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  1.  - Your ASCII art's fucked, mate. I can read the logo, but what is the jumbled mess above?
  2.  - h to respawn is a bad idea. The fact one can die so quickly makes having to move my hand away from WASD to restart cumbersome. Shift also feels better for view expanding than Ctrl, but this should be resolved with the obligatory rebindable keys
  3.  - Bullet explosions being visually identical with enemy sprites is confusing. I know this is placeholder art, but currently I keep thinking that there's a glitched enemy nearby because of the 2 frames of explosions
  4.  - Sometimes dropped weapons would move on their own
  5.  - Shadow's are a bit fucky being a pixel larger than the objects they are cast from. I think I saw you posting progress about that already though
  6.  - Character movement is sluggish. You are already thrown in a basket with Hotline Miami due to the perspective, might as well adapt a few good practices from it. One being the speedy movement. Currently it's really hard to evade bullets. Number two has to do with being stuck on corners. This video illustrates what I mean:
  7.  - Performance is good, no stutters or anything. Playing on a high-end machine though (1080, i7-6700K, 16GB RAM), so this isn't really saying anything
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