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  2. Session Start: Tue Jul 06 18:50:16 2010
  3. Session Ident: #NoSectorForOldMen
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  10. [19:44] <Tarvus> I SEE YOU THERE.
  11. 01[19:44] <~KingGheedorah> You don't see a goddamn thing
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  14. [19:49] <LordMAO> Hi there.
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  16. 01[19:49] <~KingGheedorah> ahoy
  17. [19:50] <LordMAO> Heard there was a DH game going down.
  18. 01[19:50] <~KingGheedorah> indeed
  19. [19:50] <LordMAO> I'm interested.
  20. 01[19:50] <~KingGheedorah> dice roller is in the OOC channel, #NoSectorForOldMan_OOC
  21. [19:50] <LordMAO> I haven't played before, but I have the base book.
  22. 01[19:50] <~KingGheedorah> cool beans
  23. 01[19:51] <~KingGheedorah> come on down, we're doing chargen
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  25. [19:51] <LordMAO> Great.
  26. [19:53] <Doak> NoSectorForOldMan
  27. [19:53] <Doak> :P
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  30. [19:56] <Tarvus> #nosectorforoldmen_ooc
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  36. 01[20:40] <~KingGheedorah> 2For some time now you’ve gotten the feeling that you were being watched. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s Faith, maybe it’s just luck, but you’ve always found your ascent in the ranks of your chosen profession unobstructed in ways that set you apart from your peers.
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  38. 01[20:40] <~KingGheedorah> 2This unseen attention had a price - your constant, tireless judgment and testing at every turn in every way - but it also had its perks, and you found yourself always given both all the tools and all the opportunities to succeed against all odds, no matter how impossible the assigned task.
  39. 01[20:40] <~KingGheedorah> 2You attracted admiration and jealousy in equal amounts, and reaped the reward of such work, but always felt that somewhere, someone else was pulling all the strings.
  40. 01[20:41] <~KingGheedorah> 2Your greatest hopes and worst fears are brought to light when, in the middle of the night you are awoken by a pounding at your door, and are greeted by a pair of stony-faced Enforcers in beetle-black carapace armor adorned with a symbol that makes you break out in a cold sweat - a bold, red ‘I’ outlined in white.
  41. 01[20:41] <~KingGheedorah> 2Their leader asks you if you are prepared to ‘answer the call’. It is not a question.
  42. 01[20:41] <~KingGheedorah> 2From across the Sector you are brought by cramped transport to Scintilla, to the jewelled hive spires of Hive Sibellus, sector capital of the Calixis Sector and for many, the center of the universe.
  43. 01[20:41] <~KingGheedorah> 2When the shuttle lands your handlers march you to a tram station. It is mid-day and the station is mostly empty, so you easily spot several other groups of similarly armed and armored Enforcers, marching similarly trepid and beleaguered individuals.
  44. 01[20:42] <~KingGheedorah> 2You are pushed onto the same tram, into the same car, and it leaves the station with a puff of steam and a metallic squeal, barreling down a dimly-lit tunnel deeper into the hive. You glance at the other occupants of the tram car.
  45. 01[20:42] <~KingGheedorah> =][=
  46. 03[20:43] * Gryph is now known as Cimbria
  47. 06[20:44] * Marcus[IG] turns and inspects the door behind him, deciding it he wouldn't survive the jump even if he could force the doors open.
  48. 06[20:45] * Marcus[IG] takes note of the other exits on the vehicle before addressing the group, "Why are we here?"
  49. [20:45] <Jezzail> 6One of the tram's occupants, a worried-looking young lady with brown hair, blue eyes and ruddy skin is too busy writing things down on a dataslate (Which she is doing at a frantic pace) to notice anyone else.
  50. 06[20:45] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] forms the sign of the apilla across her chest and prays while nodding slowly, muttering prayers of protections, faith and thanks under her breath.
  51. 06[20:47] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] aquila, fuck i'm high
  52. [20:48] <Marcus[IG]> "One of you two has to know what we're doing here."
  53. 06[20:48] * Marcus[IG] continues to stare levelly at the two females before him, clearly convinced one of them has orchestrated this grand facade for some untold reason.
  54. [20:48] <Jezzail> 6The lady looks up from her dataslate."So we've been been abducted by the Inquisition to perform some task based on our professions and backgrounds. Not too diffucult to figure out. Perhaps we have been watched? No, that can't be right, I've been too careful..."6She trails off into more muttering and writing.
  55. 06[20:49] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] composes herself, utters an ending to her prayers and looks around. She adjusts her hajib and attempts to rub creases out of the folds of her robes. What little of her face is on display belies her appearance.
  56. [20:50] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "Whatever reason we are here, the Emperor looks upon us"
  57. [20:50] <Marcus[IG]> "Why would the Inquisition want a scholar, a cleric and a Guardsman? This doesn't make sense."
  58. 01[20:50] <~KingGheedorah> 2The tram ride takes about an hour and a half but finally it stops. You emerge in a rather dingy and decrepit part of town, even by the standards of the middle hive. The great block-lamps providing artificial light to the massive subterranean city are noticeably more dim and diminished here, and secondary and tertiary street lights are almost all destroyed.
  59. 06[20:50] * Marcus[IG] shakes his head, still unconvinced.
  60. 06[20:50] * Cimbria is a petite woman in her early twenties, wearing clothing caught halfway between bizarre ostentation and abject poverty.  Her face, including her ears and neck, are covered with white facepaint, with a small red rectangle picking out the centre of her lips and thin bars of the same color over her eyes.  An old carnival mask is presently pushed up over her hair, which is long, straight, and...
  61. 06[20:50] * Cimbria, tied back with twistsed strips of copper sheet metal.
  62. 01[20:51] <~KingGheedorah> 2After a short, fifteen-minute walk down murky boulevards you come to a grimy, nondescript two-story building among the ruins of what appeared to be an ancient cathedral. The front door is solid grey steel and looks impressively formidable, in stark contrast to the rest of the structure.
  63. 01[20:51] <~KingGheedorah> 2One of the Enforcers punches a code into a well-hidden keypad and you are marched down a dark hallway and then down a stone staircase, passing many sealed chambers and shady cross-hallways until you finally reach a small office with gunmetal walls.
  64. 01[20:52] <~KingGheedorah> 2A massive man in battered and worn carapace armor similar to the Enforcers sits behind a desk with his feet up, watching what appears to be a scrumball match on a pict screen.
  65. [20:52] <Jezzail> "I'm not a scholar, you dunce. I'm an employee of the Departmento Munitorium. And I'm Jezzail."6 She watches the enforcer behind the desk.
  66. 01[20:52] <~KingGheedorah> 2He is middle-aged, grizzled, and intimidating looking, with a shaven head, a heavily scarred face and a nose that looks like it has been broken repeatedly. A colossal and surprisingly ornate hand cannon sits on the desk within reach, with the word ‘Gladys’ inscribed on the handle in flowing script. The room is filled with cigar smoke.
  67. 06[20:52] * Cimbria coughs.  "Cimbria," she whispers.
  68. 06[20:53] * Marcus[IG] ignores the scholar's barbed words, eyeing the firearm before studying the man before them. Clearly he was in charge.
  69. 06[20:53] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] bows her head in respect, hands folded across her chest.
  70. [20:53] <Cimbria> Clothing: Black cloth cravat.  Black cloth blouse, tucked into gloves: one red silk lady's glove; one hand and wrist wrapped in strips of dirty white cloth.  Black baggy pants tied down by dirty white cloth wraps that cover from below the heal to halfway up the calf.  Black cloth shoes, one with a red ribbon tied around it.  Threadbare gothic longcoat (red), split front and back, with double...
  71. [20:53] <Cimbria> ...collar usually turned up.  Dirty white sash.  
  72. 01[20:53] <~KingGheedorah> 2The man throws a remote at the pict-screen abruptly as one of the scrumball teams scores, snarling 5"Fething grox-herders..." in a voice that sounds like a landslide with bronchitis. 2He turns to you, addressing the Enforcers. 5"This them?"
  73. 01[20:54] <~KingGheedorah> 2One of the Enforcers nods before withdrawing.
  74. 01[20:54] <~KingGheedorah> 5Alright, you lot, you must be wondering what on Terra you're doing here."
  75. [20:55] <Jezzail> 6Clothing? Black administratum robes, with a white stripe up the front where they zip up.
  76. [20:55] <Jezzail> "I must admit I am curious, yes."
  77. 06[20:55] * Marcus[IG] stares at the man coldly, clearly not entertained.
  78. 01[20:55] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Well, ain't you just the luckiest sumbitches in the Sector. You've been volunteered for a little extra duty. You do this, you get paid, you go home, and everyone's happy. Capiche?"
  79. 06[20:56] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] is wearing a black hijab, covering her face from the nose bridge down. She is also wearing a fine, but plain black set of robes.
  80. 06[20:56] * Marcus[IG] crosses his arms, his plain black guard uniform neat and tidy, an exemplary example of regulation.
  81. [20:56] <Jezzail> "The sooner the better."
  82. 01[20:57] <~KingGheedorah> 2He puffs on his cigar.5 "My name is Knight-Lieutenant Lanwin Schaeffer. You will address me as 'Knight-Lieutenant Schaeffer', or if that's too much to remember, 'sir' will do just fine. I won't ask your names because, honestly, I don't give a shit."
  83. 06[20:57] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] nods. If honest, she's being far more of a suck up than usual, but she figures nodding, please and thank you and showing a great deal of respect was a good way to not have a bolt round imbedded in her skull.
  84. [20:58] <Marcus[IG]> "Under who's Jurisdiction are we operting?"
  85. [20:58] <Marcus[IG]> operating*
  86. 01[20:58] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Nobody's. You work for nobody because you are nobody."
  87. [20:59] <Marcus[IG]> "So we're going to die."
  88. [20:59] <Jezzail> "Obviously the Inquisition. Didn't you see the marks on their armour? Although, broadcasting this information would be silly. And likely lead to our deaths." 6She sighs."The sooner we get this over with the better. What do we have to do, Knight-Lieutenant Schaeffer?"
  89. 01[20:59] <~KingGheedorah> 5"That means if you feth it up and get caught, you're on your own. So either don't get caught or kill yourself right before you do, else a friend of mine pays you a visit in your cell and fillets you like a grox."
  90. 01[21:01] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Now, on to the fun bit."2 He takes another puff on his cigar before standing, his shaven head almost touching the ceiling.5 "There's a certain group of... undesirables operating in this district of the hive. Obscura dealers. Arbites keep crushin 'em, but the buggers pop back up like mushrooms."
  91. 06[21:01] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] fiddles with the latch on her lho-stick case.
  92. [21:01] <Jezzail> "You suspect a plant?"
  93. 06[21:02] * Marcus[IG] continues to ignore the obnoxious little paper-pusher's snide remarks. He knew exactly what this all meant, you didn't get pulled out of the IG to serve an Inquisitor unless they had a job that needed disposable skills to handle.
  94. [21:02] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "But what would make you think we could do better than trained Arbites?"
  95. 01[21:02] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Because the Arbites are a bunch of knuckle-dragging limp-wristed pox-arsed whoresons, and I rank you lot just a little higher."
  96. 01[21:03] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Not much, mind, but just enough to do what needs be done. Quietly."
  97. 01[21:04] <~KingGheedorah> 5"We think they're being sourced by someone high up. Finding the source is the priority, I don't give a shit if hive scum blows thrones getting high. But if there's corruption and graft then my employer wants heads rolling."
  98. 06[21:04] * Marcus[IG] remains silent, convinced there is nothing to be said that will change the outcome of this meeting and simply waiting to be told what to do and how to do it.
  99. [21:04] <Jezzail> "That, and we're expendable."
  100. [21:05] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "No-no, I think I get it, it's because we are civilians and can get inside no?"
  101. 01[21:06] <~KingGheedorah> 5"We have a buy all set up, in the Underhives, later today. You go to the buy, with this."2 He holds up a large satchel.5 "Lightly irradiated Scints. We can track 'em. You give it to the dealers. You follow 'em. Crack a few heads, get a few names, bada bing bada boom."
  102. 01[21:06] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Now, do you ogryn-kissing bolt-magnets have any questions? Or can I get back to polishing my gun in peace."
  103. [21:07] <Jezzail> "Can we acquire a method of discrete communication? Microbeads, perhaps?"
  104. 06[21:08] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] takes out her robes and wizard's hat.
  105. 06[21:08] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] I mean, shakes her head.
  106. 06[21:08] * Marcus[IG] looks over at his apparent teammates then back to Schaeffer, "Why a team of female non-coms and one guardsman?"
  107. 01[21:08] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Yea yea. In this sack are some microbeads and an auspex to track the Scints."
  108. [21:09] <Jezzail> "Weaponry?"
  109. 01[21:09] <~KingGheedorah> 5"You didn't bring your own? This ain't a fethin' charity service."
  110. 01[21:10] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Because you hoodle-heads look like a pack of narc-addicts already, and if I sent a squad of Enforcers to the buy it wouldn't be very discreet."
  111. 01[21:11] <~KingGheedorah> 5"One more thing. I don't know how they do things on whatever grox-buggering backwater of a shitheap you all come from but here on Scintilla, Lord Hax has order. So don't walk around in your fethin' armor with a lasgun over your shoulder."
  112. 01[21:11] <~KingGheedorah> 5"There will be Enforcers all over you within six seconds beating you with shock-sticks until you piss blood for the rest of your life."
  113. [21:12] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "So you mean for us to attempt to track and assault obscura dealers without weapons on show... In the underhive?"
  114. [21:12] <Jezzail> "I'll take that as a 'no', then." 6She's smiling despite herself.
  115. [21:13] <Marcus[IG]> "We're wasting time. We'll figure it out as we go."
  116. 01[21:13] <~KingGheedorah> 5"You can do whatever the feth you want in the underhive. This ain't it. So keep it in your fethin' turban until you get down there."
  117. 06[21:13] * Marcus[IG] he grabs hold of the satchel and nods towards the door.
  118. 01[21:13] <~KingGheedorah> 5"Now get the feth outta here, CSI: Gunmetal City is on in five minutes."
  119. 06[21:13] * Cimbria has no weaponry immediately visible, anyway.
  120. 01[21:13] <~KingGheedorah> 2He sits back down and fishes around for the pict remote.
  121. 06[21:14] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] twitches subtley in indignation at having her head-scarf refered to as a turban but nods regardless.
  122. [21:14] <Marcus[IG]> "Let's go ladies. We've got work to do."
  123. 06[21:14] * Cimbria gets up silently and walks to the door.  She looks left and right with exaggerated care, and steps out into the hive.
  124. [21:14] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail takes a microbead out of the satchel and puts it on under her hood, walking out the door.
  125. 06[21:15] * Marcus[IG] pulls the microbeads out and hands one to everyone else before situating the final one in his ear.
  126. 01[21:15] <~KingGheedorah> 2Inside the satchel you find four microbeads, an auspex, and a map to the nearest tram-station to the Underhive.
  127. 01[21:15] <~KingGheedorah> 2The heavy steel door slams closed as soon as the last of you are out of the building.
  128. [21:16] <Marcus[IG]> "Let's walk and talk, apparently our first stop is the Tram-station."
  129. 03[21:16] * Rakiel (viperions@2F1576AE.F2291AC0.55DB6B4D.IP) has joined #NoSectorForOldMen
  130. 06[21:16] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] follows while running her hands over her robes. Pistol holstered, armour, though light and more for decoration than anything was comfortable and well secured along with her other essentials.
  131. [21:16] <Jezzail> "So we have our objective, and the means to complete it."
  132. [21:17] <Marcus[IG]> "We can't go in guns blazing, as, A) Some of us have no guns, and B) We'll start a shootout with the Arbites."
  133. 06[21:17] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] while moving the placement of her scabard at her waist she takes a microbead and looks at it quizically before putting it on
  134. [21:18] <Marcus[IG]> "I don't know what any of you know about drug deals, but whoever's the fast talker needs to step up now because you're about to be on center stage."
  135. [21:19] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "Well I have done missionary work in... less well advantaged areas."
  136. [21:19] <Marcus[IG]> "Also, we need to acquire some more subtle clothes, we stick out like an Ork in a Hive Spire."
  137. 06[21:19] * Cimbria taps her chest, mimes shooting up, and nods.
  138. 06[21:20] * Marcus[IG] stares at the silent one. "What the feth is wrong with this one?" He motions at her.
  139. [21:21] <Jezzail> "What's wrong with my clothes? They fit in fine. They're Adept robes, after all."
  140. 06[21:21] * Cimbria puts a finger on her nose and shakes her head.  "Cimbria."
  141. [21:21] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "You wish me to wear what exactly?"
  142. [21:22] <Jezzail> "Me Jezzail." 6She gives Cimbria a deadpan stare.
  143. 06[21:23] * Cimbria gives Jezzail the middle finger.
  144. [21:23] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "Is it deaf?"
  145. [21:23] <Jezzail> 6She grins. "That one. This two!" 6She returns the guesture with two fingers.
  146. 06[21:24] * Cimbria smiles.  "Not deaf."
  147. [21:25] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "Challenged then. Well, do you at least understand what we have to do?"
  148. 06[21:25] * Marcus[IG] shakes his head.
  149. 06[21:25] * Cimbria nods.
  150. [21:25] <Marcus[IG]> "We are not going to get far dealing with druglords wearing a guard uniform, adept robes, a clerical ... whatever and whatever this hell she's wearing!"
  151. 06[21:26] * Cimbria smirks.
  152. [21:26] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "It is a Hijab and these are the ecclesiarchal robes of my planet, I shall have you know, lumbering imbicile"
  153. [21:26] <Jezzail> "I've dealt with scum before. And druglords. You're too inconspicuous as well." 6She gives him a critical eye."We have to find a clothing store."
  154. [21:28] <Marcus[IG]> "How do we plan on getting inside? One of you is the dealer, I'm muscle and the other two are...? It doesn't fit."
  155. 01[21:28] <~KingGheedorah> 2It is mid-afternoon, and stores would be open, but this is a residential district.
  156. [21:28] <Jezzail> "Bodyguards."
  157. [21:28] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "I shall be the dealer, these two can meerly be concubines, surly that is convention here too?"
  158. [21:29] <Marcus[IG]> "I don't know well that'll go over, most underhivers judge a lot by looks."
  159. 06[21:29] * Marcus[IG] stares at the cleric.
  160. [21:29] <Cimbria> "We will buy.  Not sell."
  161. [21:29] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "Buying, to sell"
  162. [21:29] <Marcus[IG]> "It's not bad, but why would we have concubines at a drug deal?"
  163. 06[21:29] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] stares back guardsman
  164. [21:29] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail is facepalming so, so hard.
  165. [21:30] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "To display wealth"
  166. [21:30] <Marcus[IG]> "This is the underhive"
  167. [21:30] <Marcus[IG]> "Wealth is nothing if someone slits your throat and takes it from you."
  168. 06[21:30] * Cimbria smiles faintly.
  169. [21:31] <Marcus[IG]> "We could run recon on the place, have two of us go in and the other two on the outside, we're not going in to kill everyone, just plant the trackers."
  170. [21:31] <Jezzail> "We'll go find a clothing shop, get some less-obvious clothing, then do the deal. Throne-DAMN, it should not be this hard."
  171. [21:31] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "You raise a fair point. In that case, it is simple. The most masculine will dress as a man. Then we shall have a dealer, two body-guards and an assitant"
  172. 06[21:32] * Marcus[IG] nods at the cleric
  173. [21:32] <Marcus[IG]> "She's got a fair idea. Underhivers aren't adepts, but they're clever. We don't want them getting suspicious."
  174. 06[21:33] * Cimbria rolls her eyes.
  175. 06[21:33] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] eyes up the adept and retard, trying to work out by build and stature which should dress as a man.
  176. [21:33] <Cimbria> "Clothing store.  Tram.  Underhive."
  177. [21:34] <Jezzail> "Intelligence!" 6She throws her hands in the air and walks off towards the nearest bunch of shops.
  178. 06[21:34] * Marcus[IG] nods.
  179. [21:35] <Marcus[IG]> "Let's get this done then."
  180. [21:35] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "I shall sacrifice my dignaty in this instance since the emperor wills it. I shall attempt to look like a bodyguard"
  181. 06[21:36] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] she rolls her eyes and heads off towards some more "military surplus" style stores if she can find any.
  182. 06[21:36] * Marcus[IG] grins. "Then I suggest you keep your mouth shut and wear a hood."
  183. 01[21:36] <~KingGheedorah> 2After a few minutes' walking aimlessly around you manage to stumble out of the residential block and into a commercial area. Thankfully, it is close to the tram station you entered the district in.
  184. [21:36] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "Same as usual aside from the mouth shutting I guess"
  185. [21:37] <Jezzail> "We're all gonna die. All of us, just because of the sheer stupiditiy..."6She notices the store."Aha!"
  186. 01[21:37] <~KingGheedorah> 2There are several clothing stores, as well as any other sort of store a mid-hiver could want.
  187. [21:38] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "Do you always lack such faith?" She follows, not really having a great idea of where to find sensible clothes. Stupid fucking sandnigger
  188. 06[21:39] * Marcus[IG] follows along, convinced the females are going to blow their cover and get them all killed by drugged up underhivers
  189. [21:39] <Jezzail> 6She busies herself looking around the shop, attempting to find some suitable non-conspicuous clothing. She approaches the rest of them with her selections.
  190. 06[21:40] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] purchases baggy, hard wearing trousers and a baggy coat, because dressing as a man with tits probably wouldn't work,
  191. 01[21:41] <~KingGheedorah> 2You get yourself outfitted with some civillian clothes fairly easily.
  192. 01[21:42] <~KingGheedorah> 2The shopkeep eyes the artillery you're obviously still packing but says nothing.
  193. 06[21:44] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] rolls up her robes and wears them around her waist to appear heavily built and do hide her female frame. She hastily pockets her Stub pistol and puts her other equipment into her backpack.
  194. 06[21:45] * Marcus[IG] removes his uniform blouse, leaving him with a sleeveless shirt, black khaki pants and boots, not much different then many underhivers. He dissasembles his lasgun and shoves it in his pack with his blouse, keeping his lasgun in it's holster on the small of his back and his folding bow and arrows between his back and the pack, hiding them from obvious sight.
  195. [21:45] <Marcus[IG]> "Everyone ready?"
  196. 06[21:45] * Marcus[IG] eyes the cleric and shakes his head. "Not a very intimidating bodyguard, but it could be worse."
  197. [21:46] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "I don't feel it, but I guess I'm ready" She says, trying to strain a male voice. "I know, In future I think it may be advisible to get large soled boots, my height is hardlies a strong point here."
  198. 06[21:47] * Cimbria nods.
  199. [21:48] <Marcus[IG]> "Hunch over a bit, they might think you're a psyker or some sort of aug. People fear what they don't understand."
  200. 06[21:48] * Marcus[IG] nods towards Jezzail.
  201. [21:48] <Marcus[IG]> "Ready yet?"
  202. [21:49] <Jezzail> "I've been ready for a while."
  203. [21:50] <Jezzail> "Shall we?"
  204. 01[21:50] <~KingGheedorah> 2Properly clothed you catch the next tram car. It circles the entire district, and as it goes you notice more and more people getting off until it seems to be only you remaining. It stops finally at a particularly grimy, run-down and dingy platform. By the filth and flickering lights you make this the entrance to the Undervive of Sibellus.
  205. 06[21:51] * Marcus[IG] steps out onto the platform and stretches his back, his broad neck and shoulders a dark brown in the poor lighting.
  206. 01[21:51] <~KingGheedorah> 2A pair of bored-looking Enforcers guard the tunnel across from the platform, smoking lhos and ogling what few women pass by. They pay you little to no heed.
  207. [21:52] <Jezzail> "Please let me do the talking. I have far more experience dealing with these types of people than you."6She scratches her hairline."This may have been why I was abducted.
  208. [21:52] <Jezzail> "
  209. 06[21:52] * Marcus[IG] he fishes out the map from the satchel and hands it to Jezzail. "You're the one with the big mouth, I suppose that puts you "in charge"
  210. 01[21:52] <~KingGheedorah> 2Maybe a dozen Hivers of various ages, genders and snack brackets mill about the platform. Some get on the tram, others eye you warily.
  211. [21:53] <Jezzail> 6She examines the map as she exits the tram and walks across the platform.
  212. 01[21:54] <~KingGheedorah> 2The map indicates the location of the buy as 'Subsection D, Lower 1500 Block'.
  213. [21:54] <Marcus[IG]> "How far is it?"
  214. 01[21:55] <~KingGheedorah> 2... which would be useful information if you knew where you were, exactly.
  215. [21:56] <Jezzail> "Should be, uh..."6She looks for the tram station on the map.
  216. 06[21:56] * Marcus[IG] he falls into step behind her, despite the new clothes, his outworldish build and appearance making him stick out fairly poorly.
  217. 06[21:56] * Cimbria lounges against a wall, watching passers-by.
  218. 06[21:56] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] follows closely, trying to look over Jezzail's shoulder to look at the map.
  219. 01[21:57] <~KingGheedorah> 2The map suggests any tram station in the previous district could take you to the Underhive.
  220. [21:58] <Jezzail> 6She stares at it, before frowning. If one was to take a pict of the curret situation, it would have been captioned "What the fuck am I reading". She turns on her heel and give the map to Marcus."You figure it out. I've never been good with maps..."
  221. 06[22:01] * Cimbria can't see anyone who would be better or worse to ask.  Eventually she just picks somebody at random.
  222. 06[22:02] * Marcus[IG] he stares at the map intently. Clearly not accustomed to dealing with citiscapes, shakes his head. "No idea where the feth we are."
  223. [22:03] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail looks up. "What is it, Cimbria?"
  224. 01[22:03] <~KingGheedorah> 2A manufactorum worker leaning against a rail having a smoke catches sight of Cimbria's getup and snorts derisively.1 "I didn't know the fethin' circus was in town."
  225. 06[22:05] * Cimbria weaves towards her person.  "It is not supposed to be, goodman.  What subsection and block is this?"
  226. 01[22:06] <~KingGheedorah> "Huh? Subsection D, 900 block. You new here or summat?"
  227. [22:06] <Cimbria> "Verily, goodman.  Be going nowthen."
  228. 06[22:06] * Marcus[IG] looks back at Jezzail. "Hear that? Now figure it out."
  229. 01[22:07] <~KingGheedorah> 2The worker chortles and goes back to his lho.1 "Whatever, psycho..."
  230. 06[22:07] * Cimbria bows to him with a flourish and weaves her way back through the crowd towards the others, where she finds a post to hop up on and wait.
  231. [22:08] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "What stupid cities."
  232. 06[22:11] * Marcus[IG] checks the map, turns it a few times, examines the map margin then looks up. "Straight ahead" he declares before taking off at a steady pace.
  233. [22:12] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail follow Marcus, muttering something about "He does have a use after all..."
  234. 06[22:14] * Marcus[IG] follows the map as it directs, stopping a few blocks away and turning to the group. "Alright, we're just a few blocks away, everyone get your shit together."
  235. 01[22:14] <~KingGheedorah> 2The tunnel brings you to a staircase, which leads downwards for several hundred meters before you reach the bottom. This far down beneath the jewelled hive-spires, Sibellus is a different city entirely. The light of the sun is a distant memory, and only the flickering  glow of a few street-lamps lights your path.
  236. 01[22:15] <~KingGheedorah> 2Gangers, narc-addicts, manufactorum workers, slummers, madmen and other dregs pack the streets, most of them armed. What few Enforcers there are stay in tight groups and clutch their weapons nervously.
  237. [22:15] <Jezzail> "Just like home."
  238. [22:16] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "Do people really live down here? How undignified"
  239. [22:16] <Jezzail> 6She seems quite at home, despite the unfavourable atmosphere.
  240. 06[22:17] * Marcus[IG] shoots the cleriv a glare. "Keep your mouth shut, never know who's listening."
  241. [22:17] <Marcus[IG]> Jezz, lead us in.
  242. 01[22:17] <~KingGheedorah> 2The 1500 block isn't far, according to the map, but after fifteen minutes or so of pushing your way through the packed hive you come to a crossroads that definitely is /not/ listed. A ruined building lays in the middle of the crumbling street, with all manner of hivers picking over the ruins.
  243. 01[22:18] <~KingGheedorah> 2It looks like you can go either way around the ruins. One path appears to cut right around it, but it is a darkened alleyway. The other loops around the ruins and will take longer.
  244. [22:18] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail takes the sack from Marcus and puts it in her backpack before striding towards the ruins like she actually belonged in there.
  245. [22:18] <Jezzail> 6She diverts towards the alleyway.
  246. 06[22:19] * Marcus[IG] follows without hesitation, not letting her get out of arm's reach.
  247. 06[22:19] * Cimbria quick-steps a few paces, and falls in at Jezzail's left.
  248. 01[22:21] <~KingGheedorah> 1The alleyway is about five meters across. It seems to extend down the entire length of the fallen building. As you pass the hivers you overhear talk of hive-quakes and other such collapses. It seems this happened quite recently.
  249. 06[22:22] * Marcus[IG] stays quiet, listening intently for any signs of danger.
  250. 01[22:22] <~KingGheedorah> 2As you progress down the alley it continues to get darker and darker until you can barely see ten feet ahead of you.
  251. 01[22:22] <~KingGheedorah> 2You come to an intersection. You can go either left or right. You can't see far enough to determine which path would be best. It is much quieter here, away from the roar of the crowds.
  252. [22:22] <Marcus[IG]> "Can't see shit. Anyone got a light?"
  253. [22:23] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail puts a hand hand in her pocket. She wished she had her gang backing her up."Not me."
  254. [22:23] <Jezzail> >hand hand]
  255. [22:24] <Mordalzahar[Cleric]> "I have some candles" She shrugs, not really trying to help
  256. 06[22:25] * Cimbria just smiles and takes the left-hand path.
  257. [22:25] <Jezzail> 6She scoots ahead of Cimbira to take the lead again.
  258. 06[22:26] * Marcus[IG] continues to follow, drawing his las pistol just in case.
  259. 01[22:26] <~KingGheedorah> 2As you turn down the left-hand path you see light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.
  260. 01[22:27] <~KingGheedorah> 2The alleyway ends in a short courtyard some thirty meters down the path.
  261. 06[22:27] * Cimbria goes to the metaphorical literal light at the end of the literal metaphorical tunnel.
  262. [22:29] <Jezzail> 6She stops Cimbria."Gangers up ahead. Marcus, come with me. You two, stay in the shadow."
  263. 06[22:30] * Cimbria flashes six fingers.
  264. 06[22:30] * Marcus[IG] nods and steps forward, holstering his pistol.
  265. 06[22:30] * Cimbria ducks into a deeper shadow (maybe even one offering hard cover) and draws her pistol.
  266. 06[22:31] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] ducks into a corner and pulls her pistol out.
  267. 01[22:31] <~KingGheedorah> 2There's not anything by way of cover, but the alley is pretty pitch-black. It would be hard to hit someone from outside.
  268. [22:32] <Marcus[IG]> "Lead the way."
  269. [22:33] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail walks into the open with Marcus, walking as if to pass the group by.
  270. 01[22:34] <~KingGheedorah> 2There are six of them, milling about the courtyard. A single streetlight illuminates the area. They are all dressed in tan trenchcoats, feature shaved heads, and wear welder's goggles. They start when you emerge from the alley.
  271. 01[22:35] <~KingGheedorah> 3"What tha... well well well, look what the cyber-mastiff dragged down... what brings you to Sub-D, sweetie?"
  272. 01[22:35] <~KingGheedorah> 2One of them exhales his lho and tries to put an arm around Jezzail's shoulders.
  273. [22:36] <Jezzail> "I don't believe that is any of your business. However, I am looking to acquire certain substances for a friend of mine." 6 She expertly turns away from the man with the lho.
  274. 01[22:37] <~KingGheedorah> 3"'Certain substances'..." 2He looks at you for a minute before he and his friends burst into laughter.
  275. 06[22:37] * Cimbria advances to the end of the shadowed section.
  276. 06[22:37] * Marcus[IG] stands a pace back and to the left of Jezzail, crossing his heavily muscled arms infront of his chest and staring at the group coldly. He has drawn and concealed his laspistol with practiced ease behind his left arm.
  277. 01[22:38] <~KingGheedorah> 3"Couple'a Schola babies, looks like" 2another one of the gangers offers.
  278. 01[22:38] <~KingGheedorah> 2The gangers eye Marcus's laspistol before bursting out into even more laughter.3 "Look at this guy! I love this guy. Lemme guess, he's your boyfriend?"
  279. 01[22:39] <~KingGheedorah> 2The ganger with the lho reaches into his coat and pulls a large stub revolver.3 "Mine's bigger than yours, pal!" 2The others start to move to surround you.
  280. [22:39] <Jezzail> "Don't ask me, that's what he calls it. He's some poncy noble fool from the upper hives."6Her voice takes on a completely different tone as she straightens up and pulls back her hood, revealing two studs in her left ear."Some dumb security chump. Idiot forced him on me."
  281. 06[22:39] * Cimbria grins, aiming her autopistol from the shadow.
  282. [22:39] <Jezzail> "You have obscura or not?"
  283. 06[22:41] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] takes cue from Cimbria and pulls her crossbow out of her back pack and takes aim.
  284. 01[22:41] <~KingGheedorah> 3"Ho ho, Obscura, that's bad stuff for a cutie like you. You should stay away from that junk. Makes ya crazy."
  285. [22:42] <Jezzail> "Don't use it m'self. I'm just the courier."6She shrugs and turns back to the group, arms crossed.
  286. [22:43] <Jezzail> "I don't want no trouble, guessin' neither d' you. You got somethin' we want; we got somethin' you want." She pulls out her dataslate and grins.
  287. 01[22:45] <~KingGheedorah> 2The gangers look to each other with bemused expressions.3 "Look at little miss mid-hiver, trying to slum it. You think every Underhiver deals or something? What are ya, some kinda freak?"
  288. 01[22:46] <~KingGheedorah> 3"I'll bet she's an Arbite shill,"2 another ventures.
  289. [22:47] <Jezzail> 6She breaks into laughter."Not you, your boss. As if he'd trust you with obscura."
  290. 01[22:47] <~KingGheedorah> 3Nah, not even the Arbites are dumb enough to try this. Get outta here, ya dumb broad. Try the 1500 block if you're so hankerin' for a fix."
  291. 06[22:49] * Marcus[IG] glances at Jezzail, waiting for her lead.
  292. 01[22:50] <~KingGheedorah> 3"Whoa, whoa,"2 the one with the stub revolver interjects.3 "We can't let 'em just walk away without paying the toll." 2He grins, revealling a mouthful of bad teeth.3 "See, ah, this little alley is our turf. You can't just waltz around without our permission, that's just rude."
  293. [22:50] <Jezzail> 6She shrugs and walks over to Marcus."Your this alley?"
  294. 06[22:50] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] aims at the head of the stub revolver wielding ganger.
  295. [22:51] <Jezzail> "Small-time. Why, if you got organized you'd roll this entire block, easy."
  296. [22:51] <Jezzail> 6She shrugs and walks off towards the shadowed alley, beckoning Marcus to follow.
  297. 01[22:52] <~KingGheedorah> 3"Hey, BITCH. Did I say you could leave?"2 You hear the others drawing weapons behind you.
  298. [22:55] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail turns and aims her shotgun pistol in one smooth movement."You wanna keep your face? Feth off."
  299. 06[22:55] * Cimbria baptizes a pair of gangsters in lead.
  300. 06[22:56] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] Twang
  301. 06[22:56] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] Twang everywhere.
  302. 01[23:03] <~KingGheedorah> 2Cimbria's burst of autopistol fire turns two gangers into a bloody mess. With a hiss and a thunk Mordalzhar puts a crossbow bolt into a third's heart.
  303. 01[23:03] <~KingGheedorah> 2The ganger with the lho levels his massive stub revolver at Jezzail and fires, 3"Die, bitch!"
  304. 01[23:04] <~KingGheedorah> 2It makes a lot of noise but the recoil throws the shot way off course.
  305. 01[23:05] <~KingGheedorah> 2The second ganger opens up with a stub auto.
  306. 06[23:09] * Cimbria adjusts her aim and fires again.
  307. 06[23:10] * Marcus[IG] stumbles backwards as he takes the brunt of the shots in the chest
  308. 06[23:10] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] reloads
  309. 01[23:11] <~KingGheedorah> 2One of the gangers curses as Cimbria's shots pummel him. Two strike his chest and seem to impact off of something hard, but one hits an unprotected arm and he goes down to a knee.
  310. 01[23:12] <~KingGheedorah> 2He raises his stub-auto and fires at the now-illuminated Mordalzahar.
  311. 01[23:13] <~KingGheedorah> 2His injured arm causes his shots to go wild and upwards.
  312. 02[23:16] * Rakiel (viperions@2F1576AE.F2291AC0.55DB6B4D.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  313. 03[23:17] * Rakiel (viperions@2F1576AE.F2291AC0.55DB6B4D.IP) has joined #NoSectorForOldMen
  314. [23:18] <Jezzail> 6She takes a step towards the lead ganger and fires her pistol!
  315. 03[23:21] * Overzealous_Guardsman ( has joined #NoSectorForOldMen
  316. [23:21] <Jezzail> 6...which is more of a shotgun with a pistol-grip, but whatever.
  317. 01[23:23] <~KingGheedorah> 2The ganger with the overcompensating revolver flies backwards and crumples in a tattered heap of torn flesh and pellet-encrusted gore.
  318. 06[23:29] * Marcus[IG] steps towards the injured ganger and fires his laspistol, swearing loudly
  319. 01[23:29] <~KingGheedorah> 2The ganger attempts a backflip to avoid the shot, just like he saw in a pict-movie. Amazingly, it works.
  320. 01[23:30] <~KingGheedorah> 2The second ganger opens up with his stub-auto again, this time identifying Jezzail as the threat.
  321. 01[23:31] <~KingGheedorah> 2Even at point-blank range, with a semi-automatic weapon, he misses.
  322. 06[23:32] * Cimbria continues to waste ammunition on the gangster, who is clearly wearing power armor under his jacket.
  323. 01[23:33] <~KingGheedorah> 2The ganger is pummelled by the bullets but they don't seem to inflict any lasting damage.
  324. 01[23:33] <~KingGheedorah> 2He returns fire at Cimbria.
  325. 06[23:42] * Cimbria crumples, her body torn by bullets.
  326. [23:46] <Jezzail> 6Jezzail ducks down out of the line of fire and reloads her weapon.
  327. 06[23:50] * Marcus[IG] fires into the injured ganger, the rounds absorbed by whatever armor he's wearing under his equipment
  328. 01[23:52] <~KingGheedorah> 2Ganger 2 goes to fire his stub-auto but finds it empty. He discards it and draws a knife, then menacingly approaches Jezzail.
  329. 01[23:53] <~KingGheedorah> 2Ganger four does likewise with Marcus.
  330. [23:54] <Jezzail> 6She finishes reloading, and brings it up into #2's face. She fires!
  331. 01[23:56] <~KingGheedorah> 2The ganger is blown to chunky salsa.
  332. 01[23:58] <~KingGheedorah> 2The knife-wielding ganger takes a swipe at Marcus.
  333. 01[23:58] <~KingGheedorah> 2He misses.
  334. 06[23:59] * Marcus[IG] shakes as he aims at the ganger, clipping him in the arm.
  335. [23:59] <Jezzail> 6She reloads. Again.
  336. Session Time: Wed Jul 07 00:00:00 2010
  337. 06[00:04] * Marcus[IG] stabs like an autistic kid and misses
  338. 01[00:04] <~KingGheedorah> 2Tries to counter-stab and also misses.
  339. 03[00:05] * Cimbria is now known as Gryph
  340. 02[00:06] * Mordalzahar[Cleric] (sihylm@925550C9.DEA4599B.B4E5338F.IP) Quit (Quit: )
  341. 01[00:07] <~KingGheedorah> 2The last ganger finally falls, after taking far, FAR too long to do so.
  342. [00:08] <Jezzail> 6...She reloads. Again.
  343. 06[00:08] * Marcus[IG] stomps on the nuts of the corpse
  344. 02[00:09] * Marcus[IG] (xsoilworkx@37A3127C.968EFE28.B13A4247.IP) Quit (Quit: )
  345. 01[00:09] <~KingGheedorah> 2Ganger 4's nuts are un-stompable. A ray of glorious light descends from the heavens and illuminates his corpse. You see his brave warrior spirit rise and ascend to the Emperor's side for all eternity.
  346. [00:10] <Jezzail> 6She scrubs her eyes. Fethn' hive fumes messing with her again.
  347. 03[00:20] * unnownrelic (unnownreli@29644E27.BC42D117.48E8F838.IP) has joined #NoSectorForOldMen
  348. 03[00:20] * unnownrelic is now known as William
  349. 03[00:21] * William is now known as William_Mayus
  350. 03[00:29] * Jezzail is now known as Jezail
  351. 06[00:30] * William_Mayus runs out into the alley from his hab.
  352. [00:30] <William_Mayus> "BY THE EMPEROR! WHAT'S GOING ON OUT HERE?!"
  353. 01[00:31] <~KingGheedorah> 2The alley courtyard is filled with smoke and dust and death. Nine people lay dead, most of them gangers.
  354. [00:31] <William_Mayus> "Oh. Just some gangers. Better off without 'em. Anyone still alive out here?"
  355. 02[00:31] * VE (ve4343@8D7535DB.6D56F9F1.69685233.IP) Quit (Quit: )
  356. [00:32] <Jezail> 6Jezail looks up and re-pockets her weapon. "No. Obviously, everyone is dead."
  357. [00:32] <William_Mayus> "Oh! Hello there!"
  358. [00:32] <William_Mayus> "I'm WILLIAM MAYUS! And who are you?"
  359. 06[00:33] * William_Mayus gesticulates wildly.
  360. [00:33] <Jezail> "Er...yes, hello." 6She busies herself with checking the scummer's belongings."Jezail."
  361. [00:33] <William_Mayus> "Anything I can do for you miss? A lady like you shouldn't be walking around the underhive on her own. I could probably help talk your way outta here?"
  362. 01[00:33] <~KingGheedorah> 2The gangers are all packing stub autos, except for the leader, with the massive revolver.
  363. 06[00:34] * William_Mayus continues gesturing.
  364. 06[00:35] * William_Mayus scratches his beard.
  365. [00:37] <Jezail> 6She picks up the huge handgun."I don't, er, think I shall b requiring your services."6Her eyes glint." you know of the Inquisition?"
  366. 06[00:38] * William_Mayus eyeballs her.
  367. [00:38] <William_Mayus> "Sure I do!"
  368. 06[00:39] * William_Mayus his voice wavers a little as he says that.
  369. [00:42] <Jezail> "...Good. That means you know that they can requisition whatever they want, including manpower, correct?"
  370. [00:43] <William_Mayus> "Can they now?"
  371. [00:43] <William_Mayus> "Of course they can!"
  372. 06[00:43] * William_Mayus waves his arms around a little.
  373. 01[00:44] <~KingGheedorah> 2A cautiously curious crowd has started to brew around the alleyway. They are eyeing the ganger's gear.
  374. [00:45] <Jezail> 6She pockets all the thrones and takes the stub revolver and his ammunition for herself."Then you know the way to block 1500? Lead the way."
  375. [00:45] <William_Mayus> "Now miss, before we get going, I've got a little business here to take care of."
  376. 06[00:45] * William_Mayus whispers at Jezail.
  377. [00:45] <William_Mayus> "We can sell all this stuff to those people! It's what I do!"
  378. 06[00:45] * William_Mayus smiles broadly
  379. [00:46] <Jezail> 6She pulls her hood up and leans against a nearby wall."Have fun. I'll just be gaining untold riches by myself over here."
  380. 06[00:46] * William_Mayus turns to the crowd.
  381. [00:46] <William_Mayus> "HI, WILLIAM MAYUS HERE!"
  382. [00:47] <William_Mayus> "DO YOU ELEGANT HIVERS NEED SOME GUNS? SOME AMMO?"
  383. 06[00:47] * William_Mayus points at some of the guns left behind.
  384. [00:47] <William_Mayus> "STEP RIGHT UP, THEY'RE HERE FOR SALE!"
  385. 01[00:48] <~KingGheedorah> 2One of the hivers approaches cautiously.1 "What's to stop us from just bustin' your teeth and takin' 'em?"
  386. [00:49] <William_Mayus> "Now now, no need to get aggressive! This good lady over here just earned them all for you guys!"
  387. [00:50] <William_Mayus> "But ahh... you can have them if you want!"
  388. [00:50] <William_Mayus> "For a really low discount!"
  389. [00:50] <William_Mayus> "A throne a piece! Ammo for free!"
  390. 01[00:50] <~KingGheedorah> "Okay then, what's to stop us bustin' HER teeth in and takin' 'em?"
  391. 06[00:50] * William_Mayus lowers his voice.
  392. [00:51] <William_Mayus> "If you didn't notice mister, the lady over there has a /shotgun/ . The very shotgun used to kill these gangers."
  393. [00:51] <William_Mayus> "Buuuuut. If you feel the need to resort to violence, you can take the weapons!"
  394. [00:51] <William_Mayus> "We'll just be on our merry way!"
  395. 06[00:52] * William_Mayus smiles broadly.
  396. 01[00:52] <~KingGheedorah> 2The hiver looks at you, confused.1 "Are you threatning me?"
  397. [00:53] <William_Mayus> "Not at all sir!"
  398. 06[00:53] * William_Mayus continues smiling broadly.
  399. 06[00:53] * William_Mayus makes a small gesture at Jezail to get moving below the guy's field of view.
  400. [00:53] <Jezail> 6She gets moving.
  401. 01[00:54] <~KingGheedorah> 2The crowd of hivers starts to advance. You think it would be a good idea to beat it down the back alley.
  402. [00:55] <Jezail> 6She quietly beats it down the alley.
  403. 06[00:56] * William_Mayus starts speaking quickly.
  405. 06[00:56] * William_Mayus he turns and runs, following Jezail.
  406. 01[00:58] <~KingGheedorah> 2The crowd doesn't bother to follow, instead stripping the gangers and your slain comrades down to their skivvies (and out of those, as well, if they were particularly nice skivvies).
  407. [00:58] <Jezail> "So. Take me to block 1500.
  408. [00:58] <Jezail> "
  409. [00:58] <William_Mayus> "Ah, yes, of course."
  410. [00:58] <William_Mayus> "Right this way!"
  411. 06[00:59] * William_Mayus he keeps talking, cheerful and loud as ever once they're out of the alley.
  412. 01[01:03] <~KingGheedorah> 2You emerge from the alley into an extremely busy street market. Vendors peddle their wares from ruined storefronts and ramshackle stalls, offering the latest fashions in underhive wear, tattoos, stolen vehicles, fake IDs, and of course weapons.
  413. [01:05] <Jezail> 6Jezail looks into trading the hiver's massive gun+ammo for thrones, and acquiring underhive clothing.
  414. 01[01:06] <~KingGheedorah> 2A stall vendor offers you 40 thrones for the gun.
  415. [01:07] <Jezail> 6Eh. Good enough. She trades in the gun and the ammo.
  416. 01[01:09] <~KingGheedorah> 2At another stall you manage to outfit yourself in the latest in women's fashion in the underhives - a neon yellow tank-top, dark red baggy pants and some thigh-high boots.
  417. [01:09] <William_Mayus> haha
  418. [01:10] <Jezail> 6Jezail informs him she wasn't born yesteday, and points out the fact that no other women are walking around in idiotic gear like that.
  419. 06[01:10] * William_Mayus points out that it's the height of women's underhive fashion, and it's just too much for most underhive ladies.
  420. 01[01:10] <~KingGheedorah> 2The vendor points out that half a dozen women in similar outfits of different colors.
  421. [01:11] <Jezail> 6She points out the other women who aren't in similar outfits of different colours.
  422. 01[01:11] <~KingGheedorah> 2The vendor scoffs at those women and calls them unfashionable.
  423. 06[01:12] * Jezail asks for what they have, pointing out that she isn't made of thrones.
  424. 01[01:13] <~KingGheedorah> 2He throws up his hands and mutters about deadbeat joygirls before motioning toward a rack marked "CHEEP GOODZ".
  425. 06[01:13] * Jezail examines the CHEEP GOODZ.
  426. 06[01:15] * Jezail indicates the trechcoat.
  427. 01[01:15] <~KingGheedorah> 2It is a ragged tan trenchcoat. It looks a little familiar.
  428. 06[01:16] * Jezail purchaces the trenchcoat!
  429. 06[01:16] * William_Mayus laughs a little at the trenchcoat.
  430. 01[01:17] <~KingGheedorah> 2You have aquired TRENCHCOAT. For some reason you are inspired to twirl in a circle and hold it up above your head while whistling a little tune. The shopkeeper looks at you like you are high and recommends 1500 Block.
  431. 06[01:18] * Jezail checks the pockets.
  432. 01[01:18] <~KingGheedorah> 2You aquire LINT and OLD GUM.
  433. 06[01:19] * Jezail combines the LINT with OLD GUM and THROWS it at WILLIAM MAYUS.
  434. 06[01:19] * Jezail ...on the way to 1500 block.
  435. 01[01:19] <~KingGheedorah> 2After a few minute's frentic pushing through the market and in many cases forcibly beating back aggressive merchants, you make your way down the busy streets and avenues of the underhive until you reach a massive fallen statue head splayed across the road.
  436. [01:20] <William_Mayus> "Well lady, here we are!"
  437. [01:20] <William_Mayus> "Glad to have been of service!"
  438. [01:21] <William_Mayus> "Bit of a close call with those folks back in the alley, but they couldn't resist my merchant's charm!"
  439. 06[01:22] * Jezail is now faced with the problem of dealing drugs with a loud, obnoxious arbitrator tailing her.
  440. 01[01:22] <~KingGheedorah> 2The streets are bustling with a different kind of activity. Every corner is packed with dealers from different gangs, thinly hiding the iron they are 'hiding' in coat pockets and under waistbands. Juves run back and forth from inside hab-blocks with packages. Narc-addicts roam the streets buying or begging for their fix.
  441. [01:23] <William_Mayus> "So aah... what exactly are you doing out here? These guys aren't the best sort of people if you couldn't tell by their looks. Or smell."
  442. 06[01:23] * Jezail then recalls that the loud, obnoxious arbitrator is a loud, obnoxious scum. Or an arbitrator in deep-cover, whatever.
  443. [01:24] <Jezail> "Mission from the God-Emperor. He wants drugs,"6she states wryly.
  444. [01:24] <William_Mayus> "Ah, does he now? Should I do the talking? Just point me in the right direction!"
  445. 03[01:24] * Gryph (chatzilla@277C45D4.C24BA1AC.86817A.IP) has left #NoSectorForOldMen
  446. 06[01:25] * Jezail shrugs.
  447. [01:25] <Jezail> "You sound like you're on Obscura. Just walk around for a while, they'll probably mob you."
  448. [01:25] <William_Mayus> "Ha, they tell me that all the time! Which one am I looking for anyway?"
  449. 06[01:26] * Jezail checks the map for magical details.
  450. 01[01:27] <~KingGheedorah> 2The buy is on the fourth floor of the hab at 1502, room 212, at 14:45. You check your chrono. It is 14:30.
  451. 03[01:28] * Overzealous_Guardsman ( has left #NoSectorForOldMen
  452. [01:28] <William_Mayus> "Ah, I would if I had a chrono! I'll just take your word for it missy."
  453. [01:28] <William_Mayus> "Actually, I'll be honest with ya, I can't even read! Ain't that a joke! Course, nobody else in this place can either!"
  454. 06[01:28] * Jezail hurries into the building, looking for room 212.
  455. 06[01:28] * William_Mayus follows.
  456. 01[01:30] <~KingGheedorah> 2The building is an old, antiquated affair of rotting wood and moldy carpet. It appears the only thing keeping it together is the few cobbled together 'improvements' doubtlessly made by the tenants. You push past some gangers sitting on the stoop and enter the decaying lobby.
  457. 01[01:30] <~KingGheedorah> 2There is an elevatus but there is a large red 'X' painted across the doors. It doesn't look active. There is a flight of stairs.
  458. 06[01:30] * Jezail takes the stairs.
  459. 06[01:30] * William_Mayus also takes the stairs.
  460. 06[01:31] * William_Mayus arms his biggest smile.
  461. 01[01:32] <~KingGheedorah> 2The stairs creak and groan as you ascend. It is a matter of moments to reach the fourth floor. You exit the stairwell into a long, shabby hallway, much the same as the rest of the building.
  462. [01:32] <William_Mayus> "Ah, a fine example of hive architecture!"
  463. [01:33] <Jezail> "Sure it is." 6She checks the room numbers.
  464. 01[01:34] <~KingGheedorah> 2h
  465. 06[01:34] * William_Mayus clears his throat.
  466. 06[01:34] * William_Mayus stretches his arms.
  467. 01[01:34] <~KingGheedorah> 2The door to 212 is slightly open.
  468. 06[01:34] * William_Mayus whisper's loudly. "Which door is it?"
  469. 06[01:35] * Jezail opens the door.
  470. 06[01:35] * William_Mayus continues whispering loudly. "Oh, that one!"
  471. 06[01:35] * William_Mayus follows Jezail.
  472. 01[01:36] <~KingGheedorah> 2As you open the door, the first thing that hits you is the smell of death from the room.
  473. [01:36] <William_Mayus> "Eugh."
  474. [01:36] <Jezail> "Oh boy."
  475. [01:36] <William_Mayus> "Worse than they normally smell down here."
  476. 01[01:36] <~KingGheedorah> 2The second thing that hits you is the sight of it. At least twelve bodies are scattered around the small room. Bullet holes riddle virtually every surface.
  477. [01:37] <William_Mayus> "My oh my..."
  478. [01:37] <William_Mayus> "This what you expected lady?"
  479. 01[01:37] <~KingGheedorah> 2Half of the bodies are wearing familiar-looking tan trenchcoats. They have shaved heads and welding glasses. The other half are wearing strange, cowled crimson robes - although that /could/ be on account of all the blood.
  480. [01:37] <Jezail> "Nope." 6She frowns and looks around the room.
  481. 06[01:38] * Jezail checks what colour the clothes are really.
  482. 06[01:38] * William_Mayus pokes around.
  483. 01[01:38] <~KingGheedorah> 2A dozen small arms of various makes and models litter the room as well as the bodies, but they appear to have all been fired empty.
  484. 01[01:38] <~KingGheedorah> 2Turns out the robes /are/ actually red, just not quite as red as they were previously.
  485. 06[01:39] * Jezail checks numbers. How many were on each side?
  486. 01[01:40] <~KingGheedorah> 2There appears to be eight gangers and four robed figures. While inspecting the bodies you uncover an additional two corpses, under a pile.
  487. 01[01:40] <~KingGheedorah> 2The 'new' bodies are Enforcers.
  488. [01:40] <William_Mayus> "Well, this looks about right for a drug dealer's shootout."
  489. [01:41] <Jezail> "So the robed ones won."
  490. [01:41] <William_Mayus> "How do you make that? Looks like they all died just as good."
  491. [01:42] <Jezail> "Less robed corpses. If the firefight was even, they've still got some roaming around somewhere."
  492. 01[01:42] <~KingGheedorah> 2You also fail you find any drugs whatsoever.
  493. 06[01:42] * William_Mayus shrugs.
  494. [01:42] <William_Mayus> "Nobody to sell nothin to here. What's your next move?"
  495. [01:43] <Jezail> "Find out where the survivors went."
  496. 06[01:43] * Jezail gets out the auspex and checks the room for, uh, stuff.
  497. 01[01:46] <~KingGheedorah> 2The auspex pics up the marked Scints, as well as a great deal of lifeforms outside the hab.
  498. 01[01:47] <~KingGheedorah> 2Quite a few more, in fact, than you remember being there as you entered.
  499. 06[01:47] * William_Mayus pokes around through any drawers.
  500. 06[01:47] * Jezail checks for chemicals.
  501. 06[01:47] * Jezail ...and looks out the window.
  502. 01[01:47] <~KingGheedorah> 2As you are processing this information a stern, authoritarian voice barks from the front of the building.4 "Criminal scum! Lay face-down on the ground or you will be shot! We are coming up!"
  503. 01[01:48] <~KingGheedorah> 2The window looks out to a fire escape and a back alley away from the hab.
  504. 01[01:48] <~KingGheedorah> 2You hear the sound of loud footsteps coming up the stairwell.
  505. [01:48] <William_Mayus> "What the?"
  506. [01:48] <William_Mayus> "Time to go!"
  507. [01:48] <William_Mayus> "Or hide!"
  508. [01:49] <Jezail> "Or just sit here and wait."
  509. [01:49] <Jezail> "They know there's no way we could do all of this."
  510. 01[01:49] <~KingGheedorah> 2It sounds like you have about three minutes to figure something out before the Enforcers arrive. You don't see any from the window.
  511. 06[01:49] * Jezail beat
  512. [01:49] <William_Mayus> "I wouldn't trust these hive enforcers, and we're in a baaaaad place."
  513. [01:49] <William_Mayus> "It's safer to not be around here."
  514. [01:49] <William_Mayus> "Trust me."
  515. [01:49] <Jezail> "But they are enforcers. Yeah."
  516. 06[01:49] * William_Mayus walks out into the hall andlooks for any other open doors.
  517. 06[01:50] * Jezail heads out the door and looks for the elevatus.
  518. 01[01:50] <~KingGheedorah> 2The elevatus is still mockingly closed.
  519. 06[01:50] * Jezail tries to wedge it open with something.
  520. 01[01:50] <~KingGheedorah> 2None of the other doors in the hallway are open. You hear a few of them click locked as the Enforcers barrel up the stairs.
  521. 06[01:50] * William_Mayus continues looking for open doors.
  522. 06[01:50] * William_Mayus looks for any nooks.
  523. 01[01:51] <~KingGheedorah> 2There are no nooks however there /is/ a cranny.
  524. 01[01:51] <~KingGheedorah> 2It is right across from the stairs and only looks large enough to hide a child.
  525. 06[01:51] * Jezail dumps the irradiated money in the hallway and heads up the hallway.
  526. 01[01:51] <~KingGheedorah> 2The elevatus is sealed closed. The painted X taunts you still.
  527. [01:51] <William_Mayus> "Miss, can you fit in there? I'll talk my way out of this."
  528. [01:52] <William_Mayus> "Once they're gone, you can follow me out."
  529. 06[01:53] * Jezail takes the fire escape. Derp.
  530. [01:54] <William_Mayus> "And there's always that."
  531. 06[01:54] * William_Mayus follows her out.
  532. 01[01:54] <~KingGheedorah> 2You bust through the window and start down the fire escape just as the Enforcers reach the fourth floor.
  533. 01[01:54] <~KingGheedorah> 4"Freeze, you criminal scum!"
  534. 01[01:54] <~KingGheedorah> 2A withering hail of lasfire blows through the window.
  535. 06[01:55] * Jezail escapes down the fire escape
  536. 06[01:55] * Jezail .
  537. 06[01:55] * William_Mayus keeps moving behind her, as fast as he can.
  538. [01:56] <William_Mayus> "Run quick! We can escape in this crowd!"
  539. 01[01:56] <~KingGheedorah> 2You manage to haul ass down the alley and out of the Enforcer's line of fire.
  540. 01[01:56] <~KingGheedorah> 2The Enforcer on the laud-hailer is still yelling.4 "Stop! Stop those two!"
  541. 01[01:57] <~KingGheedorah> 4"In the Emperor's name, bring me that man and woman!"
  542. [01:57] <William_Mayus> "KEEP GOING!"
  543. 01[01:57] <~KingGheedorah> 2The hivers around you glance at you as you run past, then turn away, finding urgent business elsewhere.
  544. 06[01:57] * Jezail rounds a corner and ACTS NATURAL.
  545. 06[01:57] * William_Mayus swings around and starts snapping his fingers, whistling a tune.
  546. 06[01:58] * William_Mayus he kind of dances on the spot.
  547. [01:58] <William_Mayus> "So, come here often?"
  548. [01:59] <Jezail> "Only when I want to be shot at. Why?"
  549. [01:59] <William_Mayus> "Just acting natural."
  550. [01:59] <Jezail> "So...we have to factions, one of which has slaughtered the other AND some enforcers."
  551. 06[01:59] * Jezail looks at her own coat.
  552. 01[02:00] <~KingGheedorah> 2A door nearby opens and a young woman with long, stringy brown hair beckons you over. 13"In here! Hurry!"
  553. [02:00] <Jezail> "It's relatively similar to their ow-" 6She looks at the woman."Why?"
  554. [02:00] <William_Mayus> "Don't ask question miss, just go!"
  555. 06[02:00] * William_Mayus moves towards the girl, pushing Jezail.
  556. [02:00] <Jezail> "It could me a trap."
  557. [02:00] <Jezail> Be*]
  558. 06[02:01] * William_Mayus raises his brass knuckles. "Not if these guys have anything to say about it."
  559. 01[02:01] <~KingGheedorah> 2She fishes into a sleeve for a moment and comes out with a small black badge. On it is a chillingly-familiar symbol, a bold, white 'I' chased in red. 13"Come on!"
  560. 06[02:02] * William_Mayus keeps moving in, but looks at the badge curiously.
  561. 06[02:05] * Jezail comes on, real fast.
  562. 01[02:06] <~KingGheedorah> 2She leads you through a ramshackle hallway and outside again, then into another hab-block, down another hallway, and finally into a room at the end of the hall.
  563. [02:08] <Jezail> "So. What are you doing down here, then?"
  564. [02:08] <William_Mayus> "And thanks for the help young lady!"
  565. 06[02:09] * William_Mayus brushes off his coveralls.
  566. 01[02:12] <~KingGheedorah> 2After the frentic running you catch your breath and get a better look at your new friend. She's fairly short, looks to be in her mid 20s, and her pale skin, pronounced cheekbones and lithe, slender frame marks her as a hiver born.
  567. 01[02:13] <~KingGheedorah> 2She addresses Jezail.13 "You certainly know how to move around... gave me the dump twice, and in my own hive!"
  568. 06[02:14] * William_Mayus looks at the girl, then Jezail. Then back at the girl. Then looks at his feet.
  569. [02:14] <William_Mayus> "You two know eachother?"
  570. [02:16] <Jezail> "Not that I can recall, no."
  571. [02:16] <Jezail> "Who are you, exactly?"
  572. 01[02:17] <~KingGheedorah> 2She moves over to a chair and sits, lighting a lho. Her brown shawl seems to shift colors as she crosses the room. 13"Schaeffer sent me to keep an eye on you. 'Names Quinn. Javelin Quinn."
  573. [02:19] <William_Mayus> "Who's Schaeffer?"
  574. [02:19] <Jezail> "My current boss."
  575. [02:19] <William_Mayus> "Ohhh"
  576. 06[02:20] * Jezail pulls up a chair and regails Quinn with the their adventures in the hives up until this point.
  577. 01[02:20] <~KingGheedorah> 13"I have no idea what's going on but it looks and sounds like there's a leak somewhere."
  578. 06[02:20] * William_Mayus leans agains a wall and relaxes.
  579. [02:21] <Jezail> "Mmm-hm."
  580. 01[02:23] <~KingGheedorah> 13"So there were dead Enforcers? And then the cavalry showed up as soon as you entered the building?"
  581. 01[02:23] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Who else knew about this buy?"
  582. 06[02:24] * William_Mayus shrugs.
  583. 01[02:25] <~KingGheedorah> 2She frowns and motions toward William.13 "Who /is/ this guy, anyways?"
  584. [02:25] <Jezail> "Nobody."
  585. [02:26] <Jezail> "...Reinforcements."
  586. [02:26] <William_Mayus> "I'M WILLI-"
  587. [02:26] <William_Mayus> "Yeah, sure."
  588. [02:26] <William_Mayus> "That."
  589. 01[02:27] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Well. We have to formulate a plan here. We can't go back to Schaeffer, he'd kill us. Or you, anyways."
  590. 01[02:27] <~KingGheedorah> 2She thinks for a second.13 "No, his team lost the scrumball match today. He'd kill me, too."
  591. 06[02:27] * Jezail sniffs.
  592. [02:27] <William_Mayus> "Wait a second now, do both of you work for these Inquisition people?"
  593. 02[02:29] * William_Mayus (unnownreli@29644E27.BC42D117.48E8F838.IP) Quit (Quit: derp)
  594. 03[02:29] * unnownrelic ( has joined #NoSectorForOldMen
  595. 03[02:29] * unnownrelic is now known as William_Mayus
  596. 01[02:29] <~KingGheedorah> 13"She's part time. I've been part of Schaeffer's tea, for four years now."
  597. [02:30] <William_Mayus> "Hm."
  598. [02:30] <Jezail> "Hm. So, you've gathered information that we don't have access to."
  599. 06[02:30] * William_Mayus goes back to leaning against the wall, deep in thought.
  600. 01[02:31] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Not on this job, this is all new to me. Schaeffer just sent me a memo this morning, with your pictures. I was to follow you."
  601. 06[02:32] * Jezail grimaces.
  602. [02:32] <Jezail> "I'm not photogenic. I probably look terrib-"
  603. [02:32] <Jezail> "Wait, pictures? Plural?"
  604. 01[02:32] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Yea, all of you. Why?"
  605. [02:32] <William_Mayus> "Me too?
  606. [02:32] <William_Mayus> "
  607. [02:32] <William_Mayus> "What the throne?"
  608. 01[02:33] <~KingGheedorah> 13"I don't even know who /you/ are. Who are you? What are you doing here?"
  609. [02:33] <William_Mayus> "Oh, well that's good to know. That would be too freaky."
  610. [02:33] <Jezail> "You sound like some kind of creepy stalker, honestly."6She sticks her hands in the pickets of her trenchcoat, mulling over things.
  611. [02:33] <Jezail> pockets*]
  612. [02:33] <William_Mayus> "Besides, Jezail there just told you who I am."
  613. 06[02:33] * William_Mayus he smiles smugly and nods in Jezail's direction.
  614. [02:34] <William_Mayus> "Reinforcements."
  615. 01[02:34] <~KingGheedorah> 2She stands and flicks her lho out impatiently. 13"Stalker yes. Creepy... well, that's your call, I suppose."
  616. [02:35] <Jezail> "What are our movements from here, then? Do you have any leads? We were sort of dumped here and left to our own devices."
  617. 01[02:35] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Following people isn't my forte. I'm better at the shooting part."2 She goes to a cupboard along the wall and opens it up, revealling a long-las painted in draub urban camoflage.
  618. [02:36] <William_Mayus> "That's a pretty piece of work there!"
  619. 01[02:37] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Leads no, but if there's one thing a sniper has to learn early it is when she's made, she has to relocate. I'm thinking right about now we need to do just that. I've been using this place a little too long, and if the Enforcers were on to you that quickly they might be on to me, as well."
  620. [02:37] <Jezail> "Why would they be working against us, anyway?"6She gets up and stretches.
  621. [02:38] <William_Mayus> "Those hive enforcers are just a step above the rest of us lady."
  622. [02:38] <William_Mayus> "They'll  do just about anything for a good meal and a couple thrones."
  623. 01[02:39] <~KingGheedorah> 2She motions to a large crate near you.13 "There's some supplies in there. Go ahead and grab 'em." 2She grabs the long-las from the cupboard, as well as an ornate laspistol holstered on a belt full of pouches. Under her shawl you notice she's wearing a bodysuit in the same draub urban camo as her rifle.
  624. 06[02:39] * William_Mayus saunters over to the crate.
  625. 06[02:39] * Jezail loots the crate.
  626. 01[02:41] <~KingGheedorah> 2Inside are two dozen shotgun shells, a pump-action shotgun, two autopistols and six magazines of autopistol ammunition.
  627. 01[02:41] <~KingGheedorah> 2Underneath are two flak vests.
  628. [02:42] <William_Mayus> "Ohh. Nice."
  629. 06[02:43] * William_Mayus reaches in and grabs a flak vest, as well as another pistol and the magazines.
  630. 06[02:44] * Jezail takes an autopistol, thee mags, the shotgun shells,and the shotgun.
  631. 06[02:44] * Jezail three*
  632. [02:44] <William_Mayus> "Is there a uh, separate room miss?"
  633. [02:44] <William_Mayus> "Don't want to offend the eyes of you two ladies here."
  634. 01[02:45] <~KingGheedorah> 13"We don't have time for that! We have to leave, now!"
  635. 06[02:45] * William_Mayus sighs.
  636. 06[02:45] * William_Mayus throws the flak vest on over his nice quilted vest.
  637. [02:45] <Jezail> "I won't look."She's trollfacing hard.
  638. 06[02:45] * William_Mayus then tucks away the extra autogun and the ammo.
  639. [02:45] <William_Mayus> "Let's get going then. I'll make this look nicer later."
  640. 01[02:46] <~KingGheedorah> 2Quinn suddenly stiffens.13 "Shhh!"
  641. 06[02:46] * William_Mayus stops.
  642. 06[02:46] * Jezail readies her new shotgun that she doesn't know how to use.
  643. 01[02:48] <~KingGheedorah> 2Quinn motions to the door and shakes her head. She indicates frantically to a hallway across from you and mouths 13"Out, now!"
  644. 06[02:49] * William_Mayus hurries.
  645. 06[02:49] * Jezail gets the heck out, almost dropping the shotgun.
  646. 01[02:53] <~KingGheedorah> 2The two of you make a horrible racket trying to get out of the room. Quinn sighs exasperatedly, or rather is in the middle of sighing exasperatedly when the door of the small apartment bursts open and a figure in grimy grey and brown Arbite carapace steps in, wielding a massive shotgun.
  647. [02:55] <William_Mayus> "Oh, shit."
  648. 01[02:56] <~KingGheedorah> 2He raises the shotgun and fires at Quin. The meter-long weapon makes barely a hiss as it obliterates the wall behind her, seeming to be fitted with some kind of silencer. Quinn dives out of the way with almost supernatural reflexes and urges you down the hallway.13 "Back door! Now!"
  649. 06[02:56] * William_Mayus hustles for the back door.
  650. [02:56] <Jezail> "Don't have to ask me twice!"6Jezail hollers as she barges out the door.
  651. 01[02:57] <~KingGheedorah> 2Quinn unclips something from her belt and hurls it into the room before running after you, outpacing you rather easily.
  652. 06[02:58] * William_Mayus keeps running as fast as he can.
  653. 03[02:59] * Mercutio (viperions@2F1576AE.F2291AC0.55DB6B4D.IP) has joined #NoSectorForOldMen
  654. 02[02:59] * Rakiel (viperions@2F1576AE.F2291AC0.55DB6B4D.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  655. 03[02:59] * Mercutio is now known as Rakiel
  656. 01[03:00] <~KingGheedorah> 2There is a muffled explosion. Two more lethal-sounding hisses follow close behind you and you hear the telltale sound of rounds impacting on the walls around you.
  657. 01[03:00] <~KingGheedorah> 2Quinn leads you down a twisting path of side-streets and alleyways for a few harrowing minutes until finally she turns a corner and stops, panting heavily.
  658. 06[03:01] * William_Mayus slides to a halt.
  659. 06[03:01] * Jezail faceplants into a wall and slides down it a ways. "I am an adept. I should not be running around with a gun bigger than my forearm. I should be reading or something."
  660. [03:01] <William_Mayus> "Damn these vests are heavy..."
  661. 01[03:02] <~KingGheedorah> 13"What on Terra is going on? Do you have any idea what that was back there?"
  662. [03:03] <William_Mayus> "What do you mean? Looked like some one was shooting at us lady!"
  663. 01[03:04] <~KingGheedorah> 13"A Mortiurge, you imbecile! Arbite hit men. That is a LOT of heat for the three of us, especially since they shouldn't even know about us! Or me!"
  664. [03:05] <Jezail> "Wow. Somebody doesn't like me."6She straightens up."Haven't even done anything yet."
  665. [03:05] <William_Mayus> "Erm... of course! I knew that! They're a scary folk."
  666. 01[03:06] <~KingGheedorah> 13"You were supposed to be tasked with uncovering corruption and graft, correct? Well, I think the presence of that murdering psychopath proves it."
  667. 01[03:06] <~KingGheedorah> 13"What the hell do we do now?"
  668. [03:06] <William_Mayus> "...leave?"
  669. [03:07] <Jezail> "We could kill him, see what kind of identification he had oh him. And by 'we' I mean 'you'."
  670. [03:07] <William_Mayus> "If you ladies are done with your mission that sounds like it would be the best thing to do. Especially with those things."
  671. 01[03:07] <~KingGheedorah> 13"I don't think you understand what kind of person it takes to be a Mortiurge. This isn't your regular brass-buttons Arbite."
  672. 01[03:09] <~KingGheedorah> 13"But if you think the three of us have a chance..."
  673. [03:09] <William_Mayus> "Hey, we don't even have to fight it! Can you get us off world lady?"
  674. [03:09] <Jezail> "I personally don't. I'm an adept, for crying out loud."
  675. 01[03:10] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Off-world? You want to run from the Inquisition?? We'd have better chances fighting the Mortiurge!"
  676. [03:11] <William_Mayus> "I don't mean run FROM your bosses. Can't they protect us or something? They gave you ladies this job!"
  677. 06[03:11] * Jezail straightens up. "They don't give two thrones about us."
  678. [03:11] <Jezail> "Here."6 She tosses him the shotgun and gives him the ammunition."You know how to use that, right?"
  679. 01[03:11] <~KingGheedorah> 13"We're expendable. They wouldn't risk showing their hand by acknowledging us. We have to handle this ourselves."
  680. 06[03:12] * Jezail checks the auspex again.
  681. [03:12] <William_Mayus> "This thing? Bah. Too much for me, but I can try. I suppose I know how to use it. And it's up to you two."
  682. [03:14] <Jezail> "You're the sniper. What do you suggest?"
  683. 01[03:14] <~KingGheedorah> 2You don't detect anything abnormal on the auspex.
  684. 01[03:14] <~KingGheedorah> 13"He's hunting us. He found us before, he will do so again. We will have to be ready."
  685. [03:15] <Jezail> "A trap?"
  686. 01[03:16] <~KingGheedorah> 13"We find a place to lay low and wait for him to show up."
  687. 01[03:16] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Preferrably someplace where I can take up a position with a clear line of sight."
  688. 01[03:16] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Then when he arrives you hit him with one of my flashbangs and we take him down."
  689. [03:17] <William_Mayus> "Sounds risky. I like it."
  690. 01[03:18] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Unless one of you has a better plan."
  691. [03:18] <William_Mayus> "Be a helluva thing to put on my credentials some day."
  692. [03:18] <William_Mayus> "I got nothin'. I'm just a salesman. Unless I can talk him away."
  693. [03:18] <Jezail> "I see no problem with this."
  694. [03:19] <Jezail> "...Except for the bit where one of us 'hits him with a flashbang'.
  695. [03:19] <Jezail> "
  696. [03:19] <William_Mayus> "What's the matter? Can't throw little lady?"
  697. [03:20] <Jezail> "No. No, I can't, actually. That's why YOU are going to throw the flashbang."
  698. 01[03:20] <~KingGheedorah> 2She lifts her shawl and pulls another sphere from her belt. 13"One of these, yea. I managed to overload his photovisor with it last time."
  699. [03:20] <William_Mayus> "Yeah sure, I'll throw it."
  700. 06[03:20] * William_Mayus holds out his hand.
  701. [03:20] <William_Mayus> "Just that pin right there right?"
  702. 01[03:21] <~KingGheedorah> 13"... yea, it's a grenade, not a bloody cogitator."
  703. [03:21] <William_Mayus> "Just makin sure missy. I've seen some weird things scavenging down here."
  704. [03:23] <Jezail> "Then it's settled."
  705. 01[03:23] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Alright. Let's find a hostel then."
  706. 01[03:25] <~KingGheedorah> 2A few hours later you are sitting nervously in a grimy single room of a ground-floor hostel.
  707. [03:26] <Jezail> "He's taking his tume, that's for sure."
  708. [03:26] <William_Mayus> "Guy like that, probably confident in what he can do."
  709. 06[03:27] * William_Mayus holds the small shotgun in one hand and an autopistol in the other.
  710. 01[03:27] <~KingGheedorah> 2There is a window on the wall adjacent to the one door, and two single beds. Quinn has taken up a position across the road on the roof of a ruined pawnshop.
  711. 01[03:27] <~KingGheedorah> 2She has left you with her remaining two photon flash grenades.
  712. 06[03:28] * Jezail is keeping watch out one of the windows.
  713. [03:28] <William_Mayus> "So uh. You wanna throw one too?"
  714. 06[03:28] * Jezail has already secreted one for herself.
  715. [03:29] <William_Mayus> "Wait, there's only this one. How weird."
  716. [03:30] <Jezail> "Yes. Wierd."6She's watching the auspex for mortiurge symbols.
  717. 01[03:31] <~KingGheedorah> 2The auspex isn't picking up anything. Quinn transmits to you via comm-bead. 13"Anything?"
  718. [03:32] <Jezail> "Nope."
  719. [03:32] <Jezail> "Anything on your end?"
  720. 06[03:32] * William_Mayus keeps a lookout on his own. His guns are on the ground next to him and he holds the grenade at the ready.
  721. 01[03:34] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Alright. Nothing on my end, either. Sta - hmm, what's-?"2 There is a sinister squealing hiss and the comm-bead goes dead.
  722. 06[03:35] * Jezail looks up at the roof she's supposed to be on.
  723. 06[03:35] * William_Mayus is blissfully unaware, lacking a commbead.
  724. 01[03:36] <~KingGheedorah> 2You don't see anything.
  725. 06[03:36] * Jezail checks the auspex.
  726. 01[03:37] <~KingGheedorah> 2Nothing comes up on the auspex. Not even Quinn.
  727. 06[03:39] * William_Mayus continues waiting, grenade ready.
  728. [03:39] <William_Mayus> "What's up?"
  729. [03:40] <Jezail> "Nothing. That's the problem. Quinn's marker's gone on the auspex."
  730. [03:40] <William_Mayus> "...that's not good."
  731. 01[03:43] <~KingGheedorah> 2The hallway outside is quiet. There is a quiet thud and the hall light goes out.
  732. [03:43] <William_Mayus> "Shit."
  733. [03:44] <Jezail> "Welp."
  734. 06[03:44] * William_Mayus looks at Jezail.
  735. 06[03:44] * Jezail readies her pitiful shotgun pistol and her grenade.
  736. [03:44] <William_Mayus> "Time to go? Or stay here?"
  737. 01[03:44] <~KingGheedorah> 2A floorboard creaks outside the door.
  738. 06[03:45] * William_Mayus drops the grenade, pin still in and grabs for his weapons.
  739. 06[03:45] * Jezail takes cover beside the door.
  740. 01[03:46] <~KingGheedorah> 2The door bursts open.
  741. 06[03:47] * Jezail aims...
  742. 01[03:47] <~KingGheedorah> 2The armored figure enters, shotgun-first.
  743. 06[03:52] * William_Mayus aims for a moment before firing at the figure that just kicked in their door. The shotgun thunders mightily.
  744. 06[03:55] * Jezail fires the shotgun pistol at the side of the man's head. If she's going down, by the Emperor she's takin' this fag with her.
  745. 01[03:56] <~KingGheedorah> 2The figure is thrown out of the room by the force of the two shotgun blasts.
  746. 06[03:57] * Jezail reloads hastily before peeking around the corner, only head exposed.
  747. 06[03:58] * William_Mayus continues sitting in the spot he fired from after chambering another shell.
  748. 01[03:58] <~KingGheedorah> 2The figure is a ruin of tattered flesh and broken carapace armor.
  749. [03:59] <William_Mayus> "Is he dead?"
  750. [03:59] <Jezail> "Oh good."
  751. 01[03:59] <~KingGheedorah> 2It stirs and rises.
  752. 06[03:59] * Jezail fires another shot into the 'corpse' as it gets up.
  753. 02[04:01] * Jezail ( Quit (Quit: FAGGOT, AWAY!)
  754. 03[04:02] * KingGheedorah changes topic to 'Initiative order: Mortiurge, Billy Mays, ??????'
  755. 01[04:06] <~KingGheedorah> 2The massive figure lifts their shotgun and blows Jezzail through the doorway. Silently. She collapses in a battered heap.
  756. [04:09] <William_Mayus> Lifts the flash grenade from his feat and rolls it towards the doorframe after pulling the pin. He closes his eyes and covers them with his hand and waits for the flash.
  757. [04:12] <William_Mayus> As he does it, he yells loudly.
  759. 01[04:13] <~KingGheedorah> 2The flashbang goes off with a... flash and a bang... and the armored giant roars in frustration.
  760. [04:14] <William_Mayus> awesome
  761. 01[04:15] <~KingGheedorah> 2You notice a small red pinprick of light appear on the Mortiurge's chest.
  762. 06[04:15] * William_Mayus eyes widen.
  763. 01[04:15] <~KingGheedorah> 2A lasbolt rips through the window and impacts against the doorframe.
  764. [04:16] <William_Mayus> "SHIT."
  765. 01[04:17] <~KingGheedorah> 2The Mortiurge flicks his weapon open and a smoking shell casing the size of a soda can pops out. He finds another one among the webbing of his carapace and loads it with practiced ease, even while blinded.
  766. 06[04:20] * William_Mayus quickly moved just under the window, ready to leap out. He takes aim where the giant man will be in a moment.
  767. 01[04:22] <~KingGheedorah> 2Another lasbolt rips through the window, this one taking the Mortiurge in the right arm. He curses, obviously injured.
  768. 01[04:22] <~KingGheedorah> 2He levels his shotgun to where Jezail fell and pulls the trigger.
  769. 01[04:24] <~KingGheedorah> 2She disintegrates into a bloody mess on the floor.
  770. 06[04:25] * William_Mayus fires at the man as he walks the rest of the way in.
  771. 06[04:27] * William_Mayus doesn't wait to see the results and jumps out the window.
  772. 01[04:27] <~KingGheedorah> 2The Mortiurge roars as the pellets tear into his left leg.
  773. 01[04:30] <~KingGheedorah> 2A third and final shot takes the Mortiurge in the chest.
  774. 01[04:30] <~KingGheedorah> 2He is completely encased in fire, melting his skin and popping his eyes like superheated eggs. He falls to the ground a blackened corpse.
  775. 01[04:32] <~KingGheedorah> 2You spot Quinn limping across the street towards you, the left side of her body drenched in blood, her shawl in tatters.
  776. [04:32] <William_Mayus> "Holy throne and Emperor."
  777. 06[04:32] * William_Mayus sits and leans against the window he just jumped from, coming off of his adrenaline rush.
  778. 01[04:33] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Where's Jezail?"
  779. [04:33] <William_Mayus> "Dead. Really dead."
  780. 01[04:33] <~KingGheedorah> 2She peers into the room and sighs.13"Nasty way to go. Shame."
  781. 01[04:33] <~KingGheedorah> 13"You injured?"
  782. [04:34] <William_Mayus> "Not a scratch."
  783. [04:34] <William_Mayus> "I'm keeping this shotgun by the way."
  784. [04:34] <William_Mayus> "Never thought I'd say that."
  785. 01[04:34] <~KingGheedorah> 2She chuckles.13 "You're welcome to it... little loud for me. I think you're empty, though."
  786. [04:34] <William_Mayus> "Empty?"
  787. 06[04:35] * William_Mayus checks the chamber.
  788. [04:35] <William_Mayus> "So I am."
  789. [04:35] <William_Mayus> "Good thing I was about to run."
  790. 01[04:35] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Who /are/ you, anyways?"
  791. [04:36] <William_Mayus> "Me? I'm William Mayus."
  792. 01[04:36] <~KingGheedorah> 2She sighs.13"Yea, yea..."
  793. [04:36] <William_Mayus> "Seller of trinkets, tinker of tech, and purveyor of baubles."
  794. 01[04:37] <~KingGheedorah> 13"Listen, William. It's been a pleasure working with you. I only wish we'd met under different circumstances."
  795. [04:37] <William_Mayus> "Didn't get up this morning expecting this shit to happen. They probably don't want me here on Sibellus anymore."
  796. 01[04:38] <~KingGheedorah> 13"I wouldn't worry about it." 2She looks at you somberly.13 "I'm so sorry." 2You notice she's holding an ornate laspistol in one hand.
  797. [04:38] <William_Mayus> "Oh Throne on Terra."
  798. 01[04:40] <~KingGheedorah> 2She fires at point-blank range, taking you in the cheek.
  799. 06[04:40] * William_Mayus falls over, promptly unconcious.
  800. 06[04:41] * William_Mayus but promptly flutters his eyes open again.
  801. 01[04:42] <~KingGheedorah> 2She fires again.
  802. 01[04:43] <~KingGheedorah> 2This time the lasbolt takes William in the forehead. He twitches once and lies still.
  803. 01[04:44] <~KingGheedorah> 2Quinn looks down sadly and holsters her pistol. 13"Can't take any chances at this mess getting back to us. Sorry."
  804. 01[04:45] <~KingGheedorah> 2The sound of Enforcer sirens approaches. She unclips another sphere from the belt under her shawl and lobs it into the hostel room before running off into the tangled maze of streets and alleyways of the Underhive.
  805. 01[04:47] <~KingGheedorah> 2The incendiary grenade goes off with a dull thump and the structure begins to catch fire. Twenty six dead, an Obscura deal gone bad, and an Inquisition investigation tossed back into the filing cabinet. Just another day in Hive Sibellus.
  806. 01[04:47] <~KingGheedorah> 2FIN.
  807. 02[04:55] * William_Mayus ( Quit (Quit: derp)
  808. Session Close: Wed Jul 07 04:56:00 2010
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