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  1. <table class="table products" data-show-toggle="false" id="tableproducts" *ngIf="products.length > 0">
  2.             <thead>
  3.               <tr>
  4.                 <th>Nome</th>
  5.                 <th>Pre├žo</th>
  6.                 <th data-breakpoints="all">Quantidade</th>
  7.                 <th data-breakpoints="all">Valor Total</th>
  8.                 <th data-breakpoints="all"></th>
  9.               </tr>
  10.             </thead>
  11.             <tbody>
  12.               <tr data-expanded="false" *ngFor="let item of products">
  13.                 <td>{{ }}</td>
  14.                 <td>{{[ufSelected] }}</td>
  15.                 <td> <input type="number" class="col-lg-2" name="quantidade" id="quantidade" min="0"> </td>
  16.                 <td> <input type="text" class="col-lg-2" name="total" id="total" disabled> </td>
  17.                 <td> <button class="btn btn-primary float-right" id="buttoncart"(click)="addCart()"><i class="fa fa-shopping-cart"></i> Adicionar ao Carrinho </button> </td>          
  18.               </tr>
  19.             </tbody>
  20.           </table>
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