Mathew has a neat use for Terraform

Apr 10th, 2018
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  1. Hey Chris and Wes!
  3. I was listening to your last episode about Terraform and really enjoyed it. When Wes asked for success stories of modules I knew I had to write in. I work for MongoDB (the company) maintaining our packaging code for MongoDB (the database) as well as running the infrastructure for our CI system Evergreen ( (which is open source:
  5. We run Evergreen in AWS and because of some old Linux distros we have to support we're very strict about how we do security. Additionally, testing MongoDB sometimes requires spinning up multiple server so we have to give fairly permissive creds to our developers for a build. AWS enables a lot of nice network level security and other account level features for enabling people to do this in a sane way however it's a pain to set up by hand. So we used Terraform and lots of our own (and community) modules to do it. As a matter of fact (plug, plug, plug) I'm in the process of Open Sourcing these Terraform modules and giving a talk about how we secure our CI system and automate it with Terraform at Linux Fest Northwest:
  7. Thanks for making an awesome show, I love the new format,
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