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Oct 23rd, 2014
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  1. On or about August 16, 2014, the Defendant wrote and published a long post about my sex life and private dealings to several websites that he knew had a history of harassing me. He was aware that harassment and stalking would happen, and openly admits to doing so to damage my professional reputation as an independent artist. Since then I have received numerous death and rape threats from an anonymous mob that he had given details to. My personal info like my home address, phone number, emails, passwords, and those of my family have been widely distributed, alongside nude photos of me, and several of my professional accounts and those of my colleagues have been hacked.
  3. Eron has coached this mob multiple times, made multiple social media accounts to smear my name publicly, and has stoked the fire of this on many occasions and doesn't seem to be stopping. He has also called hotels that he suspected me of staying at, falsifying information to give more personal info to the mob. I am in fear of him as he is not repentant for the mob's harassment of me and keeps hinting at giving them more information, which he knows will continue inciting the threats and harassment.
  5. He also was violent during our last sexual encounter in July, prior to breaking up, leaving several bruises on my arm. My friend [redacted] stayed with me in the hotel Eron and I had shared after this, having seen the bruises on my arm + noticing he still had a hotel key because we feared he would come back. Eron has also admitted mental instability to me, and informed me via email that he had a history of being violent with a family member. For these reasons, I ask that he be ordered to stay away from me, not contact me, and stop providing any information about me to those involved in an ongoing harassment + stalking campaigns against me, and stop contacted friends and professional colleagues to try and destroy my business.
  7. [...]
  9. Therefore, I ask the court to order the following: "not continue to distribute private info about me online and to people harassing me or to contact my friends and colleagues"
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