I feel disgusted with myself.

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  1. Gertrude runs as fast as she can, her feet hurt from the roughness of the dirt path beneath her, she has no idea where she is going but it was away from the burning houses and the familiar screams. Her long blonde hair is flowing behind her and her loose white nightgown is fluttering as she runs, it was all she was wearing for the attack had occurred so suddenly. Gertrude’s breathing becomes faster as she runs but no matter how fast she runs the beastman chasing her is faster. It does not take long until the Beastman reaches out, grabs her arm and Gertrude falls down in the dirt, soiling her nightgown and blemishing her fair skin. She turns around, seeing for the first time, in detail, one of the brutish Beastmen. It is a hideous amalgamation of Man and Goat. Dirty, matted light brown fur covers most of it’s body yet it has a man’s chest and arms, both thick with muscles that would make Gertrude swoon if they were on an actual human. Its head is that of a goat complete with a pair of large curved horns, and yellow eyes with slit pupils which stare down at Gertrude with an animalistic cruelty. The Beastman fully sees the helpless girl laying before him, it’s filled with hatred for what she represents. Civilization, Purity, Decency, all these things drives it into a frenzy and it immediately resolves to defile them, it pushes a hand against her shoulder pinning her hard against the soil as it drops to it’s knees and bends down so it’s monstrous features dominate the girl’s view. Gertrude whimpers, helpless with fear she lays there unable to react in anyway as the monster rips her nightgown with a hard hand, exposing her breasts. The two mounds are ample for her age, the stubby pink nipples on top are surrounded by only a small ring of Areola and stiffen against the cold air. The beastman enjoys the discomfort evident in it’s prey and gives the left breast a long lick, the rough animal tongue causes mild pain as it abrades her skin, leaving behind a trail of slimy saliva. The naïve girl believes that the monster is tasting her, that she will be eaten, that this is her end. She closes her eyes and utters a short prayer to Sigmar in her mind. But, dawning realization comes across her when she opens her eyes and sees the Beastman is not about to take a bite out of her, but is removing it’s belt and loincloth, the only article of clothing upon him. Gertrude’s eyes widen as she sees the cock for the first time, she had seen only one other while spying on boys she fancied but it was different from this one. The beastman’s cock is longer, and thicker with much fur at it’s base. She realizes it is going to go inside her, and she screams in terror. The Beastman gives a half laugh half grunt at the noise and tears off more of her white nightgown, this time uncovering her cunt. The virgin pussy is clamped shut and presents nothing pink, no folds of skin, not even a hint of the clitoris, all that is visible is a deep, tight crevice surrounded by a light bush of blond hair. The brutish monster temporarily takes the hand pinning Gertrude to the ground away, moving it’s body on top of her to keep her down, the tip of its cock coming to a rest at her belly button, the first feeling of heat upon her skin feels Gertrude with dread and she screams harder. Now with both hands free the Beastman puts one on each leg and forcefully spreads them, with her cunt more open he can enter. Moving it’s body down, it gives a look of pure cruelty into Gertrude’s eyes, she looks down in fear, a mistake as she sees the monstrous cock about to enter her, the thick veins leading to a large bulbous head. She has screamed so much that her throat is too dry to continue, all she can do is give a sob as the monster makes the first thrust, getting only the tip of its cock in.  Even just the tip is enough to make her feel pain, her tight cunt beginning to hurt from the sudden penetration. Then comes another thrust, harder then the last, the cock goes further in and now half is surrounded by her sensitive pink walls which painfully distend and expand to accommodate the invader forcing its way inside. The feeling makes the Beastman groan in pleasure, and makes Gertrude hurt even more, the tight virginity of her pussy simply does not fit the large cock, tears begin to stream down her face. The beastman notices this, as it makes it’s third thrust it moves it’s face against Gertrude’s, she smells it’s horrid breath as it gives a long lick across her cheek which makes her feel all the more humiliated and disgusted. The cock is now about three quarters inside her pussy and the brute pulls a large amount of it out. The sudden emptiness fools the innocent, naïve Gertrude into believing that it might be over. Then the monster thrusts into her harder then ever, enjoying reaching as far as he can go into her. The thick monstrous cock goes all the way in, fuzzy balls slapping against her underside as the dick is breaking her hymen and Gertrude’s cunt bleeds over it’s violator as it is forced to painfully accommodate it, the feeling of it reaching so far up inside her makes Gertrude’s mind spin. She wants to scream, she wants to fight, to lash out at her rapist but all she can do is lay there and take it, nothing in view but the monster and the glare of her burning home, nothing to smell save its overpowering stench, nothing to feel except the pain of its cock taking her virginity, unable to think of anything else but her sad predicament. The beastman holds its position deep inside her for a few moments, savouring the feeling, knowing that its victim, this civilized imperial bitch, must be feeling absolutely degraded, out of curiosity it reaches for the beautiful curly blond hair Gertrude has, she squirms and is reprimanded by a hard slap across the face, after clutching the hair it lowers it’s head and sniffs. The smell is foreign to the monster, yet it is oddly pleasing and he pulls off a handful of strands, making Gertrude yelp with pain, the strangeness of the act terrifies her further. Content, the beastman pulls out half of it’s stinking meat, enjoying the delicious virgin walls sliding against its cock, it pauses for a moment and stares down to admire the mess it is making, smiling cruelly upon seeing the glean of blood covering its penis, then it suddenly thrusts back in, making the girl give another whimper. As it pulls out again for another thrust the Beastman reaches for the breasts. Gertrude always secretly loved how big they were, how the boys always tried to steal a glance at them, but now. Now she wished they were saggy and ugly, she wished that she was the ugliest woman that existed, anything that would have stopped her rape. But she isn’t ugly. Her breasts are large, like the melons her father grew, with puffy nipples on top that seemed too big for the areola surrounding them. The monster pinches them with both hands, tightly rolling the nipples between it’s fingers, when Gertrude makes a grimace of pain he laughs with satisfaction, then thrusts again. The beastman doesn’t settle into a rhythm, the thrusts remain irregular in pace, which makes Gertrude feel off set by them, never knowing the precise moment when it will hammer at her cunt again. But one thing remains constant every single thrust sickens her more. Not only as every thrust is a continuation of her violation, but with each and every thrust she can feel her own pleasure slowly grow. She’s never had any sexual release before, and as rough and harsh the beastman he's touching her most pleasurable spots, and deep down inside a very small dark part of Gertrude is enjoying the humiliation, enjoying as she is ravaged by the beast, with it’s powerful muscles, it’s beastly yet masculine nature and its twisted appreciation of her body. The thrusts continue for a long while, to Gertrude it seems like ages and she loses track of time but the pain never abates, even as she gets used to the vast spreading of her pussy, he irregular thrusts keep her on edge and the beastman is seemingly focusing on keeping her as much in the moment as she can be, to maker her fully feel pain.  Every thrust is accompanied by an action. Another slap of the cheek, licking her ear, punching her gut, spitting on her, and chocking her. The Beastman does almost every degrading thing it can to watch her squirm and wince as it rapes her. After one hard thrust it puts its mouth to her right nipple, sucking and licking around it, Gertrude feels a horrifying feeling of pleasure which quickly turns to pain as the monster bites down with it’s sharp horrendous teeth. Far from enough to tear off flesh, but enough to make a circle of bleeding and broken skin around the nipple. She screams futilely as the monster licks its lips, enjoying the taste of fresh blood, then continues with the violating thrusting. The entire act is completely horrifying, thankfully it does not last forever. The fact that Gertrude is a virgin adds incredible pain to her rape but at least means the monstrous creature violating her cannot last as long.Even though the beastman considers itself blessed by Slaanesh and experienced at making the pain of rape last, Gertrude’s cunt is tighter then anything else the Beastman has ever had. Eventually it cannot withstand the pleasure, as everything in this scenario is perfect to it. Violating the purity of virginity, causing fear and disgust in a wholesome lady who would never have dreamed of such degradation, tearing down a civilized girl to make her a mere bitch to mate, enjoying an impossibly tight pussy around his dick, it’s too much. With a final thrust it enters as far as it can go one last time. When it reaches it’s peak inside Gertrude’s cunt the beastman cums. Braying loudly and putting a rough hand over one of the big breasts as spurts of intensely hot gooey sperm fill Gertrude, and her revulsion at her rape grows greatly. The cock is finally pulled out, covered in vaginal fluids, cum and a bit of blood as well as leaving behind a large amount of milky white sperm surrounded by aching, expanded pink folds and walls which itself is surrounded by red, recently bruised skin. Gertrudes mind spins, not only is the feeling of the seed of a monster being put inside her incredibly distressing but also the mere thought that she might have just been impregnated makes her want to puke. She doesn’t but instead passes out, her last thought before slipping into unconsciousness is a hope that the monster kills her now. The beastman gives a satisfied grunt, and slips back on it’s belt and loincloth, it then picks up it’s axe in one hand, with the other it lifts up Gertrude, slinging her onto his shoulder like a sack of loot. It has no reason to kill her, for not only could she now be carrying a future member of the tribe, further violation is possible, just as he now carries her away from her home so too will the Beastman carry her down into further acts of depravity until she is willingly, eagerly, joining in acts with the whole tribe that would frighten her current self and please Slaanesh greatly. But that is for the future, for now the Beastman joins his tribe among the smoldering ruins of the village. The smoke flowing into the night sky as the last screams dwindle out and quiet finally returns to the forest.
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