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Noicul Overiv

ninjajermz Sep 20th, 2011 79 Never
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  1. > Be the bomb-throwing anarchist.
  3. [COLOR="DarkRed"]¡Hey![/COLOR]
  5. > Fine, be the bomb-throwing revolutionary.
  7. [COLOR="DarkRed"]...close enough...[/COLOR]
  9. Your name is NOICUL OVERIV, you happen to be six and a half sweeps old, and a redblood, but none of those things concern you as much as the idea of REVOLUTION: You are completely obsessed with the idea of tearing down the state and putting something in its place... or at least you are obsessed with the CLICHED TRAPPINGS AND IDEOLOGY of everyone who has tried to do so previously. The fact that you are so enthusiastic about the idea leaves your few friends labelling you as a rather HOT-HEADED and IMPULSIVE troll, as can be seen when you occasionally put EXTRA PUNCTUATION into your speech. Of course you don't care - the fact that they stood by you even so is enough to prevent them from being culled when the revolution comes...
  11. But obsession isn't exactly a hobby, at least not for someone who HASN'T TOTALLY FLOWN OFF THE HANDLE, and you spend your time attempting to perform ACTS OF TERRORISM, or going on FREEDOM EXPEDITIONS as you call them for the sake of positive spin. Would being the operative term as NONE OF THEM EVER SEEM TO WORK: You always end up not blowing anything up, blowing up projects meant for demolition anyway, or in a few extremely embarassing cases, teaming up with people interested in growing up to become authority figures to stop someone else who was planning on blowing the building up for nefarious purposes. Your other hobby happens to be MAKING BOMBS IN THE BASEMENT OF YOUR HIVE, for the purpose of actually executing a working scheme. Of course this might be a bit difficult when THEY DO EVERYTHING BUT EXPLODE.
  13. As a result of all of this, you haven't been culled: it's obvious where your loyalties lie, but people either consider you an accidental benefit to society or too incompetent to get anything off the ground. That will, hopefully, all change when you play SDRICT as the Rogue of Rage in the Land of Change and Adventure.
  15. Oh right, more info...
  17. You have your Strife Specibus set to Bombkind. Your fetch modus is Defusing - You have to imput the right detonation code into the modus to get what you want. Fail, and it blows up, taking the captchalogue card with it.
  19. Your knavetag is [COLOR="DarkRed"]rabbleRouser[/COLOR], and [COLOR="DarkRed"]¡You speak with the punctuation of the REVOLUTION![/COLOR]
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