Character Stats

May 19th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. [RITA HP: 60]
  2. Traits
  3. [Strong] (Versatile) Has great physical strength
  4. [Weapons Expert] (Versatile) Knowledgeable in the use of weapons
  5. [Brawler+] (Versatile) Has experience in melee scuffles (EXCEED: Deal x2 Damage)
  6. [Resilient-] (Defensive) Hard nut to crack (PASSIVE: Ignore first negative status effect gained in combat)
  7. [Intimidating] (Versatile) An aura of danger, Though useless if someone doesn't cave
  8. [Strong Back-] (Offensive) Heavy lifting is no problem for you (Increase inventory space by 10)
  10. Quirks
  11. [Melee Specialist]: Melee weapons deal 50% more damage. Have a harder time hitting targets from medium range and beyond
  14. [CLYDE HP: 45]
  15. Traits
  16. [Smart] (Versatile) Quick witted
  17. [Anatomist+] (Offensive) A knowledge of anatomy. (Exceed: Cripple one body part of the target)
  18. [Evasive-] (Defensive) Hard to hit (When targeted with a melee attack, gains extra defense and can reposition anywhere within medium range)
  19. [One Hander] (Versatile) A real dominant hand (One handed weapons are much easier to fight with, two handed weapons are much harder to fight with)
  21. Quirks
  22. [Medical Expert] Knowledgeable in the use and creation of medicine. Medicine and medical items heal 20% more when used
  25. [ALTON HP: 50]
  26. -Traits-
  27. [Firearm Expert] (Offensive) Knowledgeable in the use of firearms
  28. [Accuracy] (Offensive)Not a bad shot. (Counts as two traits from mid range and long range)
  29. [Commando-] (Offensive) More comfortable with two handed firearms. (Much easier to hit with two handed firearms, harder to hit with other weapons)
  30. [Nimble] (Versatile)
  32. -Quirks-
  33. [Hand Loader] Doesn't let good brass go to waste. Knowledgable in making simple ammunition
  34. [Gun Nut] Firearms deal 25% more damage
  36. -Skills-
  37. [Callout] Scan the enemies movements and actions and alert allies; Target becomes much easier to hit (Cost: 2)
  38. [Fake Out] Force an enemy to BRACE instead of attack, only works on an enemy once per combat. (Cost: 1)
  41. [SQUID HP: 70]
  42. -Traits-
  43. [Knife Expert] (Versatile) Knowledgable in the use of knives
  44. [Quick x2] (Versatile) Quick on your feet
  45. [Skillful] (Versatile) (Counts as two traits when used to activate skills)
  46. [Parrier] (Defensive) (While holding a knife, attacks that meet user's defense deal 25% damage back)
  47. [Opportunist-] (Offensive) Knows how to exploit an enemies moment of weakness(Whenever an in range enemy gains a status ailment, get a free attack on it)
  49. -Quirks-
  50. [Knife Nut] Knives deal 50% more damage. Have a harder time hitting with other weapons
  52. -Skills-
  53. [Blood Curdle] Take 15% of your max health as damage; Let loose a blood curdling shriek inflicting [WEAKENED 2] on EVERYONE who hears it. (Cost: 2)
  54. [Tendon Slash] A brutal attack targeted at the tendons dealing weapon damage and inflicting [IMMOBILIZED 2] on the target. (Cost: 2)
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