AlexanderGrey - More Than a Bedtime Story

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  1. >Like every other night, you are lying in bed, trying to get yourself to fall asleep.
  2. >Between your legs, you feel a warm object creep into your boxer shorts.
  3. >You start to look down to see what it is that under the covers with you, but you already know the answer.
  4. >The bulge in the covers, that familiar bulge, is all you need to tell who is there with you in your bed.
  5. >The covers are lifted to reveal your dear friend and lover, FutaLuna resting there up against your backside.
  6. >You already know what to do.
  7. >You lie down onto your stomach and spread your arms out of the surface of your bed, giving yourself a free sensation with your limbs being stretched out the way they are.
  8. >She responds by gently caressing the sides of your body, letting her hands wander down to your awaiting hips, where she grabs on to the rim of your trousers and gives the a light pull.
  9. >The member inside of your boxers is already beginning to harden, and the space in which it resides is becoming less and less by the second.
  10. >But FutaLuna will free it in due time.
  11. >She slides your boxers down, uncovering your ass to her and slipping the front of your trousers down the front side of your pelvic area that is pressed onto the surface of the bed.
  12. >It takes a little bit of effort, especially with your dick sticking out to make the tugging require just a little bit more.
  13. >However, this is the way it usually goes.
  14. >The trousers are taken down to your knees, and your own cock beneath you can only stick into the bed as you await for FutaLuna to deliver to you her nightly love.
  15. >Seconds slowly pass, but only to pay off by you suddenly feeling the warm head of her welcoming horsecock starting to press its way between your cheeks.
  16. >This is the moment you wait for every night.
  18. >She gradually enters, knowing just the right rate for you to maintain a good sense of comfort while she does this.
  19. >The mass of her head goes in first, followed by the beginning of her shaft.
  20. >It slides in quite nicely, as FutaLuna knows the perfect angle from which to do this.
  21. >The rod of warm meat fills you, sinking deeper and deeper to extend your comfort to a whole new level.
  22. >She just keeps going, pushing it deeper and deeper.
  23. >Once the entire length is within you, it stops for a few seconds, only to resume the movement in the opposite direction.
  24. >She doesn’t want to go back and forth too fast; making the moment last is her top priority.
  25. >She lets you feel her cock glide along the inside of you. The friction happens in just all the right places.
  26. >Her pelvis can be felt pushing against your ass as she gently thrusts inside of you. You can tell that this feels amazing to her.
  27. >You move around a little bit, giving her subject that lies below here a little bit more life and interaction.
  28. >She’s loving this.
  29. >The thrusts become a lot more signature and potent. They are full motions that go across all of the surfaces between you and her.
  30. >It can be felt flinching and tensing up inside of you, especially when the thrusts are at their full distance and FutaLuna is pumping her meat in as far as it can go.
  31. >The head is just do nimble while the shaft supports the whole show with it’s completely solid feeling.
  32. >You can feel her lie down on top of you and stroke your back, mostly with her breasts that hang from above.
  33. >They press a little bit more along with her body with each thrust that moves in and downward.
  34. >Her warmth has replaced the warmth of your blanket, with the benefit of a sturdy log of flesh that ventures inside of you.
  35. >You can sense her increasing excitement.
  37. >She begins to shorten the motions and make them a little bit more dependent on a circular motion. This is something that encourages repetition of the movements and longer lasting patterns.
  38. >She has a system going on, now. This is one of the parts that you really like.
  39. >Her breathing softly hits the back of your neck, tickling your damp skin with its cool breeze.
  40. >The cock inside of you causes you to tense a little bit, but all that does for FutaLuna is provide a reaction that further stimulates the glorious part of her that is inside of you.
  41. >She decreases the length and increases the speed. This is to push herself a little bit closer now.
  42. >Your inner walls rub up against her shaft, caressing her and manipulating her senses to the point where their whole world is being rocks like the bed that you two lie on.
  43. >She makes sure that you both are feeling eachother at your full extent, as well as the friction as well.
  44. >The heat accumulates inside of you and around FutaLuna’s big beautiful cock.
  45. >She lets out a few passionate whimpers. They’re quiet, but a fine indication of how connected and affected your body is making her.
  46. >She’s succumbing to a trance that is being induced by your body, and you can feel it stimulating her as she shivers on top of you.
  47. >Her warm soft body easily contrasts the hard cock that now excitedly thrusts inside of you, letting your flesh take it’s toll on it.
  48. >It’s such a fond interaction, and the thrusting soon reaches it’s maximum movement. FutaLuna is getting so lost in the moment.
  49. >Enjoying what you’re doing to her cock, and what her cock is doing to you.
  50. >You can feel her hold herself still except for her undulating hips as she becomes ready.
  51. >She’s working it hard for results at this point. This is where it all gets serious.
  53. >With a very deft set of motions, FutaLuna uses your ass to fully stimulate her cock and summons her climax.
  54. >She then freezes.
  55. >The only thing that is moving between the two of you is her throbbing cock that feels as though it is a firework about to release all of it’s spectacular light and power.
  56. >You can feel the multiple warm gushes of cum shoot their way deep into you.
  57. >FutaLuna doesn’t even make the slightest indication of pulling out, not even for a half a second.
  58. >This beauty wants you to feel every ounce of it.
  59. >You keep your eyes shut, making sure that you can only feel the love that is bearing down upon you from the goddess above.
  60. >But then, you finally relax. And with the night lover’s essence inside of you… you drift off to sleep.
  61. >Every.
  62. >Damn.
  63. >Night.
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