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  1. I realized that combat wasn't getting much love and figured that's probably because I haven't put much effort into fleshing it out. This is my attempt to rectify that.
  3. There are two major facets to this new combat system: Maneuvers, and styles. Styles are overarching representations of a race's martial traditions that provide bonuses to attacks using certain weapons and make certain Maneuvers available. To give an example, even though there are innumerable schools and traditions within Chinese Martial Arts with sometimes drastic differences, they would all fall under the vague umbrella of 'Kung-fu'. Thus Kung-fu would be a style and the separate schools within Chinese Martial Arts would be represented by suites of maneuvers.
  5. Maneuvers can be accurately compared to Effects within the Magic System. They represent special moves that have specific effects. For instance, you might learn a grapple that has the additional effect of disarming your opponent, or a kick with an increased chance to stun your opponent. They're intended to add a bit more spice to regular ol' non-magical combat and make it a more attractive option.
  7. Mikhael starts with a fairly versatile cadre of maneuvers, but more can be learned either by reading Manuals of Arms and practicing the techniques within or by training with a tutor. Maneuvers are broken into three categories based on complexity.
  8.     -Complex    DC 30 to learn.
  9.     -Intermediate   DC 25 to learn.
  10.     -Beginner   DC 20 to learn.
  12. One's skill in a certain style is broken up into tiers, similar to the way magical Elements are divided into separate levels of expertise. These tiers are as follows:
  13.     -Legend     (No Further Advancement)
  14.     -Master     (DC 35 for Insight, 5 needed)
  15.     -Veteran    (DC 30 for Insight, 4 needed)
  16.     -Practitioner   (DC 25 for Insight, 3 needed)
  17.     -Novice     (DC 20 for Insight, 2 needed)
  18.     -Trainee    (DC 15 for Insight, 1 needed)
  19. In order to advance from one level to the next you must either use a style frequently over a fairly long period of time, train on your own, or train with someone more knowledgeable in that specific style. You receive bonuses to Insight rolls based on your tutor's skill, with training on your own granting no bonus.
  21. In addition, I'm introducing the concept range. Range is determined by what weapon is wielded. Weapons like short swords, daggers, and clubs are close range weapons. Weapons like spears, long swords, and whips are considered medium range. Finally, ranged weapons fall into the 'distant' ranged category. When an opponent is distant, either you or the opponent may freely flee combat or retrieve items from their inventory. Not all weapons may be used at both close and medium range, and only ranged attacks may be used when an opponent is distant.
  23. Styles:
  24. Marsala Ve: Veteran Rank (+6 to Spear and Unarmed combat. +4 to Long Swords and Daggers, +2 to Bows and Short Swords) (3/4 Insights, +6 to next meditation)
  25. The 'Martial Way' has been passed down and improved upon by innumerable generations of Samjan in the harsh deserts of Pidjata. The preferred weapons are the spear or fist, and the style itself focuses on maneuvering the opponent into position to deliver a decisive strike. Training with blades both long and short is also emphasized.
  27. Way of Metal: Trainee Rank (+1 to Unarmed and Blocking) (0/1 Insights)
  28. A form of combat which the figures fighting in the Metal Codex seemed to employ. It focuses upon unrelenting and constant attack, using every part of the body and all tools at one's disposal.  It's presently unclear what else this martial style values, but an educated guess would suggest Daggers and Short Swords are likewise emphasized. Its actual name is currently unknown.
  30. Rhynian Martial Training: Trainee Rank (+1 to Short Swords and Blocking.) (0/1 Insights)
  31. The Rhynians had a very strict, very regimented way of training new soldiers. Their arms manuals were all printed in one central location in the city of Rhynia, and each edition was approved by the Emperor and his generals. This has lead to a very uniform suite of maneuvers designed to be used either to better lead troops or to improve a soldier's effectiveness in formation. Short blades and shields are the weapons of choice for the Rhynians, but spears and daggers also received some focus.
  32. Maneuvers:
  33. Marsala Ve:
  34.     Piercing Thrust - By targeting the joints in an opponents armor, Mikhael is able to ignore half (rounded down) of an opponent's soak bonus (So if successful, treat the DC as if it were lower by half the soak bonus). May only be used with a spear or blade. May be used at close or medium range. Does additional damage to constructs.
  36.     Leg Sweep - Using the haft of his spear or his own legs, Mikhael may trip an opponent. While on the ground attacks against the target receive a +4 bonus and the target is unable to attack. May be used at medium or close range.
  38.     Feint - Feign an attack without actually committing in order to force the target into a misstep. If successful, make another attack against the target which receives a +4 bonus. May be used at close or medium range.
  40.     Force Back - Mikhael uses the advantage of his reach to ward off an opponent, forcing them back. If successful the target moves one range category further away, e.g. from close to medium range, or from medium to distant range.
  42.     Receive Charge - When wielding a spear, Mikhael may brace to receive an opponents charge. If successful the opponent will take damage and their charge will fail. Chance to impale opponent, removing them from combat.
  44.     Disarming Strike - Whilst wielding a weapon, Mikhael may disarm an opponent by targeting either their wrist or knocking their weapon from their hands. Applies a -4 modifier to the attack roll. May end combat. Must be used at close range. Some enemies are resistant to this maneuver.
  46.     Debilitating Strike - Using either a blunt instrument or his fist, Mikhael strikes an opponent in such a way as to render them temporarily crippled in some fashion. Certain opponents are immune to this maneuver. While debilitated, the opponent receives a -4 malus to their rolls.
  48.     Takedown - At close range, Mikhael can grab his opponent and take them to the ground. This places him in an advantageous position atop his opponent, and allows Mikhael to immediately attack again. This gives Mikhael a +6 to attacks against his opponent, but gives any upright enemy a +4 attack bonus against Mikhael. Certain maneuvers can counter this.
  50.     Hip Toss - Whilst unarmed and in Close range, Mikhael may grapple with an opponent and use his leverage to throw them bodily a short distance. This moves the opponent from Close to Medium range and places them prone, granting a +4 bonus to attacks against that target and depriving them of their turn in the next round.
  52. Way of Metal:
  53.     Flurry of Blows - Mikhael may launch a series of attacks against his opponent which forces them onto the defensive, stunning them for one round of combat and providing a +2 to any attack against them.
  55.     Iron Body - Through relentless conditioning and the use of Metal Magic, one may render a shield redundant. Mikhael can block blows from weapons with any part of his body.
  57. Rhynian Martial Training:
  58.     Inspire Confidence - You have the ability to rally your allies around you, giving them a +4 bonus to attack rolls and a +2 bonus to blocking. May be used at any range, but requires Mikhael be able to communicate with his companions.
  60.     Testudo - When with fellow shield-wielding allies, you may form up into a tortoise-like formation that prevents or halves all damage from ranged attacks, with only few exceptions. May only be used at Distant range.
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