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  2. Drsalvador: Really bad meeting with my superiors tonight
  3. Littleman: superiors?
  4. Littleman: work?
  5. Drsalvador: I do freelance edit work for a small-time TV company
  6. Littleman: So whats up then
  7. Drsalvador: ever since my psychology degree went to waste.
  8. Littleman: psychology degree
  9. Littleman: ??
  10. Drsalvador: Well, It turns out they're going to investigate everyone's edit methods
  11. Drsalvador: ANd if they're not up to scratch/regulations
  12. Drsalvador: "Certain People" will be "Let Go"
  13. Drsalvador: And i am DEFINITELY on that list of lolinquisition
  14. Littleman: And you are certain people?
  15. Littleman: I see
  16. Littleman: But
  17. Littleman: psychology degree went to waste?
  18. Drsalvador: I use non-regulated programs to edit and oh god they will kick my arse for it
  19. Drsalvador: Yes. I have a PhD in psychology
  20. Littleman: Wtf
  21. Littleman: how old are you
  22. Drsalvador: 34.
  23. Littleman: and why did it go to waste
  24. Littleman: Is this Deathbucket?
  25. Drsalvador: No. this is Dr. Damien Salvador PhD.
  26. Littleman: You taking a piss?
  27. Drsalvador: Nope.
  28. Drsalvador: I'm not yling
  29. Littleman: Whyd it go to waste?
  30. Drsalvador: i have a PhD in psychology but i found no work that was rewarding enough that required it/all the hours were utter shit
  31. Drsalvador: so i just ditched it and went with the simplest job, TV editing.
  32. Drsalvador: I tried radio producing(pushing the buttenz!) but the hours were insane, 10pm-4am
  33. Littleman: Right so
  34. Littleman: You have an PhD in psychology, you cant find any work
  35. Drsalvador: I can find work
  36. Littleman: Where'd you get your PhD?
  37. Drsalvador: I just don't like it.
  38. Littleman: that suits you*
  39. Drsalvador: brighton university
  40. Drsalvador: hastings campus
  41. Littleman: What kind of job were you looking for and my my, they're quite renowned for their psychology course arent they
  42. Drsalvador: You're a fucking moron, FYI,
  43. Drsalvador: you can study anywhere
  44. Drsalvador: i almost went to oxford but it was too far to move
  45. Drsalvador: and they rejected me the CUNTSWALLOPSSSSssmsmgnenrnf
  46. Drsalvador: Yes i am bitter.
  47. Littleman: Wait
  48. Littleman: Whyd they reject you and, 22:31 - Drsalvador: You're a fucking moron, FYI, 22:31 - Drsalvador: you can study anywhere
  49. Littleman: There are requirements
  50. Littleman: innit?
  51. Drsalvador: Yes.
  52. Littleman: Exactly
  53. Littleman: But
  54. Littleman: Why am I a fuckign moron FMI
  55. Drsalvador: " my my, they're quite renowned for their psychology course arent they"
  56. Littleman: Well
  57. Littleman: I was just asking
  58. Littleman: I've heard good stories about it lol
  59. Littleman: Im looking to study in England myself
  60. Littleman: A tad expensive
  61. Littleman: so I might do my undergrad in holland
  62. Littleman: and postgrad in England
  63. Littleman: since you guys pay 9K a year
  64. Littleman: we pay 1,5K a year
  65. Littleman: approx
  66. Drsalvador: The money is good, yes. But again,
  67. Drsalvador: I can't stand the hours, the people, and of course, the patients.
  68. Drsalvador: I was once locked in a room with a schizophrenic who made paintings of his own feces
  69. Drsalvador: To do a psych. evaluation to decide wether or not he went to jail or institution after he murdered a woman
  70. Drsalvador: It was really tense and i downed a lot of vodka afterward. Not fun.
  71. Littleman: Wait he murdered a woman?
  72. Drsalvador: Yes.
  73. Littleman: Was he restrained?
  74. Drsalvador: Of course.
  75. Drsalvador: It was still creepy
  76. Littleman: Silly question my bad
  77. Littleman: What kidn of job, were you looking for?
  78. Littleman: Like practical working with people?
  79. Drsalvador: Yeah
  80. Drsalvador: I was hoping to go into therapy but there were no nearby jobs that suited me
  81. Littleman: How come if I may?
  82. Drsalvador: They were either working bullshit hours,
  83. Drsalvador: Or going to like stockport(way up north)
  84. Drsalvador: when i live right on the coast
  85. Littleman: But how come they denied you at Oxford, you didn't meet the requirements?
  86. Drsalvador: Yeah
  87. Drsalvador: I didn't have the grades they wanted
  88. Drsalvador: Or the GCSE's
  89. Littleman: For undergrad or postgrad?
  90. Drsalvador: Undergrad
  91. Littleman: Isn't it much easier to get in for postgrad?
  92. Drsalvador: I never tried
  93. Drsalvador: I simply re-entered brighton uni
  94. Littleman: Do people often tell you they get the idea that you're analyzing them
  95. Littleman: ?*
  96. Drsalvador: No.
  97. Drsalvador: Because i'm not a cunt.
  98. Littleman: 22:39 - Drsalvador: Because i'm not a cunt.
  99. Littleman: Care to explain?
  100. Drsalvador: It was a joke
  101. Drsalvador: I'm not a cunt because i don't openly analyze people
  102. Drsalvador: like some cunts do
  103. Littleman: I see ;).
  104. Drsalvador: Excuse me. I must load my glass with anothere litre of vodka
  105. Littleman: Hey
  106. Littleman: You can always join the army, or is Britain cutting like a bitch too?
  107. Littleman: But wait
  108. Littleman: Who are you again
  109. Littleman: How do I know you>?
  110. Drsalvador: I don't know
  111. Drsalvador: Littleman: You can always join the army, or is Britain cutting like a bitch too?
  112. Drsalvador: AHAHAHA
  113. Drsalvador: are you INSANE?
  114. Littleman: Nope?
  115. Drsalvador: Really. Wow.
  116. Drsalvador: I'd never join the army
  117. Drsalvador: A: a pissy boy like me would die in minutes
  118. Drsalvador: B: NOPENOPENOPE NOPE i am not going to iraq
  119. Littleman: Id be more afraid of Afghanistan
  120. Drsalvador: Afghanistan rather
  121. Drsalvador:
  122. Drsalvador: JAYSUS CHROIIISTTT
  123. Littleman: Do you drive?
  124. Drsalvador: No
  125. Littleman: Know how to drive?
  126. Drsalvador: I can't drive so i cycle everywhere
  127. Drsalvador: I've never learned how to
  128. Drsalvador: Waste of money
  129. Littleman: Right well
  130. Littleman: Getting in a car
  131. Littleman: is more dangerous
  132. Littleman: than being deployed
  133. Drsalvador: Yes, but it's still fighting in a war
  134. Drsalvador: I am a stone cold pacifist
  135. Littleman: I don't care about politics
  136. Littleman: I'd be perfectly fine with joining the army
  137. Littleman: I love physical and mental strain
  138. Littleman: mental I find very challenging
  139. Littleman: Physical is just awesome
  140. Drsalvador: I thought about signing up but
  141. Littleman: I love the feeling of being exhausted of not feeling liek you can go any further, and then still do 2 more kms
  142. Littleman: Ever did running?
  143. Littleman: Hm?
  144. Drsalvador: No
  145. Littleman: You should try it
  146. Littleman: See what it feels like
  147. Littleman: to feel like
  148. Littleman: you're going to collapse
  149. Littleman: when in reality
  150. Littleman: you could run for hours more
  151. Littleman: Idk
  152. Littleman: Im too ambitious
  153. Littleman: If I could
  154. Littleman: I'd join 22nd Reg SAS
  155. Littleman: But im a 16 year old dutch citizen
  156. Littleman: I'm marked as stupid when I do tlak about it so I don't.
  157. Littleman: Do you think it's stupid?
  158. Drsalvador: No
  159. Littleman: Why not?
  160. Drsalvador: SAS are just
  161. Drsalvador: just unstoppable
  162. Drsalvador: unlike soldiers they are never allowed to appear in photos
  163. Drsalvador: you can evade police
  164. Drsalvador: swat
  165. Drsalvador: military
  166. Drsalvador: even FBI, CIA, SS, etc,
  167. Drsalvador: but if the SAS are after you
  168. Drsalvador: you are going down
  169. Drsalvador: nowhere to run
  170. Drsalvador: nowhere to hide
  171. Littleman: I don't know anything about that but, why don't you think it's stupid, that I have the ambition/wish to join the SAS?
  172. Drsalvador: because SAS is awesome
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