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  1. stays in the corner, working with the spot fabricated equipment that he had. It was decent equipment, but it was nothing on what he'd have had in his actual lab. However, he didn't really have time to go to his lab right now.
  3. The small sample of the aerosol was contained safely within a tiny spherical drone, which floated its way into the hastily created combination of a gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer. Using the two together, he'd be able to separate and analyze the components that made up the gas through the use of ionizing radiation and simple pressure mechanics.
  5. The drone is given a new hollow needle by yet another one of the fabrication drones, which allows it to inject a portion of the sample of the gas contained within it into the combined device. Solomon stands by anxiously while the machine does its work. Minutes later, it prints out results.
  7. Knowing what was contained within the aerosol, especially knowing if it was composed of exotic and unknown materials or known materials, was going to be key to coming up with a counter-agent.
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