Xrandr tip for wimpy

ChrisLAS Dec 18th, 2018 222 Never
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  1. Subject: Xrandr tip for wimpy
  2. Message: Hi,
  4. A few eps back there was some talk about how to handle automatically switching between various monitor/dock setups and the use of xrandr scripts etc.
  5. I've been down this path and can say I've found a much nicer alternative.
  7. Please have a look at autorandr.
  8. The man page sums it up nicely but this basically allows you to:
  9. - Plug in your monitors / docks etc.
  10. - Configure xrandr as required (using whatever tool you prefer)
  11. - Use autorandr to save the config
  12. - Next time these specific monitors are plugged in, autorandr sets it up automatically exactly how you had it
  14. Thanks
  15. Duncan
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