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  1. So, that got me thinking.
  3. Chris Johnson is the all-time leader in YFS with 2509 in 2009 with Tennessee.
  5. In second place is Marshal Faulk with 2429 in 1999 with the Rams, and Christian McCaffrey’s 2392 this year is number 3 all-time. DJ Moore had 1215 yards (still can’t believe I didn’t have a clue) so that put them at 3607. The next highest total on the Panthers was TE Greg Olson who had 597 for a 3 player total of 4204.
  7. We know that Brown and Bell had 3926 in 2014, but who was third in YFS on that team? It was TE Heath Miller with 761 for a 3 player total of 4687 YFS.
  9. So, I wanted to see how “the greatest show on turf” (the 1999-2001 Rams) stacked up.
  11. In 1999 Faulk had that 2nd place overall 2429 number I listed above. Issac Bruce had 1197 yards for a RB/WR total of a respectable 3616 total. How about a third player? Well, it was Tory Holt’s rookie season and he had 813 yards for a 3 person total of 4429 total. Still not on the Steelers 2014 level.
  13. How about in 2000? Marshall Faulk had another great season with 2189 YFS (including 26 TD’s). Issac Bruce also had another
  14. a better season than the year before with 1482 YFS for a 2 player total of 3671. 55 yards more than the previous year, but still not the 2014 Steelers.
  16. How about the third player? Well, that was now 2nd year player Tory Holt and he led the league with 1635 yards receiving and had 1642 YFS so that makes a 3 player total of .... 5313 YFS
  18. That’s almost 600 yards above the Steelers, and for good measure Hakim added another 753 yards for a 4 player total of 6016 yards. They truly were the greatest show on turf.
  20. Thanks to Tom Brady however they only won 1 Super Bowl during that stretch, and that one was by a single yard as Kevin Dyson’s outstretched arm came up “One Yard Short” on “The Tackle” by Rams LB Mike Jones. That was the 1999 version of the team. The one that lost to Brady was the 2001 team. They trailed 17-10 with 1:30 left in the game when Warner hit Ricky Proehl with a 26 yard pass. However, Brady engineered a drive that took NE to the Rams 31 years line where Vinatieri hit a 48 yard FG to win.
  22. But what about the all-time 3 person YFS total that had 4 players over 6000 yards?
  24. They were a WC team that lost in the first round.
  26. The moral of this story? Defense wins championships. Just ask the 2013 Denver Broncos!
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