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  1. Why the COD Zombies Sub-Reddit is cancer: The majority of the hate seems to stem from the Call of Duty Zombies Reddit, while the issue is still present within my own comment section, it is the minority and often goes unheard. The issue with Reddit by mere default in nature is that it is home to a complete cesspool of blind hate towards YouTuber’s from the vocal majority (in fact, just toxic, hateful people in general) (mostly those seen in the comments). Now, by no means is this the majority of the people using the site as whole, but simply the voices that are most seen/heard. The majority of the site’s users are very nice individuals who are enthusiastic about one of their favourite video game sub-franchise: Call of Duty Zombies. This “toxic, vocal majority” is further amplified by the fact that the Call of Duty Zombies Reddit is run by a complete sociopath, LackingAGoodName, who has a history or doxing people as well as censoring people in order to get his own way. This is very petty, especially considering this is all about a video game, and well, to be quite frank – it really isn’t that big of a deal to even just consider going to these lengths in the first place. This man, or creature should I say, has some sort of spite against me, I’m not really exactly sure why. Whenever a post is made about me on the Sub-Reddit he will actively go out of his way to delete comments (AND EVEN GO AS FAR TO BAN INDIVIDUALS) who are supporting me – which is a clear abuse of power and authority. If you are unaware, when I had an inside source for Gorod Krovi I posted a massive post to Reddit regarding the leak, this post took me hours of my time to write and it got a tonne of traction. Then, out of nowhere – BOOM – deleted. I had no idea why this had happened, and when I had questioned Mr. Lacking about it on Twitter he gave me a complete bullshit response. Thereafter, right before Gorod Krovi released “a source” had contacted me and provided me with a leaked image of the Ray Gun Mark 3. This was the first initial indication that my leak was indeed correct. I sent this image to a friend to share on Reddit on my behalf, crediting me for being the source. The post received an absolute overwhelming amount of support, surprisingly, praising me for being correct. There were barely any hate comments for once. Then I check back on the post later, and Mr. Lacking decided to delete ALMOST all of the comments supporting me and backing me up on the post, yet decided to leave all of the hate – even though I’m pretty sure that’s against the Reddit’s Policy’s. I was so angry, he was literally purposely going out of his way to manipulate people’s opinions about me. So, I decided to tweet about how disgusting of an act this was, and the absolute buffoon then decided to ban my Reddit account under the grounds of “spreading slander towards the Reddit”. What? Does he even know what slander means? Everything that I was tweeting in regards to the COD Zombies Reddit was 100% factual, I even had screenshots to prove what was happening. It’s ironic that I got banned for slander, when he himself was slandering my name by censoring people who were supporting me, and purposely leaving the hate, hence tarnishing my name. To make matters even worse, I then showed these screenshots at the beginning of the video and included an image of him that was on HIS PUBLIC TWITTER ACCOUNT and he tried to take down my video under the grounds of “breaching privacy”, when the image was on his PUBLIC ACCOUNT. If you thought that was the worse that this creature could do, you would be wrong. When the whole controversy took place surrounding when I took down my “DLC 5 IS 100% COMING VIDEO” (of which I will be proving that I did not make this up and will briefly explain why I took down the video further on within this video) Mr. Lacking got in contact with someone involved with the situation – and even though he knew EXACTYL what has happened behind the scenes, he still went on to spread lies and mistruths on his Twitter account claiming that “I made it all up”, even though he knew farewell without a doubt that that wasn’t the case. This is pure evil behaviour. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but to know what really happened AND STILL try to mislead people’s opinions is absolutely disgusting. A similar situation occurred in regards to censoring when the whole “super easter egg controversy” took place and the encrypted second revelations cutscene simply turned out to be the Shadows of Evil intro cut scene, of which resulted in the sub reddit being put on private temporarily. This is a huge reason why the Call of Duty Zombies Reddit is such a hateful place (ON THE SURFACE) because it is run by a hateful individual who is honestly making degrading the site’s outlook. In terms of the other mods, they all seem to be really nice individuals from what I’ve seen, and I have nothing against them. I wish that someone else could take over the sub reddit in place of Lacking, b
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