Vanaris Guides v1.4 Xenoblade Chronicles X

Jan 11th, 2016
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  1. -------------------------------------------- { Level 60 Frames Materials } -----------------------------------------------------------
  3. Level 60 Mech Frame Grind-a-Thon Guide (This is for Ares 70/90, White Mastema Reaper, Amdusias Hades, and the majority of other materials).
  5. Golden Yggralith Heart - 636- Drops from Shiggy-Ygg Zero?, but considering the difficulty (and actually not being able to fight him atm, just buy these.
  7. Silver Vita Core - 210 - Rewarded rarely from Final/Vita Time Attack.
  9. Crude Neilnail Mask - 210 - Rewarded from Twins fight (though very rarely), second to last Time Attack Mission.
  11. Rexoskell Sucker - 210 - Drops from Rexoskell, in the cave behind forcefields in Cauldros East of data point 509. Apparently once you complete Defian Downfall, he becomes a Time Attack boss, but is harder, or something (Can't confirm, just what I've been told).
  13. Seidr Control Device - 138 - drops from anything with Seidr in the name; recommended farming in the sky of Cauldros between Data points 505, 509, 511, and 504. Target the head (Do this from the Front) for far greater drop chances.
  15. Advanced Core - 138 - Drops from any Xe-Dom, farm with Xe-Dom Hands/Ancient Armor/Xe-Dom X Crest from any Xe-Dom.
  17. Xe-Dom Golden Crest - 178 - Cauldros, Ruined City of O'rrh Sim, tile SE of FN Site 505; North, SW, and E from where you spawn, 3 golden Xe-Dom. A tyrant Galdr spawns just north of the spot, easy kill for Galdr heads/random parts.
  19. Xe-Dom Crimson Crest - 178 - Sylvalum, Fast-Travel to FN 414 (SE corner, under Noct-Sphere). Fly over the cliff, to the south, until you see a peninsula of rock jutting out. Land on it, go north into the Cave, Quay Hollows. At the first intersection, Turn Left; in the center of the room is a Black Xe-Dom named Du-Rha, the Imprisoned; wake him up and blow him the fuck out.
  21. Xe-Dom Silver Crest - 178 - Farm any silver Xe-Dom, recommended Molybdenum Xe-Dom east of Sylvalum FN site 401, as he approaches the site from his spawn position so you can't miss him if you travel there.
  23. Xe-Dom Jet-Black Crest - 178 - Farm from Lord Xe-Dom, FN point 108 in Primordia, up on floating isle, SE of the point.
  25. Advanced Crank - 138 - See above Seidr Control Device farm, same mob.
  27. Upgraded Lens - 58 - See Seidr Control Device.
  29. Infernium - 0 - Place Mining node on map at any FN point that lists infernium as a viable resource.
  32. --------------------------------------------- { Super Weapon Materials } --------------------------------------------------------------
  35. So you want to Make a Superweapon? Well, here are the Material Components.
  37. Libertas Glyph - 114 - Grind the Dark Matter Phantom Time Attack Mission, this also gives Silver Vita cores and Golden armor for mechs.
  39. Tempus Glyph - 114 - Grind from the Wrothian Samurai Time Attack Mission.
  41. Dialek Glyph - 114 - Grind the Wrothian Samurai Time Attack mission for these, high drop rate.
  43. Damask Metal - 138 - Drops from Seidr enemies; recommended farming in the sky of Cauldros between Data points 505, 509, 511, and 504. They also drop Control devices, Advanced Cranks, and Upgraded/Quality Lens.
  45. Eerie Lightning Tentacle - 66 - Drops from Rexoskell, in the cave behind forcefields in Cauldros East of data point 509. Apparently once you complete Defian Downfall, he becomes a Time Attack boss, but is harder, or something (Can't confirm, just what I've been told).
  47. Tempered Blade Module - 54 - Drops from Shrad enemies; go to FN 404 in Sylv, fly southwest into the cave, go clockwise from the upper ledge to the bottom area for a total of 7-8 Shrads. The Modules drop from arm breaks, so do this on foot.
  49. All-Purpose Plug - 42 - Drops from any Galdr in Cauldros; from the Ruined City of O'rrh Sim, go south towards the giant crucible, along the west wall of the weapons hangar 4-6 will spawn and fly about.
  51. Laser Light - 66 - Grind the Wrothian Samurai Time Attack mission for these, relatively reasonable drop rate.
  53. Octopus Board - 98 - Drops from any Xe-Dom, Recommended farming the 3 golden around the Ruined City of O'rrh Sim checkpoint, as they're close together.
  55. Quality Crank - 36 - Farm off of any Qmoevan unit in the skies, same general location as the Seidr in previous steps; or really any place you have a large number of them, i.e. Gang. Bases. There are a lot of these in the Sky above FN point 512.
  57. Qmoevan Capacitator - 72 - Same as Quality Crank drop locales.
  60. ---------------------------------- { Miranium Storage Probes/Duplicators/Boosters Locations } -----------------------------------------
  62. Storage Probes :
  63. - Chapter 3
  64. - Chapter 4
  65. - Chapter 6
  66. - Chapter 11
  67. - Kirsty quests (x3)
  68. - Sylvalum : In a cave, north east of Spot 401
  69. - Cauldros : On the edge, south segment under spot 514
  70. - Complete Collectopedia (Blue items to pick up on the overworld) in Cauldros.
  72. Duplicator Probes :
  73. - Chapter 5
  74. - Tobias Quests (x2)
  75. - Oblivia Canyon : Near Spot 307.
  77. Boost Probes :
  78. - Kirsty quests (x3)
  79. - Gau Shiro's quest (probably a different name in English). The quest is about Miranium (as all ofthe others)
  80. - Hugo's quest (the guy at the back of the Outfitters Test Hangar)
  81. - Complete Collectopedia (blue crystal like) items in Primordia? (Copy/Paste said Desert of Origin (First Continent).
  84. To get the final Boost 2 probe you'd need to finish the collectopedia of Cauldros, AKA a HUGE fucking pain in the ass, plus you would need to finish the second Tobias quest for a fourth Duplicator.
  86. What my Maps w/ 106.5k Storage (enough for Ares 90) look like. The giant mining network is G8 Minings.
  87. my maps with 162k Storage, a bit more optimized. G8 Minings again.
  88. My maps with 238k Storage, Endgame Storage. for a text list of nodes.
  89. My maps with 244k Storage, Endgame, 11 Storage Probe Map. for text list.
  91. To note: The final counts of probes so far is:
  92. Mining Probes:
  93. G1: 20
  94. G2: 24
  95. G3: 7
  96. G4: 15
  97. G5: 9
  98. G6: 10
  99. G7: 4
  100. G8: 23
  101. G9: 10
  102. G10: 4
  104. Research Probes:
  105. G1: 3
  106. G2: 4
  107. G3: 2
  108. G4: 6
  109. G5: 7
  110. G6: 4
  112. Storage/Manipulation:
  113. Storage: 11
  114. Duplicator: 4
  115. Booster G1: 3
  116. Booster G2: 3
  118. Combat Probes:
  119. Melee: 3
  120. Ranged: 3
  121. Fuel: 3
  122. EZ Debuff: 3
  123. Attribute Resistance: 3
  125. -------------------------------------------------- { Augment/Trait Resource Guides: } -------------------------------------------------
  127. Arts: Gain TP XX guide.
  129. White Mortifole feathers: Go to FN point 221 in southern Noctilum. Trigger the Mortifole one at a time; jump up and target their head-section, lock on, and kill them, one by one. Once you've done 4-5 of them, fast-travel back to the point, rinse, repeat. Be sure to jump and lock on; as while their body can drop the feathers, it drops at a reduced rate.
  131. For Red Vigent Rock Scalp: Unfortunately, these fuckers didn't seem to have a pack that I found, so I just went to Oblivia FN 312, Between 5AM and 7PM (5-19, daytime), went north; double broke the target Berserk Vigent's skull (has two breakpoints). Each head break can drop the scalp, or blood; and the body drops it on kill at a reduced rate as well. So just double break, kill him, teleport back to 312. If the day becomes late, there is a time manip point just northwest of the FN.
  133. Aeviter Star Wing: Travel to Sylv's FN site 406, or 408; find the sandsprint passage between the big cliff. It should be just down the hill from 406. In the passage, about half-way through, there's an opening up on the side of the wall. Fly in here, go to the back, and break the wings off the big Aeviter. When you've broke his wings, kill him, then kill his two defensive Aeviters next to him in the same manner. With the Ares 90, melee swings with the sword break the wings in 2 hits each, then hitting the tail breaks in 1~ hit. Once you've killed them, 2 should spawn near the entrance to the cavern, do the same to them. If you're the only one in the room, and behind the boss, he doesn't really seem to attack you.
  135. Potential Boost XX:
  136. Clear Gerrid Soup - 90 - This only seems to drop from bodies. a nice row of 3 are chilling in the center of the tile South-East of FN Probe 504, see They're really small, but you can get them in a single Agni Gatling Burst, or a Wide Beam from a non-Ares. for locale.
  137. Gularthian Everflame - 146 - This can drop from any of the Gularth in Cauldros; I usually farm these from Gaia Gularth right at the Dragonbone Promontory, to the left of the fast travel spot. It drops from both the body slot, and the second back break spot. This guy also drops heavy Six Stars Boundless gear.
  138. Nutritious Microbes - 54 - These drop from Levitath, as far as I know only from the body; I generally hunt these in the air in the tiles west of FN Probe 110 and south of FN Probe 108. They're flying about, pretty easy to kill, and tend to drop fairly well.
  140. Potential Up XX:
  141. Distilled Sap - 82 - These drop only from the body of Sylooth; really, since you'll be farming these fuckers from Both Weapon Attack Power Up, and Melee Attack Up, you'll collect these passively. You can just buy the rest that you need, they're fairly cheap.
  142. Blazing Gas Sac - 114 - These drop from any Sphinx enemies; if you're retarded you can go try the time attack. If you're smart, go kill the Sphinx in Beast Cave in Primordia, between 05:00 and 19:00. They drop from Durvin, the Perceptive. 5-6 chances per kill to loot them As the drop from every appendage and the body. Break the Face, Face (Again), Back Left Paw, Back Right Paw, Tail, if it's still alive, Either front (far more hp than other limbs).
  143. Lepyx Moonstone - 72 - These drop from the Lepyx in Sylvalum, on their top gem spot. Most skells can one-shot them, and break it; it can drop from the body, and at 100% treasure sensor, will always drop from the gem spot. I usually farm these near FN Point 413, to the north; a good set of 3 of them. There are probably better places.
  145. Melee Attack Up XX:
  146. White Sylooth Brace - 114 - These drop from the Sylooth atop Delusions Summit in Sylvalum. They drop from both legs, and both arms, as well as the body. Expect to farm these fairly easily, considering with 100% treasure find you're almost guaranteed 4 of these per kill.
  147. Blue Sylooth Brace - 114 - These drop from the Sylooth in Noctilum; I usually farm these from FN Point 204, go North-East, you'll see the big Sylooth sitting there. Just break both his arms and his legs, all 4 drop braces, easy game easy life. Just return to your skell and repeat.
  148. Muscled Cantor Brace - 72 - These drop off the arms and body of Cantors; I usually farm these in the Demon's Pocket, a cave in the bottom of the Oblivia Abyss. Just go to where Hartmut spawns (East of FN Point 306), and look along the north side of the abyss in the lower area. Just run around the cave along the walls, killing Cantors by breaking their arms, then their head, hopefully killing them. This will also give you Silver Cantor Teeth, needed for Weapon Attack Power Up.
  150. Weapon Attack Power Up XX:
  151. Quality Giant Cells - 114 - These drop from the back breaks and bodies of Sylooths, you'll get a ton whenever you farm braces; alternatively just break the back while you're hunting them.
  152. Silver Cantor Tooth - 72 - These drop from head breaks and body drops of Cantor in Sylv and Oblivia, I farm them in the Demon's Pocket cave (refer to Muscled Cantor section for locale).
  153. Visigel Poison Orb - 66 - To farm these, go to FN Point 505 in Cauldros, using an AoE attack/cleave such as a BB-Sword, or Wide Beam (preferred) to kill the groups of them. You can also kill the ones inside Pharsis's home sphere, as they also drop good weapons for farming. Only drop from bodies in skells.
  155. IMO: buy the Distilled Sap you don't get. Buy the Microbes second, then the Everflame as they're kinda annoying to farm.
  156. Never Buy: Braces or Teeth. Dentists are fucking con artists, as are Orthodontists. Moonstones neither, nor the Gas Sacs. Everything else is pretty much fair game.
  158. ------------------------------------------------------- { Misc Guide } ----------------------------------------------------------------
  160. How not to die to Go-Rha in your NEW Ares 90 guide:
  162. Step 1.
  163. Go to Engineer Augments
  164. Step 2. Click Skell Weapon Augments
  165. Step 3. Click Attack Augments.
  166. Step 4. Find Reflect.NEG-ETHER
  167. Step 5. Purchase Reflect.NEG-ETHER XX
  168. Step 6. Equip Reflect.NEG-ETHER XX on your Ares 90
  169. Step 7. Return to Go-Rha
  170. Step 8. Click Easy-to-use button
  171. Step 9. Grumble at shit rewards.
  173. My Probes laid out, 61.6k Miranium Income/30m, 231k Credits/15m, 106.5k Miranium Storage.
  176. ---------------------------------------------- {My Current Dual Guns/Kata Build} ------------------------------------------------------
  178. My Dual Guns/Kata Build is as follows:
  180. Zero Zero/Primer/Offensive Stance/Ghostuwalkah/Rising Blade/Tornado Blade/True Stream Edge/Blossom Dance for Arts.
  182. My skills: Fast Forward/Aura Assault/Supreme Sword/Ether Boost/Core Crusher. You'll probably replace Ether Boost or Fast Forward with Inner Search eventually, since it gives you a 20% boost to it.
  184. If you don't have an ether Kata, then switch out Ether Boost for any sort of skill matching the swords' element. Switch out Core Crusher for Mighty Muscle if you want part breaks, or something. If I don't want to be unable to destroy parts, I usually run Mighty Muscle.
  186. For your Weapons:
  187. Necessary: Max TP Up XX (Try to get this from Your armor, maybe run one as an Augment).
  188. For your weapon, Augments that increase damage are, expectedly, king.
  189. You'll want Ether Attack Plus XX, as it stacks indefinitely; on your Katana, you'll want Weapon Attack Power Up XX (Game gives you a XII and VII from chests).
  190. A necessary (IMO) augment is Arts: Gain TP XX.
  191. This thing is so good it's not exactly fair; this means every time you click any skill? 200 TP gain.
  192. Make a Negate Reflect Augment for whatever your weapon does, to switch in if necessary.
  193. Some people run Appendage Crusher (5x is apparently a massive damage bonus, and since you'll never break appendages with Core Crusher, it synergizes really well, which is counter to logic, but hey, fuck it, Mira).
  195. For your armor:
  196. Make a Weather Master XX augment for some fights, not terribly important, helpful for Telethia/Pharsis/a few others.
  197. Make 2x Antispike XX augments; these make ground Telethia and Pharsis, as well as a few other bosses, a cakewalk.
  198. Extend Overdrive XX (Again, probably don't need XX, but since it is consuming a slot, might as well make it XX).
  199. Potential Up XX: Super Important for obvious reasons, TP arts scale off it. Be sure your helmet has Potential Up and Potential Boost as the stats.
  200. Melee Attack Up XX: Look for XIV on arms, should be fairly easy; then just upgrade it to XX in both cases (150 each, great for non-TP arts).
  201. Potential Boost XX: Try to get 4 of these across your Ranged Weapons, Helmets, possibly Chest/Legs; it caps at 100%, so Yeah. 4x 25%.
  203. When in Overdrive, my rotation is as follows:
  204. Support Section: GhostWalker > Offensive Stance > Primer > Zero Zero (ONLY IF YOU NEED COUNT, make sure you don't hit another skill before the shots land, or they won't boost Count) > Primer > Attack Section: Tornado Blade > Rising Blade > True Stream Edge > Blossom Dance >, repeat whenever shit is Tertiary/White; prioritize Blossom Dance > True Stream Edge > Rest.
  206. The support section heals whatever damage I take, refreshes decoy, and builds constant TP; it can be skipped/shortened depending on necessity, sometimes Ghost Walker needs to be used off CD to survive.
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