GreentextSavant - Purple Friday

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >”You’d like me to what?” SciTwi gives a look of confusion.
  2. >”Bra shopping. I just learned what those things are, since I’m rarely over here in this dimension very often.” Equestrian Twilight locks her fingers in front of her. “And I figured that going shopping with you would be best because you’re the most similar to me.”
  3. >SciTwi widens her eyes at the floor. “Ohhhh…”
  4. >Inside of her head, SciTwi immediately begins to feel flushed. Everything about the situation tells her that the smart thing to do is decline, lest some awkward moment start up.
  5. >But she figures that it couldn’t be as intense as she imagines it.
  6. >She gives her equestrian counterpart a slight nod of approval. “What time?”
  7. >”Whenever you’re ready, I guess.” Equestrian Twilight looks in the direction of her car.
  8. >…
  9. >”I can’t believe you’ve never worn bras ever since you got here.” SciTwi whispers quietly enough for the other shoppers not to hear.
  10. >Equestrian Twilight scratches the back of her head. “Well, I’ve usually been busy with… stuff every time I came here. Buying clothes was the least of my concerns.”
  11. >”Oh. Right.”
  12. >”Anyway, I’ll try not to buy much.” Equestrian Twilight brings up as the two enter the underwear section.
  13. >”Oh, it’s fine. I have like 40 something dollars to spare.” Insists SciTwi. “Don’t worry about it.”
  14. >”Alright. But we should still leave pretty soon anyway. Pinkie’s throwing another one of her Friday night parties again.”
  15. >”Heh, don’t wanna miss that.” SciTwi pretends to look forward to the extra energy to come from that girl later on.
  16. >Picking out the right color doesn’t take long, but size proves to be a more difficult issue.
  17. >”How is one able to tell what size their breasts are? Do they just… measure or something?”
  18. >SciTwi struggles to think of a response as she takes a look at what they already gathered in the cart. Three different bras, one black laced one, a plain bright pink one and the last one just a plain white one.
  19. >”Well?” Equestrian Twilight repeats.
  20. >”I’ve usually just known what size I was for a long time now. Never really thought about things like finding a new size.”
  21. >She’s starting to blush now.
  22. >The two roll the cart over to the entrance to the dressing rooms. The place is jam packed; no spaces available.
  23. >”Well, I guess we can sort this out while we wait for one of the booths to open up.” SciTwi keeps her tone low. “The main thing about bra size is the size of your… you know.”
  24. >”Mhm.” Equestrian Twilight doesn’t even seem at all fazed by this.
  25. >She wonders why SciTwi is appearing to be so nervous about this.
  26. >”So…” Equestrian Twilight starts off. “Do I look at how big mine are out here or in there?” She peers down to her chest. “I’m not sure if I should, things got a little weird when I tried something similar in school.”
  27. >”O-oh…” SciTwi resists picturing what happened. “Yeah, you should do that in one of the booths. That’s kind of what they’re for anyway.”
  28. >Twilight holds the bright pink pair up to her chest, and SciTwi does everything in her power to keep herself looking away. Until…
  29. >”Do you think this colour compliments me well?” Equestrian Twilight asks. “Uh, are you alright?"
  30. >SciTwi gives up and spins around. “YES! Uh… y-yes, it does.”
  31. >”Awesome.” Equestrian Twilight notices a door open up in the changing room. “Oh hey, someone’s leaving!”
  32. >She rushes over to the booth as the previous lady walks out before anyone else can take it, with the three bras in hand.
  33. >SciTwi now has to sit all alone while battling back thoughts about the other Twilight undressing and trying the new undergarments on.
  34. >Not even thirty seconds later, the door to the booth opens once more, and Equestrian Twilight steps out with her shirt buttoned all the way down.
  35. >”How do you put this thing on?” She calls out.
  36. >SciTwi perks up in her seat, and springs out of her seat when she notices the other girl pushing the sides of her shirt away with the bra in her hands.
  37. >”Do the cup looking thingies go here or…” She holds them over her nipples.
  38. >”Booth.” SciTwi blushes uncontrollably.
  39. >”Wh-wha?”
  40. >”Booth!” She pulls the indecent girl into the booth as shocked glances from all directions turn to murmuring.
  41. >”What’s wrong?” Equestrian Twilight asks before looking down and slapping her palm against her face. “Oh.”
  42. >She lets the shirt fall back to the sides after SciTwi locks the door.
  43. >”Am I in trouble?”
  44. >”No, no. We’re fine.” SciTwi can’t resist letting her eyes lower towards her counterpart’s nipples before her. “Uh…”
  45. >”Oh, great.” Equestrian slips her dress shirt all the way off of her shoulders and arms, letting it drop to the floor. “That was a close one.”
  46. >SciTwi continues to stare, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before her thirst makes her become more touchy feely. But that doesn’t stop her from noticing a major difference between the other Twilight’s breasts and her own.
  47. >Those breasts that SciTwi can’t stop looking at appear to be so much… smaller than her own. Even with the nipples completely erect from the chilly air inside the dressing room.
  48. >Equestrian Twilight, clueless as hell about the situation, notices SciTwi staring right at her chest and steps closer to the girl can get a better look. “Here.” She hands the other girl the bright pink bra. “Just… how does this thing work?”
  49. >SciTwi’s shaky hands accept the article of clothing, her palms sweaty and her knees weak, arms are heavy.
  50. >”O-okay…” SciTwi can’t stop stumbling over her words now. “S-so… first you get th-the… this… and… and then…”
  51. >”Are you freezing too?” Equestrian Twilight starts poking at her nipples, trying to make them go back down. “These things are so weird. Why do they do this every time I get cold?”
  52. >SciTwi lets out a few babbling utterances.
  53. >”What?”
  54. >”U-um… yeah, I d-don;t know why that happens either.”
  55. >”Wow, you must be really cold.” Equestrian Twilight comments. “But… you have on a shirt AND a sweater vest. Are you more used to warm places?”
  56. >”Y-yea…”
  57. >”Well anyway… can you help me with this?” Twilight spreads her arms out and huffs her chest forward, nearly jabbing SciTwi with her nipples. “I hope these things don’t poke through.”
  58. >SciTwi loops the straps around Twilight’s arms and begins to stretch the strap around her torso to connect it.
  59. >The thing is far too loose.
  60. >”So, is this right?” Twilight looks down at the two cups almost falling away from her nearly flat chest. “I can still see my nipples.”
  61. >Y-yeah…” SciTwi clumsily explains. “It’s supposed to be flat against your skin.” Her hands are absolutely trembling.
  62. >Twilight steps closer to her, almost nose to nose. “Can you fix it?”
  63. >SciTwi nods in a jittery fashion and lightly slams her hands against the others girl’s chest. Twilight gasps a little bit in surprise, but doesn’t question anything about this.
  64. >”Your hands are so cold.” Twilight says as the fingers nervously squeeze her.
  65. >SciTwi gives her a squeak in response. “S-sorry. Just seeing how they should go up against your skin.”
  66. >She can only cringe at the memories of when she would stay up all night feeling herself when she began to… develop. There’s no telling what will happen when she’s in the presence of a literal clone of herself, let alone feeling her up.
  67. >It’s a pretty dangerous blade to hold the string of her self control near.
  68. >Even with the bra tightened, it’s not enough to close the gap where people can still look in.
  69. >”I think it’s too big. What do you think?” Twilight tells SciTwi, who can’t bring herself to answer.
  70. >Twilight just lets the other girl take the longest gander at her chest for quite some time. She then says something that nearly makes SciTwi fall back onto the floor with blood dripping from her nose.
  71. >”Can I see yours?”
  72. >SciTwi’s heart races in her chest as she shudders instead of answering. But she doesn’t need to answer as she sits down on the nearby bench of the changing booth, signaling for the other girl to follow her.
  73. >She’s pretty much in the land of lewd thoughts now; taken a one way ticket there.
  74. >Her hands shoot right back to Twilight’s bare chest as she plants herself right next to her on the bench.
  75. >”What are you doing?” Twilight nervously asks.
  76. >”Th-this… is how we get a good idea of proportions. So like… we know which sizes fit and everything.” SciTwi lightly flicks the other girl’s nipples around with her fingertips.
  77. >As Equestrian Twilight looks down to SciTwi’s chest, it doesn’t take her long to notice the significant bulge underneath the sweater vest. “Are… you wearing protective pads over your breasts or something?”
  78. >”Nope.” SciTwi squeaks in a high pitched voice.
  79. >”Well that’s odd. I thought yours would be the same size as mine since we’re pretty much the same person.” She pauses. “But whatever. I guess we can just compare after seeing proportions.”
  80. >”Uh…”
  81. >Twilight mirrors the actions that SciTwi has just displayed, pressing her hands onto the other girl’s chest and letting her fingers begin to feel through the thick sweater vest.
  82. >SciTwi gasps a deep breath of air, taking a quick peek at the ceiling as her cheeks turn a flushed red.
  83. >”Whoa…” Twilight mutters. “You weren’t kidding. This really is your chest!”
  84. >Nothing comes out of SciTwi in response but the most nervous giggle. She does everything in her power to cover up the immense desire for more of this… feeling.
  85. >And nothing can stop her curious fingers from scooping under the other Twilight’s new bra to run her fingertips over those nipples again. She… lost control.
  86. >”How did you get yours to get so big?” Twilight asks, pressing through the sweater vest a little bit more tenderly.
  87. >SciTwi croaks a little bit before answering. “I… m-may have d-drinken a lot of m-milk when I was younger.”
  88. >”Ohh…” Twilight actually lightly giggles a little bit, holding back an anxious smile. “You seem nervous.”
  89. >”I-I’m f-fine…”
  90. >”You’re shaking all over! Here…” Twilight pushes in SciTwi’s arms for her to turn her back to her counterpart.
  91. >SciTwi does so, and soon feels the same pair of hands from before grab back onto her chest from behind, lifting her bulging bosom up with that same light but sincere grab.
  92. >And she feels Twilight press the two of their bodies together from behind as well. “Are you warm now?” Twilight asks. “You feel like you’re burning up already. I feel like I should be the colder one here.”
  93. >SciTwi trembled in loosely contained excitement as she involuntarily arches her back.
  94. >”Are… you leaning into my hands?”
  95. >”S-sorry.”
  96. >”No, it’s fine. I don’t mind it.” Twilight is starting to catch on to this, trying to figure out what the socially acceptable thing to do next is. “Just wondering why.”
  97. >”Hmm?”
  98. >”Is this like… a thing you do around here?”
  99. >SciTwi seizes the opportunity to continue this before she even realizes it. “Y-yeah… true friends like to get as c-close to eachother as possible.” She feels Twilight’s fingers tighten a little bit in response. “Ohhhohhh…”
  100. >”You’re… not offended or anything if I’m not enjoying this as much as you are, are you?”
  101. >SciTwi is trying to figure out if that’s really what she just heard, but her arousal just glosses right over the though.
  102. >”I-I’m not offended. Please continue…” SciTwi’s levels of bravery shift dramatically, but only on the inside.
  103. >”Well, I feel like I’d have to feel your breasts head on in order to get a good feel of how your bra fits you.” Twilight’s hands linger along the rim of the sweater vest around the shoulders before returning to squeezing the girl head on. “Tell me more about how often you’d drink milk. What kind of milk was it? Where can I find it?”
  104. >”O-oh… you want t-to know?”
  105. >Twilight starts to squeeze a little bit more… enthusiastically. SciTwi feels her nipples start to slide around against the inside of the bra cups from the force of Twilight’s increasingly curious fingers.
  106. >Why wouldn’t she be arching her back again.
  107. >She just prays that she doesn’t let a moan escape; there are still other people nearby.
  108. >”Uh…” SciTwi doesn’t even wait for Twilight to answer. “Whole milk… you know… wholefat.”
  109. >”Ohhh…” Twilight voice has turned to something sounding more… intrigued. “So not that 2% I keep hearing about?”
  110. >”N-no… just plain and simple whole…” SciTwi keeps her breathing under control as she lets her back un-arch and her shoulders relax. Accepting the fondling hands press everywhere up and down her soft chest.
  111. >Twilight’s breathing must have taken the hastiness from that of Sci-Twi’s. She’s not starting to lengthen her breaths herself, to the point where her breath tickles Sci-Twi on the neck.
  112. >Sci-Twi is still blushing exponentially more, however.
  113. >For the moment.
  114. >”I still d-drink it sometimes. P-pretty often, actually.”
  115. >”Whoa… I can see that. You like whole milk more than he others?”
  116. >”Ssso… m-much…”
  117. >A knock sounds on the booth door.
  118. >”Excuse me, ladies.” A female voice sounds. “Is everything alright in there?”
  119. >”EVERYTHING’S FINE!” SciTwi wants this other lady gone and gone NOW.
  120. >There is a short pause.
  121. >”Mmmkay.” The lady on the other side says before walking away. “They’re fine.” She quietly announces to an apparent group of people speckled with a few stifled giggles.
  122. >”Uhh…” Twilight starts to wonder.
  123. >”It’s fine.” SciTwi quickly reacts. “They’re already going away.”
  124. >”Okay.” Twilight goes back to feeling the weight of SciTwi’s breasts bearing down on her slowly wiggling fingers. “So tell me more about the milk you drink.”
  125. >”I-it’s so good. I started to realize it was making my boobs bigger after like a year, b-but I couldn’t stop.”
  126. >”It took a whole year?”
  127. >”W-well, I started be- Aah!” SciTwi’s breath hitches abruptly the very second she feels Twilight’s hands slip under the sweater vest’s rims under her arms.
  128. >The start squeezing with a lot less in between the fingertips and the breasts the feel.
  129. >”They’re so bouncy!” Twilight starts to giggle as she shifts them around with her hands directly on SciTwi’s shirt.
  130. >SciTwi can already feel the cold air seeping under her sweater vest through the holed Twilight’s wrists create. Her mind races and her shoulders move around in a few rushes of suppressed joy.
  131. >Twilight’s fingers probe the surface of the shirt, finding the buttons in no more than a few seconds. “Soft too.” She continues to speak as SciTwi struggles to bring out and more words at all.
  132. >And now Twilight starts to undo the buttons one at a time. Admiring the blush on SciTwi’s face that grows as fingers slip against her bare skin underneath.
  133. >After undoing the last two buttons at the same time, Twilight gives SciTwi a brief nod and plants her palm on the soft breast underneath.
  134. >It all sinks under her fingers as they squeeze, and SciTwi shivers a little from the coldness of Twilight’s hand.
  135. >Their breathing slows but their hearts speed up.
  136. >SciTwi’s nipples still under their bra stand up slightly from Twilight’s hand. It doesn’t take Twilight long to feel this.
  137. >Her fingers wander over the nipple bumps more frequently. SciTwi can’t help but smile awkwardly as he face turns a deep red.
  138. >Twilight begins to lean into SciTwi, and her fingers breach the rim of the bra cups.
  139. >”Oh… uh… o-oh!” SciTwi reacts to the cold fingers directly finding her breasts and grazing across the surface of her nipples. They stand all the way up now.
  140. >A just-as-deep shade of red spans its way across Twilight’s face. “They’re… b-big…”
  141. >SciTwi looks down to Twilight’s nipples again, thinking of something to bring up that’s… relevant.
  142. >”I suppose you can tell by now the difference in radius.”
  143. >”It makes perfect sense.” Twilight can’t stop SciTwi from feeling her shaking all over. “Yours would be bigger because your skin stretches with it.”
  144. >Neither of them are thinking about technicalities anymore. Twilight is shivering like a madwoman, and despite being able to feel every bit of it, SciTwi can’t tell it apart from her own shaking.
  145. >SciTwi’s hands return to Twilight’s tiny nipples. Her thumbs playing with them, gently flicking them around. And Twilight does the same back.
  146. >”We have really different breasts.” SciTwi finally brings it out, even though she’s known this ever since she first snuck a peek at Twilight’s chest long ago.
  147. >Twilight nods in response, and leans in closer.
  148. >”So I suppose this technically means that I can’t be used as a template.” SciTwi continues with her voice growing weaker and as quiet as her breathing. “O-oh well…”
  149. >Twilight takes her hands away for only a brief moment. “Y-yeah… oh well…” Her pupils shrink and her thirst overflows.
  150. >She grabs the bottom of SciTwi’s sweater vest and lifts it up. She undoes the rest of the buttons of SciTwi’s shirt and pulls the bra to the other girl’s collarbone.
  151. >Her hands clamp onto the breasts and squeeze a moan out of SciTwi, molding the fleshy softness in her fingers.
  152. >Keeping her eyes glued to the large nipples her thumbs caress, thinking of an excuse that she’s just making ‘extra sure’.
  153. >An unnecessary excuse; SciTwi has reached around to Twilight’s back and VERY willingly pulls her closer.
  154. >Closer into a kiss on the lips. They’re going all out now.
  155. >Now the two girls fondle eachother on the dressing room bench, not caring if the sounds of their lips smacking together will draw any attention.
  156. >The only thing they hear outside of the booth they’re in is a few sets of footsteps awkwardly escaping the dressing room. It’s pretty clear why they suddenly left.
  157. >But mall security doesn’t come yet.
  158. >The kissing soon moves away from the mouths, and Twilight’s lips eventually make their way down to SciTwi’s nipples. She tastes the skin a little with her lips, then with her tongue.
  159. >Pressing her face into the warm breast as she tenderly sucks on it.
  160. >In response, SciTwi strokes Twilight’s hair. Welcoming all of this, especially when she puts it together what the other nipple is in for.
  161. >Twilight kisses across the other girl’s chest to get to the other nipple, and spreads dots of her saliva to the other side with a hand squeezing the breast she just left.
  162. >Getting into this more than she expected.
  163. >Twilight soon moves her mouth up to SciTwi’s again, with SciTwi eager to kiss her. Their lips meet and they embrace with their arms.
  164. >Pressing their chests together. SciTwi easily dominating the soft collision. Her nipples sticking out almost a half inch from being wet.Twilight feels it almost jutting into her, running her hands along SciTwi’s back all the while.
  165. >She has a request. “H-hey… T-twilight…”
  166. >SciTwi looks at her.
  167. >”Yeah?” She hardly breaks the kiss to answer.
  168. >”I… want to know what mine taste like…” Twilight whispers. “Could you-”
  169. >SciTwi already ducks down to Twilight’s chest before she can finish her sentence.
  170. >She mashes her lips onto each nipple, alternating with uncontrolled excitement.
  171. >Her hands probe up and down Twilight’s sleek body, stroking her hips and torso, sliding her curious palms across the smooth purple skin.
  172. >Twilight returns the favor and touches SciTwi right on her body. Hands go underneath open clothes… SciTwi’s bun is unintentionally undone in the eager exchange; Twilight’s hands went wild after SciTwi completely ran the length of her tongue along the small breast she couldn’t get enough of.
  173. >And they both moan happily.
  174. >The mall security never came, but both of the Twilight’s came at least once each at some point during all of this.
  175. >They soon kiss on the lips again, trading luscious tastes and feeling the breath from eachother’s noses tickle their faces with their lips locked together.
  176. >SciTwi looks down at Twilight’s nipples again; they perked out a lot since feeling the cold breeze in the room after being sucked on.
  177. >”I love your breasts, Twilight.” SciTwi comments. “I really wish mine could be more like yours.”
  178. >”Aw, really?” Twilight responds. “I was about to say that I wish mine were bigger like yours.” She then pauses for a moment before continuing. “And I was about to ask you something about that.”
  179. >”What is it?”
  180. >”Well, uh…” Twilight twirls a thin bit of her hair in her finger. “There’s something I want to know if it works or not. By what you said, you meant that you want your breasts to be smaller, right?”
  181. >SciTwi nods with the other twilight still being held in her arms. They hug even tighter, stroking their hands on the backs of eachother’s shoulders.
  182. >”Yo, check this out!” Twilight repositions herself against SciTwi’s chest so their nipples directly meet.
  183. >SciTwi’s nipples are larger, and therefore a little bit softer than Twilight’s small but erect nipples.
  184. >Twilight and SciTwi push eachother closer, unable to resist kissing again, and SciTwi feels something poking into her nipples.
  185. >It soon becomes the case that Twilight’s nipples are penetrating SciTwi’s nipples, connecting almost like a puzzle.
  186. >”A-ah!” SciTwi exclaims.
  187. >”Shhh, it’s alright.” Twilight feels the other girl’s breasts mash into her chest.
  188. >SciTwi feels some sort of a draining feeling emitting from her breasts. Twilight feels something getting inserted into hers.
  189. >Very VERY gradually, some kind of boob diffusion occurs and sends a portion of SciTwi’s breasts into Twilight’s breasts through breastmilk. Twilight’s nipples are drinking directly out of SciTwi’s nipples (What the actual fuck am I writing?)
  190. >The size difference diminishes, and teh two pairs of breasts are momentarily made equal in size. Once there is no longer a difference in nipple structure to allow the nipple penetration to happen, the breasts finally disconnect.
  191. >But SciTwi and Twilight mash them together for a couple more minutes, giggling to eachother.
  192. >…
  193. >Hours later after the “two girls, four cups” experience.
  194. >The two girls finally exit the mall with two shopping bags full of brand new bras… for each of them. All of them the correct size and all… the two will later decide who gets which pair.
  195. >”Well that was a fun way to solve our problem!” Twilight comments. “And I gained a new close friend in the process.”
  196. >SciTwi giggles and kisses Twilight on the cheek.
  197. >The ride off into the distnace in their Lamborghini Diabolo XD like so many other cliché stories.
  198. End.
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