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Chapter 15

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  1. What is hell? Is it a lake of fire? A horrifying world of shadow and fear? A silent abyss for souls to drift forever in?
  3. Or is it here?
  5. Your money was on here.
  7. It had been a week since you had woken from your demon-energy induced coma.
  9. And damn were you horny.
  11.     Your body had adapted enough so that you could tolerate being in the demon realm without dying, but the sanctified ward of the hospital you were kept in did nothing to abate the ambient feelings of sexiness. Your dick was now almost perpetually stiff. Painfully so when one of the nurses entered the room. Relieving yourself did little to abate your lust. A good part of your day was spent furiously masturbating in a futile attempt to calm your loins.
  13. You had begged the unicorn nurse to help you, but she explained how you were too vulnerable to demonic taint, and even too much sweat on a mamono’s palm could put you back into a coma, or worse.
  15. Trapped with literal semen demons and you couldn’t lay so much as a finger on them. This truly was hell.
  17. ~~~~~
  19.     You could feel the haze of hedonism fade a little more each day. The doctors and nurses that tended to you did their best to keep your body exposed to ambient demonic energy to help it adapt. Like a swimmer wading into cold water, your body began to except the dark energies around it as normal. You weren’t sure if the clarity in your mind was you reclaiming your brainpower from depravity or if you were just forgetting what it was like to not have the mind of a pervert 24/7.
  21. One day after the unicorn nurse, who went by the name of Hicera, came to retrieve a ‘sample’ from you, she returned shortly to inform you that your demonic energy levels had stabilized.
  23. “What does that mean?” you asked.
  25. “It means your body is currently in equilibrium with the energy around it, and your body is no longer rejecting the energy at this concentration.” She said.
  27. “Okay, so does that mean I’m back to normal?”
  29. “Well… no. This room is heavily protected from outside demonic energy. This is the eye of the storm so to speak. As part of your therapy, you’ll need to be exposed to a more concentrated source of demonic energy.”
  31. “You mean sex?”
  33. The unicorn blushed and fidgeted. “N-no! You just get to leave the room for a bit, that’s all.”
  35. Sweet! It may not be much, but you were dying to get out of this room.
  37. “So I can just walk around outside?” you asked.
  39. “You have to be with an escort. And you’ll probably only be able to handle a few minutes outside of the sanctuary. We’ll tell you when everything is ready.”
  41. When everything is ready? That sounded like a lot of preparation for a quick stroll up and down the hallway. Oh well.
  43. ~~~~
  45. “Anon, we’re ready to go. Are you feeling alright?” asked Hicera
  47. “I feel fine. Let’s go!” you say shuffling to the door.
  49. Before you can open it, the door swings open revealing a dour woman in armor. You stop in your tracks as she stares at you.
  51. “Please do not be so hasty Mr. Anon. You are not to leave my side, do you understand?”
  53. You swallow and nod. This woman had a commanding presence; you could tell that it was a bad idea to disobey her.
  55. She nodded. “Then follow me.”
  57.     She stepped out into the hallway and you eagerly followed her. The corridor was empty. Doors ran up and down its length, but the denizens of the rooms were preoccupied or missing. As you stepped further into the hall, you felt a wave of heat wash over you. Your pace slowed and your slippered feet began to drag on the stone floor. Damn… was her ass always that big? The way it seemed to bounce in her armor hypnotized you as you came to a standstill. She turned to face you. Her plush lips began to move but you couldn’t see any thing as you staggered towards her. The world seemed to fall away around her as she opened her arms for you. A wave of nausea rocked your body as you passed out into her breasts.
  59. ~~~~~
  61. You awaken to the Hicera scrubbing your chest with a cloth. Your head is throbbing and your stomach is still turning.
  63. {Ah! You’re awake! That was quick.}
  65. You flinch as the cool rag makes contact with your chest. She hands you your amulet from the table beside your bed. It’s a bit grimy, almost like the penguins you see after an oil spill. You lift the chain over your head. The jewel leaves a small smear on your chest where it lands.
  67. “How long was I out?”
  69. “Only a few hours.”
  71. True enough, the light outside was fading. Now only the last rays of dusk came through the high windows.
  73. “And how far did I make it?”
  75. The unicorn wrung the rag out into a bucket and picked it up. She looked a bit despondent. “Well, you made it about ten steps before you began to… die again. If you’re asking about time, about fifteen seconds.”
  77. “Oh.” you reply flatly.
  79. “But you recovered so quickly! You may not be able to handle much demonic energy, but your body has clearly become more adept at processing it.”
  81. You take a sip from a glass of water to cleanse your mouth of the sour taste in your mouth.
  83. “Did I throw up again?” you ask.
  85. She nudges the bucket back with one of her forelegs, but a bit of murky liquid sloshes out onto the floor.
  87. “Not as much as last time. I think you kept a good amount down.”
  89.     How embarrassing. So far the only thing that monsters in the city had seen you do was vomit all over the floor. That may be a blessing in disguise; any monster that tried to rape you would have to be a monster that could molest you while you spat out a torrent of bile and concentrated sex-magic onto her. The malaise you were feeling was quickly fading as you sipped the water and sat up.
  91. “Well, I certainly don’t want to be trapped in here forever. Let me know when I can try again. I want to get out as soon as possible.”
  93. Hicera smiled and chuckled. “Of course Anon. We want you see you healthy again as well. Just make sure not to over exert yourself. You’re quite irreplaceable to us.”
  95.     You laughed. She was such a nice person. Or, mamono. The only company you had was her and a handful of other species with ‘low corruption potential,’ she was the only one that could be around you for any extended amount of time. It was also easier to trust her. Some of the others gave you some unnervingly lecherous looks. You had lost count of how many times you had been asked if you needed any assistance bathing or ‘relieving yourself.’ One dark mage had insisted on feeding you your food; you had to feign corruption poisoning to get her to leave you. There was also talk of bringing in a cancer to help keep your demonic energy levels down, but the staff was concerned that she would put more of HER energy into you than she scrubbed off of you.
  97.     Being trapped in this room made you realize just how few people you knew in this world. There were the Marrics, Arsofina and the elves, Pica, and Hicera. Maybe fifteen people who you could call friends in this world. It was times like this that you really missed your family. Friends were nice, but there was something spiritual about the company of people who knew you and would be with you for your whole life. You watched the light dance on the rippling water in the glass.
  99. “Can I see Magnara? Or Halitt?” you asked. They were the closest thing you had to family in this world. You may as well have been there adoptive son.
  101. “I shall see if Halitt is available, but Magnara is quite busy at the moment.”
  103. “Thank you, I appreciate it.”
  105. Hicera nodded and lifted the bucket. As she strode out of the room, you picked up the blank book and quill you had been given. If you were going to see Halitt, you had better catch up on learning Common.
  107. ~~~~~~
  109. “Well, I’ll be damned. I was worried that I’d never see you alive again!”
  111. You shut your book as Halitt burst into the room. He was dressed in a more formal manner than what you were used to seeing him in. Of course, he was no longer on a jungle expedition.
  113. “Halitt! Oh man, it’s so good to see you!”
  115. You exited your bed and embraced him. He gave your back a few hearty slaps and held you at arms distance to get a look at you.
  117. “Certainly looking better than the last time I saw you. At least, you’re not leaking demonic energy anymore. How are you feeling?” he asked.
  119. “I feel fine. As long as I don’t get hit with too much demonic energy at once, I’m perfectly healthy.”
  121. Halitt loosened his grip as you said that. “Good, good. Glad to hear. I knew you would be fine.” He took a seat on one of the beds next to yours and laid on his side. “So what have you been doing during your imprisonment?”
  123.     “Take a look.” you said. You hand him the book that you had been writing in. Practicing Common and translating books had been the only thing keeping you sane. Magnara had given you a list of things that she would like you to translate, and your hospital stay had given you ample time to begin the task. You had also been cataloging song lyrics, poems, book passages, and any other cultural tidbits you could remember from earth. With no reference, any culture that you could not remember and record would be lost. It was quite stressful to know that your previous life would become a faded smear of incoherent colors and noise in time if you were not diligent.
  125. Halitt thumbed through the pages nodding in approval. “I’m sure Magnara will be happy to see this.” he said. “Do you mind if I take it to her?”
  127. “Be my guest. Where is she by the way? Could she just not make it?” you asked handing him another stack of papers that you had been doodling on.
  129. “There were some concerns about her having too much demonic energy to be in here with you, but yes, the main reason that she isn’t here is that she has been a bit busy with some things around town.”
  131. “Don’t worry about it. I’m doing fine in here. I can’t expect you to drop everything just because I’m sick. You have your own lives to live. What’s she working on? I know she said that she may become a professor again at the college here.”
  133. “Yes, your arrival caused quite a stir in town. She’s been hard at work teaching the mamono about you and your world as best she can. I’m sure that some additional notes on the subject would be much appreciated.” he said tapping the book.
  135. “If she ever needs clarification on something, I’d be happy to help. Just let me know and I’ll answer any questions.”
  137. “I’ll let her know.”
  139. You lay back on your bed and stare out the window. “To be honest, I’m just surprised that the city is taking my arrival so well. Based on what I read, mamono were much more aggressive than they actually are.”
  141.     There was a short silence as you watched a flying mamono in the distance cross the sky. When Halitt failed to reply you looked over at him. He was watching you with a pitying look, but quickly smiled and turned as you faced him.
  143. “Yes, the town has graciously foregone their lust to make you feel welcome and safe.”
  145. “The first thing I’ll do when I get out of here is thank them for their hospitality. There must be some way I can repay the-“
  147. “NO!”
  149. Halitt’s shout causes you to jump as your musing is abruptly cut short. Halitt was wide-eyed and tense. He took a deep breath and cleared his throat.
  151. “I will help you to show your appreciation to Admaz. But, uhh… these are… humble people! Yeah! They don’t care much for anything too grandiose. In fact, your smile will probably be enough. Yeah, don’t do anything. Otherwise they may be offended.”
  153. “Right…”
  155. There was a knock on the door. A dark valkyrie leaned in and informed Halitt that his time was almost up and that he needed to leave soon.
  157. “Well Anon, it was good to see you. I hope that you can get better soon.”
  159. “I’ll be out of here in no time Halitt, you can count on that.”
  161. Halitt smiled, but his eyes seemed to contradict his grin.
  163. ~~~~~~~~~
  165. “Be out of here soon… Be careful what you wish for Anon.” muttered Halitt as he strode down the corridor with the Admaz town guard escorting him. They passed through several security doors, each guarded by the best and most disciplined guards that Admaz had to offer. Everyone of them was married.
  167.     In truth, Halitt had been wanting to check on Anon for some time, but the entire building was being protected like a squire’s virginity. It was no lie to say that Anon was being protected by an army. Harpies and other flying mamono guarding the roof and windows around the clock, barricades and platoons in the halls, strict security checks to even come near the building, and enough wards to seal a god went into keeping the cock-hungry denizens of the town away. For now.
  169. ~~~~~~
  170. One week ago, just after Anon regained consciousness
  171. ~~~~~~
  172.     The town had been ablaze with rumors about who or what was in the college and why it was there. Most agreed that on the day that the Marrics and Pica had arrived, a large contingent of the town guard and the best doctors of the city had escorted a cart carrying something that smelled incontrovertibly delicious through the center of town. Beyond that, it was all hearsay.
  174. “I heard it was a super powerful paladin! One who could pose a threat to the Demon Lord herself!”
  176. “No, it’s a priest, one who can speak directly to the Chief God. They’re going to use him as bait to lure her here and corrupt her.”
  178. “It’s not a person at all! It’s treasure! They found an object of immense magical power; one from ancient times that goes beyond everything we know. That’s why it’s in the college.”
  180. “I hope it’s a guy with a big dick.”
  182.     The cities curiosity was only inflamed as the college mustered most of the guard and a large portion of the espoused population to protect the building. The more adventurous citizens became obsessed with breaking in. Various coalitions of rouges, thieves, sorcerers, gangsters, and professional rapists were popping up all over the city. They would execute some hairbrained heist to obtain the dick/money/artifact and promptly caught and arrested. The town had heard a life’s worth of “you will NEVER stop the (name of group)! We’ll be back!” speeches. What worried the guard was that the dangerous groups were the ones who were patient enough to learn from the other’s mistakes and plan their way inside. One dark elf had only been caught when her lockpick triggered a ward hidden within a lock. She had only made it into the building itself, but it was an omen of things to come. And encouragement for others like her. When Anon woke up, it was decided that something must be done to placate the town and quell the citizens excitement. Things would only get worse if the population did not understand why he was being protected.
  184. “Magnara, Halitt, thank you for coming.” said the arch-succubus opening the door for them.
  186. “Of course, Lady Malpha, we fully understand what is at stake here.” said Magnara. She turned to Hicera. “How is he?”
  188. “Asleep, as far as I know. He was not conscious for very long. There is no way to know how long it will take his body to recover. It is also important to preface this meeting by acknowledging that Anon is a unique creature, and may not adhere to the natural laws of this world. It may be that his body will never handle demonic energy well enough to live amongst mamono.”
  190. There was a long silence before the head of the college spoke. Athea, an owl harpy of high social standing and wealth.
  192. “If that is the case, then we will deal with that in time. However, I do not think it naïve to believe that he will recover. That he is now awake is proof enough that he can survive.”
  194. “True enough. What to do if he cannot survive in a demon-realm is a moot point if we cannot keep him from being killed by corruption here and now.” said the guard captain.
  196. “I am impressed with the work of your guard and the help that you have enlisted, captain Nevkya. You have done well to protect him against such overwhelming numbers.” said Malpha.
  198. “He cannot be protected for much longer if the reinforcements I requested do not arrive. The magic protecting him is too costly to maintain at this rate. My mages’ magic reserves are almost completely dry; their husbands have not seen a day this week where they were not fucked unconscious.” said a tall dark mage.
  200. “Additional mages are being screened by the board as we speak, High Magus Crowlyne. Your women will be able to rest soon, you have my word.” said Malpha.
  202. “But what about teltomancy? The wards may hold a group of amateurs, but if a small group of experienced mages cooperated, they could blow a hole in the barrier and abscond with Anon.” said Magnara.
  204. “Harpies are patrolling the city with contraptions to detect strong surges of magic. If anyone is in the process of casting a spell strong enough to get to him, we will know.” said Malpha.
  206. “We need to come up with a concrete plan. Every second that we spend fussing over how we can barely protect Anon is another moment that other mamono have to try and reach him.” said Nevkya.
  208.     “I think it would be best to tell them the truth.” Said Magnara. “If we are honest and upfront about the situation, the populace will be more than willing to stay away from him. They have to be made aware of why they are a danger to him and what they can do to help him.”
  210.     “That’s lunacy. Telling them will only make them want him more. How many of them will think ‘surely I can heal him, if it’s just ME it will be fine,’ and try to cure him? What if a dragon decides that a one-of-a-kind human from a different dimension would be just the thing to complete her hoard? Gods, every wisp in the city would be all over him if they knew that he would just die the second they fucked him! No, we have to make it clear that they need to follow our instructions WITHOUT telling them the details.” Said Crowlyne
  212.     “Quite cynical, Magus, but you make a valid point. There will no doubt be mamono who lack the self-control to stay away from Anon, and even more who will be too jealous to resist. Anon must be protected even after he is able to live normally within a demon-realm.” Said Malpha.
  214.     “I think my wife is right.” Said Halitt. “Mamono would not rape Anon if they knew the consequences for their actions. Even wisps would not murder a man. We have to have SOME faith in the others.”
  216. “How much DO we know, practitioner Hicera? Is it fair to say that Anon’s condition will not deteriorate?” asked Malpha.
  218. “No, milady. Come tomorrow he could be fit enough to walk through the demon-lord’s bedroom, or dead. We have no idea what his biology entails.” Replied Hicera.
  220. “He’s close enough to any human here. I’m sure of it.” Said Magnara. “From everything he’s told me, the humans of his world are no different form the ones here; the only difference is the ability to use magic.”
  222. Malpha tapped her chin thoughtfully and walked to her desk. She poured out a glass of prisoner fruit liqueur and took a sip.
  224. “Magnara, I take it that you share your husband’s opinion on this matter? Tell the masses that he will die if tainted by intercourse?” said Malpha.
  226. “Yes milady. The demon-lord may have given us an insatiable appetite for sex, but she also gifted us with loving hearts.” said Magnara.
  228. Malpha smiled and set the glass down. “You are closer to him than any of us. I think it is only proper that you have a say in the matter, given that his life may hang in the balance. Magnara; you will tell them.”
  230. “M-me?” asked Magnara quietly. Her tail coiled around her leg and her wings withdrew.
  232. “Yes. He has no kin in this land, correct? You are no doubt the closest thing he has to family here. None in the entire world know as much about him as you. Tell them about him. Satisfy their curiosity. Make them listen and understand why they must not lay a hand on him. I know you can do it.” said Malpha placing a hand on Magnara’s shoulder.
  234. Magnara took a deep breath and clenched her fists. “Alright, I’ll do it.”
  236. ~~~~~~
  238.     The next day, the town bell tolled to call the populace of Admaz to assembly. The meeting took place in town hall, a large building that could have doubled as an opera house if an eccentric phantom hadn’t built one that dwarfed it. Mamono eagerly pushed their way in. Everyone knew that the address was going to be about the rumors that had been plaguing the town for days.
  240.     Malpha stood at the podium with the head of the college, the High Magus, the captain of the guard, and Magnara behind her. Magnara had hardly been able to sleep last night from her nerves and the effort it took to compile all the notes she needed. As the hall reached capacity, and mamono began to seat themselves in the aisles, the Lady of Admaz began to channel a small amount of magic into the circle engraved on the podium. It glowed slightly and her breathing became faintly audible throughout the cavernous room.
  242.     “Everyone, please. Quiet please. I assume you are aware of some questionably sourced information that has been passing through the town. We are here to allay your worries; behind me is Magnara, the succubus who will be telling you about the phenomenon. I will turn the floor over to her, but please remain civil and hold your questions until she is finished speaking. Magnara, if you would?”
  243. Malpha stepped aside and Magnara stepped forwards and placed her notes on the podium.
  245.     “Thank you all for coming. I met with the women behind me yesterday and we reached a consensus that informing you all about what is happening is the best course of action. As I’m sure most of you are aware, the College of Admaz is currently under lockdown. The reason for the enhanced security measures is…”
  247.     Magnara swallowed and prayed that this really was the right choice. Every mamono in the audience was at the edge of their seats in anticipation. Thankfully, Nevkya had already positioned guards to apprehend anyone who made a break for the college.
  249. “There is a very sick man being treated there for his unique affliction. He cannot come into contact with any mamono.”
  251. The hall erupted in a chorus of voices. Some expressed disappointment at such an anticlimactic truth, while others just wanted to be let in to rape him.
  253. “Settle down! Settle. Quiet, please. I’m not finished yet.” said Magnara. “As I said, it IS a man. However, he is suffering from demonic-energy poisoning. He comes from a place where demonic-energy was not present, and his body shuts down if he is exposed to too much at once.”
  255. The mamono began to murmur and whisper amongst themselves.
  257.     “This affliction is very serious. If he is taken by a mamono, he WILL die.” continued Magnara. “And so, we ask that you all help to ensure that he survives. None of you can rape him. Even going near him may be dangerous. I ask you to show the compassion that the demon-lord bestowed upon you to be patient and kind towards this unfortunate soul. Now then, I can take any questions you may have.”
  259. The crowd abandoned all sense of civility as hands and voices rose up from the mob. Several mamono in the front rows began to climb onto the stage.
  261. “LET US RAPE!”
  265. “GIVE US THE DICK!”
  267.     Guards flooded out from the wings to push them back and Crowlyne caused a small explosion in the air above Magnara. The audience screamed as several more pops went off over particularly loud groups. Malpha gently moved Magnara to the side and amped up the magic input into the podium.
  271. Magnara tentatively rose back up from her crouched position and reorganized her notes.
  273. “Now then, please raise your hand and I-“
  275. Half the hands, wings, claws and legs in the building shot up. Magnara felt very tired all of a sudden.
  277. “Alright, we’ll start with you, in the front.” she said pointing to a succubus.
  279. “Is he cute?”
  281. Magnara glared at her. “Seriously? THAT’S the question you ask? I suppose he’s cute, but it doesn’t matter; no one can go near him without expressed permission from practitioner Hicera. Also, I will NOT be answering questions about his physical appearance. At least not until serious questions are answered.”
  283. Most of the hands in the audience went down.
  285. “Yes, you, in the third row.” said Magnara pointing to a demon.
  287. “You said he was being poisoned by demonic energy correct? How is that possible? Why doesn’t he just incubize?”
  289. “Very good question. As I said, he is from a very different place. One without demonic energy. Like a human illness, his body must learn how to process the corruption instead of accumulating unhealthy amounts in the body. Next we’ll do… you.”
  291. A holstaur from the center aisle stood up. “You keep saying that he comes from a place with no demonic energy. How is that possible? Where is he from?”
  293. “Are there other men there?” shouted a werewolf next to her.
  295. “Please! One at a time. Anon, the person in question, appears to have been… err… sucked into this world by some sort of magic. We are… not entirely sure whether he is from a different planet or a different dimension entirely.”
  297. Angry shouts echoed across the hall.
  299. “Is this a joke?!”
  301. “Tell us the truth!”
  303. “An extra-dimensional human? Do you take us for fools?”
  305. The congregation quickly took their seats again as Malpha rose from her chair and began to move towards the podium.
  307. “It’s true! I saw him coming in on a wagon! He had skin white as sea-foam and black veins!” shouted a lamia.
  309. “Actually, that’s because he was dying.” corrected Magnara. “His skin is only a bit lighter than humans here. Are their any more questions about him that AREN’T about his looks?”
  311. “I also saw a glimpse of him as he was being taken in. He had a strange mana profile. Can he use magic?” asked a devil.
  313.     Magnara looked over her shoulder at her compatriots. The topic of Anon’s magical talent was a touchy topic. Men with high magical potential were highly sought after both for their talents and their tendency to produce magically-talented progeny. Some mamono went exceptional lengths to find and secure a husband with a good pedigree.
  315. “Anon is capable of magic, though we do not know what the extent of his talents are.”
  317. Several mages and sorceresses perked up, many taking notes or whispering among their colleagues.
  319. “Yes, the fairy in the front row here.” Said Magnara pointing to a small fluttering woman.
  321. “How intelligent is he? Is he a savage beast who can barely speak?”
  323. “No, he is just as intelligent as any human in this world. Maybe even more so in some regards. His world was vastly superior in terms of technology. However, he is still learning Common speech, and is incapable of reading or writing very well in any language beyond his own. Yes, the succubus over there.”
  325. “I noticed that you have some notes on your podium. If they are about the human, will they be made available to the public?”
  327. “All information pertaining to Anon will be made available to the public after it has been proofread to prevent any sensitive information from leaking. Let’s see… how about you, the cupid.”
  329. “Is he single?”
  331. Every head in the audience whipped around to face Magnara. Nevkya adjusted her pauldron, a cue to the guards to get ready for a riot. Crowlyne began muttering an incantation under her breath.
  333. “It is unknown whether or not Anon is attracted to anyone at the moment, as he is required to be isolated for his own safety. I will not divulge anymore, out of respect for his privacy. Next question.”
  335. “Is he nice?”
  337. “Yes, he is quite amicable. I think that once he recovers, he will fit in nicely here. Anyone else?”
  339.     The room was abuzz with chatter. Many of the monsters were talking in small groups or thinking hard about what they had just heard.
  340. “Well, if that’s the case, I suppose I can use the remainder of the time to answer any questions about his physical appearance. Except about his penis. Yes, the witch in the front.”
  342. “How big is his dick?”
  344. “Alright, well then. This meeting is now adjourned, thank you all for coming, and for your cooperation in the endeavor to keep Anon safe. Literature about him will be available soon.” said Magnara with a clap of her hands.
  346. The monsters began to file out and Magnara dragged herself back to her seat.
  348. “I think that went well.” said Malpha cheerily.
  350. “Yes, we’ve just informed a hoard of lechers that a one-of-a-kind fuck is waiting for them in the college. Mark my words, this will mean the end of that boy.” grumbled Crowlyne.
  352. “The best thing now would be for Anon to make an appearance and confirm everything we have said. Once they see that our concerns about his health are valid, they will defer to our plan of action.” said Nevkya.
  354. “Yes, the only thing now is to brace ourselves. I must go tend to Anon; ladies, it has been a pleasure to work with you.” said Hicera as she rose and trotted away.
  356. “The college is still happy to house Anon, but we need to reopen the building eventually. Our students will grow frustrated with their impromptu vacation eventually.” said Athea.
  358. “The college will be compensated for allowing the city to use its facilities, president Athea.” assured Malpha.
  360. Magnara tuned out as the others discussed the course of action. What Nevkya had said was right; Anon had to be present soon to confirm everything they she had said. Otherwise, the curiosity of the town would continue to rise until it could not be suppressed.
  361. Oh Anon, please get well soon…
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