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  1. bojemathias: hallo, do I have to email u some information about me to order here?
  2. bojemathias: because I can do that for sure. I'm a big seller in Denmark :)
  3. Marc: Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what do you exactly mean, could you explain a little? You should be able to make an order on our site without any problems.
  4. bojemathias: well, I mean should a new customer sent you a mail with passport etc?
  5. bojemathias: to confirm something
  6. bojemathias: u understand sir?
  7. Marc: Oh, I see. We don't require anything like that, unless our system flags an order, but then the verifications are done after the order was made. But usually verifications are not needed, also we can't know if the verification will be needed or not since it's our system that decides on multiple factors.
  8. bojemathias: Okay, thanks.
  9. Marc: You're welcome, may I help in anything else?
  10. bojemathias: yes.
  11. bojemathias: I am 16, so how would the verification be if u need to see something? cant show driver license u know, because im only 16
  12. bojemathias: would it be my moms driver license u would need to see then or what?
  13. Marc: For ID verification we can accept a National ID, Driver's License as you mentioned, or either a Passport.
  14. Marc: Also if the payment was done by credit card, we have to get the ID of the card's holder.
  15. bojemathias: Okay perfect.
  16. Marc: May I help in anything else?
  17. bojemathias: How long will it take approximately, if u need verification and untill its accepted by your system?
  18. bojemathias: u understand?
  19. Marc: After an order comes in the tickets are usually opened within minutes, and after we receive the required pictures it shouldn't take more than a half hour to be accepted. But usually it's below that.
  20. bojemathias: Okay. Thats cool :)
  21. bojemathias: Thx for your help. Good service.
  22. Marc: You're welcome. Do you have any other questions that I should answer?
  23. bojemathias: yes
  24. bojemathias: can u email me this conversation?
  25. bojemathias: would that be possible?
  26. Marc: Sorry, I can't do that.
  27. bojemathias: it's fine
  28. bojemathias: I think I'll make my first order later today.
  29. Marc: Happy to hear that, anything else by any chance?
  30. bojemathias: no
  31. bojemathias: all good :)
  32. Marc: Okay then, if it is all, have a good day and take care!
  33. bojemathias: u too
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