Rushia Story

Apr 7th, 2021
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  1. “I love you” Rushia says as she suddenly grabs your arm from across the table “I need you” she continues.
  4. This is a good start you tell yourself. Recently Rushia has been in one of her bouts of coldness towards you. She never explains why and you never asked after the first time you tried due it only angering her. Seems like this invitation to have dinner together is her way of making amends.
  6. You reply with a smile “I know you do” You say as you move your hand to hold hers
  7. “I do too.” You continue before eating another spoonful of the dinner she prepared for both of you today.
  9. Unexpectedly her expression darkens into an angry scowl.
  11. Did she not like that? Is there something on her mind? Is there something wrong? Did I say something wrong? That’s cute and wholesome right? All of these thoughts and more bounce around your head. You’re dreading to ask her even one of these questions.
  13. You notice she is starting to visibly crane her head. She definitely noticed you deep in thought. You quickly move your free hand to hold her outstretched one with both of yours.
  15. “What seems to be the matt-”
  17. Your sentence is thrown off by her squeezing your hand hard. “You say that to everyone I imagine. You always tell them the same sweet things you tell Rushia” she says while baring her teeth.
  19. “Ru-rushia I don’t understand” You try and reply back as you squint my eyes and smile the best you can, caressing her hand.
  21. “Of course you don’t!” she shouts back, glaring angrily at me as she breathes heavily like a dog warding off the mailman.
  23. You can spot her canine teeth poking out like little fangs. Even in such a tense situation you can’t help but think how adorable they are, not that Rushia isn’t always adorable.
  25. Your concentration on her fangs is broken as she clenches her teeth and you now see the very sinister expression on her face. Gods what have you gotten yourself into.
  27. “I-it’s fine” Rushia says smugly “From now on we’ll be together forever” She continues before getting up from her seat.
  29. You have a hard time processing this entire situation, granted this is all very confusing but you can’t seem to think straight and all your thoughts are muddled.
  31. “Rushi-” You say as you begin getting up from your seat too but as if on cue all the strength in your legs give way and you get sent tumbling unto the floor.
  33. You hear Rushia’s soft footsteps as you try to heft your arms up onto the table with your remaining strength. As you finally find yourself on your knees with your arms holding yourself up, Rushia stands next you.
  35. “Sedative” she says as she pushes up your chin with her hand, as if completely aware of how blurry your vision has become and wants you to have a clean look of her “Subtle and clean compared to-” she looks towards a corner in the room.
  37. You crane my head towards the same corner and see a crude looking club accompanied by bow and arrows. In the corner of your eye Rushia glances at you before smiling and returning her gaze to that dreadful corner. You can only swallow nervously in response.
  39. You turn my head to the door “Otsu-rushi-” You say before knocking over the chair towards Rushia and begin clawing yourself across the floor.
  41. You hear Rushia tumble with the chair before it clatters across the room. A loud thud of her fist smashing upon the table and softer thuds of her stomping across the room follows her fall.
  43. It wasn’t even halfway towards the door before your vision was wracked by a kick from Rushia sending you rolling unto your back. You feel droplets upon your skin and the droning of crying as your vision reorients the mass of green and blue into Rushia standing over you.
  45. “Otsu-rushi” was the last thing you heard as she brought the club down upon your face.
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