Maidens-in-Law - 06

May 7th, 2020
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~ Maidens-In-Law ~

사돈 처녀들 --- Publisher Link

By 만지작

TAGS: #Beauty #Female_Friend #Married_Woman #Temptation #First_Love #Other_Women #Secret #Childhood_Friend #Sisters #Romance #Drama

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Relationship Description
Park Hyungsoo / 박형수 Single Kyutae's younger brother, he grew up hating his big brother.
Jung Eunkyung / 정은경 In a Relationship A charming girl who only look at Kyutae, Hyungsoo childhood's friend.
Da Boyoung / 다보영 Married Kyutae's wife, she's stimulating Hyungsoo's desire.
Da Bojeong / 다보정 Single Boyoung's younger sister, she is secretly having an affair with Kyutae.
Da Bohye / 다보혜 Single Boyoung's youngest sister, fan of idol, she's a kind and naive woman.
Da Bojin / 다보진 Single A sly and ambitious woman, she's working as prosecutor. Kyutae's coworker and sister-in-law.
Park Kyutae / 박규태 Married Acting like a predator over his family, twisted feeling over his younger brother.
Deokgyu / 덕규 Single Hyungsoo's best friend. Both of them are fan of parkour.

Synopsis: After 7 years of unrequited love towards Jung Eunkyung who was only interested in Park Kyutae, Park Hyungsoo started to have feelings for his older brother's wife.
Besides Jung Eunkyung and Da Boyoung, Hyungsoo felt also attracted towards other women... His sisters-in-law...
What choice will he make in a forbidden relationship where everything should be kept secret?

Chapter - 06

Hyungsoo is telling to Boyoung how she should wait here first because he must clean his room first and change his clothes.. He narrates how nobody know where he's living aside 'Deokgyu' his best friend (the guy with pink hair), how even his mother and Eunkyung don't know his address.. Not to mention Kyutae..

Seeing the elevator isn't coming, Boyoung proposes Hyungsoo to take the stairs (she keeps calling him 'Young Master').. They're climbing the stairs towards Hyungsoo's place. He's feeling conflicted about what he's doing and wonders why he's telling Boyoung where he's living. While climbing he asks her how could she carry something this heavy up to there and Boyoung makes joke about her being way stronger than what she looks.

Hyungsoo is still wondering why he's bring the closest person to his sworn enemy to his apartment without finding any proper reason behind his action.. They're now in front of the door. Hes typing his entry code and Boyoung makes him know she saw everything, how the password is his birthday and she apologizes saying she'll try to erase this information of her memory.
Hyungsoo looks at Boyoung pretty face still not understanding why he's acting like this and tells her it doesn't matter if she knows it. He sighs thinking he can't refuse her anything and how the word 'rejection' is like nonexistent in front of her.

They enter in the messy room.. Hyungsoo apologizes saying his room is so dirty and he'll clean it up very quickly, Boyoung looks around saying it doesn't matter since it's normal for a man to live like that (Wuuuut?!). She notices a certain item on the floor, she picks it up asking him what's the use of this thing, he looks at her and stares at the object inside her pretty hands..

He's stunned for a moment before snatching it from her grasp.. Then he hurriedly hides his 'onahole' somewhere else.. Boyoung is taking off her neckerchief while telling him she wants to warm up the 'japchae' before leaving his place because she knows he'll be too lazy later and will eat it cold.
She ties up her hair into a pony tail with the neckerchief she just took off.. Hyungsoo can't help but be mesmerized by Boyoung's figure.. He thinks how he's already feeling hot enough..

Boyoung is warming up the food with the help of the pan and tells him he doesn't need to add anything but just to warm it up like this.. He doesn't pay attention to what she's saying and just stares at her back while gulping down a mouthful of saliva, he scolds himself for having so many 'inappropriate' thoughts swirling inside his head..

He slaps himself saying he's just a crazy bastard and having such a wild imagination should be a crime, he thinks how he must acting like this and take hold of himself in front of his beautiful sister-in-law. He clenches his fists thinking he should never act like his trash of brother and so shamelessly.

Boyoung bends down to pick up something inside her bag while saying she brought her homemade soy sauce since she thought he'll not have any at his place. Hyungsoo can't resist the temptation and takes a peek.. She tells him he'll really like it since it's tasting so good, he doesn't answer and keep his eyes glued on her round ass.

Hyungsoo is now finally eating these famous homemade 'japchae', Boyoung is really happy to see him enjoying her cooking so much and tells him to take his time since she made a lot for him. He praises her saying he never ate something this delicious, she's happy to hear such words coming out from his mouth and promises him to bring him some braised ribs next time. Hyungsoo thinks about it while staring at her amazing cleavage and tells her it might be as delicious as her 'japchae' and looks forward to such an event.

She picks up a tissue and gently wipes his mouth while asking him he didn't suffer too much and how life must be hard for him.. Hyungsoo wonders. This simple question makes him burst into tears.. He's narrating how even now he still doesn't know the why hearing Boyoung asking him such a question had such an effect on him, how it makes him feels so sad..

Hyungsoo is scolding himself for showing such a weak side of him in front of her and apologizes, she hugs his head and presses it on her warm and soft breasts.. While telling him everything is okay, how she already knows everything and to let go of his resentments.

Hyungsoo is once again scolding himself in his mind saying he shouldn't think about the sensation of her tits on his face at such a moment.. She tells him how it's already been seven years she's living with Kyutae so she knows him too.. She says Kyutae can sometimes act like an ass, even more to the people around him.

She stroke his head while saying it must be really for him to live with Kyutae for so many years.. Being despised and beaten by him..

Hyungsoo is still crying and for some reason he keeps pressing his head between Boyoung's breasts. She calls his name asking what's happening to him, he hugs her back not wanting to let her go and pushes her down the floor. Hyungsoo is narrating how something broke inside him that night..
He keeps going, saying he totally lost every bit of his rationality that night.

Hyungsoo is now on top of Boyoung.. She asks him what he's doing and to keep eating his meal, Hyungsoo heaves a long sigh saying he can't do it.. He tells her he very well knows it's something that should never happen but it's too late for him and can't stop anymore.
He hugs her hips with one hand and puts her head closer to him with the other, they keep staring at each other like this for a long moment before they're awakened from their dreamlike moment by the sounds of the door opening.
It's Deokgyu..

Later, Hyungsoo is helping her entering in the taxi she called.. They promise each other to meet later on and to not wait for so many time to pass. Boyoung tells him she'll come directly in his room next time and will prepare him a delicious meal. He tells her to give him a call once she's at home and wishes her a safe return, pinky promise before leaving about meeting again in a few days.

Back to his place Deokgyu is already eating Boyoung's food.. He praises Hyungsoo's sister-in-law cooking skill and asks him if he can finish the plate himself. Hyungsoo tells him to fuck off since he didn't finish eating.

Deok asks him why she was closing her eyes while kissing him (so he kissed her), Hyungsoo tells him to mind his own business and leaves saying he must call someone.

On the roof.. Hyungsoo is calling his mother.. She pick it up and asks who it is, he tells her his name and apologizes for not giving her any news during so many years..

Next day, at the Supreme Court of Korea... Kyutae and Bojin are interrogating a man accused of sexual harassment and rape (A big joke for a manhwa to use such a case as example to show Kyutae's and Bojin's working).. Whatever I translated the whole stuff but it was too much of a joke to be written down.. Only interesting stuff were, Kyutae is good at his work of prosecutor, he is hated by the defense. Often overbearing in his way of handling case.. The old fatty is the Chief Justice of the Republic of Korea or 1 of the 13 other Supreme Court Justices.. This man is taking Kyutae's side every times for some obscure reasons.. He asked the judges to sentence the sexual offender to eight years of prison then 20 minutes of deliberation..

During the deliberation, Kyutae is smoking while talking with a certain inspector 'Kang' on the phone, asking him if the work he asked him to do is finally done.. After hanging up Bojin comes by and tells him he's a liar, how she found him smoking and wonder what Boyoung will think of his lie. She laughs saying she found such a perfect criminal scene.

To be continued..
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