Moth... dog?

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >You’re Anon and you are just back from the market
  2. >and you bought something to your mothpony housemate
  3. >”Squeak, get over here! I have something for you!”
  4. >Squeak flies to you excitedly and starts to flutter about around you
  5. “What is it Anon? What did you get me? Lemme see lemme see lemme see!”
  6. >you smile at your fuzzy friends excitement and dig the item from your bag
  7. >”I’ve got you... a squeaky toy!”
  8. >you hold the toy up in triumph and give it a squeeze, making it emit a squeak
  9. >Squeak stops flying around you and looks at the toy unimpressed
  10. “...Anon, I’m not a dog”
  11. >”...Yeah I know but you know, squeaky toy, Squeak, c’mon”
  12. >Squeak does not seem too thrilled
  13. >”Just take the toy Squeak”
  14. >Squeak sighs and takes the toy onto her hooves
  15. >it gives a squeak and Squeaks ears perk up
  16. >she gives it another squeeze
  17. >her mouth twitches a bit
  18. >you get to taking off your shoes as Squeak stretches the toy a bit on her hoofs and then with her mouth
  19. “Grrrrr...”
  20. >you laugh a bit at this
  21. >”Can I have the toy now Squeak?”
  22. >you reach for the toy but then Squeak snarls at you and growls
  23. >”Not a dog huh?”
  24. >Squeak blushes and then hands you the toy
  25. “Here, I did not need it anyway”
  26. >you take it and sit down on the couch
  27. >Squeak is just about to fly off to do something as you give the toy a squeeze and it squeaks
  28. >Squeak stops and hovers
  29. >you squeak the toy again and see her ears twitch at the sound
  30. >”Squeak, want to sit here with me?”
  31. >you squeeze the toy a few times
  32. “Yeah”
  33. >Squeak flutters next to you on the couch
  34. >you fiddle with the toy in your hands and look at Squeak who is trying her hardest to not get caught staring at the toy
  35. >it’s a loosing battle on her part, she’s absolutely enticed by it as if it would give off intense light
  36. >you throw the toy suddenly
  37. >”Squeak fetch!”
  38. >Squeak gives a squeak of her own and shots off after the toy and grabs it with her mouth and then turns to you smiling
  39. >only to realize what she did and drop the toy
  40. >you can’t help it anymore and start to laugh
  41. >the toy hits you on the head, wet from Squeaks saliva
  42. “Ha ha, verry funny Anon...”
  43. >you pat the spot next to you on the sofa
  44. >”Here Squeak let me apologize by scratching you behind the ear”
  45. >Squeaks face brightens up and she flutters next to you and gets cozy
  46. >you start to scratch her behind her ear as her hind hoof starts to kick into the air and Squeak starts to squeak out happy moth noises
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