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  1. Found your niche already but you don't know how to setup? It's really easy just follow the few tips that I'll tell you and you'll be ready to promote your niche! This doesn't require you to spent a lot of time.
  3. Setup your niche at blogspot.
  4. First of all create your free account at http://www.blogspot.com. After you created your free blogger account, click on create a blog button.
  6. - Blog title: Make sure it looks good and catch on eye. Make sure all keywords are related to your niche.
  8. - Blog address (URL): Make sure the name of your blog will be related to your niche. For example if your niche is for Wireless crack your blogger name need to look like http://www.wirelesscrack.blogspot.com or something like that.
  10. now click on Continue and select Simple as your main blogger template then click again Continue and finally click on Start Blogging. Once you're done you'll be redirected to create your first blogger post.
  12. Okay so now you need to be really professional and make high quality post for your niche that will attract people to download your files. First of all, make sure you have an awesome title for your post. Good title example for Wireless Crack niche would be How To Crack Wireless - Works as of May 2012 bad title for your post would be free wireless crack
  14. Next thing that you need to do is your post. Make sure it will look very professional with every single detail related to your niche. Like when it was released, by who was released, how it works, how to download, why to download, why did you survey protect your file, how to setup, and everything as much as possible.
  16. Useful tips to get more downloads:
  17. Make sure you bold important things in your post.
  18. Make sure you have good proof that your niche/file/ or what ever you offer is working.
  19. Make sure you show them virus scan from http://www.virustotal.com
  20. Make sure you don't have grammar mistakes in your post.
  21. Make sure you have awesome download button.
  23. Once you're done with your post you're ready to design your blog. I recommend you to design your own logos for your blog > Design > Header > Edit > Upload Pic or URL, I recommend you to have white background or black background. To change your background you need to go to Design > Template Designer > Background > Upload White/Black pic.
  25. Oh well, if you don't want to mess with designing you can just search on google and find awesome templates for blogger.
  27. Example of websites that offer awesome blogger templates:
  28. http://btemplates.com/
  29. http://www.bloggerstyles.com/
  30. http://blogtemplate4u.com/
  32. Once you download your blogger template just go to Template > Design > Edit HTML and upload your file.
  34. So that's few important things that you need to do to your blogger to look professional. Once you've your blogger ready you'll need to bring some targeted traffic to your blog. Check my tutorials on traffic tips that can be found here:
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