Goggy's houserules for FEF: MoR

Aug 13th, 2019
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  1. General Rules
  2. Poison deals 4 damage per tick.
  4. Every extra point in HP on character creation counts as +2 HP, for a maximum of +4 HP.
  6. Effective Damage is x3. Crossbows specifically deal only x2 Effective Damage.
  8. Wind Magic is no longer effective against wyverns; thunder magic is.
  10. Sleeping units always wake up when hit or after five consecutive turns.
  12. People who use staves/performances autoequip a weapon if they have it in their inventory and can use it.
  14. Supports and Terrain grant Damage Reduction instead of Defence.
  17. Existing Skills:
  18. Stillness and Provoke no longer exist.
  19. Savior, in addition to its other effects, gives the user +3 Aid.
  21. New Character Skills:
  22. -Aegis (Free): When suffering an attack from Bows, Hidden Weapons, Tomes and Dragonstones, there is a (SKL+LCK)% chance to reduce the damage dealt by half.
  23. -Desperation (Free): When making an attack, if you are < or = 30% HP, you may make any followup attacks immediately before your opponent counterattacks.
  24. -Dragon Ward (Free): When an adjacent ally suffers an attack, there is a (SKL+LCK)% chance, based on your stats, to reduce the damage by half.
  25. -Pavise (Free): When suffering an attack from Swords, Lances, Axes and Monsters, there is a (SKL+LCK)% chance to reduce the damage by half.
  26. -Rend Heaven (Free): During an attack, you have a (SKL+LCK)% chance to deal damage equal to half your enemy’s STR or MAG stat based on the type of weapon you are wielding. (lf using a physical weapon, calculate with enemy’s Strength. If using a magical weapon, calculate using the enemy’s Magic. Weapons capable of both use the stat that targets the same defensive stat as they do.)
  27. -Trailblazer (Free): Penalties for moving into forest, desert, deep snow, and hills tiles are reduced by 1. No ill effects from Weather are suffered as well.
  28. -Vengeance (Free) – During an attack, you have a (SKL+LCK)% chance to add half of your missing HP to your attack.
  30. Characters may also instead opt to take one of these three Cost versions of Skills in exchange for the usual 30% Progression:
  31. -Celerity+ (Cost): Gives +2 MOV.
  32. -Desperation+ (Cost): HP threshold is 50% maximum or less.
  33. -Vantage+ (Cost): HP threshold is 50% maximum or less.
  35. Trainee
  36. -Rider Trainee: If promoting into Cavalier or Pegasus Rider, may start with Sword (E) and a Slim Sword. If promoting into Cavalier or Wyvern Rider, may start with Axe (E) and a Hatchet. Relevant proficiencies will carry over to promotions, and Lance (E) with a Slim Lance can be chosen for all three routes.
  38. First Class
  39. -Bandit: Reckless Strike’s bonus damage now applies to both hits when doubling.
  40. -Cavalier: Cavalier promotions have the same choice of preferred stats as Cavaliers. Cavaliers can choose between Swords/Lances and Axes/Lances for weapons. Can promote into Great Knight.
  41. -Mage: Can promote into Battle Mage, keeping Anima proficiency and obtaining Bow proficiency.
  42. -Pegasus Rider: May choose between Swords and Lances. Bonuses from Anti-Magic are gained when being attacked by the appropriate units as well.
  43. -Pirate: Rapid Strike is replaced with Opportunist: Gain +20 to Hit against enemies that are suffering from ailments or have 50% or lower HP.
  44. -Scavenger: Can promote into Shadow Sword. Scavenge Gold now only steals 50 Gold from First Tier enemies, and 100 Gold from Promoted enemies.
  45. -Shaman: Ancient Gamble is replaced with Anthropomancy: Whenever this character lands the final blow on an enemy, they gain +10 to Evade and Dodge, +3 to Damage Reduction, and +3 to CON. At the end of every turn one third of the bonus is removed, starting with Damage Reduction and CON, then Dodge and finally Evade. This ability does not stack with itself, but is refreshed when dealing the final blow to another enemy.
  46. -Wyvern Rider: May choose between Axes and Lances.
  48. Promotion
  49. -Battle Mage: Archers promoting into Battle Mage can choose between Anima and Light.
  50. -Crusader: Crusaders may use their action to change the designated class type they gain advantage against, with the first time being a free action. This may be used up to 2 times after the first for a total of 3 times.
  51. -Dark Rider: May choose between Swords and Lances.
  52. -Duke Knight: May have Swords/Lances or Axes/Lances depending on what proficiency was chosen as a Cavalier.
  53. -Great Knight: Trample is renamed to Sturdy and only gives +3 DR against unmounted units, not +3 Damage. Obtains Weapon Mastery: While the character with this skill is equipped with a weapon of a higher class than their opponent, +2 Damage and +10 Hit/Evasion.
  54. -Paladin: Gains Aegis as a class skill that can replaced with another Free skill if Aegis was already chosen as a Free skill.
  55. -Templar: Gains Rend Heaven as a class skill that can replaced with another Free skill if Rend Heaven was already chosen as a Free skill.
  56. -Valkyrie: Has Sword profiency if Swords were chosen as a Pegasus Rider.
  57. -Wanderer: Bargain is replaced with Pilfer Gold, a direct upgrade and replacement for Scavenge Gold that steals 100 Gold from First Tier enemies and 200 Gold from Second Tier enemies. They also have a (Luck)% chance of obtaining a Gold Bar (see Great Merchant below) when they defeat an enemy if they have a free inventory slot.
  58. -Warrior: Rough and Tumble is reduced to 3 spaces of 3 enemies.
  59. -Wyvern Hunter: Has Axe proficiency if Axes were chosen as a Wyvern Rider.
  60. -Wyvern Knight: Has Axe proficiency and may choose between Lances/Swords if Axes were chosen as a Wyvern Rider.
  62. New Classes:
  63. Apothecary
  65. Promotes from Archer Trainee
  66. Promotes to Great Merchant, Nomad Healer
  67. Wields Bow (C/D)
  68. Starting Weapon: Iron Bow
  69. Preferred Stats: LCK, SPD
  70. Class Skills:
  71. Quick Salve: The Apothecary may use healing items on themselves as a free action.
  72. Potent Brew: When using medicine to revive downed players, the healing is not halved.
  73. Base Stats: 20 HP, 5 STR, 0 MAG, 4 SKL, 5 LUK, 3 DEF, 1 RES, 5 SPD, 7 CON, 6 AID, 5 MOV.
  74. Promotion Bonuses: HP +2, STR +1, MAG +0, SKL +0, LUK +2, DEF +2, RES +0, SPD +3, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 5
  77. Great Merchant
  78. Promotes from Apothecary
  79. Requires: Orion’s Bolt
  80. Wields Bow (A/C), Lance (A/C)
  81. Preferred Stats: LCK, DEF
  82. Class Skills:
  83. Payday: The Great Merchant has a (Luck)% chance during their movement and upon defeating a foe to find a Gold Bar. This is an item that has no effects other than being worth 200 Gold at a shop. Great Merchants have 1 extra inventory slot so long as it contains a Gold Bar and nothing else.
  84. Spendthrift: If the Great Merchant is in possession of a Gold Bar in their inventory they may choose to expend it to deal +5 Damage and gain +5 DR for their next combat. The use must be declared when attacking.
  85. Promotion Bonuses: HP +2, STR +2, MAG +0, SKL +2, LUC +3, DEF +3, RES +0, SPD +0, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 6
  87. Malig Knight
  88. Promotes from Wyvern Rider, Shaman, Necromancer
  89. Requires: Elysian Whip
  90. Wields Axes (A/C) OR Lances (A/C), Dark (A/C)
  91. Preferred Stats: STR, MAG
  92. Class Skills:
  93. Wyvern
  94. Trample: Gains a +3 Damage bonus against unmounted units.
  95. Savage Blow: Has a (SKL + 1/2 LUC)% chance to deal 20% of your attacking stat to adjacent enemies after combat resolves when you initiate combat, as long as one hit manages to connect. This cannot reduce HP below 1.
  96. Promotion Bonuses: HP +3, STR +2, MAG +1, SKL +1, LUC +1, DEF +3, RES +0, SPD +1, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 6
  98. Kinshi Knight
  99. Promotes from Archer, Pegasus Knight, Nomad
  100. Requires: Elysian Whip
  101. Wields Lances (A/C) OR Swords (A/C), Bows (A/C)
  102. Preferred Stats: SKL, SPD
  103. Class Skills:
  104. Kinshi (Pegasus)
  105. Amaterasu: At the start of each turn, passively heals all adjacent allies for 10% of their total HP.
  106. Promotion Bonuses: HP +1, STR +2, MAG +0, SKL +2 LUC +1, DEF +0, RES +3, SPD +3, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 6
  108. War Cleric
  109. Promotes from Priest / Sister
  110. Requires: Faith Icon
  111. Wields Staves (A/C), Axes (A/C)
  112. Preferred Stats: HP, LUK
  113. Class Skills:
  114. Countermagic: When taking damage from a tome or other magical weapon, the War Cleric has a (SKL + LCK)% chance of the enemy suffering the damage they took.
  115. Promotion Bonuses: HP +3, STR +3, MAG +1, SKL +1, LUK +2, DEF +1, RES +1, SPD +0, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 6
  117. New Classes
  119. Outlaw:
  120. Promotes from: Archer Trainee, Thief Trainee
  121. Promotes to: Assassin, Vigilante
  122. Bow (D), Hidden (D)
  123. Skills: Lockpick, Vision, Sidearm
  124. Sidearm: If the Outlaw is attacked from outside their equipped weapon's range, they automatically equip the first weapon from a different category that they can counterattack with if they have one in their inventory.
  125. Pref. Stats: SKL, LCK
  126. Bases: 19 HP, 4 STR, 0 MAG, 6 SKL, 3 LCK, 2 DEF, 1 RES, 7 SPD, 6 CON, 5 AID, 6 MOV
  127. Promotion Bonuses: +2 HP, +2 STR, +2 SKL, +2 SPD, +2 CON, 6 MOV
  129. Vigilante:
  130. Bow Subcat (B), Bow (C), Hidden Subcat (B), Hidden (C), Sword Subcat (B), Sword (C)
  131. Skills: Lockpick, Vision, Ambush Strike, Always Prepared
  132. Ambush Strike: When attacking the Vigilante does bonus DMG equal to unused MOV.
  133. Always Prepared: The Vigilante can designate a backup weapon in addition to their equipped weapon. If the Vigilante is attacked from outside their equipped weapon's range, they automatically equip the backup weapon and viceversa.
  134. Pref. Stats: SKL, SPD
  135. Promotion Bonuses: +3 HP, +1 STR, +2 SKL, +3 LCK, +3 SPD, +2 CON, 7 MOV
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