Kamijou Mikoto Beach Interview

Oct 4th, 2016
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  1. Q1) What's your relationship? Friends? Lovers?
  2. Kamijou: Well, to be honest, I'm not sure. At the very least, I'm pretty sure it wasn't something that would have us going to the beach alone together. Really, how did this happen?
  3. Mikoto: !? Don't tell me you're a plainclothes poli-...c-cough, cough! Cut! Cut that part! Okay? Ho, oh ho ho. We might go to different schools, but I think upperclassman-underclassman would be the best way of describing it. Although he isn't quite reliable enough to call him that! ...Phew.
  5. Q2) Tell us about the most heart-pounding thing that happened during summer break this year.
  6. Kamijou: In a way, this is making me the most nervous. See, misfortune always befalls Kamijou-san here, so if someone tells me to go have fun and spread my wings, I have to assume something's going to happen afterwards. ...Seriously, though. Do you have something you need help with? I just hope it isn't some major worry.
  7. Mikoto: You...You really are acting-...! N-no, it's nothing. H-hey, this is just a hypothetical, but what if you looked up in the midsummer night sky and saw something that clearly wasn't moving like an airplane but wasn't a toy drone either? ...No, never mind! I refuse to believe in those things!
  9. Q3) What do you most want to do together right now?
  10. Kamijou: Academy City doesn't have an ocean, so I want to try that thing where you go free diving and catch fish. But I guess you need some equipment for that . And I doubt Misaka would like that kind of thing.
  11. Mikoto: We’re here to bury you-know-what!! Oh, honestly. Again, cut that part! ...Ahem. As a special present from an online store, I won a pair ticket for a seawater hot spring inn trip, so I had no choice but to bring him with me. Yes, going with Kuroko seemed far more dangerous.
  13. Q4) Is there anything you focused on when it comes to showing off your swimsuit to Kamijou-san?
  14. Mikoto: No, there's nothing in this bulging travel bag! Nothing at all!! ...Eh? Swimsuit? W-well, I wanted something different from my school one, so I went with a bikini! Although this actually takes a lot of courage.
  16. Q5) Tell us your thoughts when you saw Misaka-san in her swimsuit.
  17. Kamijou: Swimsuits really are amazing! She doesn't look at all like the girl I usually see. But where did this all come from all of a sudden? Well, if I can see a rare sight like this, I guess I can do her a favor or two. Ah ha ha!
  19. Q6) How would you respond if a strange guy hit on you?
  20. Mikoto: Ho, oh ho ho. That would depend on the guy of course. I would talk with him a little and if we didn't get along, I would politely turn him down. ...I need to avoid driving them off with an electric attack right now. I already have my hands full here, so I can't cause any more trouble.
  22. Q7) If you were hitting on Misaka-san, what would you say??
  23. Kamijou: That would depend on how serious I was about it. If I didn't have a good reason, I wouldn't approach her in the first place. If I had to stop her or the earth would explode, then...well, maybe I would resolve some small problem of hers. Simply learning a way to clean all the sand off of beach sandals might give me a chance to talk to her. It's all about the trivia you know. ...Hm? That doesn't sound like me? Ha ha ha. You just met me, so what would you know about Kamijou-kun? Oops, Kamijou-san. I mean Kamijou-san. Sorry.
  25. Q8) Lastly, give us a message for the other one.
  26. Mikoto: I-I'll confess. Gulp. You can tell just by looking at this bag. I did it all for that idiot...yes, for that idiot. Pant, pant. M-maybe no one will understand, but I made sure to settle all of this by defeating the detestable alien that tried to swap places with that idiot!!
  27. Kamijou: Oh? It's off the record? Really? Hmm. Then if you'll excuse me...
  28. (Pshhh) Piharu poharu pau pau myurui puhyurupi munyuru manyu-manyu mohira pihyu-pihu porape amunya norupe (click).
  29. ...Ha ha ha. Where are you running off to? It's too late now. Investigator to mothership, we have a problem.
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