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Kenjirō's Character Sheet Vol. 1

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Mar 30th, 2017
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  1. Kenjirō Furukawa
  3. Kenjirō is about nineteen to twenty years old. He is the creator of an indie video game series called Super Sloth and has released at least two games thus far. In the story, he is currently working on the third installment with his buddy Marco Lewis, who is the graphic designer for the series.
  5. Like Yuki, Kenjirō is a fan of Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) and has a few plushies (i.e Charizard, Slakoth, Poliwhirl, Eevee, and Oshowatt) around his house. He got into the series when he bought Pocket Monsters Silver Version as a kid after another kid at school told him about how awesome it was. The Pokemon series is one of Kenjirō's biggest inspirations for creating video games. In fact, the Super Sloth series was inspired by a Slakoth plushie his cousin made for him.
  7. When he meets Yuki for the first time, he is afraid of her and thinks she is an intruder. But after she explains why she is in his house, he starts to calm down and gets a good look at her. When he notices her apperance, he takes pity on her and allows her to stay with him. As he spends more time with Yuki, he starts to learn more about her and gradually falls in love.
  9. One of Kenjirō's favorite shows is an anime called Boston's Doughiest, which is an anime about two plump Boston police officers named Carl and Earl who are assigned to take care of some of Boston's craziest cases. His favorite episode of the series is The Maniac of Dorchester, where Carl and Earl are tasked with apprehending a guy who is so offended by how Lucky Charms portrays Irish people, that he slashed open every single box of Lucky Charms he could get his hands on.
  11. When Kenjirō was at least sixteen years old, he dropped out of high school as he wanted to persue his dream of creating a video game. His parents, especially his father, was upset with him and felt like he was throwing his life away. Kenjirō wanted to prove him wrong and began work on the first installment of Super Sloth. It took him two years to complete the game with the assistance of his friend Marco Lewis, which was met with surprisingly great success after its release.
  13. Kenjirō looks up to people like Satoshi Tajiri and Walt Disney, who he says are his inspiration to create video games and achieve his dreams.
  15. Kenjirō's nickname is Kenji, which is a name used by almost everyone who knows him.
  17. Kenjirō is skilled in programming languages such as C# (C-Sharp), Java, Python, and C++. He learned these languages from participating in community programs about them, online tutorials, and reading textbooks. On one of the walls in his bedroom are four certificates for all of the programming languages he has mastered.
  19. Kenjirō seems to have a crush on Chun-Li, a character from the Street Fighter series. When he discovers that Yuki has a crush on her too, he is okay with it.
  21. He works with a guy named Marco Lewis who is the graphic designer for the Super Sloth video game series. Marco is in charge of creating the overall look of the games and will occasionally come up with an idea for a level. They often do Skype calls with one another when they're working on the third Super Sloth game, which sometimes go on for more than two hours.
  23. Kenjirō has straight brown hair and appears to be somewhat muscular. He has no visable facial hair and is at least five foot six inches. He has green eyes and often wears a plain white T-shirt and red plaid pajama pants when he's at home. When he goes out, he wears a black polo shirt and denim jeans.
  25. Kenjirō believes that regularly applying mascara can give you psychic powers. He thinks that the mascara seeps into the brain and affects a person's sensory perception, thus allowing the person use powers like reading someone's mind or predicting the future.
  27. Along with the sloth, one of Kenjirō's favorite animal is the Corgi. Whenever he gets too stressed, he will go on the internet and watch videos of Corgis doing cute things. According to him, this the most foolproof method to make him feel better.
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