[Age Difference] Anon Demonstrates how to Penis (one-shot)

Aug 25th, 2016
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  1. "You did WHAT."
  2. >"I said, I volunteered you for Miss Cheerilee's Sexual Education demonstration!"
  3. "No, I heard you, jackass.
  4. >Twilight cringes at your casual usage of racial slurs, but you soldier on.
  5. "Why would you ev-what could have POSSIBLY been going through your stupid horse-brain when you made this decision?"
  6. >"I was thinking about how educational it would be for the foals to-"
  7. >Oh FUCK you forgot about the foals!
  8. >Oh Jesus what kind of weird butt-stuff is Cheerilee going to make you do in front of children?!
  9. "-Nope! Not doin' shit in front of tiny baby horses, thank you."
  10. >Twilight stomps her widdle marshmallow hoof in irritation and makes the angriest scrunchie face you've EVER seen on her.
  11. >It looks like she just finished snorting lemon juice.
  12. >"Anon! You KNOW that the school has undergone budget-cuts! They had to combine two classes into one, and they chose 'Sex Ed' and 'Xenobiology'."
  13. "Why do a bunch of foals need to learn about xen-"
  14. >"-And that's why you need to help out. It's the po-"
  15. "Stop interruptin-!"
  16. >"-It's the pony way!"
  17. >Without waiting for a reply, Twilight picks you up with her magic and fucking air-lifts you over to that shitty fucking schoolhouse.
  18. >'Xenobiology'
  19. >What the fuck ever, Twilight.
  20. >Fucking royalty.
  21. >"Here he is, Miss Cheerilee! One living, breathing demonstration of how to penis!"
  22. >You remember when YOU learned how to penis.
  23. >>"Oh, good! Thank you, Princess Twilight. I'm sure that Mister Human will help the fillies and colts understand how the sexing works."
  24. >Kids gotta learn someday, you guess.
  26. >About two minutes later, you are standing in front of a bunch of CHILDREN with your willy hanging out and your arms tied up behind your back.
  27. >Cheerilee said something about not wanting your "silly human nudity taboo" to get in the way of learning, so she had Twilight tie you up a bit before she left.
  28. >Today was a "I had a filly blow me" day.
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