Primordial Principle Generation-A Jumpchain Project

Apr 26th, 2015
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  1. Primordial Principle Generation: A Jumpchain Project
  3. “Cosmic power flows through me, yearning to build worlds and tear them asunder. I am that I am, and all that is bows before me or sickens and dies. In my left hand is cold fire. With my right, I raise monoliths to my glory and crush my enemies. Upon me rests the crown of the universe.
  4. And do you know what else?
  5. I am so fucking metal my name is a power chord”
  7. Michael Goodwin, freelancer, Ink Monkey, and fandom Cullen, on how it feels to be an Infernal
  9. 1. Premise
  11. The crux of this project is very, very simple, and reliant on a quirk of Dead Apostle metaphysiology we have probably developed; After more than 12,300 years of existence we more than qualify as a Dead Apostle Ancestor. By using Conjoined Conjures, we intend to combine the magical energies powering our Reality Marble with the 3.5e Epic Spell Demiplane Creation, and seal the deal by augmenting the great work with Soulfire.
  13. The Reality Marble alone is not a strictly magical phenomena; hence Sufficiently Analysed Magic will be required to convert the energy signature of a Reality Marble into paramagic before conjoining it with the Genesis spell. Study in Bounded Fields as a thaumaturgical focus will aid in further channelling prana for the construction of an embodied inner world, similar to Araya Souren's Hounouden Rokujyuyonshou, while Hybrid's 2nd purchase from Smite will localise the effect on our own body.
  15. Arcane and Path to Victory will likely be necessary to determine the most auspicious celestial alignments for this ritual; ideally a state when the concept of magical stability is at a minimum would be optimal. We will enlist Elodie’s Territory Creation and A+++ Revelation skills alongside her EX rank noble phantasm aligned with that ability to create a magical sanctum that aid in enhancing the performance of magecraft, and her Item Creation A+++ skill to create various potions to reinforce our fundamental metastructure.
  17. Building on this foundation other measures needed to facillitate this transition include:
  19. -Worldwalker (Dresden Files): Claiming mystic ownership over a nexus of leylines will both supply the magical reaction with energy, and ground it into reality to stabilise the process
  20. -Mage (Blazblue): The Seithr Fluid Body Theory concerns the reshaping of structures, and has been noted to operate on similar mechanisms to the construction of the Nox Nyctores. Study and refinement of it to develop a safer form of the procedure used on Carmine in order to transition into a state similar to liquid seithr during this process will be required in order to maintain metaphysical homeostasis during the process of being reshaped into a genius loci, as opposed to being trapped in an organic vessel which may sustain permanent harm
  21. -Savant Genius (Bioshock)+Sufficiently Analysed Magic (FF8): Construction of several Vita-Chambers in the Territory's perimeter will be embarked on, along with additional paramagic devices strapped to the pylons. This will serve as a stabilising mystic energy field matrix, channeling paramagic derived from the plasmid quantum field to prevent our consciousness and body from totally disintegrating during the transformation by restoring it faster than it can disssipate; additional modifications based on Doctor's Assistance (TF2) may be desirable to the magitechnology herein (Technosorcery, Gargoyles) in order project durability increases should the other magical processes go awry.
  22. -Soul Smith+Sorcery (Dark Souls): Further techniques for this ritual will draw on Aldia's experimentation in the merging of giant souls, Vendrick's creation of servitors from imprisoned giant souls and the Paledrake's research into true immortality; during the course of Dark Souls jump Vendrick and Aldia's lairs will likely have fallen into disrepair too great to fully salvage their knowledge from, so instead they will be interviewed. Seath's crystal will be stolen from his lair for further research, with these perks as a basis for insight into any knowledge salvageable from his library. The purpose of any magical techniques genereated thusly will be to reinforce the soul for transitions into different states just as Seath's was transplanted into Freyja's.
  23. -Viking Saga: While no particular perk save possibly King's Wisdom is drawn on, our nature as a descendent of Loki grants us the potential to use Norse magic. Under Odin's tutelage the magical technique of self-sacrifice will be incorporated into this ritual such that in exchange for abandoning our former form we will gain a boon with a greater net value.
  24. -Putting It All Together+Rizomata Formula (Tales of Vesparia): Having been to Vesparia, at least part of our very being incorporates aer to some degree. Completion of the formula in addition to the perk's theoretical enhancement, will be used in order to exploit Aer's universal embodiment to enact change on the self. In addition, Trigram Knowledge and Alchemy (Journey to the West) defines both supernatural and natural processes as part of a harmonious whole, which in tandem with the formula's magitech applications may be used to devise something akin to the Cruicibel of 8 Trigrams to aid in the successful transcription of our magical abilities into the end state of being
  25. -TOWER CONNECT+Hardened Cosmosphere+Song Science (Ar Tonelico): Mir is an example of a being which, due to incorporating grathnode in her physiology, was able to transition into an energy state. A Tower will be constructed near the site of the ritual in order to alter physical energy levels in the environment to minimise the effects on local physical constants on interfering with the ritual while transubstantiating our own physiology into the target state, which the other perks increasing affinity with song "magic" itself should aid in.
  26. -Angel (Supernatural), Native Demon: Rakasha (Lord of Light): These altforms are both pure energy in their native state, and a such should drastically lower the risk of sustaining permanent harm during the ritual.
  28. Initially, the resulting form will likely be somewhere between a demiplane and Reality Marble's area of effect in terms of external dimensions; interior
  30. 2. Transition
  32. It is known that Dead Apostles are capable of integrating a Reality Marble with their own metaphysiology in certain circumstances, such as the phenomenon known as TATARI. Hopefully, stabilising the marble into a physical plane will enable us to achieve a perfect form of existence independent from an external source of reality. It is deemed probable that as a consequence our main self will be “locked out” of normal space-time due to the fact that Reality Marbles and Demiplanes both exist in extraspatial locales. To facillitate this transition, we will be relying upon the following perks
  34. -Architect's Eye: Our metaphysiology will resemble architecture more closely than conventional biology. The construction of both black hole-proof structures and knowledge of non-euclidean construction techniques will both prove useful in designing a superior world-self
  35. -Metaphysical Biology PhD/Spellmaker: Any changes to something so fundamental as a world made of our own soul will be predicated on the sum total of our soul knowledge as well as our experience in creating new forms of magic
  36. -Malleable Reality: Reality Marbles appear to function similarly to Esper powers in the sense that they are based on the fundamental worldview of their users. This perk exists to hopefully extend this to keeping the most desirable aspects of the Reality Marble and demiplane while subtly warping away both their weaknesses
  37. -Corrupting Influence: The reality warping taint is described as relatively subtle. However, by developing para-magic it may possible to greatly accelerate the corruption of the demiplane-marble into a suitably formidable metaphysiology through enhancement from Thousand Master, Magic Circles and Natural Mage.
  38. -Waveform Anatomy/Solipsistic Integrity: Both perks blur the distinction between body and mind, hopefully enabling Legacy of Use to apply to the spiritual construct
  39. -Inner Universe: This technique will be utilised to aid in manifested lesser portions of ourself into reality
  40. -Magecraft+Reality Hacker (Conjoined Conjures) via motherbox upgraded with MAGI supercomputer capabilities: The creation of a Boundary Field covering the entire plane in an insulating layer of reality altering magic will be enacted in order to improve overall control of the world within. Furthermore, using a custom Boundary Field which reverses incoming vectors and significant research into unifying magic, science, psionics and spiritual energies (Fulmigati's magnum opus, Van Helsing) an absolute defence may be built into the world-self.
  41. -Reality Hacker+Luckamancy/Carnymancy/Predictamancy: By writing a series of comprehensive magical programs within the interior of the world-self we shall hopefully attain absolute control over it. Notably-by supercharging probability manipulation we may be able to create a conceptually almost-perfect defence over our entire world-self
  42. -Worldwalker: By claiming the world-self as our demesne, we may interact it on a fundamental level due to the property of intellectus giving us complete knowledge of all things within
  43. -Native Demon: While this project will be used to enact a permanent change on our "base form" (the one that we started with from Pokemon) study of Rakasha wave-particle makeup will oprove crucial in adapting to our new form.
  44. -Glory to Me/Path of the Gods (Jubileus): Embodying light, creation and order will aid in surviving this process; the more obscure capacity for Jubileus to "see" a new reality may also be used (albeit in diminished aspect) to aid in reinforcing our waveform anatomy into an ideal form.
  46. One of the most oustanding metaphysical undertakings for this project is the achievement of Enlightenment in Journey to the West through use of a Time-Stasis f-er, a hyperbolic meditation chamber. Having attained the The Noble Eightfold Path from Lord of Light in Asura's Wrath and Trigram Alchemy in Journey to the West, it is hypothesised that sufficient enlightenment can be used in lieu of the nonexistent Shinma or Cytherea's birth to sear one's legend into the fabric of existence as a primordial independent of reality. The key to this lies in the spiritual practice of Taoism, which in essence concerns an almost scientific system of transmutations for all aspects of the universe, spiritual and material alike, by dividing all states within it as yin and yang. Given the multiversal nature of our journey it is no wonder Enlightenment achieved during the jump is not on the level of Gautama Buddha, because a Jumper is constantly exposed to new and alien environments, the immutable truths learned in one world being inapplicable to the next. As such, a caveat exists that outside Journey to the West it is all but certain the properties of Enlightenment will be greatly diminished if not outright nonexistent due to not having been purchased with CP-but because Taoist spiritualism WAS purchased with CP, certain aspects of Chinese spiritualism may still hold applicable.
  48. The perks Stacked, Aspect Cultivation, Theming/Themed Powers and Noble Eightfold Path in tandem provide hope for achieving a level beyond Buddha: If all aspects of our attacks are an aggregate of discrete powers, it follows that there must logically be a way to represent this aggregate in terms of our defined Aspect in a specific order embodying our very being. Taoism contains 8 groups of 8 hexagrams to represent all levels of transmutation in existence, and so it behooves us to use this practice on a grand scale to layer our very being with countless hexagrams defining and reinforcing our existence. Even before acquiring Temple of Thought, we shall endeavor to represent even other forms of spiritualism-from Angel status to our being an Aspect of Chakravartin-through a complex series of "translations" represented through numerous hexagrams in order to refine our self-image. This should in turn allow for achievement of the Riddhi in worlds with contradicting truths by synchronising Taiost practices with more replenishable (Asura's Wrath), configurable (Dresden Files) or esoteric (Percy Jackson, Soul Eater, Valkyrie Profile) forms of spiritualism. During this process, the transcription of other notable languages of power will be researched, including but not limited to:
  50. -Norse runes, for transmutation of fate and destiny
  51. -Old Charnian, for transmutation of magic and destruction
  52. -Various Enocian dialects, for transmutation of holiness and creation
  53. -The Thu'um, for transmutation of space and time
  54. -Notarikon, for transmutation of divinity
  55. -Ancient Greek (Fate/Extra), for transmutation of mysteries
  56. -The Correspondance, for gross incandescence
  58. Completion of these hexagrams will likely require our Ichor Omega project, for consolidation of our true nature is likely to require trillions of spiritual manifestos. By going a step further the process can be further streamlined by using Knowledge is Numbers-and later Knowledge Drain-to translate the hexagrammical knowledge as binary, then use Will of the User, App Master and Reality Hacker on top of the Bastion-based Crown of Thorns to actualise our reality enforcement in binary form; in tandem with the conceptual computing achievable through Discworld magic and technomancy on par with Code Lyoko's Quantum Computing our legend-self may extend beyond the normal scopes of temporal limit, actualising in advance of events yet to come. Use of Temple of Thought to integrate Kiara's teachings as well as the induction of photonic crystals into the above from Fate/Extra is likewise an asset to us. In tandem with a massive surge of spiritual energy as described elsewhere in this dossier the aim of these practices is to truly transcend as a cosmic constant, suffusing our will into that of the world. In tandem with the Titan's Blood-enhanced Empathic Environment and Synchronicity Event-enhanced Feel It Out the synergy between Aspect of Chakravartin, Stacked and Exploitation Now, it should be possible to directly assert our reality over our world-self.
  60. 3. Expansion/Development
  62. The initial size of a demiplane is 1 cubic mile (before accounting for other altmodes’ size factors), and it is currently intended to be constructed as a 5-D oblong. It is known that demiplanes can be expanded through the Demiplane Creation spells. In order to fastrack the growth of our world-self two perks are pre-eminent: Sufficiently Analysed Magic (which enables the casting of para-magic drawing from scientific phenomena), Crimson Saint (which enables the replication of scientific phenomena through magic, and vice versa) and the Altar of Spellmaking (which enables the custom creation of spells) in order to study the Eye of Magnus from Skyrim and Perpetual Motion Machine (Invader Zim) and Universal Adaptor (Storm Hawks) tech to devise a magitech system capable of generating spell components for continued energy and matter for the world-body to be truly self-sustaining.
  64. It is imperative that we use these skills in tandem with Fulmigati's magnum opus, the insights into MCU Asgardian magitech gained from Re-Engineer (Asgardian), our Jagan Eye and our research into the nature of Link Jokers to ensure the metaphysics of all processes within our realm are not subject to magical, scientific, spiritual or psionic limitations but rather something conceptually aligned with our own nature just as Link Jokers somehow aren't science or magic.
  66. The following is a series of other relevant modifications used to perfect our world-body, to the point of CURRENTLY (and significantly lessser for the earlier half of our chain) being an aleph-set of universes unified through a gestalt spiritual energy field arranged in a hyperdimensional array, with nodes where multiple leylines converge to create particular singularities of divine personification:
  68. -Mage perk line (Minecraft)+Fulmigati's Magnum Opus (Van Helsing): One of the listed capabilities of EE refers to the generation of additional resources from nothing. If we can analyse the makeup of our world-self we could potentially increase its growth rate constantly by using Ichor Omega to create an alchemic circle, in tandem with other forms of alchemy
  70. -Magitech perks (Thundercats, Banjo Kazooie, Gargoyles, FF6): Through the use of technology which can manipulate spiritual structures we hope not only to be able to actually build things within ourself but also shore up and improve its metaphysical foundations
  72. -Self Duplication+Lunar Dial+Metaphysical Biology PhD+Ascent to Transcendence: By combining the genes of Adam and Lilith, we will attain the ability to assimilate other lifeforms in a gestalt spiritual subspace a la Instrumentality. Using these other perks, alternate iterations of ourself will be generated, and synchronised into this hivemind to create a singular collective consciousness unified in spiritual cohesion. Additionally, the the spiritual particle acceleration abilities of High Energy Reaction will be crucial in harnessing purely material energies throughout the multiverse-body, or supplant other tangible infrastructure with spiritual superstructures replicating their functions by using other aspects of our spiritual energy. The perks Throne of Creation and Furnace of War from Etrian Odyssey will be used to attune the S2 Orgels to magical energy to improve its' transmission and dispersal when being used
  74. -HYDRA Blueprints+Strange Documents+Metaphysical Biology+Song Science+Dual Art: Initially, a vast portion of energy will be used to create a hybrid Orgel of Origins/S2 Engine metaphysical organelle to produce energy for all sorts of useful work. By attuning these structures to the metaphysical leyline network, more and more S2 Orgels will be grown throughout our world-body over time, nourished by the currents of energy within. The dispersal of grathnode nanites will be used to improve the dimensional depth and transmission.conversion of matter and energy throughout the world-body via digitisation
  76. -Conjoined Conjures+Of the Elder Blood+Thaumaturgical Focus: Bounded Fields: Artificial leylines will transport spiritual matter and other forms of energy between all synchronised alternate selves to optimise resource allocation, at different points of space and time
  78. -Reload+other Biomega perks+Artificial Alloys: Massive quantities of RPIP will be produced through the use of alchemy to transmute vast oceans of human biomass within ourselves. The resulting biometallic concrete slurry will be blended with other substances in order to create a malleable yet self-repairing substance worthy of embodying us should we deign to take a physical form within ourselves; Necrodermis, Fleshmetal, Vibranium (as a biometallic substrate), Uru and Orichalcum will be included via RPIP assimilation. Additionally Rejuvenator, Juhki and Shimajuhki cell samples will be respectively used to assimilate LCL on a grand scale throughout one's metaphysiology, in order to take advantage of one's Angel physiology to self-modify with far greater versatility
  80. -Hard Science+Malleable Reality: Having established a psychic broadcast, a vast array of human clones based off the template of our original human body will be cloned, and modified with Mindworm DNA (MO Surgeon, Terra Formars) into a psychic extension of our collective consciousness. The generated AIM will then be further controlled through a relevant form of paramagic in order to interfere with undesired magical effects, and for research into more esoteric effects
  82. -By opening a portal to the Positive Energy Plane a vast supply of energy for further expansion and conversion via Universal Adaptor (Storm Hawks) technoogy to other useful work. As the metaphysiological scope expands to nigh-infinite configurations of multidimensional proportions this source will be vital for continued sustenance
  84. -Thorn Forged To Kill Kings: Not only does this artifact regulate ambient energy to benefit the user but it increases with age in power. It shall be sequestered in a remote dimensional alcove within ourself, and the Iterative Improvement shard will be used to improve its functionality. If possible, it will be fully assimilated into our metaphysiology
  86. -Temporal Analysis+Perfected ZOS+HYDRA Blueprints+Ichor Omega: ZOS technology enables duplication of biomechanical structures through temporal fluctuations. By using the hybridisation device provided by HYDRA Blueprints we intend to imbue our nanoswarm with this capability. Because our nanoswarm is a von neumann machine via Equivalent Exchange and hyperdimensional via Dark Matter, it can then propagate the technology's effect throughout our world-self as a form of divine infrastructure. The hoped end result would be enabling the creation of multiversal structures using hybrid ZOS/divine nanotech
  88. -Synthetic Duplication+Via Salvatio: Using the nigh-infinite font of energy provided by the Big Bang in a Can project, the literally infinite power of Super Spin and the transuniversal power of Hyperdimensional Phantasm we shall use synthetic duplication to create phantasmal selves as a sort of buffer using a similar procedure to imbue our nanoswarm with Synthetic Duplication abilities. Eradia simulacrums and use of Crimson Saint to magically reproduce the effects of ZOS technology will help in bolstering the mass of lesser world-selves
  90. -Pyromancy (Dark Souls)+Soulfire (Dresden Files)+Soul Smith (Dark Souls)_Accelerated Arcanum (Neopets)+Necromancy (Geneforge)+Soul Channelling (Supernatural)+Soul Shards (Minecraft)+Dual Art (Castlevania)+The One Power (Wheel of Time): During the Supernatural jump, we hijacked the ritual Castiel would have used to devour every soul in Limbo for an impromptu Darkhallow, attaining sufficient spiritual power to exceed an Archangel. Additionally, the last living Knight of Hell was captured for creating a Cambion-type soul by forcibly fusing it with a human's soul. Through a synthesis of the Flame of Tar Valon, Soulfire, Pyromancy and the Soul Shards technique we used this fused soul as the catalyst for igniting a conflaguration releasing vast quantities of Cambion souls within our world-self, having carried out magical analysis on the First Flame during an earlier trip to Dark Souls. Given Archangels have been shown to control space and time and the only known Cambion was capable of annihilating the host of Heaven when his progenitor was released from Hell, it is concluded that the vast amounts of magical and spiritual power expended (including the creation of a limitless space trap bounded field to contain the flames' dispersal) were will worth the boon of divine power acquired thusly.
  92. -The One Power (Wheel of Time)+Elven Enchantment (LOTR)+Conjoined Conjures (Cardcaptor Sakura)+Scion of the Trickster (Viking Saga)+Half Ghost (Danny Phantom)+Anathema (Smite)+Exploitation Now! (Generic Virtual World)+Corrupting Corruption that Corrupts (Obsidian Trilogy)+Soul Channelling+Conjoined Conjures+Themed Powers (Skullgirls): The Elven principle of enchantment for powerful artifacts such as the Palantir appears to function on a law of metaphysical equivalent exchange, diminishing the forger in exchange for an artifact enabling them to achieve effects beyond their capabilities. The Norse gods are empowered by sacrifice to themselves with greater boons arising from greater sacrifices; Odin attained his runes by sacrificing himself to himself over the Well of Udr. During the Wheel of Time we posessed Rand al'Thor before he went to battle the Dark One, and after assuming direct control of his unique soul drew on it to annihilate the Dark One as a sacrifice to ourself. As a multiversal, nigh-omnipotent being the Dark One is a fundamental aspect of reality capable of shaping the Pattern itself to create worlds. Thus, the improved form of the One Power-which we shall name the Unlimited Power-will likely prove useful for the purposes of shaping a Pattern of our own, enabling more abstract and conceptual forms of creation.
  94. -A Tangled Web Weaved (Asura's Wrath)+Angel (Evangelion)+Dual Art (Castlevania)+Worldwalking/Refined Spellcasting (Dresden Files): When manifested physically mantra implicitly has curious dimensional properties given Chakravartin manifested either a humanoid subdimension or a portal to his realm using a planet's worth hijacked for his own use, and the Eight Guardian Generals' massive damage dealt to opponents that should not be able to exist under the square-cube law. By first collecting mantra at will through golden strands and then reshaping it using DF's genius loci constructive techniques as pioneered by the Merlin this spiritual energy will be used to greatly reinforce the world-body and create more complex metaphysical structures within it by shaping and reinforcing the AT-fields that comprise us with mantra.
  96. -King In Your Head/Your Own Little World/Ether Candidate/Sufficiently Advanced EtherScience (Gunnerkrigg Court)+App Master (Soul Hackers)+HYDRA Blueprints+Nanomaster+Quantum Computing (Code Lyoko): App Master is capable of materialising programs capable of affecting space and time with a sufficiently advanced computing system. While in-universe time travel does not extend beyond Code Lyoko, its' programming remains on par with the setting's cross-temporal AI. By fusing this form of programming with nanites, Ichor Omega may be used to engineer a program capable of ethereal space-time interference similar to the program used to restrain Reynardine. This program will therefore be used to manipulate the interior dimensions of the world-body to an even more complex extent.
  98. -The Deal Maker (Disney)+Wizard/True Librarian (Discworld)+Sohon (Posleen Wars)+Quantum Computing (Code Lyoko)+Calamitytech (Bastion)+HYDRA Blueprints+Magitech (Banjo-Kazooie)+Feel It Out/Synchronicity Event (FEAR)+Fulmigati's magnum opus (Van helsing): WARNING: EXTREME CAUTION NEEDED TO AVOID SPIRAL NEMESIS EVENT. During Discworld jump, we transfered the last Sourcerer's power to ourself via magical bargain for giving him a happy normal life; this power was heavily sealed under a RPIP superstructure array based on the Sorcery Stopper (FF8) technology to prevent unpredictable bursts of magic. Subsequently, we traveled through L-Space to witness Hex's formation of the Roundworld project. Using the Sohon psychic nanotechnological principles, a wholly magitechnological form of Discworld magic AI was constructed within ourself using Ichor Omega for the express purpose of controlling Discworld magic with a precision surpassing Hex's incorporating Shard-based nanotech for complete reality analysis, in order to channel the raw magical power of a Sourceror into useful work by splittting the thaum, generating vast amounts of energy for creating entire universes. In tandem with various magic boosters (Thousand Master, Power to Burn, Magical Body etc) and the unpredicatable nature of Discworld magic, EXTREME CARE must be taken when harnessing this source of energy.
  100. -Dream Demon (Gravity Falls)+Oneiromancy (Changeling)+Frame of Reference+Ouroboros: The Alpha, The Omega, Continuum (Siren: Blood Curse)+Just As I Thought (Gravity Falls): While these powers do not have any direct bearing on our world-body, during Gravity Falls we challenged Blendin Blandin to Globnar in the Pine TWins' stead, fulfilling our bargain with them. After acquiring the Time Wish, we wished for the combined power of the entire Time Giant race, we have attained nigh-absolute control over our internal timeline, enabling far better management of internal resources. By becoming an absolute reference point later on, the consequences of applying this level of temporal control have become better understood
  102. -Feel It Out/Synchronicity Event (FEAR)+Cobra-La Biotechnology (GI Joe)+Aeon Paragon/Quantumm Mind (Supreme Commander)+Fulmigati's magnum opus (Van Helsing)+Equivalent Exchange (Minecraft)+Rocket Scientist/Inventor+Dark Matter (Futurama)+Alpha Documents (Super Robot Wars)+Gravikinesis/Force Given Form (Gravity Rush)+Simplified Formulae/Advanced Formulae/Alkahestry (FMA)+HYDRA Blueprints+Karmatron Dynamics/Regenerator Nano (GUNNM)+Song Science+Gravity Furnace/Defragmentation Device (Blame!)+Symponic Manipulation/Pagan Science/Implanted Relic (Symphogear): By attuning Diver and Aeon psychic powers to the Aeon Paragon, converting its' design into a biotech form capable of being reproduced through RPIP manipulation and incorporating the Noise's properties of reality coefficient alteration as well as the Defragmentation Device's improvement of reconstructed resources and the Imaginos Body's nanites an incredibly powerful form of resource generation may be cultivated within our world-body, with the "raw" resources being defragmented on exit such that they are improved when being shaped by soul-structures for various purposes. It's unclear how much of the Paragon's scaling properties are hyperbole, but even if we assume they function at a diminished rate at a sufficient level of resource production spawning more of them will greatly decrease scarcity caused by metaphysical homeostasis. The inclusion of dark matter/gravity harnessing technology is not only to increase energy output but also to provide additional building materials via Force Given Form. The activation of the Temporal ark seems to indicate that with the aid of Guru and Megabomb (Chrono Trigger) it may be possible to also use the gravity as a manipulating force to provide kinetic energy for other subsystems.
  104. -Material Hybridisation/Elemental Weave (FF14)+Great Crystal sample (Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles)+Lyrium (Dragon Age)+Feel It Out/Synchronicity Event (Fear)+Diver Alchemy: Water of Life (Five Star Stories)+Khaydarin Crystals(Starcraft)+Song Science (Ar Tonelico)+Dark Matter (FF9)+Listen To My Voice/Touched By The Protoculture (Macross): Using these synthesis techniques, an array of crystals attuned to our psychic signature will be spread throughout the world-body to enhance communications of all kinds. In particular, dark matter and fold-wave singing are included to enable interdimensional broadcasts or facilitate instant matter-energy transfers
  106. -Genesis (Gravity Rush)+HSDW EX(?)/Notarikon EX(?) (Fate/Extra)+Soulfire (Dresden Files)+The One Power (Wheel of Time)+Dual Art+Conjoined Conjures+Correspondence Course (Fallen London)+Necromancy (Geneforge)+Favor of Tashlan (Narnia)+A Monster's Strength (Tower of God)+Waveform Anatomy (Evangelion): Caster's ability to construct a world on par with a Reality Marble given enough preparation time and resources is a valuabel asset, as is Notarikon's Square aspect for boosting the quality of magecraft to EX rank. By conjoining these aspects, we shall create a world designed as a hatchery for Judgement-eggs, drawing on the power of raw creation from within our own Judgement-soul from Fallen London and Weaves aspected to creation to seed these hatchery-worlds, and using the principle of shinshoo manipulation to inundate them with spiritual energy to create Judgements networked to our collective consciousness.
  108. 4. Implications of prior self-modifications/perks
  109. -Darkhallow ascension: During Legend of Chima the Darkhallow ritual was performed using Arcane filling in the blanks from pages acquired during Dresden Files jump, a mass summoning of Paradiso's finest and the assistance of Morathi. It is unclear what the successful ascension of a human in this manner would entail, but it is known that the Erlking was a goblin who performed the ritual and that Cowl would have been strong enough to overpower Mab (alone, standing in the middle of a field, without vast resources at her command) had he succeeded in the ritual. From this it can be inferred we have at least attained a vast degree of control over demesne-related magic, and possibly may have become a literal cosmic principle
  110. -Pentakai Bench: It is unclear whether component souls count as followers, but if they do-there is a possibility the Ensoulment of each and every perk we have could lead to truly ridiculous leaps of power.
  111. -Fisher King: It is possibly that further applications of this perk could be developed after becoming one with our world-self, such as realising our world-self in selective parts of reality
  112. -This Is My Swamp: As above
  113. -Glory to Me/The Path of the Gods (Percy Jackson): Apart from a prior working relationship and coinciding priorities, extreme attunement to Jubileus was ideal due to her association with creation, light and order-which may serve to stabilise the world-body's internal energy
  114. -Instead of starting as an Unassailble/Ineffable being in Evangelion, during the 10 years we worked to use Metaphysiology PhD among other perks like Tech Tree to uncover all secrets of Angels in order to forge ourself into a being far surpassing any canon Angel, the sum total of research taking a few decades to perfect accounting for time spent adventuring. This culminated in the creation of a new form of life designed to surpass and unite the capabilities of the ADAM and EVE entities through Splice it and Dice It to ensure the resulting lifeforms would be more aligned with our own "genetic" makeup before assimilating them, acquiring unparalleled AT-Field strength which may make living in our world-self difficult for lifeforms. It is hoped that our component souls will be either be recognised by our oversoul as components and unharmed, or have equally strong AT-Fields of their own due to being subdivided aspects of our being.
  115. -Natural Nature: It is unclear what are the implications of exercising our divine authority over an aspect of reality when we ARE an aspect of reality unto ourselves. It is highly likely that we have ridiculous control over time within our world-self-to say nothing of the implications of Time Shenanigans and One Step Forward. Interestingly, Lunar Dial is stated to be capable of affecting space-time itself, while Antimatter Temporal Principle and Antimatter Genesis Principle as well as Antimatter Manipulation Principle imply the same is possible through these FF13 sciences, providing a potential way to create and manipulate matter, energy and causation within our world-self.
  116. -Malleable Reality: The concept of a Personal Reality is not dissimilar to the concept of a Reality Marble. Malleable Reality improves one's ability to alter their Personal Reality. Therefore, this perk may prove useful in discovering a way to mould the interior of our world-self to our liking
  117. -Psychic Mastery+Molten Warrior+Psychic Vampirism: Our mastery over Warp emanations and ability to transform into Warp substances will aid in purging intruders with warpfire. It is deemed paramount that either Real Eater or Corruptive Influence be used to attune the Warpfire into something befitting our nature more than the Chaos Gods'. Additionally, it may be possible using Warpstone samples and Crimson Saint to create an artificial Warp extending within our world-self to mould it as a Chaos God would mould their dominions, and to deepen the connection between the world-self and our ego-imposed self image
  118. -Posessing both the Anti-Demon Wavelength, Alpha Psyker prowess and Universal Reactor may enable the manufacturing of a form of psychic energy designed to impose order upon chaos, much as the Emperor's soul is capable of defending the Imperium from the Warp. When manufactured on a wide scale this may enable the creation of a vast psychic realm akin to the Immaterium but undefined by one's own will and identity rather than the Chaos Gods. In tandem with Angel metaphysical biology, this will likely cause the interior of the world-self to resemble Instrumentality as depicted in Neon Genesis Evangelion's original ending somewhat
  119. -Apparently Blank makes the soul look really, really hard to see, and since our world-self is partially constructed from a world-sized embodiment of our soul this...could have odd side effects
  120. -Master of the Order: As mentioned below, we will populate our world-self with numerous Ensouled perks. This particular skill will be useful to have them constantly improve on each other, and otherwise figure out how to continuously improve the overall capabilities of the world-self through the sympathetic link of a Court dedicated by ourself to ourself. Notably, Folded 1000 Times and Soft Cap will extend indefinite training ceilings while Lunar Dial may be used to run time within the world-self much faster than external reality, effectively granting nigh-indefinite training time for the subsouls and Path to Victory will determine the most efficient methodology for improvement
  121. -Full Circle: Enabling the incarnated perks to combine their talents will enable us to achieve feats exceeding a solitary entity; the use of Crimson Saint to forge a new paradigm transcending magic will likely necessitate development of this perk to some extent
  123. 5. Component Soul Creation
  125. Third Circle Souls:TBA
  127. Second Circle Souls: Second Circle Souls will follow a fairly similar design process with one caveat: Third Circle Souls are exclusively capstones as those are deemed to be the perks with the greatest affect on our metaphysiology. Therefore Second Circle Souls will include such perks as Summon Greater Steamroller, Droids with Lightsabers, The Noble Eightfold Path, and Soulhymn. Second Circle Souls created this way will probably not have a meaningful difference with Third Circle Souls; it's just a class distinction really, but it is likely they will tend to be operatives, advisors and enforcers compared to the Third Circle Souls' administrators and overseers given their fundamental nature. As above Second Circle Souls will be equipped with a similar pseudo-Command Seal which works similarly-with the exception of being unable to command Third Circle Souls or each other.
  129. First Circle Souls: TBA
  131. Note: Fourth Circle Souls?
  132. -COMBAT OPERANDI: ABSTRACTED THOUGHT explicitly makes psychic aspects of yourself capable on independant action. This would include our Stand, our Persona, our Hunger Demon, our Imaginary Friend, the Imaginary Self described in Problem Sleuth and a host of other phenomena which greatly predate our ascension into a Primordial. It is...unclear to say the least how these beings would react to a) the sudden appearance of our world-self, b) an influx of artificially created Third Circle Souls and c) long-term exposure to corruption perks
  133. -COMBAT OPERANDI: ABSTRACTED THOUGHT is going to be Ensouled as a Second Circle Soul in order to consult on what the hell is going on here
  134. -If the avatar of COMBAT OPERANDI: ABSTRACTED THOUGHT starts developing quasi-real recursive imaginary friends of its own, shit could get crazy
  136. Notes
  137. -This is by NO MEANS a conclusive list of all our capabilities involved in this project. is a still incomplete but more comprehensive listing of our capabilities. Special consideration should be given to Real Eater, Crimson Saint and Sufficiently Analysed Magic enabling the replication of scientific phenomena via magic
  138. -The effects of Glamour 10, Psychic Mastery and Malleable reality upon the world-self are not fully understood. On the one hand, we may have straddled the line between a C'tan, True Fae and a Chaos God, and may attain a similar level of mastery over ourself through centuries/millennia of practice. On the other hand, one wonders if stray thoughts may render the world-self a little volatile unless volition and self-control are fully exercised given the fickle nature of such beings
  139. -It is unclear whether a Court of Ourself would unlock more abilities through the nature of Contracts affecting aspects of reality, or simply make mass produced lesser versions of our perks available those willing to make a contract with us. Additionally, as Odin has canonically sacrificed himself to himself in order to attain foresight and his own 18 runes we will consult him for advice on how to perform this contract.
  140. -COMBAT OPERANDI: ABSTRACTED THOUGHT is explicitly stated to render metaphysical extensions as fully functional extensions of yourself "capable of independent actions and thoughts" and specifically supports an "imaginary self" by rendering it capable of existence when not being actively imagined. Apart from the notes on potential Fourth Circle Souls, it is unclear what implications this will have for the various beings inhabiting our world-self.
  141. -Babylon Guy has recently confirmed that Cosmic Fire is, in fact, being drawn from every star in the sky. As part of our marriage with Cosmic Fire, we have entered into a...unique contract with her as of C:TL jump with the assistance of a True Fae vicar. We have no. Goddamn. Clue what this entails for the Court of My Own Self.
  142. -Somefaggit has mentioned the disturbing possibility of a Gunnerkrigg Court otherworld scaling to one's body size. We may have acquired an EVEN LARGER universe through one perk...somehow. Addendum: Totally making a contract, in order to summon the inhabitants of the world, possibly expand the reality warping abilities of the Video conduit power and either reducing the otherworld's impact on our sanity or improving our ability to shunt things into it
  143. -Natural Mage, both iterations of Magic Circle and Thousand Master are among the most prominent "boosts spell effects" perks. Marvel Anon has given the all-clear on fanwanking Thousand Master; there is a /possibility/ that rather than being a mere universe, our world-self is a totality unto itself compromised of numerous sub-universes attached to the main demiplane-marble. To say nothing of implications of permanent clones residing in the world-self to empower it...
  144. -With the advent of Discworld jump, we are faced by the Sourceror's Dilemma: Simply put, between our current transcendental state and the Crown of Thorns project there is a dangerously high possibility for us to equal or-Jump-Chan forbid-exceed a Sourceror's magical output. It is heavily implied their nigh-omnipotence forced the Sourcerors to isolate into a pocket world of their own creation to prevent an XK-Class Dominance shift and/or ZK-Class Reality Restructuring event; given the scope of our other powers even this may not be sufficient. To say nothing of the risks of drawing attention from the things from the Unseen Realm just as the Dungeon Dimension inhabitants are drawn to Sourcerors. The current solution is reliant on observation of the Roundworld project during its synthesis. We intend to learn and mimic the spell in order to constantly "bleed off" our own Discworld magic and conjoin it with the Reality Marble-derived paramagic we developed into several new universes as components of ourself, thus stabilising a potentially omnilethal output of magic into new universes. This is predicted to greatly increase our new form of existence's rate of growth, a disturbing prospect given that the lifespan of an existence such as ourself is not wholly understood. It also raises the disturbing possibility of what might happen should we slow our growth in exchange for amassing a larger quantity of Discworld magic. Alternatively, using the Crown of Thorns project Universal Adaptors may be used to transmute Discworld energy into a less volatile form such as 40K psychic emanations, lightwings, mana/prana/od or AT-fields
  145. -As an addendum to the above "bleed off" process, some consideration has been given to what element should compose the majority of these worlds just as hydrogen appears to be a fundamental element in most stars in the baseline reality. Currently the five elements used as injections into the newly birthed worlds are synthetic meta-substances devised through Elemental Weave (FF14): Projectium (Nothingness+Gunnerkrigg Court's Ether), Imaginarium (Imaginary Numbers+AIM), Oblivimonium (Element of Mystery+Seithr), Bloodimindium (The Anti-Warp+Cuendillar) and Empyrium (the aggregate of spiritual aspsects/life energies, mainly evocative of order and holiness, expressed through Soulfire) although a high concentration of Ichor Omega remains omnipresent within the world-self
  146. -To Treat With Spirits, Realm of Myths A Weight Upon The Brow and Worldwalker deserve special mention as this aggregate may somewhat mimic the instinctive authority over spirits of the universe the Primordials asserted over other spirits. Certainly Shaper's Authority and External Influence from EVO already provide us with immense dominance over our creations
  147. -The Forces 2 rotes Control Light and Control Forces represent a significant opportunity. Listed below are the innate capabilities of these rotes before additional mystic research. The Science of Evolution (EVO), Karmatron Dynamics (GUNNM), Path to Victory (Worm) and the Evolutionary Function (Ben 10) afford immense simulational processing power once integrated via HYDRA Blueprints into Moon Cell/Bastion technology, which is further integrated via Reload (Biomega) and Sanakan Soul (Blame!) into a digital restructuring conversion haptic interface capable of actualising coding as phenomena; inclusion of Reality Hacker (Webmage), Guru/Mega Bomb (Chrono Trigger), App Master (Soul Hackers), Knowledge is Numbers (FF14) and Song Science as well as Hardened Comosphere and Creative Composition (Ar Tonelico) will aid in developing computer programs capable of interfacing with reality with the express purpose of analysing and modelling EXA_PICO as a song. Combined with Pause (Lone Wolf) this apparatus will serve to run an indefinite amount of calculations to determine how to reconstitute EXA_PICO (, the atomic nucleus that created the Ar Tonelico universe. This in turn will enable us to, in tandem with The Art (music jump) and lightyears-long vocal chords of grathnode, ardel and parameno, literally sing the song that creates the cosmos given that miscellaneous mystic powerup perks as well as enchantment research may render an affordable expenditure of light and sound energy dwarfing that of ten thousand galaxies. Apart from adding an additional layer of reality to stabilise one's metaphysical form this will potentially unlock all potential capabilities from Ar Tonelico with sufficient analyses.
  148. --Addendum 1: Research into Time Witchcraft (Narnia), Of The Elder Blood (The Witcher), the Travelling Now (Wizard, Discworld), Temporal Analysis (Zoids Legacy), the Gravity Furnace's more exotic applications (Blame!), the various AMP principles (FF13-1, FF13-3) and Lunar Dial (Touhou) all concerns overlapping an object or phenomena in time and space to effectively duplicate it. Research into this as well as the mid-tier examples of TInker tech (Founder: Worm Entities, Cortex Command) attainable may allow for the design of a spiritual metastructure forged with High Energy Reaction (Evangelion) on a molecular level emulating the Entity-killing ray at the end of Worm in order to unfurl multiple iterations of EXA_PICO after an individual iteration of EXA_PICO is generated in each component universe, resulting in exponentially greater quantities of song-related energy; further research into Bioshock's application of Lutece Particles may be needed to fully stabilise a reaction of multiversal proportions.
  149. --Addendum 2: After having successfully become a Rank 10 Spirit with Influence over all the Arcana via a steady diet of self-generated spirits handcrafted to have Influence over, the song's effect is likely to greatly exceed even the exploit below's stated output. Vibration Manipulation (X-Men), the Touched by the Protoculture-boosted Listen to My Song and Listen To My Voice (Macross) abilities and Vibe (Arrowverse) will result in even greater yields as well as aiding in transmitting such effects throughout the world-body via superdimensionally augmented fold waves.
  151. "... redid the calculations, and you are limited to upper middle Kardashev 1 range. at chargen.
  153. Control Light (page 165): each success can double the brightness of a light source (x2, x4, x8, x16...).
  155. At character creation you can potentially get a dicepool for that of 14. If you also get life 2, then you can go months without sleep, so you can ritual cast to your heart's content.
  157. limited to 14 rolls, of 14 dice each, plus about 6 wp. Total of 214 dice, or an average of 71.3 successes (round down to 71). So you can make a light source 2^71 = 2.36118324x10^21 or 2,361,183,240,000,000,000,000 times as bright. Now apply this to a 1 watt handheld laser. For comparison, the SUN puts out 3.86 x 10^26 watts, and the Tsar Bomba (largest nuke ever detonated) put out 5.3x10^24 watts (briefly)
  159. With 54 XP you can bring that base dicepool up to 16 dice, for a total of 274 dice after wp expenditure. This results in an average of 91 successes, for a light that has 2^91 = 2.47588008 x 10^27 Watts of output. Yes, with 54 XP a mage can make a laser that puts out more light than the frigging SUN, and it's focused as a laser instead of being spread out in every direction. This is quite solidly Kardashev 2, and could easily melt the planet.
  161. Better still, this is not vulgar.
  165. Edit: if you have a cabal member who's a mind mage, then you can potentially crank that base dicepool up to a 21, for a total of 459/3= 153 successes on average. For a power output of 1.14179815 x 10^46 watt power output.
  167. So two mages with 54 XP each can create a laser with more power output than TEN THOUSAND GALAXIES!!!
  169. Which is high Kardashev 3 territory."
  235. ...
  237. 88:88 Jump-Chan were supposed to turn into a PLANESWALKER, not a WALKING PLANE
  238. 88:88 AntiSpiral-Anon ...oops
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