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Jaw and ear ligaments connection for tinnitus (donotringatme

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Oct 25th, 2020
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  1. //SML
  2. *Anterior part
  3. - Lingula of mandible (anterior)
  4. - Spine of sphenoid (intermediate)
  5. *Posterior (intratympanic) part
  6. - Lingula of mandible (anterior)
  7. - Malleus (posterior)
  8. Derived from Meckel's cartilage; anterior portion attaches to mandible lingula and extends to the spine of the sphenoid bone where the majority of fibers attach; remaining fibers (posterior portion) extend through the petrotympanic and/or squamotympanic fissure and combine with the DML within the epitympanum to form the AML
  11. //ILL
  12. *Anterior (mandibular) part
  13. - Mandible (anterior)
  14. - Spike of sphenoid (intermediate)
  15. *Posterior (intratympanic)part
  16. - Mandible (anterior)
  17. - Tympanic membrane and malleus (posterior)
  18. Synonymous term for SML; the posterior part of the ligament enters the Glaserian fissure and whilst doing so is merely attached to the spine of the sphenoid by its inner edge; intratympanic part becomes directly continuous with the fibrous layer of the tympanic membrane with attachments to the malleus (AML)
  20. //MML
  21. - Lingula of mandible (anterior)
  22. - Malleus (posterior)
  23. Synonymous term for SML; ligament that extends from the mandible lingula, through the petrotympanic fissure and then to the malleus with no intermittent attachments
  25. //TML
  26. - Lingula of mandible (anterior)
  27. - Tympanic bone (posterior)
  28. Synonymous to the anterior portion of the SML; referring to that part of the SML that extends from the mandible lingula to the sphenoid; the fibers do not attach to the spine of sphenoid, but rather to the tympanic bone near the petrotympanic fissure
  30. //AML
  31. - Malleus head and neck
  32. Posterior part of the SML; some authors define as the combined SML and DML within the tympanum, extending from the petrotympanic fissure within the epitympanum to attach to the malleus
  34. //DML
  35. - Lamina of temporomandibular joint capsule (anterior, lateral)
  36. - Malleus head (posterior, medial)
  37. Controversial derivation; a fanā€like extension of the joint capsule through the lateral petrotympanic fissure; combines with the posterior part of the SML within the epitympanum to form the AML
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