Get Cut Get Butt

Mar 25th, 2016
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  1. >Be Rumble
  2. >Today was finally going to be the day!
  3. >After all of those months of your big brother and your dad poking fun at your LITTLE belly you had finally decided to get a gym membership!
  4. >You were sick of the teasing
  5. >You were sick of getting hit on by the... odder mares in your class
  6. >But most of all you were sick and tired of not being able to fit in your favorite vest!
  7. >So it was time to buckle down
  8. >No more sweets for you!
  9. >No more laying around doing nothing!
  10. >Summer was coming and you wanted to look good for the beach!
  11. >No!
  12. >You wanted to look GREAT!
  13. >Super great!
  14. >...That being said you were thirteen years old
  15. >Though you could argue about the cutest filly in your favorite girlband with the best of them and you had an eye for fashion that was far and away better than most colts on your class (especially that WHORE Button Mash) you didn't know all that much about the gym
  16. >You didn't know even a little bit about the gym to be honest
  17. >And you didn't want to spend all this time in the gym and not get the body that you wanted because you didn't know what to do
  18. >So you had decided to ask somepony that went to the gym a lot if they could help you get your summer bod
  19. >Since you didn't know a lot of other stallions that went to the gym that actually knew what they were talking about (your fat flanked brother included) you were forced to ask the local apelien Anonymous
  20. >The big, weird, green giant that always seemed to be on the wrong side of intense
  21. >But even if he was a little... weird you knew that he was a real sweetheart, so it was of little surprise that he had been more than happy to help you out when you had asked him
  22. >So there you were
  23. >Standing in front of Ironball's Gym
  24. >A duffle bag slung over your shoulder and the hope that you'd get rid of your little gut in your heart
  25. >Alright Rumble
  26. >You might have been going into a place where a bunch of smelly, loud, muscle-y mares were banging weights but this was for the beach bod
  28. >THE. BEACH. BOD
  29. >And you were sure that Anon would keep any weirdos from gawking at you while you were getting your work out in
  30. >So here we go!
  31. >Taking a deep breath you opened the door and stepped inside
  32. >The lobby was... plain
  33. >You could see a couple of gaudy shirts in the corner that they were probably trying to sell and there was a counter where a cute mare was sitting behind
  34. >And leaning over the counter and talking to the mare, with a muscle shirt on and a headband wrapped around his head and a pair of long gym pants, was Anonymous
  35. >The anxiety that you had been feeling dissipated just a little when you saw him
  36. >Your teacher was right there waiting for you
  37. >Which meant that he was taking your drive to get fitter seriously
  38. >Good
  39. >A small smile came to your face as you walked over to him
  40. >"I'm telling you, if Star Dust keeps diddylifting like that she's gonna fuck herself up."
  41. >"Hey, I already told her that her form was bucked up. If she hurts herself it's going to be her own stupid fault."
  42. >"Yeah, but you know that if she fucks herself up she's going to come here everyday and just sit on a bench and bit--"
  43. >When you got a few feet away from him, Anonymous's head snapped toward you
  44. >"Oh, there you are, Rumble," he said, looking you over. "I was wondering when you were going to get here."
  45. "Sorry about being a little late," you said, smiling sheepishly. "I was--omph!"
  46. >You reeled back a bit as your teacher threw a bundle of clothing in your face
  47. >"Go and put that on," he commanded, shooing you away with hand. "If you're going to be my brotege then there's no way in hell you're walking into the church like that."
  48. >Church?
  49. >Brotege?
  50. >What the hay was he talking about?
  51. >You looked down at the clothes, concern once again welling up inside you
  52. >...
  53. >Alright...
  54. >Anon knew what he was talking about...
  55. >So if he wanted you to put these clothes on it was probably for a good reason
  56. >...Right?...
  58. >Picking up the clothes, you made your way toward the restroom
  59. >A quick change later you found yourself a VERY unhappy stallion
  60. >Almost as unhappy as when Scootaloo spilled chocolate milk on your new designer saddle bag that you got for your birthday
  61. >You were wearing a muscle shirt that was two sizes too small
  62. >You had a pair of black gym pants that were WAY too big
  63. >And you had a headband on your head
  64. >A headband that said "Brotege"
  65. >...
  66. >You looked awful
  67. >Like REALLY awful
  68. >But despite ALLLLL of that you still walked back out into the lobby where Anon was waiting
  69. >And that cute mare
  70. >Who was going to see you dressed like... this
  71. >...
  72. >...Anon better make you look GREAT or so help you...
  73. "There," you muttered, a blush on your face. "I'm all dressed up..."
  74. >"There, that's much better!" Anon said, slapping you a little too hard on the back. "Now that you're dressed up we can get to work."
  75. >Sighing, you reached into your duffel bag and pulled out your gym membership key card
  76. >You were about to hoof it to the mare when Anon stopped you
  77. >"And what do you think you're going, little man?" he asked
  78. >You looked at him, then at the key card
  79. "...I was signing in?" you slowly said
  80. >Anon made a face, snatching the key card out of your hoof and putting it back into your duffel bag
  81. >"No you aren't," he said, sounding more serious than you had ever heard him. "That's how the peasants walk into the gym."
  82. >Squatting down, Anon placed his hands on your shoulders
  83. >"Luckily for you I'm here to show you how to do it the RIGHT way."
  84. >Give you a wink and a shoulder squeeze Anon stood up, turning to face the smiling mare behind the counter
  85. >"Alright, Cream Puff, go ahead and ask me for my card."
  86. >"You know that Clean and Jerk doesn't like it when you--"
  87. >"Just ask me for my card."
  88. >Sighing as she rolled her eyes, the mare extended a hoof
  89. >"Sir, may I please have your card?" she asked, rolling her eyes again
  90. >Anon snapped his fing--
  91. Boom!
  94. >Where did that bang sound come from?!
  95. >Was something happ--
  96. >"Don't tell me what to do," Anon cheerfully replied as you frantically looked for what made that banging sound. "Alright, your turn, Rumble."
  97. >How the buck did he do that?!
  98. >Did that even come from Anon?
  99. >He's not holding any--
  100. >"Rumble!"
  101. >You jumped, your eyes darting back toward Anon, who was looking at you impatiently
  102. >"Get your furry butt over here and do what I just did."
  103. "Anon, did you do that banging sound? Or was it--"
  104. >"Rumble, get your butt over here. We got lifting to do."
  105. "But!--"
  106. >Anon just lifted an eyebrow and nudged his head toward the mare standing behind the counter
  107. >Just like him she was staring at you expectantly, like hearing random explosion noises was an everyday thing for her
  108. >"Come on over here, cutie, I won't bite," she said, all smiles
  109. >...
  110. >An older mare called you cute?!
  111. >An older mare that was a looker herself
  112. >Hah!
  113. >The fellas were going to be SO jealous when you told them about this at Pip Squeak's sleepover this weekend!
  114. >Though you were still a little freaked out you eagerly made your way over toward the mare...
  115. >Only to realize that you had no idea what you had to say to her...
  116. >Anon had just snapped his fingers and then there was that bang and you started to freak out...
  117. >Did he even say anything after that?
  118. >...And how were you going to snap your hooves?
  119. >You had nothing on them that could be snapped...
  120. >Anon loudly cleared his throat, signaling that it probably would be a good idea to hurry this along
  122. >...Buck it
  123. >This wouldn't be the first time you've had to fake it until you make it!
  124. "Um... I want to get in the gym without giving you my key card?" you said hesitantly, looking up at Anon as you did so
  125. >Your teachers nose scrunched up and he shook his head
  126. >"Nononono, you gotta be AGGRESSIVE, Rumble. This is your first step into the jungle; you gotta come in with a roar to tell the other animals that the big cat's here."
  127. >...What?
  128. >Shaking your head you puffed your chest out and stared at the mare behind the counter
  129. "I'm GOING inside of that gym without giving you my key card."
  130. >You deflate slightly
  131. "...If that's alright."
  132. >"...We'll work on it," Anon said, giving you a pat on the back. "Now come on, we got a long day ahead of us."
  133. >As Anon disappeared into the gym proper you stayed behind for a moment
  134. >Looking back at the mare behind the counter you could still see her smiling
  135. >"I'm rooting for you, bucko," she said with a wink. "Go in there and give them Tartarus."
  136. >You giggled shyly, wondering how your parents would feel if you brought home and older mare, before practically skipping into the gym
  137. >Oh you were SO going to tell the fellas about this!
  138. >And you were going to enjoy every SECOND of rubbing it in Button's smug face!
  139. >The gym looked pretty much like you thought it would
  140. >At one end were a bunch of machines, treadmills, and places where you could put down mats and ab balls
  141. >That's where a bunch of stallions were, many of them chatting and looking like they were having a pretty good time
  142. >At the other end of the gym was where all of the mare's gym equipment was
  143. >Those rack thingy's
  144. >Bench pressing places
  145. >Those weird cage things with the bar that you could do wing ups in
  146. >All of that stuff was on that side of the gym
  147. >This was where most of the mares, many of them grunting and sweating and being kind of gross, were
  148. >In the middle were the free weights, where all of the barbells and stuff like that was
  150. >This was where both mare and stallion converged
  151. >...Ew
  152. >Why was that stallion over there dressed like that?
  153. >He looked like a real slut with his tail tied up like that!
  154. >He really--
  155. >"Alright, Rumble," Anon said, snapping you out of your silent judging. "Now that we're here I want you to look around and tell me what you see."
  156. >You frowned
  157. "There's a bunch of equipment and ponies walking around," you automatically say
  158. >Anonymous looked down at you for a long while, this... odd glint in his eyes
  159. >If you didn't know any better you'd say that he was looking at you in pity
  160. >"No, little man, that's not all there is in this room."
  161. >Crouching down to placed a hand on your shoulder
  162. >"This isn't a place where people come to work out. All of this stuff isn't "equipment" and these just aren't "ponies"."
  163. >He quickly stood back up and flexed it--
  164. Bang!
  165. >Thereitwasagain!
  166. >This time you KNEW you weren't just hearing things!
  167. >Wherethebuckdidthatcomefrom?!
  168. >"This is a battlefield, little man," Anon said, flexing in a different--
  169. Bang!
  170. >OhsweetCelestia!!!
  171. >"And you're the tank."
  172. >Your eyes twitched as he flexed again and--
  173. Bang
  174. >...Another bang/explosion sound filled the air
  175. >"Your main job while you're on this battlefield is to assert your dominance! You're here to be the biggest, loudest tank you can be!"
  176. Bang!
  177. >"And you want make sure you leave here bigger than you were before!
  178. Bang!
  180. Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang!
  182. >You could feel half of the ponies in the gym turn to watch this... spectacle
  183. >Your mouth opened so that you could say something, you didn't know what, but Anon reached down, slapped a hand on either of your cheeks and picked you up
  184. >...It didn't feel too good
  185. >It stung...
  187. >There was a fire in Anon's eyes as he looked back at you
  188. >An excitement that he was about to bring you into this world of his
  189. >...Something which you didn't really want
  190. >You didn't come here to get "big"
  191. >You didn't come here to "lift heavy ass weight"
  192. >You were here to lose a couple of pounds
  193. >And that was it
  194. >You wanted to tell Anon this but the look that he was giving you...
  195. >"ARE YOU READY, RUMBLE?!" Anon asked/screamed
  196. >You blinked, your ears ringing and your cheeks stinging
  197. "...Ish ready!" you found yourself saying
  198. >Grinning hugely, Anon put you down
  199. >"Alright then! Lets--"
  200. >He looked past you
  201. >"Hang on a minute. Hey Flutter! That ass is looking fat today!"
  202. >You flinched, a blush coming to your face as the group of stallions near the treadmills muttered amongest themselves
  203. >Whoo boy...
  204. >You had a feeling that this--
  205. Bang!
  206. >...
  207. >The next half an hour or so you followed Anonymous all around the gym as he showed you every machine and what it did
  208. >Though he was huge and loud and prone to hit on mares across the room with absolutely NO SHAME Anon seemed to know what he was talking about
  209. >He showed you how the machines, from the treadmills to the pull-up bars, worked, what they did and what you could do with them with a simplistic kind of language that even somepony like you could understand
  210. >After he had finished up his little walk-through of the gym you had been ready to hit the machines
  212. >...Only for Anon to cheerfully tell you that the two of you weren't going to be using the machines
  213. >And not only were you not going to use the machines you weren't going to use them for a long, long while
  214. >You were a green horn, Anon had explained, and being such that meant that you needed to be taught the basics
  215. >Basics being the squat, the bench press, and the dead-lift, three exercises that Anon had insisted were difficult to do correctly
  216. >Though you were skeptical as you said before you knew not a thing about the gym
  217. >For all you knew if a pony wanted muscles they just did push-ups and ran a lot
  218. >So you were going to take Anon's word for it
  219. >...Even if you just wanted to go trot on the treadmill
  220. >Today, since it was the day that Anon usually did this exercise, you were learning how to dead-lift
  221. >Or as he called it, "diddylift"
  222. >To you it just looked like you had to pick something up before setting it back down
  223. >It felt like that too, even though Anon was there ever five seconds adjusting your stance or making you tighten your back or whatever else he was talking about
  224. >But then you got to watch Anon do it
  225. >For about an hour you were standing there, doing some exercises that Anon told you to do but pretty much just standing there, watching Anon dead-lift
  226. >One hundred and thirty, two hundred and twenty five, three hundred and fifteen, Anon just kept upping the weight and upping the weight and upping the weight
  227. >All the while making it look easy!
  228. >As you watched him, slowly starting to ignore the glares and looks of envy cast in your direction, you started to see a pattern
  229. >There was a certain way that he had his feet, his grip was in a certain spot, he had his body tensed a certain way before he started his lift
  230. >For some reason you found it oddly... lovely in a certain way
  231. >Not lovely like a new vest or lovely like a new mane cut...
  232. >But... lovely
  233. >Masterful even
  235. >More and more and more weight was piled on, and you could see Anon having to actually strain each time to picked up the weight
  236. >His body, from his toes to his face, grew bright red and you could see veins bulging on his arms and his forehead
  237. >"ARE YOU SEEING THIS SHIT, RUMBLE?" Anon had asked you in the middle of a set, chalk dust covering his pants and arms. "JESUS CHRIST! HOW CAN I STILL FIT IN THIS BUILDING?!"
  238. >Four hundred and five, five hundred, five hundred and ninety, up and up and up
  239. >Many stallions were now muttering angrily near the dumbbells, not too far from where you and Anon were
  240. >You didn't need to think hard about what they where talking about
  241. >"Hey, Big Mac, hey Big Mac. Hey Maccy!"
  242. >Big Macintosh tried to ignore Anon, focusing on the five pound weights he had in either hoof
  243. >"Big Mac, Big Mac, Big Mac! Big red, Macineno, Macattack."
  244. >With an angry snort, Big Mac turned toward Anon just as the human was loudly setting the bar, which was nearly filled on both sides, down with a thunderous clang
  245. >"What?! What an' the hay do ya want, Anon?!" Mac demanded
  246. >With a grunt, Anon slowly lifted the bar up again
  247. >You could visibly see the bar bending as he reached the apex of the lift
  248. >"Big Mac," Anon said, his face red and his voice straining. "Call your mom. Tell her I'm doing it. Tell her I'm doing it all."
  249. >You could see anger in Big Mac's eyes as he narrowed them
  250. >"My ma's dead, Anon," he growled
  251. >Setting the bar down Anon quickly ripped the bar back up
  252. >"Well then call me a meatium, 'cause this pump's bringing back the fucking dead. HAAAAAAAAP! HAAAAAAAAP! HAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPP!"
  253. >You couldn't help but giggle as you picked up your weights and started on another set of curls
  254. >That was awful...
  255. >"That's it. I'm getting the manager," one of the stallions said, turning away and making his way toward the lobby
  257. >Anon paid the threat no mind, giving you a wink as he started to stack more weight onto the bar until no more weight could be put on it
  258. >You had to stop your set just so that you could count them
  259. >There were nine forty-five plates on each side
  260. >If you counted the bar that Anon was about to pull eight hundred and fifty-five
  261. >More weight than you had ever seen a stallion pick up
  262. >It was more weight than you have ever seen ANYPONY pick up; mare, stallion, you name it
  263. >The entire gym was silent as Anon got ready for his set
  264. >He slowly, methodically put more chalk on his hands
  265. >He walked around the bar, eyeing the weight like somepony would their next meal
  266. >You could just hear him muttering nonsense to himself as he stepped up to the bar
  267. >He started taking deep breaths as he wrapped his hands around the bar
  268. >Setting his feet he puffed his chest up and straightened his back, his knuckles white against the bar
  269. >With a grunt he wildly pulled against the weights, making the bar shake
  270. >He did it again, his breathing getting faster and faster
  271. >"Come on, come on, comeoncomeoncomeonCOMEONCOMEONCOMEONNNNNN!"
  272. >With a roar that made you take a step back Anon slowly started to lift
  273. >Almost instantly his whole body turned a deep shade of red and the form that had been so perfect until now diminished slightly
  274. >But, slowly, inch by miraculous inch, he brought that mountain of weight past his ankles and up toward his knees
  275. >You could see his body started to shake as the bar slid up his thighs but even still he didn't stop
  276. >You heart was racing
  277. >You wanted Anon to pick up that impossible weight
  278. >You wanted to scream, to shout out encouragement to him, but you knew not to
  279. >This was the first time that you had entered a gym
  280. >But you could feel a certain... something as you watched this green giant stallion struggle with the weight and gravity
  281. >It was a primal feeling, an honest feeling, and, oddly enough, it felt welcomed
  283. >In front of you wasn't a stallion that cared whether he got hit on by cute, older mares or even got hit on at all
  284. >He didn't care what other ponies thought of him
  285. >He didn't even care how other ponies treated him
  286. >All he wanted to do was pick up heavy weight for the sake of picking up heavy weight
  287. >To become stronger than he had been the day before
  288. >And he brought you here so that you could feel just the same as he felt every single day...
  289. >With another shout, Anon locked his lift out, standing tall for all to see
  290. >Holding the bending bar in the air for a few moments, looking around the room with a mad grin, he dropped the weight before flexing
  292. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see a middle-aged, overweight mare making her way toward the two of you with a frown on her face
  294. >For seemingly no reason Anon grabbed the collar of his shirt and tore the thing off before tossing it to the ground and throwing his arms up into the air
  295. >Seeing a giant, vein-y, screaming stallion the mare stopped, blinking owlishly, before she moon-walked back into her office
  297. >Turning away from Anon you looked in the mirror in front of you
  298. >Though your muscles were nothing to speak of you could see them standing out on your frame slightly
  299. >It was your first pump
  300. >A look a what you could be...
  301. >...
  302. >...
  303. >...
  304. >You lifted your arms over your head and struck--
  305. Bang!
  306. >...
  307. >...
  308. >...
  309. >Oh sweet Celestia...
  310. >You were getting into this weren't you?
  311. >...
  312. >Oh holy horse apples...
  313. >You were...
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