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Dress For Failure Rarity fic concept

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Aug 11th, 2013
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  1. A Rarity fanfiction concept - Dress for Failure
  3. This concept is about two different artists, one is Rarity and the other is her new rival which just got in town and is known and adored by everyone which makes Rarity become overshadowed by her.
  4. Rarity still makes the gala dresses for her friends her friends don't like them but they convince Rarity(and maybe even the reader) that they love it. The next day Rarity catches them wearing much more depth-designed dresses from Rarity's rival (let's call her Evangelyne Trent/Eva Trent. It is glamourous and modern)(though not a mlp name)
  6. Rarity catches her friends wearing Eva's much better designed dresses, which don't look like granny's table sheets or cardboard cut outs. They all have an awkward moment where they remove their dresses for Rarity.
  7. Spike gets a message about Princess Celestia holding a contest for who will design her dress. Rarity almost convinces Spike to not tell anyone else about this contest so there will be no competition, but Twilight was watching the whole time and quickly snaps Rarity out of it.
  9. Later at the boutique Rarity is sure she's gonna win by putting tons and tons of diamonds on Celestia's dress, she tries to make it look as sparkly as possible. Once there at the competition she once again gets upstaged by her rival. Celestia is there too ''Sorry, Rarity, but I simply love Evangelyne's dress more''. Rarity finally snaps out like a psycho and requests that the critics shall tell her what makes Trent's dresses so much better than hers.
  10. Now time for some drama.
  11. The critic tells Rarity: ''She knows where to place the gems fittingly and how to inspire herself properly from the external sources, such as a majestic chandelier. She has a catalogue of different symbols which she can use. Her dresses don't look flat, her color palette goes well with the ponies she designed them for, and they actually look elegant, as opposed to a 10 year old dressed with mommy's clothes. She knows what works and what doesn't, what to add and what to remove.....shall I continue?'' ''No'' says Rarity ''I'm most confidently sure that I've heard more than I needed to hear anyway...'' (while sad music is playing and Rarity's voice indicates she's almost crying)
  12. She's now back home at Carousel Boutique. Rarity enters a really serious and depressed state with bits of rage. '' All my life I wanted to be a fashionista...but I didn't even know if I was actually good at it, there was no comparison or guidelines to let me know, I was the only one in ponyville''' She goes and looks at herself in the mirror. Some thoughts go through her head ''yeah right... like I didn't see all those much greater designs in Canterlot, who am I kidding?'' She furiously shaked a little before she cried of rage and she began criticizing herself ''I'm a hack artist!!! My only motivation was to go to Canterlot and be famous!! I'm a sore loser and a shallow pony and I shall always be a shallow person with no talent''' after a while the lights get weaker and weaker, eventually turning off.
  14. Rarity ends up packing her things, and on the way she meets her friends and apologizes to them for forcing them to not wear the amazing dresses. The ponies ask her ''Where will you go?'' ''My vacation house...I need a break from it all. Plus there's some I always wanted to try.'' Cue blackout and move on to the next scene.
  15. Rarity has her beautiful alone moment on a cliff with her archery. She levitates an arrow from her quiver, inserts it in her bow and charges it up, shooting the arrow with high precision which lands right on the target's very middle red dot, she takes another arrow and shoots it again straight through the other arrow, and again and again till she empties up the quiver. She used up her anger on the arrows and now giggles excitingly. She opens her self-rewarded red wine, pours it in a glass and drinks it. Rarity then decides to paint something from the nature, with intriguing symbols and colors. After some time Trent appears, Rarity looks apathetic to her, but soon she says that she's found a new genuine talents which she will stick with it.
  16. Trent ends up complementing her picture and her other designs and concepts, and tells Rarity she just lost her inspiration that's all, Rarity ends up telling her that she never had a mentor to guide her through dress making. Trent exposes that she's had far too many critics and artists to help her and she always comes in contact with new locations and experiences from which to inspire herself from, practically she was always in vacation, that's why designed so well.
  18. Eva starts giving good suggestions and ends up inspiring Rarity for her paintings and other crafts and Rarity adds on to her suggestions more and more, which this in turn makes Trent develop an idea.
  19. Trent says she isn't satisfied with the dress she made for Celestia and wants Rarity to help her. Rarity accepts Eva as her mentor and they start working right there on the spot because magic. (Cue foreground music) Trent and Rarity end up correcting each other and saying what goes and what doesn't. Rarity ends up coming with a large amount of much more impressive concepts and features for the dress and they inspire each other to share and create ideas - bouncing ideas off of each other, they stand back and admire the dress. Celestia's dress ends up looking more amazing than the original. And everyone was happy, Rarity spends more time at her vacation house exercising her plethora of enjoyable hobbies from which to inspire herself from and the oc pony moves out of the picture.
  21. The end.
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