Fapman - The Sinful Deed

Jun 8th, 2015
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  1. >His hand was on hers head top leading her head to bob up and down, very slowly, very carefully.
  2. >As the time was passing she tried to oppose, but his smile grow.
  3. >His hand was unstopped, so her head.
  4. >Finishing his sinful deed, his fingers were playing with her rainbow hairs, unfortunatelly one of his nails cut her ear making her mouth open and yawn, streching out her arms after her deep sleep.
  5. >She spotted him standing in front of her, with hand still on her head, still bobbing up and down.
  6. >"D-dude?! What are you doing?! she cried out, as his smile grow to his ears.
  7. >But then he stopped the bobbing thing, and his hand slided at her left ear.
  8. >Leaning closer to her, their faces almost met, their lips almost connect.
  9. >"DUBSTEP, BITCH!" he yelled and moved her head again
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