Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C1 intro)

Dec 26th, 2019
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  1. Chapter 1 - Graduation Ceremony
  3. (Intro)
  6. March 24, Graduation Ceremony.
  8. After the students in grade 3 complete all the processes, they finally arrive at another big event day.
  10. For students enrolled here, it might feel like this is just another simple event.
  12. Personally, this is worth watching.
  14. First ... I'm curious about the results of Horikita's brother fighting Nagumo.
  16. I still don't know ... The outcome of the final battle till the end. Did Horikita's brother graduate as a class A student or Nagumo finally managed to intervene?
  18. On yesterday's holiday I should have been able to find out the results. But because there was something that needed to be done, I didn't step out of my room ...
  20. However ... I might be able to see the results today.
  22. Also ... I'm personally interested in what the graduation ceremony is like.
  24. Whether it's a graduation ceremony or closing ceremony, this first experience made my heart pound. The time specified is getting closer. After making sure the door to my room was locked, I went to school.
  26. "Good morning..."
  28. Meeting in the elevator ... Keisei greeted me casually.
  30. (TLN: Keisei - by Ayanokōji Group, Real Name: Teruhiko Yukimura)
  32. Because there were a number of other class students watching, we spoke without anything special. Even now, the two of us walk out of the dorm lobby calmly.
  34. "Even though we were able to rise to class C, but returned to the starting point of one year."
  36. Keisei's grunt disappeared as if sucked into the clear sky.
  38. Class C, who was defeated in the last exam of class 1, must return to class D.
  40. There may be a number of students who are surprised about this.
  42. But ... Fortunately the opponent is Class A.
  44. After that ... I, who was protected by the 'Protection Points', became the commander .... Doing my best. It can't be avoided even if you have to lose. In fact, I think we have given proper resistance.
  46. Even if you have to go to class D. The grade drop points aren't bad.
  48. The preliminary results of this final class point in March.
  50. ▪︎1131 Points for class A led by Sakayanagi.
  51. ▪︎550 Points for class B led by Ichinose.
  52. ▪︎347 Points for class C led by Horikita
  53. ▪︎508 Points for class D led by Ryuuen.
  55. This figure can only last until the end of this March.
  57. In general, class points are set on the first day of each month. Because of that state the class changed, but now we are still class C instead of class D.
  59. And also ..., along with Ryuuen's and others' rise to class C, they were also able to approach grade 2.
  61. If next April 1st the point remains the same as this ... The class will experience a big change. But ..., don't forget that schools can change class points every month by considering various existing conditions.
  63. The Ichinose class that has diligent students ..., or the Ryuuen class that cannot be said to be model students. Due to differences in daily lifestyle, every class should receive different points too.
  65. Maybe ... Now Class B is worried about that. But ..., for 1 year Ichinose kept class B's position during the year, which can be considered a certain relief.
  67. Yes ... Even so, the current difference is only 42 points.
  69. In the next special exam, it is likely that Ryuuen will be able to go to class B.
  71. Just by looking at this, those of us who fell into class D might look far behind, but you must not forget the point situation in April and May last year.
  73. In April last year, all classes were given 1000 starting points for the same. There are no class A advantages, nor class D losses.
  75. If you remember ... It was a great opportunity to establish a position. But it is unfortunate, we class D uses all class points in less than a month. And the result...
  77. Class Points Conditions at the time of March last year.
  79. ▪︎940 points for class A led by Sakayanagi.
  80. ▪︎650 points for class B led by Ichinose.
  81. ▪︎490 points for class C led by Ryuuen.
  82. ▪︎0 points for class D led by Horikita.
  84. The decline in class points in May is arguably the start of competition between classes.
  86. After thinking about our class for a year it has gained 374 points.
  88. Unfortunately ... Because of daily behavior such as being late, absent and others..., we may only be able to get points, at least around 330 to 340 points.
  90. The answer we can see from this is, Our class is the class that has added the most class points in this year, even far beyond class A, which is ranked 2nd this year, only managed to collect 191 points.
  92. Last spring, you couldn't even imagine an absurd improvement starting with 0 points. After advancing to grade 2, it is hoped that other classmates will become even more active.
  94. If not, you won't be able to approach the upper class.
  96. The growth of leaders such as Horikita and Hirata, and also the increase in the abilities of all classmates. With this, it is possible to compete with the class above.
  98. After realizing that no one was around, Keisei seemed to want to say something, then opened his mouth.
  100. "Take it easy ..., almost no classmates blame you."
  102. It seems like he's worried about my failure being the commander.
  104. "Almost ... Huh...?"
  106. There were flaws in the words of comfort. In other words, there are some students who are not satisfied with me.
  108. "That ... Might not be perfect. After all it doesn't mean kiyotaka is wrong. But rather, they want more reliable people to be commander"
  110. In a certain sense it is the same as blaming, but irrationality is part of being human. Although even if he agreed before, it is not unusual to speak contradictions later.
  112. Defeat with class A because of the 'Commander', of course it is not surprising that many are not satisfied.
  114. "Even if someone accuses you bluntly, you can be stronger.... I'm sure if it wasn't for protection points, no one would want to be a commander"
  116. When later there are students who want to complain to me, Keisei tries to think to support me.
  118. "Most of it might be ... But there are cases like Ryuuen's right..."
  120. When I said that, Keisei smiled bitterly and shook his head.
  122. "He is special, he does things that are absurd just for show .., in fact without the protection points he is able to defeat class B"
  124. If seen from the outside ..., then what Keisei said was true. But ..., the truth is not only that ..., it was part of Ryuuen's winning strategy.
  126. However ... The unexpected performance is just one part of its steps.
  128. "Hey ... Kiyotaka. There's something I want to ask with you."
  130. When I thought it was the final stage of conversation, Keisei once again said.
  132. "When I tried to convince Katsuragi, why didn't you report it to Horikita?"
  134. To achieve victory against class A, Keisei once offered a strategy to Horikita to bring Katsuragi who lost against Sakayanagi to his side ..., but it was immediately rejected by Horikita because of the high risk and difficulty in making it happen.
  136. But Keisei did not accept the decision and by his own decision went to bring Katsuragi. And failure is the result.
  138. Yes ... Even if it fails... It doesn't have any effect. Although there was no collaboration from Katsuragi, there was also no real danger.
  140. "Isn't that fine ... Not receiving much damage?"
  142. For Keisei, the most important part isn't about that.
  144. Even though I know that, I still give him comforter words.
  146. "That's because Katsuragi is the type of person who doesn't like despicable means. For example if other party is someone like Sakayanagi, or Ryuuen, we might receive a lot of damage."
  148. For the person who forcibly convinced himself, Keisei felt a strong responsibility for the future that did not happen.
  150. From his words, it seemed like Keisei had talked to Horikita himself about Katsuragi.
  152. "Yes ... I personally spoke to Horikita, because I thought that was my responsibility ..."
  154. He is ready to accept reprimands and he frankly acknowledged his failure.
  156. "Do you have confidence that Katsuragi won't betray class A? Kiyotaka ..."
  158. Then ... The right question directly led to me "Not that I'm sure ..., in fact there is a possibility that Katsuragi will betray. Isn't that right ...?"
  160. "That also ...but"
  162. Whether it's 50% or 1%, I won't mention the percentage problem.
  164. "In short, I forgot to tell Horikita about the problem. My head was full of anxiety, 'am I able to carry out my duties as a commander'. In this case we are the same, I also have a big responsibility, because we cannot bring Katsuragi on our side. "
  166. We both apologize about the problem of bringing Katsuragi.
  168. "We're the same ... Huh...? Even so, I feel my view is still very naive. Considering the risks, we shouldn't have to persuade Katsuragi."
  170. We can't do anything about what happened, but you can still look back.
  172. "If it's about a naive look, I'm also like that ..., even though I was there at the time, but can't say anything"
  174. "If you say that too ..., my feelings are a little calmer"
  176. With so many students taking the test, Keisei tried to do something desperately, just to win.
  178. "Anyway with this, we can find out that such a strategy is not easy to succeed"
  180. From failure you can learn many things. But... It's also up to you Whether you can respond depends on that.
  182. "Yes ... Right... I was too focused on winning, so I couldn't see what was ahead. Really ... This is a sad story to tell."
  184. After introspecting, he coughed a little. Persuading Katsuragi is indeed a naive thought, but to try to do it, I appreciate it.
  186. "So Keisei ... What did Horikita say to you...?"
  188. "Horikita did not try to blame me, even if it was just a little wrong, I might be able to bring damage to the class. More than that, if I had a new idea she would be happy to hear it .., yes even though she advised me to refrain from hasty actions. "
  190. Apparently ... Horikita gave a similar assessment regarding the Keisei problem. People grow through failure. If you only see the results, you can never be a leader.
  192. Of course it's limited to people who keep failing.
  194. "To be honest until now I haven't recognized Horikita's position as leader. Of course I know she's smart and also athletic, but that's because she has the attitude of looking down on others."
  196. I don't deny that about that ..., at least she isn't the type of leader like Hirata who supports others. Unilaterally setting standards on friends, of course that will make them hostile to you.
  198. "But ... I think we are similar. I consider exercise unnecessary, to look down on people who are stupid. I'm just as bad ..."
  200. When he just entered this school, Keisei once insulted people who were not good at studying. Maybe because he thinks that a school student is there, academic performance is everything.
  202. "The current Keisei and 1 year ago Keisei, are completely different ..."
  204. "Yes ... I myself even feel weird about it. Of course learning is very important, but physical abilities, communication ... And friendship is also needed. But that also applies to Horikita. She herself little by little began to change. Now she can be a person who can be trusted and can be trusted more than ever. "
  206. Among the members of the Ayanokoji group, only Keisei had difficulty opening his heart. If I could so far praise Horikita, I can obediently trust his statement.
  208. "I think so..."
  210. I simply agreed with him.
  212. It took 1 year, but we can already see students starting to get involved with Horikita ...
  214. Since the class vote, Horikita gradually began to be recognized by her classmates. The main factor may be due to the difference between strategy sharpness and high leadership. The high wall covering Horikita's heart gradually began to disappear. When the wall is still there she decides that someone besides herself is just a burden, leaving the weak is something that cannot be helped. She really has the same inclination as Keisei.
  216. "Of course I don't think all Horikita's statements are true. But if Horikita makes a wrong decision, I won't hold back from stopping it ... Am I wrong...?"
  218. Keisei who thinks like that ... Shows an attitude of trust where to believe, and doubt where to doubt.
  220. "No ... That's right... That's how the class should be"
  222. No matter how much you rely on it, Horikita is still a school student. Sometimes you can also make big mistakes.
  224. At that time ... Even though there was only one student who could point out the error. Then it is something that is worth to be judged.
  226. You can talk side by side and work together to find a way out.
  228. But for dictatorship classes like Sakayanagi and Ryuuen, it would not be able to do such a thing.
  230. If you have to say our class will be more like Ichinose's class. And ... Until our class can use our own method, it's important to stay like this.
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