
  6. >her juices pooling onto your lower stomach and balls indicate that she's been going at it for quite a while now, and you see her eyes closing and wings fluttering as she pants, completely lost in ecstasy as her rear slowly bobs up and down your length
  7. >her horn is sputtering, the effort and her exhaustion--
  8. >or the fact that she's climaxing right now, as a new batch of her love drips down your shaft and her insides clench around you proves it
  9. >you're left wondering what kind of spell she was casting, thinking that maybe she was casting one to further pleasure herself or maybe one to--
  10. >but then you feel it
  11. >in your head
  12. >you know this feeling by now, the feeling of her magic flowing through you
  13. >and as it sputters, you feel yourself dozing off back to sleep, before it stops again, and again
  14. >so that was it?
  15. >she was trying to keep you asleep?
  16. >why?
  17. >it only takes you a second to answer that
  18. >she was doing it for you, because she believes she's been bothering you all day long for you to tend to her
  19. >because she thinks she's bothering you
  20. >because she doesn't want you to think any less of her for succumbing to her primal urges
  21. >you love her so much
  22. >so you tell her
  23. >you believe it might've been too low for her to understand, but you don't repeat yourself as you simply watch her reaction
  24. >she gasps, eyes flying wide open in surprise as she mutters something about her spell not working
  25. >and her eyes find yours, and she doesn't move or say anything for a few seconds
  26. >obviously trying to find a way out of this situation, to find an excuse for you not to be mad at her
  27. >how could you be mad at her?
  28. >yet, she's so cute when she acts like that, so you simply watch her and even go as far as faking a stern look her way
  30. >"S-sorry-ah!"
  31. >she tries to back away from you as she apologizes, but somehow misses a number of steps needed to perform such an action and ends up impaling herself further down on your cock, her cheeks slapping against your thighs as she engulfs the couple inches of your member that weren't inside of her a second ago
  32. >she gasps as you hit as deep as you can be, as deep as you've been before, but you also feel something weird happening to your still coated sack, warmth dissipating and letting the cold air hits them as your jewels are pulled back together and closer to your body, in the place they should've been from the start
  33. >so she was using another spell huh
  34. >that spell, the one she uses to make you last longer
  35. >or as long as she wants you to last, anyway
  36. >but the spell's unexpected release drives your own release onward, and your clench your fists in preparation to the promised orgasm
  37. >but it doesn't come
  38. >and you're left groaning as you're brought on the very edge of a madness inducing climax
  39. >but she takes it wrongly
  40. >"I-I, I tried to stop myself, but you were there and you were so close and you smelled so good and it felt so good so I tried to take care of it myself but then you--"
  41. "Twilight please--"
  42. >"-got hard and then I decided to do it for just a little bit and then I got caught up in the moment and--"
  43. "For fucks sake,Twilight!"
  44. >you have to shout to stop her
  45. >you know her by now, it's the only way to get through her when she's like that
  46. >even if you hate to do it, even if you hate the way she looks at you afterwards, her pained expression saying 'I messed up didn't I?'
  47. >"Sorry!"
  48. >she tries to move again, and nearly manages to do so this time, only for your hands to shoot forward and pull her back down, her soft rear bouncing back against your thighs as her depths reclaim your length, coaxing even more pleasure out of you and forcing another fist clenching growl
  50. >"I-I know, I shouldn't have done that but--"
  51. "Twilight, please, I'm not mad, I swear--"
  52. >"You're not?"
  53. "No, no, of course I'm not mad, but please, Twilight, just keep going, please, don't stop now,"
  54. >"Oh."
  55. >her lips part and form a perfect circle as realization dawns on her
  56. >"Sorry! I completely forgot about--"
  57. "Twilight! You better start working that ass over my cock right the fuck now or I swear to Celestia I will, I'll, I don't know what I'll do but it'll be really, really bad!"
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