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  1. <Arran> what is this discussion regarding?
  2. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Nitrocide.
  3. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: And how he is deserving of a second chance, regardless of specific grudges against him
  4. <Denos> he applied for staff
  5. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: any opinion about him A-man
  6. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: all i can say is this
  7. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Rich, 'Arran' isn't a highlight anymore ;)
  8. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: oh cool
  9. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: the only intentions that nitrocide ever had is to help out the community the best he can
  10. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: i'm still afraid from typing it tho xD
  11. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: lol
  12. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: i cannot think of a person deserving staff more than him
  13. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: regardless of whatever he did
  14. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: you accepted me for gods sakes
  15. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Your definition of 'did nothing' is a rather sweeping statement, he did a lot in the sense of
  16. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: surely you can give nitrocide a chance
  17. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Showing how a staff member is still a part of the community, and not a member of an isolated
  18. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: team of people
  19. <Arran> my understanding is that said individual is black listed due to immoral conduct
  20. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: i can see many of the old staff supporting him, but idk him
  21. <Denos> he is
  22. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Can said blacklist be appealed? Revised?
  23. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: what can one even do to get out of said blacklist
  24. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: he got kicked or resigned?
  25. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Can the community not vouch for him?
  26. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I understand you are the leader of the community Arran, but shouldn't it still be given a voice?
  27. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Or a say in this?>
  28. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: if the majority of the staff team would vote no, wouldnt that remove the need for the-
  29. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: Nitrocide resigned. (29.06.2015 Arran)
  30. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: blacklisting?
  31. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: vote yes*
  32. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: damn that way too old
  33. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: i guess whatever his done should be forgiven 2015 wtf..too old
  34. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: he has done*
  35. <Arran> I am unsure as to how much you know about said immoral conduct
  36. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I don't know it all, of course - because I wasn't headstaff
  37. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: not a lot, and i trust the decision of the headstaff, but im saying that he deserves a-
  38. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: But is what happened *that* bad that it requires a permanent blacklist never to be removed?
  39. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: second chance
  40. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: He's not re-applied in what, a year?
  41. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: he was a staff only once right?
  42. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: have him start as trial... prove himself again
  43. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Yeah, he was a loyal, hard working staff member and reached L5
  44. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: If he 'did nothing', how'd he get L5 in the first place?
  45. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: ^
  46. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: looks like he never got a second chance
  47. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: i belive that everyone deserves a second chance
  48. <Arran> Brian's opinion of him is biased due to said immoral conduct, though I have just been told that he recently said some things in-game that would in itself be grounds for denial
  49. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Log?
  50. <Bonfire> L4. Nitrocide promoted to L5 (huge effort in community development and highly dedicated staff for long time) (17.11.2014 L5 staff)
  51. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: if that really happened then he just wasted his second chance
  52. <Bonfire> if that's not contributing to the community, i don't know what is.
  53. <Shanu47> The question is, his current contributions?
  54. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: let's just wait the logs
  55. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Yeah I'm for seeing said illicit logs
  56. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: i guess if there are any logs that are grounds for denial they should be posted on the app
  57. <Arran> I have just checked his logs and seen that he has opinions that are incompatible with staff membership
  58. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: paste them on the app
  59. <Brian> I'm gonna sleep because I have 3 hours of sleep, worked for 12 and gotta wake at 6 -.-
  60. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: plus its the community of integrity and transparency... we can all have differing opinions
  61. <IronMan> Take care sleep well
  62. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Ok, night
  63. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: Good night bri4n
  64. <Brian> plus I'm sick so cya
  65. <IronMan> And bonfire noob
  66. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: that's the beauty of it isn't it
  67. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Shanu|TSF: Take care
  68. <IronMan> It's not about old contributions
  69. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: if we are told what to think that kinda kills the purpose doesnt it
  70. <IronMan> If someone contributed and then did shit
  71. <IronMan> That doesn't mean you bring it's logs here and ask if they were contributions or what
  72. <IronMan> bls
  73. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: ironman, then is the said shit worth permablacklisting a dude and not giving him a chance
  74. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I'm sorry but, all I'm seeing are rediculously sweeping statements about "He said this"
  75. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: "he did shit"!
  76. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: yeah
  77. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Where's the transparent proof of this?
  78. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: all im seeing is "logs this" "he did that"
  79. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: what did he actually do
  80. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: paste em on the app
  81. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: not like i can see tho lol im a noob
  82. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: So silly of me, but I do not see how these particular statements are in anyway
  83. * Brian has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  84. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: transparent
  85. <Moni> this sounds hot
  86. <Arran> actually these opinions are relating to that of a current staff member and therefore would likely negatively effect the community
  87. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: How so?
  88. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: you can disagree someone and still work with them arran
  89. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: thats called professionalism
  90. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: You can't expect all staff to get on with all other staff, can you?
  91. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: nitrocide isnt a kid
  92. <Moni> I'd suggest something
  93. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Again, I'm sorry, but it's a really sweeping statement to call him out on stuff you're unable to
  94. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: prove
  95. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I just believe that second chances and forgiveness are part and parcel of a community
  96. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: ^
  97. <Arran> 22-4 mustrama 04:06:16 (LOC)[3]KLM-P|Nitrocide: cus he's an dumb italian it in their blood
  98. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Shanu|TSF: Wow
  99. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: ...
  100. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: is that uh
  101. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: This year?
  102. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: how old is that
  103. <Arran> what difference does that make?
  104. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: arran ive talked shit about ppl before too
  105. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: doesnt mean i still think that way
  106. <Denos> he insulted L5 admin
  107. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Because I assume we've all, said stuff we regret
  108. <Denos> and nationality
  109. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I know I have
  110. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I won't deny I have said stuff, admittedly irl, in the past
  111. <Arran> the more I read what he says about Brian and me there more I wana say, fuck off
  112. <Arran> you know what
  113. <Arran> fuck this shit
  114. <Arran> I'll fucking ban him outright
  115. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: looks like logs showed everything
  117. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Richiniro[PiRu$]: lol
  118. <Arran> !addban accmustrama 0 GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SERVER ASSHOLE
  119. <Arran> !addban E0100CFA45DADEE9C9BB1F1268C38902 0 GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SERVER ASSHOLE
  120. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: are you kidding me?
  121. <Arran> I can't believe Brian didn't do this 2 years ago
  122. * xb0x (xb0x@xb0x.xb0x) has joined
  123. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to xb0x
  124. <Denos> accmustrama missed the dot
  125. <Arran> !addban acc:mustrama 0 GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SERVER ASSHOLE
  126. <Arran> ahh yes thank you
  127. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: so we just got him banned..
  128. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: that's a rather unfortunate way of handling things
  129. * Richiniro (Richiniro@DCB6C508.DA1E17F1.D0FBED55.IP) has joined
  130. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Richiniro
  131. <Arran> moral of the story is don't be a fucking asshole
  132. <xb0x> .....the fuck did I just log in to see
  133. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: i cant fucking believe this
  134. <Arran> he has a MAJOR grudge against Brian
  135. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: you have the nerve to actually ban nitrocide
  136. * Kirito (Kirito@513C32BC.A3F13911.874E083F.IP) has joined
  137. * ChanServ gives voice to Kirito
  138. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: what the fuck did he do that triggered you so bad
  139. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I don't think you nor brian are in a position to say who has a grudge lmao
  140. <Arran> I'm not the one with the grudge, seriously
  141. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: seems a bit overkill to ban someone based on an opinion of another
  142. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: well you obviously just had enough of a grudge to ban him for no reason whatsoever
  143. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: if that's the case ban all 10000+ members of the community
  144. <Arran> this prick actually ruined a real life relationship for someone because of a grudge / jealousy
  145. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: did he really
  146. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: plenty of fish in the sea
  147. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: one person ruining a relationship? boy, sounds like a bad relationship... oh wait.
  148. <Richiniro> lol calm
  149. <Richiniro> no one of us saw the logs so we can't judge
  150. <Richiniro> i guess arran got a point of view
  151. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: ^
  152. <Arran> and you 2 are obvious buddies with him, arguing on his behalf so I won't waste a moment longer trying to justify the decisions I make for a community that I've ran for 7 years
  153. <Arran> any L3 can spend their time reading this shit
  154. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: a community once rife with rather lovely people
  155. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: how the fuck does banning him help your community
  156. * Richiniro has quit (Read error)
  157. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: jesus christ
  158. <Arran> 1 asshole less that's how
  159. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: you are buddies with brian, what makes your opinion stronger than ours?
  160. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: YOU think hes an asshole, i think half of YOUR fucking community will disagree
  161. <Arran> I ain't arguing, read logs, end of
  162. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I'm L2
  163. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I cant
  164. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: sounds like you are going against your own god damn community
  165. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: you shared one
  166. <Moni> You can ask L3 to show you
  167. <Arran> well you see this is a free world
  168. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: where people can have opinions of others, yeah
  169. <Arran> you are free to create your own community with people like him
  170. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: but I quite like this one
  171. * Richiniro (Richiniro@4F8BB20B.E4CD077.42489120.IP) has joined
  172. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Richiniro
  173. <Arran> and this one is based on the decisions I made
  174. <Arran> and this is a decision that I have made
  175. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: a community decision
  176. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: the community comprising of one man
  177. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: the thousands of others are just +1s
  178. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: sounds like a dictatorship to me
  179. <xb0x> ....oh dear
  180. <Moni> guys I don't want to be rude but, you can request the logs, and then judge
  181. <Arran> this is actually really ironic
  182. <Arran> If he would have been let into staff this kind of arguments would have been common
  183. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: nope
  184. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: uh no, it would have made us realise how forgiving you and brian are
  185. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: if he woulda been let in staff he woulda just done his job and helped the community
  186. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: which you just chose to ignore
  187. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: so gg arran
  188. <Arran> I'd paste logs of shit but then there's more shit so it wouldn't do justice only showing some
  189. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I would have genuinely thought "awh, the headstaff are being lovely"
  190. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: instead I'm now drawn to conclude, "ah, they're being a lil bit mean"
  191. <Arran> It's ironic because he didn't even get in and has already created 1 argument
  192. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: 1 FLAWED argument brought up by you
  193. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: but you seem to ignore that obviously
  194. <Arran> as he clearly has 2 people that he's managed to enrage on his behalf to argue for him
  195. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: well he did just get perma banned, you don't get punched and sit there waiting for another one
  196. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: you stop getting punched
  197. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: he hasnt managed to do anything... we do this because he was actually a good staff
  198. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: and is being unfairly treated
  199. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I'm enraging?
  200. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I think I'm being civil with you, Arran
  201. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: im not but at least im fuckin honest with you
  202. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: that ban was bullshit
  203. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I've not used caps, unlike both you and Brain
  204. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I've kept calm, and am just trying to understand why this is occurring.
  205. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: In fact, I don't think I've sworn once
  206. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Can we not have a democratic discussion about this?
  207. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: we can have an arran discussion about this
  208. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: aka
  209. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: ehm NO
  210. * ChanServ removes ban on *!*@182073F1.63689112.FDB7475E.IP
  211. * Avenger (Avenger@182073F1.63689112.FDB7475E.IP) has joined
  212. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Avenger
  213. <xb0x> could you ask someone for the logs and then discuss after having read them?
  214. <xb0x> I feel that'd help somewhat
  215. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: yeah
  216. <Moni> just give me 10 minutes
  217. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: you seem to misunderstand one thing xb0x
  218. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: we are not about logs, transparency or democracy here
  219. <Richiniro> moni downloading them wait
  220. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: we are all about fucking 3 year old grudges
  221. <IronMan> And would be cute if you stop calling the ban bullshit
  222. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: and acting like fucking kids
  223. <xb0x> my understanding is
  224. <xb0x> there's a ban largely fueled by a base argument and whatever Arran saw in the logs
  225. <xb0x> the question is, what's in the logs
  226. <Denos> Nitro flaming Bri
  227. <Arran> I'm pasting some log quotes to application so y'all can shut up
  228. <Denos> but ya we will see I guess
  229. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Okay x
  230. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: ok
  231. <Bonfire> oh i cant even see logs gg
  232. <Arran> and this is only the stuff I can find by searching a few key words
  233. <Bonfire> can u paste them into a pastebin or some shit
  234. <Bonfire> so i can see
  235. <Richiniro> you have to wait until you get promoted then xD
  236. <xb0x> rip
  237. <Bonfire> oh i assure you that wont happen anymore
  238. <Bonfire> lol
  239. <Bonfire> i mean nitro got fucking banned
  240. <Bonfire> you expect me to get promoted
  241. <IronMan> then don't do things that makes you not get thr thing
  242. <Denos> ^but you didnt do anything
  243. <Bonfire> doesnt mean i wont stand up for something thats clearly bullshit man
  244. * Nightdark has quit (Read error)
  245. <Bonfire> u didnt have to ban the guy
  246. <IronMan> doesn't mean you call something bullshit when you dont even know about it
  247. * Nightdark ( has joined
  248. * ChanServ gives voice to Nightdark
  249. <Bonfire> still waiting to know about it
  250. <xb0x> no post yet
  251. <Denos> im getting off work cya all in about hour
  252. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Moons|FFH: take care
  253. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: cya
  254. * Denos has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  255. <Arran> 5-7 mustrama 01:39:53 (LOC)[2]KLM-P|Nitrocide: i played the whole resource when arran went to sleep
  256. <Arran> 5-7 mustrama 01:39:56 (LOC)[2]KLM-P|Nitrocide: a lot of times
  257. <Arran> 5-7 mustrama 01:40:00 (LOC)[2]KLM-P|Nitrocide: started*
  258. <Arran> does anyone know what that was about?
  259. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Go on?
  260. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: I dont understand
  261. <Arran> he's saying he abused his admin rights
  262. <Arran> starting a resource during the night
  263. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Shit... did that like, break the server or smth?
  264. <Arran> who knows
  265. <Arran> someone stopped CITaccounts and caused players to lose data
  266. <Arran> I only found out about that because someone told me it happened
  267. <Moni> such things are not logged?
  268. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: who did that?
  269. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: him?
  270. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: ...
  271. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: #unbanNitrocide :fp:
  272. <Arran> yes but my paranoia level is not that high to actively check that stuff
  273. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: (LOC) [11]KLM-RC|KerimChan#Speed: #UnbanNitrocide
  274. <Arran> no that was someone else but my point is who knows what could have gone on
  275. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Quick NightDark!
  276. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Ban him!
  277. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: I can't ban, L1.
  278. <Arran> there was a staff who was being abusive about me in this actual staff chat and only thanks to xbox did I ever find out about that
  279. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: And I don't have any proper reason.
  280. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Kerim shared an opinion, punish him!
  281. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: Ninja, that does not help you ...
  282. <xb0x> that was the M guy?
  283. <Arran> yes
  284. <xb0x> (I remember you saying you didn't want his name said)
  285. <Arran> resources could have been stopped and started throughout the night for his own enjoyment and we'll never know
  286. <Arran> also if any of you are so upset by my decision you are free to protest that by resigning as staff you know cos it's a free world and all
  287. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: well i pretty much got nitrocide banned
  288. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: so i guess go ahead and ban me
  289. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: i dont mind
  290. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Bonfire I'm afraid you do have an opinion. That falls under a unwritten article number 43
  291. <Richiniro> ok that's went so far
  292. <Richiniro> you guys need to calm down
  293. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: im serious
  294. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: ban me
  295. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: Which means you do by unwritten law deserve a ban
  296. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: i literally got my best friend banned from CIT
  297. <IronMan> go ahead
  298. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: im waiting
  299. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: well, was fun while it lasted
  300. <Richiniro> pepo need access on irc i guess he said that on TS
  301. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Moons|FFH: @Ironman
  302. <Arran> no he got himself banned
  303. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: wouldnta happened if i didnt reapply
  304. <Arran> you didn't make him insult people
  305. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: i got him banned
  306. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: least i can do is repay him by getting banned myself again
  307. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Nightdark: If he applied to staff, then his log will show that
  308. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: scratch again i was never banned lol
  309. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: u get the point
  310. <Arran> using your logic you can blame rockstar for getting him banned since rockstar made GTA
  311. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: just ban me
  312. <Arran> just resign
  313. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: no
  314. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: you ban nitrocide, you ban me as well
  315. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: cant be that hard
  316. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: just do it
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  318. * ChanServ has kicked PEPO|Cloud from #staff (You are not permitted to be on this channel.)
  319. * ChanServ sets ban on *!*@E98AA966:BAA95823:CFD1A671:IP
  320. <Richiniro> someone give pepo the access
  321. <Richiniro> on irc
  322. * Moni removes ban on *!*@E98AA966:BAA95823:CFD1A671:IP
  323. * PEPO|Cloud (uid89917@E98AA966:BAA95823:CFD1A671:IP) has joined
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  325. * ChanServ sets ban on *!*@E98AA966:BAA95823:CFD1A671:IP
  326. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: so arran
  327. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: you had the guts to do it to nitro
  329. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: okay for fucks sake can someone ban me already
  330. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: ive requested one just fucking do it
  331. <Shanu47> Calm down man lol
  332. <xb0x> I scrolled back, I don't see how you got him banned
  333. <Moni> Bonfire no one can do that, that's aganist staff code
  334. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: im prefectly calm
  335. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: We told him to apply for staff, thinking certain HS would be forgiving
  336. <Richiniro> ironman, pepo is asking to give him access on irc
  337. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: ^
  338. <IronMan> bonfire need some attention?
  339. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: i dont need attention
  340. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: so by extension, it lead to this argumenet getting him banned
  341. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: im literally telling you to ban me
  342. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: so can you fucking get it over with
  343. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: and do it already
  344. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: because he had an opinion of one his previous ex-costaff
  345. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: i dont want your attention
  346. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: just ban me and thats it
  347. <IronMan> why not just resign and request access removal?
  348. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]Bonfire[AF]: nitrocide gets banned = i get banned
  349. <Richiniro> omg..
  350. <Shanu47> No you aren't calm, chill and take some rest and then discuss.
  351. * Bonfire has quit (User has been permanently banned from CIT (breaking staff rules 0d))
  352. <IronMan> Lel
  353. * ChanServ removes ban on *!*@E98AA966:BAA95823:CFD1A671:IP
  354. <Arran> If anyone is wondering that was for leaking all #staff chat to a banned player
  355. * Moons removes ban on *!*@26114700.93E1EF71.4C12F8CA.IP
  356. * PEPO|Cloud (uid89917@E98AA966:BAA95823:CFD1A671:IP) has joined
  357. * ChanServ sets mode +a on #staff PEPO|Cloud
  358. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to PEPO|Cloud
  359. <xb0x> this is probably the most insensitive thing I say but
  360. * ChanServ removes channel operator status from Farhan
  361. <xb0x> is this a new record for shortest staff term
  362. <PEPO|Cloud> so what's going on
  363. <CIT-Bot> [CIT]NinjaTuna|KLM: it's a world record!
  364. <Arran> also looking at #staff access someone has been giving IRCcloud #staff access again...
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