Lily's Storyline.

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  1. Lily Roe Scott is the daughter of Karen Roe and Keith Scott. Lily was born on June 13th, 1991 in Tree Hill, North Carolina.
  3. For the first few weeks of Lily's life, she lived with her mother Karen Roe and her older brother Lucas Eugene Scott; her father Keith Scott died shortly before her birth. As a baby, Lily had a strong bond with Lucas. A few weeks after Lily's birth Karen moved away, where she met back up with her former college professor and boyfriend Andrew Hargrove who showed them the world.
  5. Lily has lived all over the world as a child; when she was five-years-old, she went home to Tree Hill. Except that Tree Hill wasn't her home, it was just the place that she was born. Lily was to be the flower girl in her older brother Lucas's wedding to Lindsey Strauss. Lily got to do everything the girls did including getting ready with older ladies. She also got to be mean to Lucas and slam doors in his face; she even got to throw rose petals on the aisle as Lindsey. During the wedding, Lily witnessed Lindsey leave Lucas at the altar.
  7. Over the next four weeks, Lily spent every day with Lucas growing closer and closer to him. Lucas was Lily's safety blanket as some would say, he was her guardian angel on earth. After having a dream where her father told her that Lucas would be alright, Lily convinced him to follow his heart, and find Lindsey. Which Lucas did, but things didn't turn out the way people thought that it would.
  9. When Karen and Andy left, they continued to travel with Lily. As Lily grew, she loved getting to see different countries all over the world. When she was ten-years-old Lily was sent to a private school in Los Angeles, where Lucas and Peyton lived with their daughter Sawyer. Sawyer was Lily's niece. Though being away from her mom was hard for Lily, and she begged them to come and get her. Lily then left once again with Karen, and they moved to England. Lily attended school there until she was fourteen.
  11. At fourteen, Lily began playing soccer, and she loved it. After graduating from high school or university as they would call it in England, Lily got a full-ride to Columbia on her intent to play soccer. While at Columbia Lily met ___(Taylor Kitsch) a marine on leave taking classes to finish his requirements to become a doctor. Lily instantly fell in love with a man who was ten years older than her, a father, and a soldier. During her 3rd year at Columbia, Lily tore her ACL and several other ligaments in her knee.
  13. Shortly after injuring her knee, Lily found out she was pregnant, but she couldn't tell Taylor, he was about to leave for another tour in Iraq. Doing the only thing that she could Lily aborted the child, after doing it. Lily convinced herself she was a murderer. Pouring herself into her studies, Lily began to withdraw from the world, including from her older brother. Ending her relationship with Taylor, Lily finished her degree and got into a relationship with one of her professor's sons, but things didn't go well for them.
  15. Two years into their relationship thing's turned abusive, and Lily ended up getting attacked. That was when she found out that Taylor was back from Iraq, and was an attending at one of the local hospitals in Manhatten. Upon Lily getting released, Lucas came to stay with her, but she didn't want him there. He was too protective of her, reconnecting with Taylor they eventually got back together and married in a small ceremony. After they got married, Lily became close with Taylor's daughter from his previous marriage. A few months later Taylor was recalled back to active duty, while he didn't want to go, but he did.
  17. Six months later Lily got the call that Taylor was missing in action, and they didn't know if he was still alive. The only thing that Lily could do was call Lucas. Lucas came right away, but he couldn't stay long. For the few days that Lucas was with Lily, he was quiet. Lily, on the other hand, was freaking out, she couldn't sit still, no matter how hard she tried. She needed to be doing something after Lucas went home, things died down slightly, but not completely. Karen and Andy came to New York to stay with Lily. A few weeks later Lily got the call that they had found Taylor and that he was coming home.
  19. After Taylor came home things were different. Taylor was different, and Lily didn't know how to help him. For years she sat back as he became more and more aggressive with her, and his daughter. Lily couldn't handle it anymore. After he hit her one night in a drunken rage, Lily took Taylor's daughter, trying to protect her from her father. They packed a few bags, and they went to Tree Hill, where Lily moved into her brother's childhood home. Moving to Tree Hill was different. While she had Lucas, Peyton, Haley, Jamie, Sawyer, and Lydia, she didn't feel at home, at all. Six weeks later, Taylor showed up on her doorstep, pleading with her to take him back, but she couldn't. Not until he got help, and he did. Taylor was diagnosed with PTSD. But along the way Taylor and Lily realized that they weren't meant for each other and got divorced. Taylor stayed in Tree Hill and worked at Tric while his daughter went to Tree Hill High and continued to live with Lily until she graduated.
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