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  1. from sklearn.datasets import load_iris
  2. from sklearn.decomposition import PCA
  3. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
  4. X = load_iris('data')[0]
  5. p = PCA(n_components=2)
  6. X = p.fit_transform(X)
  7. for i in range(50):
  8.     plt.plot(X[i][0],X[i][1],"o",color = "green")
  9. for i in range(50,100):
  10.     plt.plot(X[i][0],X[i][1],"o",color = "red")
  11. for i in range(100,150):
  12.     plt.plot(X[i][0],X[i][1],"o",color = "blue")
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