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  1. Character Name: Ehven
  5. Character Race: Goblin-Elven Hybrid
  9. Character Gear:
  11. Steel shortsword
  12. Leather/fur leggings x2
  13. Soft Leather Shoes x2
  14. Leather Tunic
  15. Leather Skirt
  16. Hood
  17. Scarf
  18. Basic Survival Equipment
  19. Small set of basic Alchemy equipment
  23. Character Occupation: Alchemist/Shaman (I was hoping to be the Alchemist for all the undesirables in the world. You know, characters who can’t go to the shop and buy potions because they’re either Vampires, Lycan’s, etc.)
  25. Magically gifted? If so, which branch were they born skilled in?: Druidism
  27. If yes to the above do you understand that if you abuse the magic system, and fail to properly RP mana exhaustion during combat (Will be elaborated on further in another thread coming soon.) that your character will receive either IC penalties, or in extreme cases of abuse/powergame, be deauthed?
  30. Character Abilities: Simple manipulation of nature, mostly for alchemy and Shaman purposes. Using her magic to find useful ingredients. Or manipulating trees to create foot holes in order to scale them.
  32. Manipulation of the earth. Making mud solid dirt in order to move quieter. Softening the stone, to reduce stone.
  34. Alchemy. Ehven has become particularly adept at alchemy and shamanism. She make useful potions for selling, and personal requirements. Though she doesn’t have high quality equipment. Meaning her potions are pretty basic and most aren’t very potent.
  38. Character Alterations: None.
  42. Background on how the character obtained the above. (Three paragraphs, minimum.)
  44. Ehven was an unfortunate byproduct of the greenskins incursion. As the greenskins came from the west, sweeping across the human lands. They stumbled even further west, and found the Elves. Along the human-Elven border was a small village where both the humans and their knife-eared allies existed in equilibrium. Being so close to the border, this town was garrisoned. The Elves must have got wind of the greenskins storming across the continent, upping their defense to counteract the possible attacks. Of course many Elves were skeptical the green horde would even make it that far. The humans would more than likely snuff them out. Obviously, the Elves were quite wrong.
  46. The numbers the generals expected was surely to be less than thousands. Maybe even hundreds. But what had arrived was two greenskin tribes, numbering in the mid-thousands. As such the Elves were woefully unprepared. Their battlements were wiped within hours, and the wooden stockades around the fort fell. The last remaining defenders huddle in the center of town, and face down the Orcs. But were unsuccessful. Every man and child was slaughtered. And the women were herded like cattle. The disgusting Orc’s weren’t very gentle, and as such many of the women died during the proceedings. The few that were left alive were barely clinging onto life.
  48. In the following weeks the Elves closed in on the ruined border cities and managed to push back the Orcs. Luckily for one Elven woman in particular, she had managed to survive all of this. Many of the guards were astounded that she had managed this whole time. But, after being used multiple times the woman was almost certain she was pregnant. Johanna, was one of ten survivors. Most all of them women who had received the same fate as her. She was deathly afraid of telling the soldiers what had happened. Elven purity was something many of them held dear. Surprisingly many of the Elven women who had been raped felt the same way. The human empire delivered supplies to their allies, and on the way back Johanna took the cart to the Kingdom of Man.
  50. Months passed and Johanna settled in a small fishing village on the south-eastern coast of the kingdom. Fortunately for her the attacks that had ravaged her original home had slowed to a trickle. And only minor raids were being launched by various greenskin tribes who had settled in the region. Johanna had just finished birthing her child. With help from one of the women who had left the border city with her. The trauma was too much, and without the help of a real doctor, Johanna died following childbirth. She was originally planning to kill the hybrid disgrace, but never got a chance to. Her friend however was much more sympathetic towards the greenskin baby. In secret the child’s new surrogate mother took care of her. She named her Johanna, after her real mother.
  52. The child had grown to be only four years old when disaster struck again. The fishing-village was attacked by sea faring greenskins. They slammed their boat right into coast, knocking over many of the stilted houses hovering over the water. Many people died in the initial crash alone. The mother gathered Johanna and attempted to flee, but was caught and and cut down. After the carnage had calmed, a female Orc found Johanna, wrapped in the dead surrogate's arms. Still alive, and remarkably not crying. This warrior stooped to pick up the greenskin child. If this had been any other clan of Orcs, Johanna may well have been raised just to become another breeding slave. But this was a detachment of Orcs belonging to the Sneak Boyz. A clan who valued women and goblins as equals.
  54. Johanna was renamed, Ehven. Standing for ‘Heaven’, but with the dialect of the greenskins. The woman who had found her nursed her to good health and raised her. Ehven in her young years was taught the ideals of stealth and combat. A goblin who learned from an Orc how to fight. Eventually, the Orcs of the clan had found out Ehven was blessed by Ragkhar with magical potential. They found this out when Ehven accidentally felled a tree with a magical miscast, almost killing several clan members. A standing shaman now adopted Ehven and began teaching her alchemy and magics. An Orc who hasn’t been properly taught in the ways of magic can only teach so much though. Being a greenskin caster is about raw energy. Letting loose no matter the consequences. But, this shaman showed Ehven ways she could utilize magic in a more refined way.
  56. Being from the Sneak Boyz, all the members naturally valued sneaking. So, the Shaman too found ways to incorporate druidism into their sneaking. The Orc shaman gladly shared his wisdom with his pupil. Years passed even further on, and Ehven had reached full maturity. The clan was now stationed farther west towards the Dead Wastes. Being greenskins, everyone was always stirring for a fight. And fighting the undead was a concept the boss had only recently come up with. During this time, Ehven had second thoughts about marching into a dilapidated forest stirring with evil energies. One night after they had set up camp, Ehven collected her things. Stole some of her teachers alchemy equipment, and made for the nearest settlement. That settlement just happened to be Aswen. Being around humans, Ehven knew she had to be careful. Entering populated area’s would certainly result in death if precautions weren’t taken.
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