Chapter 65 of Shieldbro,Tanuki,Firo,and Melty

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  1. Fat. Fucking. Bird.
  2. Chapter 65
  4. Legend of the Holy Bird
  6. Several days after changing the way I address the second princess to Melty.
  7. We have been making considerable progress in the opposite direction of Silt Welt thanks to Firo.
  9. Setting that aside.
  10. Recently we have been encountering a lot of wild Philo Rials.
  11. At night their calls remind me of howling wolves in the distance, it is very annoying, especially in the middle of the night.
  12. Is there a Philo Rial habitat around here?
  14. I wonder while sleeping.
  15. It was midnight when and I was sleeping when suddenly.
  17. """Gua~!"""
  18. "Firo, shut up."
  19. "It's not Firo."
  21. That was fairly close to us though, if it wasn't Firo then what was it?
  22. Are there more wild Philo Rials?
  24. "Umm......Naofumi-sama? I heard a lot of Philo Rial cries."
  26. I notice another cry, and this one is quite near.
  28. "Thanks for reminding me. Firo, do you know how many there are?"
  29. "I don't know."
  30. "Are they far off?"
  31. "Well, They are coming."
  32. "What?"
  34. We look at Firo with strained expressions.
  36. "Be cautious."
  37. "Everyone said they are coming to meet with Firo ."
  38. "Are they speaking to you with this cry!?"
  39. "Yep."
  41. She nodded. I feel uneasy at large amount of Philo Rial cries that could be heard.
  42. The bushes all around us start shaking, and silhouettes of Philo Rials could be seen.
  44. "What the hell is going on!?"
  45. "Waa......There are so many Philo Rial!"
  47. Melty's eyes start to shine as she watches the Philo Rial.
  49. "Umm, Melty. Listen well because I'll teach you something important."
  50. "What is it?"
  51. "Philo Rials eat everything. Firo and I may be alirght, but if these Philo Rial attack, you and Raphtalia will be eaten."
  52. "What are you saying Naofumi. Philo Rials are gentle demons. There is no way they would do something like that."
  54. It's hard to keep a straight face after all that.
  56. "Shit...... I can't get to the neighbouring country to meet the queen,if joke-like developments with wild demons happen."
  58. The Philo Rials stop hiding and surround us.
  59. There are way too many to count.
  60. A bunch of Philo Rial eyes glowing in the darkness too.
  61. There are Philo Rial as far as the eye can see.
  62. The on earth is happening?
  64. Maybe this is a territorial despite between Philo Rial.
  65. But Firo shouldn't be able to understand the concept of territory.
  66. Firo may be recognized as an extremely high ranked Philo Rial, did they come thinking of her as a menace?
  67. However, since Firo didn't give us a warning cry, this may be different.
  68. Or rather...... Did they come to scout Firo into their territory?
  69. There is a possibility that is happening.
  70. Alright, let's go with that.
  72. "Firo, I hope you find happiness with these guys."
  73. "What are you saying suddenly,Naofumi-sama!"
  74. "Firo-chan is going to leave!?"
  75. "We can't help it. These guys came to pick up Firo."
  76. "Really!?"
  77. "Separating from Master? No~!"
  79. Firo, don't you understand the situation?
  80. It's already too late. If we don't give up Firo here we'll be mobbed by a large amount of Philo Rials.
  82. "Do your best for us, for these guys. Firo."
  84. After this situation is solved I'll have to go buy a new Philo Rial. I hope the next one won't be so annoying.
  86. "No~!"
  88. While we were bantering.
  90. """Gua~!"""
  92. A group of Philo Rials just to divided into two like that one scene from Moses and the Ten Commandments.
  93. what the hell?
  95. "Gua~!"
  97. One Philo Rial walks leisurely towards us. It is also pulling some luxurious carriage.
  98. ...... There are jewels fitted onto that carriage.
  99. I think I've seen some of those jewels before......Where was it?
  100. I suddenly look at the shield.
  101. There is a jewel that looks the same as those on the carriage.
  103. """Gua!"""
  105. A group of Philo Rials salute and bows towards the Philo Rial that is pulling the carriage.
  106. Rattlerattle, the Philo Rial pulling the carriage stops before us.
  108. "Wow...... that is cool. I'm jealous!"
  110. Firo's eyes are sparkling as she watches the carriage.
  111. I hate it. It's such an upstart carriage.
  112. If I had the choice, I would rather not ride something like that.
  114. "Gua!"
  116. The rope that tied the Philo Rial to the wagon comes off and it steps forward.
  117. Another Philo Rial walks up to the rear.
  119. "What's that? What's going to happen?"
  120. "Gueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
  122. When the Philo Rial surrounding the carriage calls out, the surrounding plants start glowing green and wind arises.
  124. "Ah......did they put up a barrier!?"
  125. "Barrier?"
  127. Melty's voice is full of surprise.
  129. "Yes. Naofumi, doesn't it look brighter? From a distance all you would see is fog."
  131. I pay more attention to the group of Philo Rials.
  132. There doesn't seem to be anything like a dense fog.
  134. "This is a high-class sanctuary type barrier."
  135. "What's that?"
  136. "There is a Forest of Illusion, according to legends, equipment of the old era heroes are said to be kept there; However, the fog of magic prevents all who approach."
  137. "You know quite a lot."
  138. "Mother likes stories about the Forest of Illusion. This fog resembles the one described in the stories. I'm surprised."
  140. Does that mean? We can't escape from here even if we run?
  142. "Will you be able to return if you enter the fog?......We seem to have set foot inside the sanctuary of Philo Rials."
  144. Melty seems totally entranced.
  145. That reminds me, this fellow loves Philo Rials. Isn't this like a dream come true?
  147. "Now's not the time for this!"
  149. The plants shine until it's as bright as day.
  150. What on earth is happening?
  151. The Philo Rial that pulled the carriage starts to swell up, up the point where it's just a black silhouette.
  152. Huge......
  153. The silhouette swells flabbily. There is probably a big chance that Firo will end up like that.
  154. At first it had the appearance of a normal Philo Rial, but now it's 6 meters tall.
  155. And...... it stops expanding when it reaches 9 meters. This figure is the same as Firo's demon form.
  156. The same as Philo Rial · Queen  (Temporary)
  157. (Tl note: フィロリアル・クイーン(仮) not sure why there is a temp in the raws.)
  159. "Wow~......Big"
  161. I mutter, and Melty looks like she cannot contain her excitement.
  162. Compared to Firo's colour which is light pink and white, that Philo Rial · Queen is white and azure.
  163. A big difference would be a wing-like crown on top of it's head that Firo doesn't have.
  165. "Kueeeeeeeee!"
  167. With just it's voice, The vibrations could be felt to the bones.
  169. "Yes.Yes. I understand."
  171. Firo nods a few times and turns to us.
  173. "Umm you see. It seems visiting in human form is impolite. she says."
  175. Firo translates the words that it says. Oh, is it natural that you can communicate since you are from the same race?
  177. "Because there is an ancient pledge and oath, I cannot speak with people easily. I hope you understand. She says."
  178. "......Well, that's fine. But what business do you have with us?"
  179. "Kueeeeeee!"
  180. "First let's have some self-introduction. I am the Queen of Philo Rials. My old name is Fitoria. She says."
  181. "Fitoria!? That's the name of the Philo Rial from the legends."
  183. Meltly yells with an expression full of astonishment.
  185. "Are you by any chance the Hero of the Shield? She says."
  186. "Ah, yeah......"
  187. "I apologize for the sudden visit. I have a little business here. She says."
  188. "Wh-what would that be?"
  190. I have a pain in my neck from looking up at the big Philo Rial.
  192. "Kueee"
  193. "Eh......No~"
  195. Firo gives her a dirty look. What are they talking about?
  197. "Kueee!"
  198. "Really!? All right. I understand."
  199. "What did you talk about?"
  200. "Umm you see. She wants to know Firo's ability , and she seems to want to fight Firo."
  201. "Just Firo?"
  203. Fitoria nods at my question.
  205. "You see. I think we will have a good fight."
  206. "Are you going to avoid killing each other?"
  208. Fitoria nodded again. Although I was busy trying to meet the queen...... A different queen shows up.
  210. "......Isn't it fine then?"
  211. "Kueeeee"
  212. "Thank you for listening to my request Hero of the Shield. She says."
  214. What a troublesome conversation. you should talk from the start if you are capable of it.
  215. The Philo Rials surrounding us backs up when Fitoria expands her wings.
  217. "Kueeee"
  218. "Hero's party should fall back too. She says."
  219. "Okay okay."
  221. Raphtalia, Melty, and I went to the edge of the circle made by Philo Rials.
  223. "Kueeeeeee!"
  224. "Here I go~"
  226. Firo returns to her demon form and charges at Fitoria.
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