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  1. Vimbert hates Rarity and dislikes the CMCs. His favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. Very fast when it comes to reviewing stories. Had a massive queue and is quite renowned. When people need help, they seek his advice. Won't look at cloppy stories, but otherwise will help people as much as possible. If asked, he'll be vindictive, but otherwise he's pretty easygoing.
  3. If your story is really that terrible though, he might be forced to be vindictive. For the most part, he is positive and friendly.Welcomes anyone, whether they are newbies or experienced writers alike. Keep in mind that even if you get a harsh review, Vimbert only wants you to improve. Even if he tells you that your fic is beyond repair, he wants you to prove him wrong, get better, and blow him away the next time you see him.
  5. There's also someone running around that looks like him called "Mysterious Reviewer X," but we don't know who that is. Writer of the story "Hearts of Red Ink." Also wrote two stories that have since featured on EqD. Also minors in creative writing and theater. Doesn't mind helping people that are already being helped by others. Enjoys M:M shipping and Twilestia.
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