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Jul 23rd, 2021
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  1. Ubuntu Bionic 3.4.0
  3. - Better performances in many scenarios (As always that should affect apps/games/emus/etc)
  4. - Significant better deep sleep. (Measured at 582 hours. 440% better).
  5. - Faster wake up from sleep.
  6. - Saved 240MB ram (fb and active file page pool, aka always used pool)
  7. - Memory remapping 800%-2000% speed up. Mostly used by emulators and VMs (and lot in android).
  8. - Some other memory optimizations, plus enabled huge ram pages
  9. - Faster kernel and OS boot.
  10. - Fixed tearing issues for NVDEC/NVENC. (video hw accel)
  11. - Lower latency for frame end calcs for builtin display
  12. - Fixed Hori pads for joycond
  13. - Fixed an issue where it would make railed jc to disconnect on rumble
  14. - Joycon/Procon rumble was improved and intensity tuned for better user experience
  15. - Kernel now uses the proper display panel init/deinit by checking panel id
  16. - Improved dock/undock script
  17. - Touch stays enabled now in dock mode. Users that use docks that do not cover the screen can use it as alternative input.
  18. - Added low ram protection. Now instead of hanging for minutes it will only stutter for seconds until oom occurs and recovers ram
  19. - Better seamless display on boot
  20. - uenv.txt changed, read uenv_readme.txt. It's simple to transfer over custom settings.
  21. - Reboot action can now be defined in new uenv.txt. Reboot back into Linux by changing `reboot_action=` from `bootloader` to `via-payload`.
  23. Apps Changes:
  24. - Full video HW decoding via new SMPV Player app (also supports youtube links)
  25. - Full video HW encoding via ffmpeg-l4t
  26. - Added L4T-Megascript app
  27. You can get or build various essential stuff, apps or emulators with a single click. All configured and optimized for Switch.
  28. - Nvpmodel was updated to include Battery charging protection limits options
  29. Useful when you are constantly docked and want to protect battery's life.
  30. Limit gets saved and applied on boot.
  31. Reminder that discharging can't happen when plugged in. Even when charging is off, usb power is used to supplement system.
  32. So you need to discharge first if you want the battery % to go inside the limit.
  33. That also disables charging in sleep in order for the feature to work.
  34. If you reboot/shutdown, it gets disabled and re-enabled at the next L4T boot.
  36. As always the source is public and all L4T based projects for Switch will benefit (L4T linux distros/Lakka/Android)
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