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  1. Larry: I love boolean (bullying) Patrick
  2. Patrick: You got some real character, Larry!
  3. L: At least I have some int elligence.
  4. P: At least I don’t float around.
  5. L: Looks like you’re enjoying the double entendres.
  6. P: I can see this is going to take a long time.
  7. L: Not if I choke you with String.
  8. P: I would like to object.
  9. L: On the last test, Patrick scored a null-pointer
  10. P: Too bad Patrick is super classy.
  11. L: You are so overweight because you’re so static
  12. P: At least I’m not short.
  13. L: What is this, public humiliation? At least I’m not bitter.
  14. P: I really took a byte of your ego, huh?
  15. A: You guys are so volatile.
  16. L: Patrick is a (com)pile of poop.
  17. A: How were your brains assembled?
  18. P: I C your experience is too BASIC for a good argument.
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