Unforeseen Consequences - Lookin' good

Nov 7th, 2017
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  1. >After you and Eris walked back into the store, Sassy took Eris away in order to go through the details of her job. Meanwhile, you offered a new apology to Rarity who, in all her elegance and style, shrugged it off with a gentle caressing to your mane which made your heart race… and the gecko to fume in anger.
  2. >While seeing the purple lizard angry would make you happy in any other day, ultimately you decided that it wasn’t worth paying attention to. Not because you grew tired of it, but because you simply had more important things than Spike to care about.
  3. >For example, to try the clothes that Rarity made for you with so much effort, and boy, she crafted a whole lot and for all kind of occasions too, from formal attires for big events, to casual clothing.
  4. >The only thing you absolutely despised was a little sailor uniform which had these cute yellow stars engraved on the shoulders… Your mom Luna must have commissioned that or your name is Owlysius and it’s not.
  5. >You really, really hoped that Rarity didn’t suggest you to use that frickin’ uniform for the opening. Especially because you really didn’t have the heart to say no to her.
  6. >Thinking about it… Sweet Scott! Your mom Luna is going to ask you to wear that thing sooner or later! Dang, you already hated that uniform and worse yet… even if you weren’t gonna wear that thing, you started to fear on what Rarity had in mind for you.
  8. >Before you opened the box, RD interrupted you by asking Rarity a question with a somewhat arrogant tone ”So you get yelled too?”
  9. >”Rainbow Dash!” Rarity elegantly stomped her hoof on the ground and looked at RD with a stern face “What horrible things are you implying about the Princess of the Night? In every meeting and letters exchanges that we had, Princess Luna treated me with the respect, elegance and humbleness that you would expect from a member of royalty.”
  10. >”Oh, c’mon!” RD groaned with frustration “Then how comes I always get yelled at?”
  11. >Applejack adjusted her hat, narrowed her eyes and pointed her hoof at RD ”Maybe because yer always like a bump on a log. Ah don’t know Princess Luna that much but Ah reckon that she looks like the type who would get a duck fit at lazy ponies”
  12. >”What?!” RD was clearly offended by that remark. She shook her head and crossed her hooves “I’m not lazy…” She looked away and shrugged “I just know how to chill out, y’know? Besides I’m always at my top game when I train the squirt”
  13. >You raised an eyebrow at RD and gave her a huge smug grin.
  14. “Really? Because I remember a certain Pegasus who likes making bets with the guards about who’s the fastest flyer and sneaking cider out of the castle either when she thinks nopony is looking.”
  15. >”I…uh…”RD’s looked at every direction and finally groaned “Whatever! There ain’t proof that I ever did that!”
  16. >”Well, Rainbow” Applejack gave her friend a stoic look “Seems like ya got yer answer. It’s like mah Granny Smith says: Sun’s don’t shine on the same dog’s tail all the time.”
  17. >RD rolled her eyes and pulled Applejack’s hat down ”Shut up!”
  19. >Rarity was clearly bothered by that little show, but instead of imploding… like you did. She simply cleared her throat and gently moved your head towards her “I’m sorry for interrupting you, darling. But what do you say if we bring our attention back to your outfit? After all, I still need you to try it in order to see if it fits you perfectly or if I need to add a couple of extra finishing touches”
  20. >You slowly nodded and gave… or at least tried to give Rarity a bright smile
  21. “S-Sure thing! I-I mean, I’m sure this is gonna be great, especially if my mom got involved with it… yeah…”
  22. >You gulped down and slowly but surely started to open up the box.
  23. >Oh boy… here we go… knowing your mom Luna, this is gonna be some star costume, or a super cheesy princely costume or…
  25. >Rarity giggled and proudly nodded “I know darling, I know.”
  26. >It was a simple but incredibly elegant three-piece black suit. Well, it wasn’t completely black, both the coat and the vest had these very subtle gray stripes. Obviously, it was accompanied by a super high quality white shirt and a tie with star patterns.
  27. >Speaking about the vest, the buttons of it had these super cool engravings on them. In ascending order they were yours, your mom Celestia’s and your mom Luna’s cutie marks, all of them were subtle but incredibly well crafted.
  28. >You were so frickin’ impressed that you managed to make everyone else curious about your suit and of course, once they saw it the endless and super deserved praising for Rarity’s skill with the needle didn’t took much to come.
  30. >”And for you, darling…” Using her magic and in true Pinkie Pie-like fashion, Rarity brought a dress out of frickin’ nowhere “I was wondering if perhaps, you could wear this tonight? I call it, Royal Regalia!”
  31. >You weren’t a mare but man, that dress looked so cool! Even with the cheesy white wings and all. It’s hard to describe, but it was a blue dress that looked like it was made out of crystal rather than silk.
  32. >Honestly, if Twilight said that she didn’t like it, you’d slap some sense into her. Wait, no… that would be bad… okay, if Twilight said the dress was lame, then you’d talk to her about why her tastes are lame.
  33. >Luckily, that wasn’t necessary ”Are you crazy?! Of course I’ll wear it!!” Twilight said while eyeing her dress with glittery eyes “Seriously, Rarity. You never fail to impress!”
  34. >Rarity smiled, clearly proud of her work ”Thank you, darling. Now, why don’t you and Anon try your outfits? I’m afraid that we don’t have much time left and I still need to do the final-”
  35. >”Did you forget I’m here or something? Just ‘cause I’m in this form doesn’t mean I can’t use my magic. I just need to spin my cute hoof and those two dorks will be dressed for the occasion, adjustments and all” Eris suddenly barged into the conversation and…
  36. >Oh mamma! She may be in that fake pony form, but that red dress she was wearing with that makeup and… everything about her! Geez! Don’t think about Eris like that! She’s your sister!
  37. >”No!” Twilight behemently shook her head and shoot a glare at Eris “You are not using any of that chaos magic on me, thank you very much!”
  39. >Eris maliciously grinned at Twilight “Sorry Purple, but you heard the boss. Clock is tickin’ and we don’t have time for you to figure out how to use a dress, or how to apply makeup or… well, for you to not be you. Sooooo…!”
  40. >”Eris!” Twilight growled “Don’t you dare!”
  41. >”What did you say? I’m sorry but I don’t speak egghead” Eris chuckled as she made a circular motion with her right hoof “Now hold still, this ain’t gonna hurt… for the dork of course! Can’t really promise anything for you”
  42. >”ERIIIIIISSS!” Twilight yelled as the two of you got engulfed in a pulsating blue light…
  43. >”Oh, shut up! It’s already over” Eris rolled her eyes, waved her hoof “Besides you can’t complain when I made you look THIS good.”
  44. >She seriously wasn’t kidding, Twilight looked… well… man… you were now starting to feel a bit jealous of Blueblood
  45. >And based on everyone’s silence, you weren’t the only one with that opinion… not about Blueblood, but about how HOT Twilight looked.
  46. >”What?!” Twilight looked around nervously “Why is everypony looking at me like that?” She gasped and then glared at Eris “What did you to me?! ANSWER ME!”
  47. >Rarity gently placed her hoof on her royal purple hotness and calmly said ”Twilight, darling. Calm down and take a look” She then gave her a small pocket mirror
  48. >When she looked at her reflection, Twilight’s eyes became wide open… same as her mouth, really. She couldn’t say anything, only incomprehensible mumbles came out from her
  49. >Eris chuckled as she walked at you “She freaks out even when I do something nice for her. I really have a touch for this. Anyway, enjoy what it feels to be pretty, Purple. I’m sure that you’ll have a lovely evening. As for you dork…” Eris gently placed her hoof beneath your chin and slowly raised your head “What do you want me to say? With those looks, you’ll be a professional heart breaker someday. Isn’t that right, boss?”
  51. >Rarity let out a heartedly laugh and waved her hoof “I’m fairly sure that if Anon was, say, ten or twelve years older and if he was looking as dashing as he is right now then every mare in here would be heads over hooves for him.”
  52. >”Maybe…” Eris shrugged “He still needs to polish his style a whole lot, but...” Eris winked at you “The dork is already working on that, right?”
  53. >You blushed a bit… or a lot. Man, she was looking so hot! Nonetheless, you gulped down and slowly nodded.
  54. >”Oh!” Rarity gasped “But where are my manners? Here I am, complimenting how good you are looking and you have nothing to prove my claims” Using her magic, Rarity took away her pocket mirror from Twilight and brought it in front of you “What do you think, Anon?”
  55. “I…I honestly dunno what to say other than I LOOK AWESOME! Seriously! I mean, I know I’m super handsome but I absolutely love this! I look like a cool spy or something! Thank you, Rarity!”
  56. >”As much as I like the praise.” Rarity gently patted your head and smiled “Please be sure to thank your dear mother too. After all, Princess Luna was clear in pointing out that her heir had to wear something elegant, simple, stylish and more importantly contemporary.”
  57. >Seriously, here you were thinking that your mom would’ve come up with something super embarrassing but instead she thought on the best suit ever. Gotta give her more credit ‘cause she totally deserves it.
  58. “Yeah! Of course I will! I… uh… I feel like I should give her something in return, dunno what though. Lavenders? Nah, she has lots of those flowers…hmmm”
  60. >”I’m sure you can come up with something fantastic on your own, but if you want some feminine advice. Princess Luna always struck me as the type of pony who would love a fancy dinner. Maybe you can start from there?”
  61. “Hmmm… well, certainly I could. Not a fan of that kind of stuff but… eh… is my mom, I’d gladly do it if it makes her happy”
  62. >”Good answer!” Rarity happily booped your muzzle before walking to the center of the room and calling out for everyone “Now, what do you all say if we prepare everything for tonight’s even…” She said with a sultry smile “Oh and Anon?”
  63. >Once again, your face was as red as a tomato. You gulped and said with a more shy tone
  64. “Yes, Rarity?”
  65. >Rarity giggled and continued talking with this super sexy tone in her voice ”Some renowned guest will bring their daughters. Try to not break their hearts much, alright?” She said with a little wink
  66. >You rolled your eyes and let out a groan
  67. “Oh, c’mon! I would never do that because Ialready have a special somepony! And I really, really, really like that pony, besides… Cherrywood will break me like a twig if I ever went with another gal”
  68. >After that, nothing really big happened. Rarity told you and Twilight what you needed to say to the guests. Eris rehearsed a bit with Sassy while giving Twilight a couple of advices when she had some opportunity. The girls and the gecko helped with the decorations.
  69. >You wouldn’t say that it wasn’t anything special though. The boutique looked fantastic in big part thanks to all the stuff that Pinkie Pie came up with.
  70. >When the guests arrived, you were honestly surprised by the big number of them, or rather you were impressed by Sassy’s marketing skills. That girl really knows her business.
  71. >That said, the opening speech could’ve gone a bit better. Rarity was clearly nervous and stuttered a bit at some points, but meh, it wasn’t terrible. Nothing on the level of your moms but not awful.
  73. >Of course once the party started, you frickin’ rocked man! You did your best to act all cool and princely and by everything that is science you made these snobbish jerks absolutely impressed by you and more importantly, Rarity’s work.
  74. >The fun didn’t last as much as you wanted though. After a couple hours, Blueblood arrived, looking… well, like he has always looked. The moment he stepped into the store, RD and you quickly got ready to intercept anypony…
  75. >Sweet Scott, now you are thinking with those words too… ugh, whatever, you and RD got in position who wanted to greet him while Eris basically slapped Twilight to go and talk to him.
  76. >Everything was ready. Everypony was in position and the plan would’ve been perfect if Blueblood hadn’t walked with an unexpected company. A pony that threw a wrench to your whole scheme.
  77. >It wasn’t a mare, Eris would’ve handled her with no problem. No, it was a filly. Coat as white as the snow, mane as golden as your mom’s crown, eyes as blue as the ocean. It was Royal Blood, the shy filly from Cherrywood’s school
  78. >You wondered what was she doing here and what was her relationship with Blueblood but more importantly, you wondered what the hay were you going to do now?!
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