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  2. Miyo Yuumi exclaims, "Great! I have tea already prepared at my home if either of you would like any!"
  3. You have left the Protection Ritual!
  5. Miyo Yuumi unlocks the door.
  10. Amiable Abode
  12. Currently occupied by the pink haired, tanned eared Kitsune, Miyo Yuumi since 1560AC.
  16. Miyo Yuumi locks the door.
  18. "First, to begin, do you know anything outside of what I've told you thus far about Spiritmancy?" Miyo questions after having brought the two women into her home! Before the shelf with an abundance of topics sits does she stand, skimming through the bindings of literature to produce the proper text on the topic that her father possessed!
  20. "Because I have a book that could be useful for you as well to read while I teach you. I'm not attuned to the art myself, but I've seen my Dad try it out himself before so I don't think it'll be too hard." The Kitsune bows with giggles to follow.
  22. "Another question if you don't mind my prying, but besides bringing back your loved ones, what are other goals you would like to focus on with Spiritmancy? Or what others did you have with practicing Necromancy?"
  23. (Miyo Yuumi)
  25. Behind the cracking sound of the old wood and the metallic sound of her armor, she makes a first step in the house. There would be such a sweet cent attached to the home. There would be a warmth feeling that could be felt by the older Kitusne as she gets in.
  27. By all politeness, she shuts her cigarette to store it between a crack of her armor, keeping it for later. Then he walks to the red cushions to let her knees falls over it. Then she gave a very fatigued gaze to the younger kitsune. It would be very visible by the look that she gives that she has not slept for a while.
  29. Despite that lack of energy, she would listen carefully to Miyo's words, her ears itching at each sentences, which proves that she is listening.
  31. What kind of goals? She asked. Well...
  33. " I don't think you have told me a lot about Spiritmancy. Yet all I want is to make people happy. ", she pauses just for a moment tothink...
  35. Her gaze would be glowing, only a moment as her head lowers down only slightly before it lays back to the younger Kitsune's direction.
  37. " I just to make people feeling alive... That's why the flame burns in me you see. ", she affirms in a fatigued sounding voice.
  38. (Cassandra Invidia)
  40. "I like those goals." Miyo admits, allowing her own fiery passions to exude in a warm, soothing manner. "You can use those sentiments to drive you for the betterment of your allies, you know. Necromancy makes no one happy, even the Undead you bring back. Though, Spiritmancy is a perfect alternative."
  42. And why was it? That's what Miyo was going to explain now! A wide smile tugs at her lips until they stretch from ear to ear! Though one thing had to be questioned first above all else!
  44. "Spiritmancy can be proven as difficult sometimes. Summoning spirits will need to be the first step. Are your mana circuits welcome to new abilities?"
  45. (Miyo Yuumi)
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  50. Cassandra Invidia says, "I am afraid my mana circuits couldn't handle a new ability right now."
  52. Cassandra Invidia says, "Maybe with a blackout potion tough..."
  54. Miyo Yuumi exclaims, "The Advanced Spiritmancy technique requires being able to naturally summon spirits beforehand, so that will have to be obtained, though that will not stop me from continuing to give you more information about the art!"
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