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Regarding current state of my Youtube channel and Copyright

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May 10th, 2013
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  1. First of all sorry for accidentally deleting this video. There were many important comments that was made by you guys so I wanted to read them fully but only saw small parts of them in my mail. As I said I accidentally deleted it while removing some of the videos that is potentially be taken down by some circles and artist. Yesterday when I woke up from my sleep and while preparing for going to my university as always, first thing I do in the morning before I leave is checking my mails. So as most of touhou uploaders feared while checking their mails that ill-omened mail was there again and I suddenly panickled again. Yes I have recieved my second strike after Narugami the producer of the album called "Mizu no Miyako no Automata (水の都のオートマタ)" was deleted Kou Ogata's song from my channel. As I mentioned before in my previous post before I accidentally remove this video he is totally againist to see his and other circles works shared by international community like us who shares most of doujin works on Youtube or other forums since we can't provide or buy their works because they don't provide any means for us to buy their albums if you are not live in Japan. Anyways as I said when I saw I recieved my second strike I suddenly panicked and saw that second person who taken down his works from my channel and probably from other channels is Yuki Mizuhashi who is the founder of foxfactory. We always love his works and it will be my wild guess but the problem is that Yuki Mizuhashi is close friends with Narugami and I'm guessing that after Narugami removed his songs from youtube he also contacted with Yuki Mizuhashi and requested from him that he also should delete his works from youtube. When you look at Narugami's album 水の都のオートマタ you can see that it's instrumental original album and the artist who contribute to this albums are Kou Ogata, Yuki Mizuhashi, Aizawa, ham and Urue Koreito. So I just thought that I should immediately delete those works from my channel including other instrumental songs so while doing so I deleted my last upload accidentally too so it was gone as you can see so I am sorry about that.
  3. About the current state of my channel: I'm planning to stop uploading new things from new circles like unisonia (水の都のオートマタ) from now on because when you upload something new then you also take the risk that it might be deleted in the future just like happened on my channel. When I look at other popular touhou or doujin song uploaders I noticed that they always upload popular circles works like from Halozy, Eastnewsound, Alice's Emotion, Digital Wings or Alstroemeria Records these are just example of course. So I'll leave the works from these guys to puplic again and I won't delete these guys songs from my channel. I'm also tempted to delete arranges from a-TTTempo since they also do instrumental songs but I'm not sure if Shion who is the owner of this circle have any relationship with Narugami. So I'm worried about whether to delete a-TTTempo's works from my channel too. So if I recieve my third strike this channel will also be terminated. As for me? I am not planning to move onto new channel. This is my already third channel. I have come this far trial-and-error by uploading works from various circles and unfortunatelly I am the only one who always recieve copyright strike and gets channel down. I am fed up with this unfair treatment and if you want to follow touhou related or doujin related works then you can already follow channels who have most subscribers. You are also free to unsubscribe my channel too. Though I have 3K subscriber it's not like anyone looking or listening my uploads. I can confirm that by looking at the statics; simple example like/dislike count. But I know that there are lot of faithful followers who follows my uploads and I thank them from my bottom of heart and so far thanks for taking care of me and following me.
  5. Well when I start to write I tend to jump one subject to another. I wanted to talk about recent video take downs. I think I am the sole reason why this happened and my conservation via mail with Narugami who is the founder of unisonia and made these two albums called 水の都のオートマタ and カフェ・ヘックス 魔女のいる喫茶店 and the artist who is contributing to these albums mainly are ham, Yuki Mizuhashi, Urue Koreito, Kou Ogata and Aizawa. As we discussed before Narugami is a bit conservative who is unwilling to share any doujin related work outside of the Japan so when I defended myself that I have no choice but the pirate his works since there is no any single means to buy their works outside of the Japan and he said that "We don't want to be exposed abroad because we cannot take responsibility. We want to publish them only in Japan." and also said that "ZUN also thinks the above problem and that Toho should not been published overseas." and what he lastly mailed me was this "If you cannot understand it unfortunately, we would protect our culture and our work by other ways." So this comes to deleting their works from youtube unfortunatelly. And what I was trying is since Narugami is in close relationship with those artist I mentioned before so even though it will be my wild guess, Narugami contacted with the founder of foxfactory after I had this conservation with him, Yuki Mizuhashi, I think he said him that he also should take down his works from youtube so he did. I wonder if he was just aiming my channel but since other channels who have foxfactory's songs still have these songs I'm thinking that he wanted to take down my channel. But since I didn't search it well I'm thinking that other channels also got copyright strikes but I don't know which circle that they had their strike from. Since I got my strike from foxfactory and unisonia I am also thinking that those who got strikes probably take down their videos from people who is in contact with unisonia's found, Narugami.
  7. In short expect more videos are taken down by those guys in the future too. I'm not too optimistic about my channel. I wanted to close down my channel but there was a lot of my subscribers that said I shouldn't do that. I only deleted the videos that would be possibly taken down in the future so I just left the popular circles songs to public like IOSYS or Alstroemeria Records. I really wanted to close my channel before these guys got me but anyways if it's going to be taken down then I don't have any choice. As I said I don't want to open new channel since this channel is my third attemt to share doujin and touhou related works with western or international community who can't buy albums outside of Japan. I have no single intention to infringe their rights. I just want to share those works with everyone since music means to be everyone not to limited amount of people. I also want to promote their works too because if you become aware of new circles then they also make profit from it if more people know their name and buy their album. But they still live in the past and they only relase their albums in Japan and only willing to sell psychical copy of the album. If only they promote or trying to sell their works via online sale sites such as bandcamp then I am sure there would be more people who would buy their album and they cover their album's works and make more profit from it. But I don't know there are people like Narugami who doesn't want to sell doujin works internationally but there also such a bro circles who doesn't mind but gets happy to see their works to be shared by international community such as Blue Twinkle who is the founder of CC*=Style. I heard that he is working on means to sell his works international and so that we also could buy his works when he do that.
  9. Anyways that's all I have to say. I wanted to mention more things regarding to this issue but I forgot most of them since my mind is a bit in a blank state because of the things I'm go through either in real life and this youtube and copyright issue. And sorry for made you read such a long post like this. As for me I will continue to upload things from time to time and I'll only upload from popular doujin circles that still didn't take their works from Youtube yet. I'm not planning to upload from new circles because I don't want to live stick with the idea whether they would take their down or not. I also upload from artist who share their works with public and don't mind if you share them on Youtube too. So sorry for everything that happened these last days.
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