Herp - Sleepy Moth Endeavours

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >You are anon. Walking through a meadow, in the middle of the day.
  2. >It's a nice day out. The sun is shining. Not a cloud in the sky. The flowers are blooming. And there's something rapidly FALLING TOWARDS YOU!
  3. >That something, crashes right onto you and forces you down flat on your back.
  4. >You -GROAN- in pain and try to get your thoughts together again as you sit back up.
  5. >*What in the name of Celestia hit me?..*
  6. >That same thing that fell on you is still ON you. You look at the fairly large figure as your sight comes into alignment.
  7. >*That... Would be a pony. A moth pony. Aah great.*
  8. "C'mon, get off..."
  9. >It doesn't seem to want to answer. You can clearly feel it breathing heavily.
  10. "Hey, y'hear me? Get off."
  11. >Still no answer. It's beginning to annoy you.
  12. "Look, this isn't going to get any prettier any time soon but I'm willing to forgive you if you just GET OFF!"
  13. >The mothpony springs back to life and after a short panic, looks straight at your face. With a slightly dopey and incoherent female voice she presents her power of speech.
  14. >"O-Oh! Oh I'm sorry."
  15. "W-Were you knocked out cold just now?"
  16. >"I uuh... No, I don't think so, um. I think I just dozed off."
  17. "Mid flight?.. You fell asleep, mid flight?"
  18. >"Yeah, I'm not exactly used to flying during the day.-YYYYYYAWN- I don't think I've ever, done it. before actually...-"
  19. >As she finishes that sentence, she closes her eyes and -whomp-'s her head back on your lap.
  20. >You think to yourself as you slam your hand on your face-*Oh great. This is just what I need right now...*
  21. >With no other pony in sight, and with your conscience weighing down heavily on you, you decide it's best to take her back to your place, at least until she wakes up. You're not going to leave a defenseless pony snore in the middle of a meadow! And... You've been sorta... Lacking... In social interaction lately.
  22. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. >After half an hour of carrying around a fairly heavy mothpony, you finally make it to your home.
  24. >You walk in and lay the mothpony to your own bed.
  25. >*Hopefully she gets up and takes her leave before I need some sleep. That's the only bed in this house.*
  26. >You take a second good look at the mothpony before you head off to finish up the chores you were trying to escape from. Her main coat is dark yellow, almost honey like and silky slick to the touch. She has a fairly short brown mane and similar body fluff. Her wings aren't particularly long, of the colour gray with the same honey coloured stripe patterns in symmetrical intervals. She's laying on her side with her long pink tongue stretched out, this whole time she's been sleeping, it's been dangling out of her mouth. She looks lovely...
  27. >*... It's best if I move on to the chores.*
  28. >You leave her laying there and start working on the things you need to do. You clean out the entire house, top to bottom, with only your bedroom left uncleaned. Several hours had past since you last saw her. But in order to finish your work, you need to go check if she's awake yet.
  29. >As you open the door to your bedroom again and peer into the dusty room, you note that the bedsheets are now completely covered in yellow and brown moth dust.
  30. >*Aaaah crap! I forgot they do that!*
  31. >You continue to look at the sleeping pony with a disappointed look on your face. Not disappointed of her, but yourself.
  32. >Time isn't going to go by any faster, so you close the door to the room and go on your way to read the book you've been meaning to read but never really found the time to.
  33. >A few more hours pass. Twilight falls as you finish up the chapter you were on.
  34. >It's about time she gets up, even with her nocturnal nature. I should probably wake her.*
  35. >You lay the book down and head to your bedroom once more. Open the door to find a very confused looking mothpony looking at you.
  36. >... You're not even sure what to say.
  37. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. >*So I brought in a complete stranger into my home without her consent and throughout the entire day I haven't once thought of what I'd say to her once she's actually awake... Well this is going to go great.*
  39. "I-... Um. Ahem, well, looks like you're finally awake..."
  40. >She continues staring, not a hint of fright or anger, nor of happiness or gratitude.
  41. "I-... Uh. After you fell asleep on me, I figured I'd bring you back to my place so you could have a proper rest. You, do remember our encounter in the meadow, right?"
  42. >More silence, followed by a nod and a slightly distressed reaction. She raises the covers a little and gives a look of dislike.
  43. "I- I didn't want to leave you out in the open there. I hope you understand that was only trying to help."
  44. >"... Uhhm... Thanks."
  45. "R-right. Well, now that you're awake, I'm guessing you'll want to be headed out soon. No compensation needed, I can't ask you anything as you never really asked for my help."
  46. >No more words. Just silence. She's more relaxed now but still looks unsure of how to act. The way she's looking at you would make the hearts of lesser beings melt.
  47. "... You're, um. Free to leave at your own time. So, um. When you're ready, come out and make yourself at home, or leave if you like."
  48. >She's not saying a word. Almost looks like she feels guilty somehow. This is killing you.
  49. "You- You don't talk much, do you?"
  50. >A shake of the head answers that question. Still, no words. This situation is too awkward for you to bear anymore.
  51. "Right."
  52. >You say as you close the door to the room behind you. Escaping what was likely the strangest experience in your life.
  53. >A bit of time passes and as you lounge on a sofa, thinking of what would be the appropriate next course of action, the mothpony comes out of your bedroom and comes into the room.
  54. >She places a small satchel on your coffee-table, thanking you again. Then leaves as quiet as a mouse.
  55. >*... That was... REALLY odd.*
  56. >The rest of the night goes fairly slow. You feel no need to rush after that strange encounter. Your whole day has been very slow and you wish that weren't the case. You don't like slow days.
  57. >The contents of that satchel were no less odd than the encounter itself.
  58. >It had a single vile of honey in it and a small sack of a powder of some sort. You leave it be on a shelf in your bedroom and figure it may be a trinket to remember her.
  59. >Once you're done cleaning your bedroom, it becomes late and you head off to sleep.
  60. >You wake without a hitch and everything seems to be back in its place, like yesterday hadn't ever happened. Well, except now every room is sparkly clean.
  61. >You start eating breakfast and figure you may as well use the honey she left behind. The vile barely had enough to sweeten one cup of tea, which you drank along side some sandwiches.
  62. >Though the tea you had was exceptionally good thanks to the honey, you simply thank the unknown moth in your mind and continue about your morning with a smile.
  63. >That is until, there's a -knock--knock--knock- on the your outside door.
  64. >Without thinking much of it, you head up to the door and open it up. What you find is completely unexpected and makes you jolt out of your sluggish demeanor.
  65. >It's the same moth from yesterday. Only, she looks tired, really tired. Like she's not blinking both her eyes at once tired.
  66. >"Hiiii, it's mee again~"
  67. "I- uh, yeah. Yeah I can see that, why'd you come back here, did you forget something?"
  68. >"Noo, I didn't forget anything at allll. It's just that you were sooo nice to me yesterday an' I wuz really touched. Sooo I figured maaaybe you would be able to help me out a bit again?"
  69. "Uuh, yeah sure. If I can. What do you need?"
  70. >"I need. I-... Um. I uh, need. A place... Tooo... Stayyy-"
  71. >Aaaand she drops asleep at your doorstep.
  72. >*... Well this is... This is something...*
  73. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  74. >*I don't really suppose I have a choice... And. It won't hurt. Besides, she did give me something when I asked for nothing.*
  75. >Without much more thought, you lift the sleeping mothpony on your back and carry her to your bed once more. You've more or less come to terms with the fact that the covers will be ruined, good thing you've got like 5 spares.
  76. >*Okay, so. That's done with. On to whatever I was doing. ... What exactly WAS I doing? I had no plans for today...*
  77. >Thinking of all the possible things you could or maybe should do today, you sorta forget to leave the room. After a while of pondering to yourself atop your bed, you note that you're sitting in a rather... Questionable position...
  78. >You're stroking the moth's hair. As soon as you realize, you pull your hand back in a swift reflex.
  79. >*JESUS. The hell is wrong with me? That's. THAT'S WEIRD. Oh god I have to leave this room.*
  80. >As you do in a hastily fashion, making sure to make little noise. You stand outside the door weirded out by your own actions. Thinking.
  81. >*Why would I do that? What the hells wrong with me? I-... I have to get out. I don't care where to. I just have to.*
  82. >As you do. You leave the house, locking the door. You're fairly certain you'll come home before she leaves.
  83. >It's always such a bother going outside without having a clear directive. You never seem to find where to go or what to do besides just aimlessly walking around. And that's just a waste of time.
  84. >However this gives you time to reflect upon the strange visitor. A flurry of questions flow through your head. Unsure of whether the pony is homeless or just traveling. Unsure of whether she has bits to live by or praying on others for survival. Unsure of whether she's single or no-...
  85. >*... Okay... Those are NOT thoughts I should be having. Or should I? I don't really know. She looks cute and seems nice and generous. With the eyes that make souls reach redemption. I'd... I guess I like the thought? I-I don't know...*
  86. >Eventually, after a while, you can't stand staying outside without a direction to go to. It's just not your thing. Somehow you've managed to find yourself near the town water fountain. Granted, it isn't far from your home, which is good, because you're done with this walk. It appears to be high noon...
  87. >Either way, you enter your house. Only to find yourself without any idea of what to do again.
  88. >*God. Is every day like this for me? No it isn't. I usually have a lot of things to do. It's just that they don't need me at the carrot farm right now and the musician guild is having its facilities rebuilt.*
  89. >Before you think much more on the topic, you hear a -click- come from the door leading to the bedroom. The mothpony comes out, rubbing her eyes.
  90. >"Oh, um... Hello."
  91. "Heh. Good morning sleepy head. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting you to be up this early."
  92. >"I, um. I slept some during the night..."
  93. >*That's kind of odd, does she sleep twice a day instead of once?*
  94. "... Alright then. Oh and by the way thanks for the honey, it really brightened up my morning."
  95. >"... T-That's nice to hear..."
  96. >She keeps her head lowered the whole time. Again with the guilty feeling.
  97. >*The awkwardness ensues. Sure enough, she keeps to her quiet and unsure self.*
  98. "The only thing I didn't get, what's the dust for? I hadn't seen anything like it before."
  99. >"... T-Taste it. It's a sweetener."
  100. "Oh alright then, I'll make sure to. Anyways, will you be leaving again?"
  101. >"I... Um... Y-yes..."
  102. >*This moth.*
  103. "Well leave at your own time, but before you go, could you tell me your name?"
  104. >She looks at you hesitantly, but after a while gives in to your smile.
  105. >"I-it's Velia."
  106. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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