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A Milky Pet - AJ_Honestly

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Nov 30th, 2015
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  1. I'm going to be honest, I love milk. I've always loved the stuff. The texture, the taste, everything about it. Now don't confuse this with obsession! I may have been a couple cups shy of a gallon, but you won't catch me bathing in the stuff.
  2. No, my issues with milk started a few weeks ago.
  4. I'm buying a gallon of the usual whole store brand milk, and get into a line behind a guy in what looked like a bombers jacket. He glances at me and lets out a sigh.
  5. "Prices for that stuff are just terrible, and who knows what the store's processing adds to it." He says looking at me sideways while the grandmother two people ahead picks coins out of her bag at half the speed of a dead animal.
  6. "I know what you mean. I mean gas is an issue, but i can only wonder when the US will invade some country with lots of dairy cows for forien milk resorces" i say with a chuckle. The man grins, and grabs the gallon of milk i intended on purchasing.
  7. "Go ahead of me, this is all you have, right?"
  8. "Wha oh-OH! Yeah! Thanks!"
  9. "Think nothing of it." He says as i squeeze by him and the impulse buy candy rack.
  10. I finish my purchase and head back home. I needed the milk to prepare dinner with, but as per usual i'd pour a glass to enjoy while cooking.
  11. The meal itself was a simple meat and potatoes deal, with creamy gravy. The aroma of it all made my stomach grumble.
  12. I serve up my plate and put the rest away for lunch or something later. Meal and beverage in tow, i plant myself in front of my computer and watch some shitty but mildly entertaining youtube videos while i stuffed myself.
  13. Plate clean, my stomach began to ache… Did i eat to much? Maybe the meat was undercooked and I'll be seeing it again shortly… Either way the pain increased greatly, and eventually made me double over in pain, i could feel shifting inside me. As though organs themselves were reorganizing.
  14. I undo my pants in hope it was a pressure thing, and i had just picked small pants that day. No dice.
  15. My feet started hurting, like they were being crushed by a vice. I kick off my socks to see my toes become black, and my feet begin to be covered in a soft fur.
  17. "Whatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatthefuck!" I practically scream as i feel a sensation of millions of pinpricks rush up from my ankles to the top of my head as the fuzz spreads across my entire body
  18. Next theres a sinking feeling in my groin, and a pressure in my lower stomach area.
  19. "Ohgod Whatthefuck!"
  20. My hands are taking on a similar pain and look my feet are, except all thats left of my feet are a pair of cream-fur colored stubbs with no digits on it. Several pulling sensations trigger on my head, with my face stretching out forward a little becoming snout or muzzle like, soft in features. My ears feel like they're being pulled by two old-school capital punishment teachers, moving to the top of my head and becoming more pointed in nature.
  22. The pressure in my lower areas have become immensely painful as what was an outie becomes an innie. More worrying was the two growths that were starting to show themselves from under my tshirt. A brush with my fingerless stub of a hand taught me how they were sensitive.
  23. I want to scream, but the main has robbed me of almost everything except breath and sight. I feel a spark of pain for a moment at the base of my spine, a contortion later would reveal it to be a nice deep calm blue.
  24. I black out at this point from all the pain and shock.
  26. "Psst hey. Its time to have your milking." Says a man, petting me gently. A stange and painful pressure hung between my legs.
  27. "Whats happening-" i say, raising a hoof to my mouth at the sound of a lofty, femenine pitched voice spoke my thoughts. Then I look at the hoof. I am about to unleash a bloodcurtling scream when his hands go to the painful pressure area between my legs. He gives them a gentle tug and squeeze.
  28. The sound of a small stream of liquid hitting a metal bucket rang out, and a wave of pleasure nearly rocked my mind
  29. "Wa-aaahn" i say trying to form words, the pressure was quickly dropping, i hadn't realized i'd been stood up and am standing on all four hooves.
  30. "Feels better now doesn't it?"
  31. "Wh… What did you do to me…?" I say in between panting.
  32. "Well, i figured we'd solve each other's wants. I wanted exotic milk, and you enjoy milk in general, the added pleasure is just a bonus for you. Also you'll not need to worry about silly things like paying for stuff, or bills, or anything. You'll have full access to whatever you might want to do free of charge, in exchange, i milk you, enjoy your product, and enjoy your adorable company." He says, then motioning toward a mirror where a blue and cream colorful pony with oversized teats stood there. If it werent for said teats, the creature would be undouptibly adorable, with what looked like some freckling across the bridge of her snout, and just some dazzling seafoam eyes.
  33. I looked at the teats from my point of view, gave them a tenative poke, and a moan escaped my lips from pleasure.
  34. "So… I get to be as lazy as i want, get whatever i want, and all I have to do is suffer you milking me." I say, putting a grin on my face, to indicate sarcasm.
  36. "Thats what i was hoping for. I can let you go, back to normal if you'd like." He suggested
  37. "You know what, i'll give this a go. Seems alright so far. And if you're offering what might be an open door to leave… I'll leave that for just in case you're some psyco."
  38. "Besides the already obvious."
  39. "Welll thats one thing, I'm talking like you get off on hurting things."
  40. "Nope, just want cheap milk and a friendly adorable pet."
  41. "One step at a time"
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