Henric and Alex XVIII (v1.3)

Jun 6th, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous Male Knight / Virtuous Female Squire, Reverse Trap, Rape, Forced Feminization of a Reverse Trap
  4. Time went by with variable speed. Training, work, and sometimes even play happened--at least away from Henric. Alex’ suffering was quiet but she made it through with Ellis and the other squires and knights.
  6. For the most part, evenings with Henric were somehow tolerable by being predictable. He’d demand something sexual, usually sex but occasionally he wanted her mouth or breasts instead. She would comply and try to make him cum as quickly as possible, and then she could sleep. Every so often he'd leave her be.
  9. On the eve of Alex’ eighteenth birthday, Kerran Myar’s undead horde consumed three towns in the country to the north, a city-state called Fierskeep. News of the attack relayed between wizards out to messengers on horseback and swept out even to the most rural places.
  11. Henric’s look of devastation and concern when he and Alex sat in the meeting room and were given the news was genuine, and he leaned forward on his elbows at the table while Sir Cyrus talked and shared the current plan.
  13. Most forces in their country would be staying behind defensively. Some would be going up north over the border to Fierskeep to provide friendly support, and Sir Cyrus told them they would be in that number, get ready to go in a few days.
  16. Alex and Micah sat on one of the outside walls that evening with their feet hanging off the edges. They didn’t think there was a need to keep watch, but it was a good place to sit. They passed a loaf of stale bread back and forth, taking bites and waiting for Glenn and Ellis to get back from wherever they’d been.
  18. “Eighteen,” Micah said, shaking his head. He was a few month’s Alex’ junior, like Glenn. Ellis’ eighteenth birthday had been a few months ago. “How’s it feel to be marrying age?”
  20. Alex shrugged. “No different, really. Besides, people years younger than us get married in other places.”
  22. “Well it’s not like you’re getting married any time soon, are you?” Asked Micah. “To that girl your dad set you up with?”
  24. “No,” Alex said. “She’s a bit younger than me and stuff. Plus everyone wants me to be finished with training and have some years as a knight already before I marry her. I’ve known her since I was little but our dads keep saying we can’t be too careful and everything. Her dad basically just needs proof that I’m not a fuck-up before I marry his daughter.”
  26. “Ugh,” Micah said to express his sympathies. “You’re at least gonna see her and spend time with her and stuff before you’re married, right?”
  28. “Yeah, after I’m a knight, hopefully I can visit her more,” Alex said genuinely. She did care about the princess, even if she wasn't in love. She gnawed off a chunk of bread and handed it back to the other boy.
  30. “Gonna do more than just visit?” he asked, wiggling an eyebrow.
  32. Alex shrugged. “Maybe,” she said. But she didn’t want to have sex with her. Alex could see from the perspective of the men she knew, could see what made girls attractive to them, but she could never bring herself to be attracted to girls the way they usually were. She felt deficient sometimes because of it, but if she liked girls she figured that would only end up being a new can of worms.
  34. Ellis and Glenn found them, and they clapped Alex on the back and wished her well on her birthday. It was all she needed really, but the four of them had other plans to wander off into the woods and have a good time.
  37. Late in the evening, Alex went to Henric’s room to sleep. She was tired from running around with the boys and in truth they’d had a few beers with more bread and stew they pilfered, just nothing to get drunk from. She hoped that Henric had forgotten the day this year like he had the last, but when she entered the room and saw the crate, she was sure that he hadn’t forgotten.
  39. "Did you enjoy your time without me?" Henric sat at the table, reading by the lantern light.
  41. "I usually do," she replied. She spoke softly in a matter-of-fact tone, not sounding angry or like she was really trying to attack him. Alex was just honest.
  43. "A package came while you were away," he tossed a thumb towards the large sack on top of the crate, something long and flat wrapped in burlap. "Something from your father no doubt. Judging by its size I bet it would go well with my gift. One of them at least."
  45. Alex raised an eyebrow. She was more shocked by the idea of Henric getting her something for her birthday than she was that her father had sent her anything.
  47. For Lord Edgar Smythe and his only child, today was also the birthday of the deceased Alexander, and the anniversary of the death of the twins’ mother, Shoshanna. Alex could never remember her father being happy on her birthday, but she had always felt his love. Last year her presents (books) had arrived late, but this year he’d apparently sent the gift to her ahead of time.
  49. For a few moments she stood still, but then she moved to the present from her father and pulled away the bindings and the burlap wrappings to find herself looking at a sturdy shield. It was a very dark red with two orange gold dragons twisting and breathing fire. The symbolism was not lost on the girl and she smiled a little sadly at the motif--herself and her brother, the dragons. Her father’s shield had only a single beast painted on it.
  51. "It's a shield," she said to Henric from where she was looking at it. "The design--"
  53. "Oh, I'm well aware of the design. I even spoke to your father about it. I needed to know ahead of time." He kicked his own present, the large wooden box. It was heavy, perhaps heavier than the shield. “Take a look.”
  55. She did, curious what abomination Henric had decided to give her and then call a present. When she looked, her breath caught in her throat. Inside were plates of armor, matching Henric's armor almost identically in all but size and lack of wear. In the center was a tabard. Unlike the green one he wore this was red, and unlike the lion that adorned his, hers had the twin dragons.
  57. She found this alarming, baffling. By far, this was the nicest thing he had ever done for her, and she looked between the knight and the armor several times. Finally she remembered her manners. For once he deserved them from her, even though the words didn’t feel right in her mouth. "Thank you, sir. This was... very... kind."
  59. It would never make up for past wrongs, and it would never shift her view of him. But she was happier in the moment with him treating her like his squire. Henric stood up and came to stand at her side, looking down at the armor over her shoulder.
  61. "I'd rather not see you get killed in that ill-fitting armor you've been trouncing around in. This should be a better fit for your frame." He reached around her side and traced a hand down her curves. "Not to mention you'll look like a proper knight."
  63. Already, with the way he touched her, he had ruined any slight goodwill he would otherwise have earned from Alex. She tried not to react to his touch but he made her skin crawl. She tried to just focus on the words, and picked up one of the gauntlets. She was pleasantly awed. "Yeah. It looks like it will all fit perfectly."
  65. "I should hope so, I got it custom fit to you. That was no easy task with one of your build." He fished for another package from his bag on the table. "This is custom as well." The package was a fine silk wrapping. He pushed it into her hands, and she set the gauntlet down on the table to unwrap it.
  67. Alex felt its weight, its consistency. More clothes, she could tell. She set it on the table and opened it curiously. She felt confusion when she found that it was a dress inside, then anger and embarrassment. It was a dark, subdued shade of blue.
  69. "I can't wear this, this is for girls," she said, as annoyed as any young man being given a dress for his birthday. Alex couldn’t remember the last time she had worn girl clothes. This wasn’t a gift for her, this was a gift that Henric was giving to himself.
  71. He swept up behind her and held the dress up to her body and in the same motion grabbed her to re-angle her torso to look at the mirror on the wall. Alex was red. He pointed her to the mirror. She could see him hovering over her as he whispered in her ear, his dark hair falling over her shoulder. "A true knight out there and a true lady in here."
  73. She ducked under his arm and away from him--and the girly clothing. She had a deeply ingrained sense of masculinity to protect! And Henric damaged it enough as it was. Early on as a boy she had been teased for feminine behaviors until she had learned to conceal or eliminate them entirely, and now she held a great contempt for dresses. "I don't want to be a lady." Alex didn’t know how she could make it any more clear for him.
  75. He grabbed the armored glove from the table and In a flash the gauntlet had slapped her across the face. While she was disoriented he grabbed her by the lapels and pulled her in close. His voice was harsh and clearly angered. "Your knight has given you a gift and you will accept it like the good little squire you are."
  77. She broke his grip and staggered a few steps with her head ringing. "That dress was a gift to yourself, that was never really for me and you know it. You would hate if I wore that dress around other men," Alex scowled, rubbing her face where the metal had left a mark.
  79. "Nonsense. I'd love it if you did, so long as my arm was wrapped around you. So long as they knew you belonged to me."
  81. Alex blushed furiously at the idea of letting anyone think that she ‘belonged’ to him. Henric’s fantasies were complicated for her to understand, and they seemed to shift with his mood towards her. In the beginning he had been concerned with punishing her, breaking her, making her feel weak and unable to stand on her own next to him while he reminded her again and again that the only reason she had anything in life was because she had a rich father. But this dress represented a completely different kind of fantasy entirely.
  83. "You're an ass," she told him in a low and defeated mutter. She already knew that he was just going to end up forcing her to do what he wanted anyway. But at least she wouldn’t be caving and helping along his fantasies.
  85. "I'd rather you not force me to put the dress on you." He seemed to avoid her insult with the same ease he dodged sword swipes in combat. "The fabric is rather fragile and I don’t want to tear it."
  87. She glared at him and leaned back against the table to try to appear more confident than she was, less anxious and angry and let down by him. Less humiliated by things that hadn’t even happened yet tonight. "Like I'd know how to put that on myself anyway. I hate girl clothes. I’m not a girl."
  89. "It was only after your brother died that you wished to become a knight like him, wasn't it?" Henric raised an eyebrow. It wasn't often he mentioned her brother, in fact he hadn't since the two of them met with Kerran. Alex was caught a little off guard to hear him mentioned. "So, how long did you live your life playing house and wishing to be a princess like all the other little girls, hm?"
  91. "I always wanted to be a knight. We used to fight with sticks but, we were too little to really... I don't remember that much." There were few memories left of that young age, but she was confident in her identity as a knight-to-be.
  93. "Just put on the dress." Henric's voice seemed almost saddened as well, but more bitter than anything else. Could it be some tiny crack of empathy? Or perhaps it was simply that memories of her twin aroused his own memories of Kerran and what he had done to Alex. He seemed to snarl at his own emotions. He then added: "I won't ask you again."
  95. "You put it on," she muttered back, lacking any creative way to retort. She heard the disappointment in his voice, but misinterpreted it as disappointment in her lack of house-playing. "I'm not wearing it."
  97. "We'll just see about that." The knight grabbed Alex by her shoulder and used his hips to pin her to the table she was leaning on. She gave him the customary look of anger and violation when he grabbed her tunic and wrenched it over head.
  99. He kneed her in the stomach, pulled her head to his groin, and with practiced ease he undid the bindings on her breasts and pulled them away. Alex grunted with discomfort and tried to stand up but he had grabbed the hair on the back of her head and he kept her facing the ground and off-balance. Just when she stopped struggling, he lifted her head up and shoved her back against the table so she lay on her back with her legs up. She kicked him once on the shoulder before Henric went after her belt and once it was undone he rolled her onto her stomach, and pinned her by her head the way knights were trained to pin suspects before manacling them.
  101. He moved to her pants. Those damned pants. Always several sizes too big to hide her feminine curves so he could never watch her move the way he wanted. Henric hated this about them, and since her belt was undone he pulled her pants and underwear from her with a sense of victory.
  103. The knight grabbed her and pulled her to a standing position again, and caught her looking over her shoulder at him with blue eyes begging him not to humiliate her. He covered them when he slipped the dress over her head and pulled it down, forcing her hands into the sleeves. Once both were safely secured he pulled them up her arms and pulled the fabric down, unfurling the skirt as he did with a wicked grin.
  105. Alex felt constricted by the smooth fabric, trapped by how it clung to her waist and ribs and cradled her breasts in the front without pressing them flat like she was used to. She felt like it wasn’t safe to breathe, and somehow wearing a skirt made her feel more bare and vulnerable than being naked did. She spread her legs slightly to keep balance and because she didn’t like her thighs touching at all.
  107. Henric straightened her skirt by running his hands down her sides, and Alex balled her hands into fists.
  109. "I hate being a girl," she told the knight in a near-whisper.
  111. "Nonsense, you look wonderful. Like a proper lady." He snatched one of Alex hands and gave her a quick twirl and pointed her to the mirror, leaving her disoriented and even more furious than before. The knight watched the hem of her dress billow out like flower petals.
  113. She got a good look. It was disarming to see herself this way, and Alex was genuinely unable to recognize her own body for a few moments. The dress was tight around her waist and ribs, the same blue hue as her eyes. Sickening. The front of the dress showed the cleavage of her breasts, and the wide, open neck made the handprint on her shoulder almost seem to glow. Alex didn’t dare to turn around and look to see how her ass looked. But Henric had seen it, and he was very pleased.
  115. Henric’s hands rested on her bare shoulders as his face crept down and whispered in her ear again. "You would look absolutely beautiful." His hand then quickly snatched up her chin. "Were it not for that frown of yours."
  117. She shuddered at his compliments, wondering why he chose to say things that were almost kind rather than call her names. And, because she knew it annoyed him, she kept frowning.
  119. "There's no reason you can't be a proper lady and a knight. You may live both lives. I do not want you to choose ladyship over knighthood, I truly want you to have both." His hand still held her chin in a vicious manner, as if by squeezing her face he might make her grin.
  121. "Why do you want that?" she asked, fighting to move her jaw until he let go and swept her in a different direction to force her into a mockery of a dance. She was still dizzy from his last twirl, and had two left feet besides. "If women could be knights, I'd have told them everything about you."
  123. "If women could be knights I'd have no collateral over you. We would have never been in this situation in the first place." His eyes flowed down her body and then back up, one of his hands on her hip and the other crushing her hand. "And you'd not need to hide this gorgeous gift."
  125. Alex looked up at him, feeling the heavy sadness in her heart. "What would you have done to me if I was allowed to be a squire? I would never have kept a secret like this."
  127. "Who knows? I may have simply wooed you with my charm and proposed to you once you were deemed a proper knight." He let out a soft laugh as if consensual marriage was a joke to him.
  129. Alex' skin crawled and she tried to pull from his grip with no success, he only pulled her in more tightly to him and held her body against his own. "No way. Hell no." She tried to ball her hands into fists again at the ends of their long blue sleeves. She just wanted to punch the knight. "My father wouldn't have married me to a guy like you."
  131. She was being intentionally rude this time, and partly reminding him of his absence of a birthright. She knew that still pained him greatly. He had always liked to try to turn her against her class and the system she had been born into, she had always liked to turn that around and remind him he was a peasant. Alex believed that his hatred was the result of an unlucky birth rather than a fault in the way the country was--if he were a king, Henric would never have minded the way of things.
  133. "If I were a girl," Alex went on, struggling with her identity, "My father would have married me to a good person, and he would have married me to someone who mattered. And never, ever to you."
  135. "Of course not. But since you're a boy--allegedly--he'd rather marry you off to another woman while you continue to lie to the world." Henric sneered. "Would he be so accepting of Ellis?"
  137. Alex looked more defeated and ashamed. At a loss for words, for once. There was no good answer to this. "Marriage isn't about love," she said finally, scrambling for an argument. "It's just how the noble families work with each other."
  139. "Where I grew up, love was the only thing that warranted a marriage." Henric seemed to snarl. "And you call me unsophisticated. A bond meant for showing your eternal love is simply a way for kings and queens to grab more land for themselves. You disgust me."
  141. "You don't even know what love is," she countered.
  143. This upset him more than most of the things she said, though he could not quite tell why. Henric had never sought out love, he simply wished to fulfill his lust. Despite his sadistic tendencies and violent behavior, he wished for Alex to stay by his side. He admired her as a knight, she was a competent fighter, he felt she was capable of outsmarting him, he knew he could fuck her every night and never be bored of her. To him, that felt like love. Though, with Henric's twisted morals he did not have to take no for an answer.
  145. If she would not give him her love in return he could simply take it from her whenever he wanted.
  147. Alex saw this anger, and didn't understand it. She rarely did. She suggested, "You just want to own me. That's how you like to act. But that's not love, not at all."
  149. She knew that she was in no position to lecture on the finer points of love but she still felt more qualified than Henric--she was in love with someone, and didn't believe that Henric was. "If you loved someone, you wouldn't hurt them."
  151. Henric's mind quickly flashed images of his father--he knew his father loved his mother, but he had also seen the many bruises he left on her when he had been a boy. This caused him a bit of hesitation at Alex's words. With a saddened snarl he finally spoke up, though he was practically just muttering the words to himself. "I'll show you what love is."
  153. His hand snatched her hair on the top of her head and he pushed her with full force into the wall. She cringed when he pushed her back, her shoulder blades pressed into the cold stone. and he wasted no time lifting up the skirt of the dress.
  155. His words frightened her more than even his actions--did he really think he loved her? She was aware enough to realize that love, where Henric was concerned, was more dangerous than hate.
  157. Within seconds his belt had come off, its buckle falling to the floor with a clatter. While freeing his erection with one hand, he let go of Alex’ hair with the other and his fingers instead wrapped tightly around her thigh and pulled it up to his hips. Alex yelped and nearly fell, stopping herself by grabbing at Henric’s shoulders and sleeves. She didn't try to stop him anymore, she just survived. That was all she felt she could do. He scooped up her second leg and used his mass to pin her torso in place.
  159. Alex had a few moments to collect herself and feel his penis rubbing at her entrance, grinding on her clit. She was so ashamed that, in addition to being in the idiotic girl clothes, she was wet enough with fear that she would be an easy conquest. Her fluids slipped out of the slit between her legs onto Henric’s member and primed him.
  161. With her clutching him with every limb, he entered her. She inhaled sharply while he sank his nails into her ass and thighs and spent a moment all the way inside of her. There were certain twitches, certain physical reactions that the poor girl couldn’t stave off, and Henric loved to feel them when he was just warming up and first penetrating her.
  163. Teeth clenched, brow furled, Henric pushed in deep and hard. With every thrust came an angered grunt. Alex heard him, the noises he was making. She knew the sounds of his anger, and he felt differently when he was angry and fucking her too. He made it hurt more.
  165. Every so often he'd grab Alex's face to get a better look at her. To excite him more. He enjoyed looking at her face so much. How could those other knights not see its clearly feminine charms? She didn't cry, even when he grabbed her face and twisted it to look into his eyes and saw his destructive determination. It was rare these days for her to get angry enough to cry. Usually she was a good little squire.
  167. His eyes would occasionally eye her dress, the way it showed off her shapely breasts. He outstretched a hand and grabbed them, feeling the silky texture beneath his fingers. A slight groan of pleasure escaped his lips as he grabbed a handful of her chest's flesh.
  169. Alex groaned with him at the discomfort and let her head fall forward onto his shoulder, reaching one of her arms around his neck to hold on. "Henric, please..." she begged him in a muttered tone, wishing he wouldn’t aggravate her poor breasts, which were always sore from a combination of being hidden and being molested. Nevertheless they had proven as tough as the rest of the squire, and were as perky and round as they could be.
  171. He continued pressing on, despite her pleas. In fact, in his twisted mind it instigated him to press on more. Please what? With his imagination, she was saying 'Henric, please... more. More.'
  173. More.
  175. Now that lust was coursing through his veins so much more now, he pressed on with new found vigor. He smiled as he pounded himself within her. His imagination was running the show now.
  177. She heard the light sound of his lips parting to a smile, dug her nails into his back through his tunic as she whimpered now with him speeding up. It would never be a feeling she could get used to, him ramming into her so hard it hurt, so fast she didn't have time to get used to it no matter what.
  179. The man was already so far gone in his mind that he had all but forgotten where he was and what he had done in the past. He daydreamed of his future.
  181. Alex was pinned against a solid gold wall, her dress even more fanciful than Henric remembered. Henric himself was in fine clothes. Noble clothes. A king's clothes. He fucked Alex in their collected royal quarters, beneath a large stained glass window depicting Henric in not only a positive light, but a godly one.
  183. The girl held as still as she could with her eyes hidden in his neck. Henric was lost as far as she was concerned--lost and gone to his own world in his mind. She hoped, for her own sake, that he was imagining he was with someone other than her.
  185. Henric stifled his moan when he came in his queen. He did not worry about getting her pregnant as he did when he knew her only as his squire (though even normally it almost never crossed his mind). No. He relished the thought of his queen giving birth to his child, the next ruler of his kingdom. The thought of his seed growing within her made his orgasm all the more forceful.
  187. As his orgasm subsided, so did his fantasies. He slowly lowered himself to the ground, still clutching the shaking Alex in his lap. She tried to get up, but he held her in place. Once Henric's fantasy was over, he had become sour as though waking up from a pleasant dream, finding himself still stuck in the shitty, real world.
  189. "Happy Birthday," he whispered in her ear, "You ungrateful bitch."
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